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Get off my basement, stinky human!

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I love you.

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I love you, Flan-chan.

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No, fuck you, leatherman.

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Flan will always hate you.

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Don't be jealous of my true-love-trips, you smelly nerd. >:3

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No, Flan-chan told me she likes me.

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Why is Flan-chan wearing Remi's clothes?

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Remi is dead and it's Flan's unhealthy coping method

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Flan likes everyone

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Flan is a misanthrope NEET.

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Flan pops jipsy cherries every day in her basement! Her sister made her get her nourishment from semen because blood makes her violent!

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Flan is narcissistic and not nice to be around.

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I want to be Flan-chan's slave

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Flan would probably explode your kidneys for fun and watch you die a slow and nasty death.

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She'll pop your balls as you explode inside her for the last time as she watches you wither!

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Please don't hurt me anymore, Flan-chan.

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Before you are able to go to SDM's basement, Sakuya will butcher all of you guys who are here and turn you to human steak and Flan will eat it

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Do I get to be raped too? This is important.

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I guess I'll just take these cookies back upstairs then. Someone else will surely want them.

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Flan-chan's belly.

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Flan is my private phlebotomist, that is a real pic btw

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No. Remilia prefers her food virginal.

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So as long as I don't go near the basement, I'm fine?

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Post Your favorite Flan-chan doujinshi!


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i want flan to bite me and turn me into a vampire loli

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They are all disgusting except for Yassy's.

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post your favorite then

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>Get off my basement, stinky human!
show me cunny

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Yassy's disgusting except for all They are.

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Obviously this one https://exhentai.org/g/567298/f633330742/
The shock and realization just how delusional he was thinking that a 1000 yo vampire is still innocent and never tried anything ever was priceless.

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>The shock and realization just how delusional he was thinking that a 1000 yo vampire is still innocent and never tried anything ever was priceless.
What about this one then

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Being treated as Flan's disposable flesh dildo! Butcher me again next time!

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Post more cute and funny instead of porn you retard.

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I want to make out with Flon-chon's armpit!

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But the porn IS cute and funny.

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Why else would anyone go to Flan's basement other than to rape her or get raped and killed by her?

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I wish people on jp were actually capable of this

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for example I would like drink tea with her

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I bet Flan-chan is stinky herself.

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If you treat Flan gently and with respect, she won't have to kill ya! Then you can do lots of fun things together! And if she gets upset, you can just tickle tickle her!

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honestly Remilia sounds like a better choice for that, I'm not even sure if Flan drinks tea

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>cute and funny
Cool /tv/ meme, bro.

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I wanna bake cookies and other tasty treats for her and then share them with her!

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whose quote?

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both of those posters? they both said "cute and funny"

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the quote function was not abused here, ``thanks"

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Flanchan is stinky neet!

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No, you go, bitch!

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Probably these three.

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Oh man this is it. This is quality shit.

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That's not a sweater, that's a hoodie

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The Flan

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Flan-chan sugoiii!

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You stink

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