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Sleepless night of the eastern country > Wind god girl

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Native Faith > everything else

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Your penis > my penis

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Fuck that faith is for the transient people.

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Reach for the Moon ~ Immortal Smoke
The Dollmaker of Bucaresti
Love Colored Master Spark
Native Faith
The Gensokyo the Gods Loved

there, all your best touhou songs covered.

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is the best song in MoF by far. But not a single song in MoF holds a candle to any single song in SA.

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Sanae is a slut.

Grave of Being > everything else

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Mysterious Mountain > Those

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Enjoy your slut

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I'm rather indifferent about Aya, the song however is the best in MoF.

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>song that isn't Native Faith
>best in MoF

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Native Faith is good, but not that good.

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>song that isn't Candid Friend
>best in MoF

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For the record, Suwa Foughten Field and Faith is for the Transient People are also better than Native Faith.

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Suwa Foughten Field pretty much sucks. It's great in the game, but as standalone music it's pretty boring.

Grave of Being is much better.

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This, you all should be ashamed.
Candid friend is by far the best.

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You are all stupid faggots who have wrong opinions.

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I like all of them

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Bad apple!! isn't that good

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>Grave of Being is much better.
And you talk about boring?

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Romantic Children is the only good PC98 song.

All the rest suck dicks.

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You have shit taste, bro.

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Nah, just not deaf.

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Are you sure you aren't? You realize that shitty chiptunes are blaring out of your speaker, right?

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You're all mad
And PC-98 had great songs.

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Now that's just trolling.

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As opposed to what, midi trumpets and synth guitars? They're on the same tier.

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lol, I bet you're the kind of fag who says PC98 characters have the same depth as real touhous.

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lol, I bet you're one of those fags who thinks listening to shitty synth is better than listening to shitty synth.

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>real touhous

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Oh boy, got some raging nostalgiafags here.

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Obvious troll

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Get out

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Enjoy your nothing and lies.

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Enjoy your inability to hear.

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Sure will

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Is that some bizzaro /jp/ I'm in today?

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Yeah, and I'm female.

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uhhh no

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Wow, way to bring up the nastiest shit out of a pile of nasty shits.

Speaking of which, Yuka was only put in PoFV because of her cameo in Kioh Gyoku. She's a cameo of a cameo of a shitty character, expect to never see her again.

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I laughed

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Here appearance does however mean she gets more attention. Which is never a bad thing.

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What a sad world we're living in...
Back in the days, even mentioning Necrofantasia would bring at least 3 "HELL YEAH" responses the same minute.
There is no respect for Auntie nowadays...

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Well, you see, ZUN improved and actually made something better.

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I like Yukari and I like her theme, but it's not the best. I also don't like themes because I like the character, or dislike them because I dislike the character.

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I didn't say that. I said that both Yukari and her theme used to be liked more, from what I remember. If you made this thread a year ago, Necrofantasia would be the fourth or fifth reply/ies.

Nah, people's tastes change, I guess.

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Yukari's themesong is Night Falls ~ Evening Star.

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>lol accordions

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I didn't like Evening Star at first, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. I guess it's kind of an acquired taste. It does seem to fit Yukari as a personal theme much more than the overblowingly epic Necrofantasia though. More playful.

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Well, duh. Sleepless Night is highly catchy and had me humming it for days after playing StB. In comparison, I can't quite remember how Wind God Girl goes.

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Original Necrofantasia is an ear raper, the one on his music CDs has friendlier samples

Still the pain is good when you're actually playing. Like when Ran's theme kicks up one octave higher for the 3rd time and it's like aaa but it feels so good when you're down in the bullets

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Fuck yeah. Illusionary Funeral may not be the best theme for standalone listening, but damn right it's one of the best when it comes to actual ambiance in the fight. I love it when the song kicks it up the first time (usually, at around Charming Siege from All Sides) and goes all from there.

That song is probably one of the reasons I love fighting Ran.

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Musics CDs > everything else

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Indeed, indeed. For me, the sensation of hearing Necrofantasia max volume, speakers trembling, all while standing in the middle of Boundary of Humans and Youkai is just huge. It's like I'm really surrounded by chaos.

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Great. I'm glad we could share this Danmaku Moment.

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Capital City of Flowers in the Sky.