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please read the guide before asking stUpiD questions: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

important presentation: https://streamable.com/q1lj9a

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>sentence cards
they are too powerful. if I had used them some years back i would know 10 languages by know

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matt btfo!!!!!!

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more people should watch yuru yuri

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I figured yuru yuri would be shit but I watched it anyway. Turns out it's really shit.

>> No.24341071

read it as well

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*sigh* looks like i'm gonna have to stomp moe's ass in again

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more people should get a life

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not enough images in this thread

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lol this kid is graduating hs next year and then going to move in with his japanese gfs family and get married to her what a young buck

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you guys think jamal will come out with a new blogpost soon or is it more of a once in a blue moon type thing you think

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bro go to fucking sleep you've got a big day ahead of you tomorrow watching trash.

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when do you stop making sentence cards

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matt's video on sentence and animecards convinced me. i'm gonna incorporate sentence cards for another ~5k cards.

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in matts 2nd last q&a he talks about how he still finds 10+ new words every 50 pages when he reads books

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actually he said every 3 hours or so of reading, be he gave the number 50 pages which suggests he thinks he reads about 50 pages in 30 hours and sees 10+ new words

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sorry i mean in 3 hours my mistake

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when you can open a normal book and read it with some pain but not too much pain

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all that pain for nothing

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what if the 'pain' is only for individual vocabulary words and not grammar or anything
why would you need to keep doing sentence cards when your problem isn't entire sentences anymore

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love this clip me

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you don't, you're free to do what you want. we live in a free society

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was just wondering if there was any logic behind it guess not

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the point of sentence cards is so you learn words with context so you understand the nuances of the word and how it should be used that doesn't have anything to do with grammar maybe watch a few Matt videos before asking beginner questions

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what do you mean? you created some strawman and wanted me to defend it for you? what the fuck is that?

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where is the strawman

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>why would you need to keep doing sentence cards when your problem isn't entire sentences anymore
when did I say that you should do this?

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just ignore these beginners who haven't paid their dues in the MIA YouTube channel you shouldn't be posting here until you've heard all of Matt's exposition on sentence cards

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you said
>when you can open a normal book and read it with some pain but not too much pain
is when you should stop sentence cards but you can have 20 unknown words on one page with no grammar problems

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yea so you should still do sentence cards in that case because they're the best kind of card for learning vocab properly too and if you watched Matt's videos you'd know this. that scenario is very unlikely anyway grammar and vocab understanding typically progress together

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pain is a subjective experience. I don't get it, why are you talking like if you start it's some kind of obligation that you have. You use the thing if you feel that it helps you, what the fuck? It's just a method to help you

I don't understand you guys's way of thinking about things.

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>that scenario is very unlikely anyway
no it isnt at all everyone whos gotten to intermediate or higher knows that vocab is a several times more massive endeavor than grammar

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then use vocab cards if you want or just read a lot... I don't understand what's the problem

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trying to talk about language learning shit without having watched Matt's explanations is like someone who studied physics in 1620 trying to explain to people who've studied under Newton how gravity works the game has changed

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no big deal man

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but your acquisition of grammar is not perfect at that point and you're probably on mt stupid if you believe that to be true lol if you have perfect understanding of grammar there's very few situations you're going to come across that many new words at once if any

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doesnt have to be perfect but it can still be very good while you still have 10 to 20 words on a light novel page

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Maybe if Newton had come to absolutely despise everything about physics in the process of learning it.

While almost all of Matt's advice is ultimately correct, he managed to destroy his love of so much that was Japanese in the process. Don't let that be you.

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this is a red herring anyway because sentence cards aren't for reinforcing grammar they're for learning new words so that you know how they're used in a sentence with is only related to grammar in a specific sense of which particle they use and that's something you have to learn regardless of your general grasp of grammar

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if you go from nothing to only 10 unknown words on a page then sentence cards did their job. The worst part of language learning is getting to that stage

>> No.24342316

that wasn't due to sentence cards. that was that "all japanese all the time" part

sentence cards come from these dudes:

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oops, the first link was the correct one

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sounds like he's gonna get milked dry!

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i wanna read this and cant find it anywhere. am i blind?

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just started reading, and im baffled by this sentence


pupil/eye (with) blood of BUDDHASHIT that will awaken was hidden by eyepatch??????????

do i have the general meaning right?

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stfu dumb imageposter

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Wotd 梵字

>> No.24343236

>> No.24343363

more like "blood-etched sanskrit chants coagulate onto the eye hidden beneath the eyepatch", with some artistic effect added to the tl (still sounds like shit tho lol)

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*when tl'ed to eng literally that is

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Do I have the correct grammar? I want to say "playing with him."

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In the manga Bloom into You (やがて君になる) there is a scene where the main character is angry at her senpai and yells out, 先輩のバカ!

From context I can clearly tell this means, "Stupid senpai!" or "Senpai is stupid!". However I can't understand why you'd use the の particle here. I understand の is a possessive particle, so 先輩の車 is "Senpai's car", or "car of senpai". But "Senpai's stupid (stupid belonging to senpai)" or "Stupid of senpai" makes no logical sense to me.

バカ is a な-adjective, so wouldn't you say, "バカな先輩" to say, "Stupid senpai"? Or even, "先輩がバか(だ)? (Senpai is stupid). The only similar thing I've learned so far is the construction for a sentence like, "this is my wife, Keiko", 家内の恵子です、in this case the way I've justified it in my head is, "This is Keiko, belonging to the thing called wife". But even this wouldn't make sense, if this were the construction being used, it would be, バカの先輩, "senpai belonging to the category called stupid".

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when will i be able to intuitively break down sentences like this

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10000 hours

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i'm so mad

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Y modifies X

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We did it Reddit!

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best 3 foods in here? GO GO GO

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but don't use discord – it's proprietary software and thus malware
don't use reddit too. it's full of idiots and dekinais

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I don't know how these foods are called.

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thats just a relative clause man, watch some cure dully.

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Bubble tea
In that order

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sometimes this language feels as if someone sat down and actually designed some parts of it

>> No.24345382

p sure this is reddit pasta but for the lurkers who dont know its called apposition, look it up

>> No.24345656

>look it up
why when its obvious what it means even without knowing that

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this is what i get for being a lazy sack of shit for the past 12 days, guess if i split it into 2 sessions today it wont be too bad

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Why does that guy in the OP say だけど when it says だけで?

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you dont know about anime godfather?

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every game should have this feature

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i swear to god, if I hear this one more time, I'll..

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just delete them

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yeah that pisses me off to. similarly to how i get irrationally agree when a preachy savior complex shounen mc says


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delete urself from the earth cumbrain

>> No.24346261

you'll never make it drone

>> No.24346363

well we're in the same boat then arent we retard

>> No.24346379

wish ciaran would share his discord server haard quiz mining deck

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Can someone help me find a reference for what happens when two actions are strung together with the -te form and the last one ends in -naide?
All I could find was this, but what I'm curious about would be something like:
Would that be something like
>Don't tell me and stop being mean.
>Tell me and stop being mean.

>> No.24346653

feel it out broski

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>bro what's the point in learning japanese all the good stuff gets translated nowadays

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what the matter kiddo? can't believe in the beast of possibility anymore?
me too :(

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>> No.24346735

My gut says it would be "tell me and stop being mean" and to state "don't tell me and stop being mean" would be おしえないで意地悪しないで
I am pretty sure I'm wrong because somebody told me that I am wrong.

>> No.24346749

i have no plans for another blog but for a small contribution to my patreon i could be encouraged to write more

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>> No.24346776

i thought te form just expressed a sequence of verbs where the last verbs tense defines the tense of all the verbs. since ないで means to do something else without doing the ないで verb, so i'd imagine it just means something like
>do [something else] without telling me and then being mean afterwards

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>> No.24346817

..jesus whenever i hear the words "te form" or "kun/on yomi reading" or any of these english inventions to understand japanese ムカつく af

>> No.24346834

may as well. it's not like they aren't talking about the same thing

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>> No.24347032

how is 訓読み and 音読み an english invention lol

>> No.24347095

i think he's mad they wrote it in ローマ字 which is obviously autistic as fuck but it's 4chan so 仕方ない

>> No.24347112

So I just finished Kana. What do I learn next? I am trying to learn kanji now but I don't know the difference between kunyomi and onyomi as well as grammar characters like particles and state of being. Should I focus on learning the grammar first?

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read tae kim grammar guide then read an easy VN or a LN with a browser plugin like yomichan or rikaichamp (and textractor+clipboard inserter on a .txt file sent to browser in case its a VN) with Imabi or DoJG as reference for grammar, you will pick up some common kanji on the way, then when you come back from finishing your first few VN's or LN's you can try RTK/Kodansha or drilling JLPT kanji's

>> No.24347237

>try RTK/Kodansha

>> No.24347259

since it's always shilled i just now decided to check out djog and the first thing i see it is saying that 方がいい is a way to make a suggestion without explaining that it's a literal comparison, so i have to question just how good this really is for beginners.

>> No.24347266

Thanks anon. But isn't it too soon for me to read a VN without learning a few hundreds vocab first, even with plugins?

>> No.24347299

>3 and a half months
>500 kanji into rtk
yeah you expect him to be able to read? it's not magic u know?

>> No.24347307

whats every1s take on this guy


>> No.24347323

monozashi lol

>> No.24347338


>> No.24347362

this is not ta its rICe FIeld

>> No.24347363

Hello. I'm a long time lurker, and I've finally decided to write something in a long time! I've been studying Japanese in a university for three years now, and everything seemed well up to couple of months ago, when the self-isolation started.I've passed N5 and N4, with going for N3 last winter, but I didn't pass that one. It didn't really affect me then, however, and I kept on studying. But now, with the year wrapping up, I find it more and more difficult to talk to my language exchange partner - the vocabulary seemed to have taken the biggest blow out of them all, and my weakest point has always been listening.So, I raise a question: What do I do with all of this scrambled N3-ish knowledge? What resources can I use to recover the lost vocabulary, as well as to get my listening on par? (Note: I don't have Netflix and I am aware of the Anki decks and Animelon, but the latter's player seems to work quite poorly) I'd highly welcome any other sort of advice (especially on motivation) you seem fit. Thank you!

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>> No.24347403

whats every1s take on this guy


>> No.24347438

whats every1s take on this guy

>> No.24347458

your first time reading will always be hard even if you did core 6k and read every single grammar point there is, just jump into it and get your feet wet, it will be very hard at first, just don't burn out, heres some recommendations

>> No.24347461

single digit iq
double digit iq

>> No.24347554

has qm reacted to geting btfo by matt yet?

>> No.24347598

he's unironically the most based person in this whole dumpster of a "community"

>> No.24347602


thIs Is the ULtimate


>> No.24347604

id stick with hiragana and just learn vocab/grammar, at least if you want to be good at real japanese first, reading kanji is really a secondary aspect of the language and only go that route first if you have a lot of stuff you want to read. but kanji is like a year of life so imagine how far youd get if you didnt want to do it, thats the way a child does it

>> No.24347618

gonna come clean i am anime godfather
its all satire to false flag M*tt
im also in the discord
Ok fuck u bye

>> No.24347634

that doesnt make u seem any better tho cuz like thats a lot of devotion to being a mattard

>> No.24347640

i said nigger

>> No.24347654

why do people reply to those that are literally too lazy to even read the guide? god i fucking hate you people

>> No.24347662


>> No.24347683

because people like to connect bro

>> No.24347694

thats the one dont wear it out

>> No.24347706

it sends them out of here in a reply's notice, since this thread is just e-celeb and meta shit

>> No.24347712

i dont unless its to berate them

>> No.24347736

>Without wearing shoes or undies, come on in!
>Don't wear shoes or undies and don't come in!

>> No.24347742



>> No.24347751

>そんな のんきに 構えてると負けるわよ
it's interesting that they use 構えてる in this because it seems to have a nuance of getting ready whereas here it seems to be saying that they're keeping a relaxed tone (which will make them lose). do you guys think the author was trying to go for contrast or something?

>> No.24347769

imagine youre starting off this huge endeavor and everybody is shitting on you here. the least you can do is show them a little もてなし, by the way 2 years here and ive never read the guide lol

>> No.24347775

they're probably just as retarded

>> No.24347788

you should at least be able to rtfm
people who get coddled are braindead

>> No.24347801

we were all 'braindead' once, and im more of a video person, maybe if the guide was in japanese but seems kind of silly to study something in english to learn japanese

>> No.24347804

stop writing your crippled shit no1 gives a fuck

>> No.24347824

why pause anime

>> No.24347828

i mean in general
as retarded as people who go on forums saying they don't know what to do with their new linux machine then getting all surprised that there's a fucking manual
put in the least amount of effort ffs

>> No.24347834

do we have to go through this again? this is not how you use RTK...

>> No.24347835

I'm trying to understand!

>> No.24347841

i agree with the sentiment

>> No.24347846

how are you going to understand something by writing your own incorrect japanese and then translating it lmfao

just stfu and read for 10k hours

>> No.24347866

do we have to go through this again?why waste so much time not acquiring japanese?

>> No.24347878
File: 11 KB, 225x225, matt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If y'all gon post the supreme dekinai to say rtk is bad then I just gon post the supreme dekiru as a counter-argument

>> No.24347881


>> No.24347896

fuck matto and fuck mattofags

>> No.24347907

let me guess another video where matt shills for netflix and sucks big gay cock?

>> No.24347908

prove him wrong if you can tho

>> No.24347915

don't care about matto

>> No.24347916

h-h-how would you write the correct Jaapnese?

>> No.24347925

rent free

>> No.24347926

you care enough to post about him?

>> No.24347955

go and read for 10k hours and worry about w/e the fuck youre concerned about when you come across it in a real sentence and not some fantasy idea you've invented

>> No.24347960

care enough to not want to have a matto video posted every 15 posts

>> No.24347978

160 posts 1 matto video ur math is worse than ur japanese

>> No.24347980

i thought stuff like this 15-20 years ago too

but then u get good enough to understand why thats the case and u can start enjoying the 1% of thnigs that are good and hilarious again haha


>> No.24347982

what a retarded thing to say hurr durr i already know it so everyone else already knows it wow kys

>> No.24347985

mattofags too retarded to get hyperbole lol

>> No.24348019

what do you guys think of dogen

>> No.24348023

hes way worse at japanese than hed like u to think

>> No.24348032

however dogen is definitely king of the quad


>> No.24348034

pretty funny nice link jamal

>> No.24348041

don't keep track of e-celebs and don't watch their videos so dno

>> No.24348063

matto should learn chinese

>> No.24348072

his comedy sucks but it seems like he knows japanese

>> No.24348076

japanese be like
a word means: "the first day I farted"
and then another means 30 different things

>> No.24348082

this is the same in literally any language

>> No.24348089

dogen's probably a pauser

>> No.24348096

i pause dogen's videos to understand his jokes

>> No.24348097

dogen pauses and rewinds 5x to make sure the voice actor used the right pitch for the sentence

>> No.24348102

matto should learn georgian and document his journey mia-ing his way into become the king of sakartveloboos.

>> No.24348110

what they said >>24348072 but it also might be worth considering that he shows signs of being a closeted alt right member living as a parasite in japan

>> No.24348129

malodorous whites, not even once

>> No.24348138

armenia > georgia

>> No.24348143

stfu schizo

>> No.24348145

how the hell is that obvious if you haven't looked it up or read for a billion hours

>> No.24348153

sometimes I rewind shit in my own language, why would it be bad in one that I'm still learning?

>> No.24348159

>rewind shit in my own language
you're retarded, no biggie

>> No.24348179

not this shit again

>> No.24348181

Jamal claims to know Japanese. I don't know japanese yet but I speak 2 languages, intermediate in 2 and learning Japanese now. So I probably know more about language learning than him.

>> No.24348206

link some of your previous posts so we can see your expert language learning advice

>> No.24348217

i mean if u wanna make that claim i have no problem w. it

idc about "language learning"

>> No.24348219

ok lets get this thread back on track aka back in the dumpster where it belongs

if u arent pausing ur shit u cannot learn japanese

>> No.24348223

you've never wanted to rewatch a scene? the shit you watch isn't good enough, I guess

>> No.24348226

if the other language you know is a germanic/romance language, its equal to knowing only 1.5 languages.

>> No.24348242

no i'm just not retarded
try it sometime

>> No.24348243

shit like this doesn't really matter.

>> No.24348255

imagine knowing 1 language and pretending to know 1 other like jamal does lmao fucking languagelets

>> No.24348258

what the fuck does that have to do with intelligence?

>> No.24348260

shakespeare: to pause or not to pause that is the question

>> No.24348263

you don't know because you're not intelligent bro, we covered this already
keep up

>> No.24348269

yeah it's really insane to care about like 1 or 2 meme lines when it doesnt actually affect the plot

>> No.24348270


>> No.24348273

rewrite that in japanese tough guy

>> No.24348276

si sabes italiano o frances seguramente puedes adivinar lo que quiere decir esto

>> No.24348284


cant believe nuke has been streaming since 2016 wtf...

>> No.24348290

you don't even know english

>> No.24348295

believe this *shoves foot up ass*

>> No.24348302

it was a joke, bro

>> No.24348307

honestly its hard to be shocked at nuke chan anymore

after rice field and monozashi im just desensitized

>> No.24348309

tfw nuke was already pausing shit before i started watching anime at all

>> No.24348314

uh huh

>> No.24348321

certo che si, italiano e spagnola e la stessa lingua piu o meno

>> No.24348323

how much japanese has nuke actually read/listened to do you reckon

>> No.24348334

but i am though

>> No.24348337

pissin on pausers

>> No.24348340

like imagine if i made a nuke chan garbage day video after goin thru years of nuke chan vids and creating like a 90 minute reel of nuke chans best set to some wagner

>> No.24348353

you think so but you're not as evidenced by your posts and i am clearly your intellectual superior
keep up man, i feel like i'm picking on the retarded kid at school

>> No.24348358

i might even install real video editing software to make it

>> No.24348365

because most of us aren't as autistic as you and actually like helping, chalking up every obvious question to laziness is retardedly shortsighted

>> No.24348372
File: 618 KB, 1280x1280, 1534528595014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get paused on

>> No.24348376

i never am deluded enough to think feeding the birds is "helping" them

>> No.24348383

isn't that a cheesecake though

>> No.24348387

ciaran paused all the time while watching dbz so he could use the bathroom so anti-pausers are wrong

>> No.24348396

>chalking up every obvious question to laziness is retardedly shortsighted
stfu retarded monkey if u say "i did kana what now" it means you are a lazy sack of shit that didnt even look at the guide there are no if ands or buts about it.

>> No.24348397
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>> No.24348402

so retards should pour in asking what core deck to do 24/7?fuck off retard

>> No.24348403

real time or content time?

>> No.24348411

if we aren't asshole to newfags then this place will get over run

>> No.24348412

What's the hook codes for?

>> No.24348413

content time

>> No.24348415

My English is on a level so high that sometimes people mistake my shitposts for quotations from James Joyce. Many such cases.

>> No.24348417

nice try

>> No.24348425

膣 doesnt sound arousing at all for me, since i associate it with the medicine rather than with two people doing recreational sex

>> No.24348427

why are you here?
this is the j*mal and friends general

>> No.24348433

Eat a dick that's how retards pour in

>> No.24348435
File: 337 KB, 933x1163, 1581781983860.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24348436

you repeat the same thing over and over. that is not the sign of an intelligent man.

>> No.24348441

ur english is so good that ppl mistake it as a cheap imitation of some old dead dudes ? nice

>> No.24348442

you wouldn't know

>> No.24348443

thats because ur turning it into a weird metaphors about birds in your head, your fellow humans need help time to time and cooperation and education are the foundational

>> No.24348454

this thread needs a reset

>> No.24348456

2k hours maybe?

>> No.24348464

ok now this is based

>> No.24348465

ignore the idiots and they'll leave

>> No.24348470

>your fellow humans need help time to time and cooperation and education are the foundational
i see you haven't been on any computer forums
there's a reason rtfm is a thing

>> No.24348473


>> No.24348478


>> No.24348485

i remember watching this live what a show

>> No.24348493

just give up. jamal is never going to leave this place

>> No.24348496




>> No.24348503

my fellow "humans" should consider putting effort into shit before begging to be spoonfed

>> No.24348513

No one thinks like that. Honestly I've wished for years someone would just delete the guide or at least stop linking it in the thread. It's the biggest source for brain damaged newfags learning the language and shitting up the thread.

>> No.24348514

is his goal to have the posture and attire of an old man

>> No.24348519

that shit was actually all real and somewhat unscripted too (when he gets out of the ambulance and gets choke slammed thru the top of the cage he legit gets knocked out) dude broke bones and lost teeth

mick foleys a crazy ass dude and i respect him

>> No.24348523

never needed to go to a forum to use a pc, only needed to glance at a few instruction booklets, maybe im jaded in some ways by a life of high iq

>> No.24348529
File: 264 KB, 1111x534, 1581781983853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

who knows

>> No.24348541

yea mick foley was insane i remember he used to take insane beatings and id be like wtf man hes had enough

>> No.24348542

Be honest youre a zommer that doesnt even know Japanese and youre trying to """""help""""" others to make up for the fact that you havent made progress

>> No.24348544

yeah and you're probably not a power user

>> No.24348547

man i wanna go to the fuckin mall but covids gettin crazy i wish i was in japan

>> No.24348565

Don't worry man the who said just dont touch your face its not airborne also please dont look at east asia

>> No.24348566

crossed japan off the list of jamal living areas

>> No.24348578

yah its nuts cuz hte kids watchin it have no idea hes actually gettin fucked up out there

its legit crazy carny shit which on the 1 hand i dont want ppl to get hurt but he made his own choices and put on a show ppl never forgot so its mad respect to him and guys like terry funk

>> No.24348584

why are there so many blasted asses over someone answering a question
just ignore it

>> No.24348590

gonna go mallin without you

>> No.24348597

nice detective work

>> No.24348600

fuckin stuck in anki review hell

>> No.24348606

cause its the same question 5 times per day also fuck you

>> No.24348608

retard 1 asks stupid question
retard 2 walks in and sees retard 1 asking stupid question
retard 2 makes his assumptions about the environment and asks stupid question
ad infinitum

>> No.24348611

jamal, post seriously for once in your life: you made up the eng sub """"""method""""" to cripple gullible beginners, right? it's evil, man.

>> No.24348617

has jamal ever proven his self proclaimed fluency?

>> No.24348626

when i was a kid i thought it was all real for a couple of years so they were all gettin fucked up to me lol

>> No.24348630

you trisomy fags do realize youre hilariously easy to troll that way cause youre so sensitive

>> No.24348635

i dont think hes proclaimed that and dont he'll ever be able to at this rate

>> No.24348636

it's genius
wish i could meet anyone who's followed his advice to laugh at them

>> No.24348642

he made a rap

>> No.24348643

dont give a fuck if i get "trolled" lol

>> No.24348647


>> No.24348652

im sure the eng subbed shit works if you actually are trying to focus on the spoken language while doing it the haters just look at it from the perspective of their braindead years watching anime without ever really even paying attention to the noises coming out their speakers

>> No.24348653

guys i just finish the kana should i learn radicals before learning all the kanji

>> No.24348667

he said in a vocaroo something to the effect "...me, ciaran and others who know japanese" so unless knowing japanese doesnt entail fluency he's claimed it.

>> No.24348670

Which anime is the best for learning japanese?

>> No.24348687

detective conan

>> No.24348688

>why are people asking japanese questions in a japanese language learning thread
the absolute state

>> No.24348694

also people who think eng subbed anime wouldnt help them just think that translations are all wrong in the first place (probably why they're mad and trying to learn japanese so their precious cartoons arent ruined) but realistically the subtitles capture the actual intent behind the spoken message much better than some retard with a japanese-english dictionary and a copy of tyler kim ever could (which is why they think the subs are wrong in the first place)

>> No.24348695

Haha post more jamal

>> No.24348696

full metal alchemist
someone post the spreadsheet

>> No.24348699

what do you mean finish the kana?
50 motherfucking times show us your notebook

>> No.24348706

its going to take hundreds of shows so dont worry about that too much, but do try to stick to the same genre as much as you can so you hit the same words

>> No.24348727

>people who think eng subbed anime wouldnt help them just think that translations are all wrong
that doesnt have much to do with it, it mostly just because its a fucking retarded way to sink anything new into your head. if you are reading english youre not acquiring japanese, simple

>> No.24348731

then you shouldnt use tae-kim or a japanese-english dictionary cause guess what it's in english

>> No.24348738

The best part is they werent mad at any particular question they instead were schizo posting about a hypothetical situation

>> No.24348742

i only do monolingual dictionaries and i only read the japanese in tae kim

>> No.24348750

>you should learn japanese by only using japanese
this is the best take

>> No.24348758

so you just started off being able to read japanese with 0 reference to your own native language? that's obviously not true

>> No.24348765

>when the Japanese 101 book is 100% written in japanese

>> No.24348768

post disregarded

>> No.24348781

how do babies learn nip

>> No.24348784

the jamal """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""method"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" would only make sense if he advocated to watch an episode with eng subs and then with jp subs

>> No.24348790

when you realize any 5yo japanese kid is more fluent than any of you the subs argument just doesn't hold up

>> No.24348797

i approach it the way a child does with lots of curiosity and i only use english if absolutely necessary, or i just skip it for now, you dont want your go to move to be english for japanese things

>> No.24348801

learning a second language is obviously not comparable to learning a native language you're just being disingenuous. what did you start reading with originally if it was 100% in japanese?

>> No.24348802

idk i mean yah maybe but as a kid u dont really understand what it means to be really gettin fucked up ur just like WOW TV lol

>> No.24348811

ive already tried to convey all these things and more but the dictionarytards wont have any of it

>> No.24348816

people always shittalk jamal saying he took decades to learn japanese then claim they bypass english completely when learning so they can do it like a baby does. wonder how long that takes.

>> No.24348819


>> No.24348825

in the end matto is the only one who makes any sense

>> No.24348832

matto just makes u believe he makes sense

>> No.24348840

yeah that's exactly what making sense means

>> No.24348849

does 20代 mean 20s like someone is in there 20s

>> No.24348857

how is it a checkmate? i asked whether you used any english when you started to learn i never claimed it's impossible i said it's not true that you did and you haven't provided any suggestion otherwise lol

>> No.24348870


>> No.24348873

cant you just google this and figure it out within 5 seconds of looking at the context of the results

>> No.24348875

different strokes for different folks really, i like matt but remember even matto himself has walked back on a lot of stuff like rtk and reading from the start, so he doesnt always agree with himself let alone that style fitting everybody the same

>> No.24348879


>> No.24348884

also if any of u played umineko u should know that as soon as u sit down at the chessboard across from me ur already checkm8d lol

>> No.24348887

so what kind of stuff do you read then?

>> No.24348894
File: 2.92 MB, 2080x2984, 1577902565562.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24348896

Will status/progress reports cause an autistic meltdown or are those fine

>> No.24348906

idk you played chess bro would love to battle you sometime

>> No.24348909

bad chart

>> No.24348913
File: 341 KB, 1280x960, 1588486045446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*flips the chessboard around*

>> No.24348920

digimon too hard for me im watching doraemon will i make it?

>> No.24348922

Yes it will cause the thread to implode. Do it anyways

>> No.24348925

everything causes an autistic meltdown

>> No.24348931

oh no i dont play real chess just umineko chess

>> No.24348940

i should get into real chess cuz like its been good for a really long time and has never needed a buff/nerf patch lol

>> No.24348945

ah ok

>> No.24348949

crazy when u think about it imagine if chess was first made by blizzard what would they have done to it

>> No.24348959

we all do this. we forget what being a beginner was like. We try to look for what we think was the reason that we learned best. We try to systematize it but sometimes the "messy" part was the reason for our learning

>> No.24348963

i thought about trying shogi but that shits pretty complicated, but yea western chess is the shit

>> No.24348972

could use a black buff to be honest

>> No.24348974

I just started learning and finished hiragana in four days. And by finished i mean i get all the flashcards consistently right. Ill start katagana tomorrow cause today is fathers day so ill just review

>> No.24348975

bilzzard couldnt make a balanced game to save their life tho

>> No.24348987

nail on the head, if you sterilize it you kill it, or if you dissect it too much you turn it into something completely different

>> No.24348989

i feel like chess is too one dimensional
mahjong is where its at

>> No.24348990

i'm a big believer in "messing with the language". this "do this passive thing and u will learn" doesn't sit well with me.

>> No.24348993

still no response since this guy cant tell me what he actually does i can only assume this guy is just lying about "learning like a baby without any english" to avoid facing the facts that eng subs are superior to his method

>> No.24349011

thats part of the plan, they take turns overpowering things instead of trying to really find a balance, largely because at different skill levels everything we need a totally different balance

>> No.24349027

meanwhile chess 1.0 was perfection

>> No.24349031

yea passive doesnt really do anything, you have to be engaged but also dont engage with the wrong things

>> No.24349035


>> No.24349078

my ponkotu dopamines absolutely shot to shit again

>> No.24349081

games r how u stay yung

>> No.24349090
File: 374 KB, 632x900, style switch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


sasuga かくしごと

>> No.24349132

it's only 3 months after finishing rtk and im already forgetting most of them lol

the ones i am remembering i just associate them with a vocab no

>> No.24349148

hey jamal how well can you follow ひろゆき?
im about 60% myself but depends on the topic

>> No.24349181

Do you study everyday?

>> No.24349192

herro guys, how hard is it to understand music and its written lyrics compared to anime and tv shows?
I love all kinds of japanese music but especially all the 東方 related music. Are there any potential learning resources in music?

>> No.24349194

i understand what hes saying right now but idk what brought this on

>> No.24349202

>finished rtk
youre supposed to keep reping them for like a year or until theyre all super matured

>> No.24349203

i know enough to know hes a bullshitter cause hes claiming he doesnt need anyone to accept him but hes attention whoring daily on youtube

>> No.24349204
File: 121 KB, 1000x561, fma.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The best manga/anime of all time was created by a woman

>> No.24349215

I never understood the criticism of if you do RTK you can't study actual japanese, I studied RTK and vocab at the same time. Maybe it's cuz I'm a neet with too much time on my hands

>> No.24349220

keep reviewing you absolute retard

>> No.24349221

i understand that this dudes actually intolerable and can suck my dick

>> No.24349233

yea its fucked up that kimetu no yaiba was written by a mansan

>> No.24349242

Im glad yall are still making threads, love you djt

>> No.24349244

>this dude
hes the inventor and ceo of 4chan

>> No.24349263
File: 119 KB, 150x198, a7a91264b07dbe32d5c9f746161d664a1558b7d1912a11b7974307ed0375cefa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24349270
File: 144 KB, 1280x720, a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24349282

sounds like me

>> No.24349295

if you like a song, then just get your hands on the lyrics, memorize it like youre getting ready to do karaoke

>> No.24349297

i love how he drinks different beer every time

>> No.24349330

it's harder because the way the lines are structured is obviously different from how people talk casually. you also have no visual context unlike with anime. it's fun though i like listening to music while looking at the lyrics and ill make cards from it here and there too. only issue with that is that i always listen to the entire card so it takes longer to review and i feel like listening to the rest of the song cause i only mine from bangers.

>> No.24349386
File: 32 KB, 474x474, 00bd99148b9801b9030ef019743d0949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a little confused with the meaning of these three words: 承認、了承、承る.
After checking some dics and sites on the internet this is what I have:

> 承認 :
To recognize something that has been justified or it's a fact (like "approved" or "checked and confirmed"). It's also usually used by a company or corporation (possible synonyms: 認める、OKです).

To be completely convinced about the circumstances of something. I don't understand this one, but I think It could be something like "there is a plan or a schedule being the object of a discussion and finally, It gets approved".

To know something only by rumors or "what my friend told me", but it's not a fact neither something i truly understand.

> 承知: To understand or comprehend something very very well. Possible synonyms: よくわかる、知る、心得る、理解.

Please, help me.

>> No.24349401

this scene was unironically incredibly based

>> No.24349404

Thanks for being friends for last 5 years

>> No.24349411

read 10k hours

>> No.24349429

the imageposters are at it again

>> No.24349441

sometimes whenever i get sick of listening to nip shit i search up music or movies from other countries
and then i realize how fuckin good nip media is in comparison to stuff from other places

>> No.24349444
File: 330 KB, 311x440, 1579338693001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone watch this? seems cool. no jp subs though which is a bummer

>> No.24349454

JUst watch it with english subs or watch it raw u fuckin homo

>> No.24349459

this is better than 99% of the anime music posted here

>> No.24349496

the only sort of stuff i have a problem with is niprap which is shit because its niggernoise not because its nip

>> No.24349601
File: 911 KB, 336x252, 1561816624065.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24349611

tfw tried watching mononoke hime and got btfo

>> No.24349614

Haven't been in one of these threads in years. It's hard to believe the thread can have even more retards and be even less productive than it was then, but here we are.

>> No.24349618

nip music is garbage through and through

>> No.24349632

nobody cares bro fuck off back to wherever you fucked off to last time

>> No.24349641

and u still dont know japanese

>> No.24349647

its tobira guy "baiting" again

>> No.24349655

fuc miyazaki
fuc murakami
fuc dbz and naruto
FUC pokemon
fuc ironic weebs and fuc tumblrina attention whores who post pictures of streets littered with cherry blossom petals

>> No.24349667

Have fun continuing to waste your time not learning Japanese ;^)

>> No.24349670

and last but not least fuck ciaran

>> No.24349691

have fun wandering into random threads bc your life is so vacuous

>> No.24349713

>He's not Japanese
>He believes he can learn Japanese

>> No.24349715

protip: if you get burned out with anki reviews just delete all your sentence cards and make new ones...

>> No.24349731

Dont worry though the cool kids are policing it

>> No.24349756

Only after the lost decade

>> No.24349762

actually the average japanese level in the thread is higher than ever

>> No.24349791

Maybe if people would police it a bit harder it wouldn't be overrun with retards now.

Doesn't seem that way by looking at this thread, but that might be true since you really need a sample of a few threads to get a good feel of the average level of who hangs here.

>> No.24349794

protip: its impossible to acquire a language after the age of 5 so do whatever the fuck you wanna do because even after a trillion hours of "comprehensible input" youll still never stop filtering your thoughts through yournative language

>> No.24349800

you never explain why do you dislike the anime or do you think those anime are not not easy enough

>> No.24349827

the fact it was written by a woman should make you think about the chances and then reconsider. it's possible, just unlikely. and fmab isn't even the best shounen.

>> No.24349829

cont: your ability of picking from a wide variety of sentences only increases with time. Don't worry, that word you wanted will come back again and you'll have an easier time re-learning it. Sometimes you'll be surprised that you still know it.
Don't be a fool, the delete button is your friend

I'm trying to emulate a certain style

>> No.24349840

we filter everything anyways, its called thinking, you should try it

>> No.24349857

That is false. I started learning English when I was 15 and when I post in English I think in English, so doesn't spread your falsehoods so carelessly. Sometimes I even have some trouble translating between English and my native language.

>> No.24349858

I don't think that is the case.

>> No.24349869

Starting from square 1 after multiple misguided attempts at learning over the years. (0% retained though)
Is wanikani ok if you just wanna be able to read articles/interviews/books ? I'm seeing it trashed in the archives in every mention, but the structure of it and mnemonics look simple enough to make it easy to maintain a constant effort and not end up wasting a bunch of time by quitting before being able to read things.
What do you think about it?

>> No.24349870

i dont think theres anything about the chart that is accurate

>> No.24349881

whenever matt speaks japanese it's like he is reading from a teleprompter

>> No.24349883


>> No.24349888

*so don't
lol fuck

>> No.24349889


>> No.24349890

its not the case, there are studies that point to 5 years old, and studies that point to 18 years old, but those are just the years people start school and or start working. time is the only factor and all science has shown that, let him be a retard who thinks you cant learn something as simple as a new word

>> No.24349891
File: 2.08 MB, 1920x1080, 1576308695131.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im seriously struggling to endure this shit and its only ep 2

>> No.24349901

u watching one ep a day my friend? never going to learn japanese that way

half cour a day minimum

>> No.24349905

Anyone here listen to audiobooks on the Japanese version of the Audible app? If you work somewhere where you can listen to music I would highly recommend it.

There are a lot of light novels on there, and sometimes they get actual seiyuu to do the narration. My favorite that has been releasing every few months is 本好きの下剋上 and they got Iguchi Yuka to do the narration (she does Myne's voice in the anime).

Audiobooks are great if you have a lot of time where you can listen to them, but they can also be good for people who can understand spoken Japanese a lot better than written. Only downside is these are kinda niche so they can be a bit expensive.

>> No.24349906

if u dont understand the greatness of that anime u are confirmed shit haha

>> No.24349907

I like soutaiseiriron, try listening to them

>> No.24349909

he probably rehearses what he wants to say in his head many times so that it comes out perfectly

>> No.24349921

no fuck off

>> No.24349934

wanikani's pacing is not good and it takes mnemonics a bit too far. learn the pros and cons of RTK and decide if you want to do that first, and then do a core deck (just do a core deck if you decide against RTK, which most ppl in here don't like). then just start reading.

>> No.24349944

I dont know about that, the earlier 800 threads on /a/ were good

>> No.24349949

jamal, you can't understand our pain. we're talking here about enduring something in full japanese. you watch shit with eng subs, it's not the same thing. you shouldn't try to participate in our convo, ok. it's not for you.

>> No.24349951

Dont be a faggot

>> No.24349953

but uhh dont do proper RTK that shit is a waste of time, do the MIA RRTK deck if you decide to do it at all

>> No.24349956

yet another carefully packaged product of mentally retarded nips trying to sound all cutesy while failing miserably?
i'll stick to my classical shit

>> No.24349970

try to use 仕上げる and 仕切る in a sentence properly
if you can do it, you can acquire japanese.

>> No.24349982
File: 633 KB, 850x605, sample_8f87a95c1303e28a612b5f7463cca061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you get the EPWING J-J dictionaries to work with yomichan. Fresh install and they all seem to be broken

>> No.24349988

the only thing ur gatekeeping here is ur low iq

>> No.24349992

guys my balls hurt after masturbating
what should i do

>> No.24349994

no i usually watch 7-10 eps per day i just happened to start this show yesterday at like 3 am

>> No.24350002

I'm not trying to gatekeep anything. I'm just saying that there is no way you could understand where that dude is coming from when you watch shit with english subtitles and he is probably trying to understand it raw

>> No.24350015

this should be in the op somewhere

>> No.24350022

lol no thats not how it works u eop

>> No.24350027

There's no way any JSL can understand raw anime any better than they'd understand English-subbed anime

>> No.24350047

that implies the subs are correct to begin with

>> No.24350050

who gives a fuck

>> No.24350054

jamal is allergic to common sense

>> No.24350058

Rather be an EOP than a filthy JSL weeb who pretends he can understand raw visual novels and anime as well as translations over to their native language

>> No.24350073

tobira guy going off again too bad he's completely lost it and is making no sense haha

>> No.24350080

sometimes i watch hardsubbed jidaigeki shit and the subs are way more fuckin confusing cause its hard to actually translate some of that shit

>> No.24350090

what's with all the copeposting

>> No.24350092

you do realize that those translations were made by a JSL, right?

>> No.24350094

kill uppercasers

>> No.24350101
File: 25 KB, 500x580, 1576347991289.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imagine being this low-quality loser.
承認された cum-eater drag queen。

>> No.24350103

garbage retards giving their opinions about things as always

>> No.24350111

ok time to nipongo.. hope common sense prevails in my absence

>> No.24350115
File: 1.04 MB, 1500x1333, 1575201479528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24350117

reading this post as an ESL is amusing.

>> No.24350124

i would never start a show that looks like this

>> No.24350125

call me a "white noiser" but i dont really find it much more enjoyable to watch anime w/ eng subs than raw even as a beginner. jp subs + pausing is the biggest chore but i'll do it for gains if i didnt do any proper reading. most anime isn't really worth understanding all the words in.

>> No.24350131

learning 2 european languages is nothign like learning japanese you fucking retard. i'll amuse my fist down your stupid fucking throat

>> No.24350141

>Anyone here listen to audiobooks on the Japanese version of the Audible app?
can i use it outside of japan? been listening to a lot of pirated audiobooks but i'm running out of material

>> No.24350146

wtf does this even mean it doesn't matter how shit something is it's more entertaining if you understand it i'd rather watch peppa pig and understand what the pig is saying than not, if i have to watch gay shit like that anyway.

>> No.24350152

you don't need to pause if you use jp subs, ya know?

>> No.24350157

ye im dropping it its also really uncomfortable beyond just the art style

>> No.24350158

oh shit you got him there lol

>> No.24350164

okay so i better start off with a few selected words instead of trying to get useful sentences out of it.
that sounds like a lot of fun and i can listen to the same song 200 times anyway so thats what i will try

>> No.24350171

when someone calls japanese white noise revealing their ability

>> No.24350180

youre right i just get too tempted to pause to add shit to anki.

>> No.24350185 [DELETED] 

Westerners who learn Japanese do it because their countries' cultures collapsed under the influence of Jewish-directed anti-naturistic cultural homogenization and an imposed cultural inferiority complex subconsciously introduced through school curricula and entertainment.

>> No.24350188

if japanese would be ur second language just give up lol

>> No.24350192

bros.. recently i havent been able to remember new words as often as i used to.. what do i do?

>> No.24350200

it's too bad japanese media sucks like matt says or else it'd be easy as fuck to learn japanese but as it is you've gotta sit through thousands of hours of shitty cartoons or cringey drama

>> No.24350201

>People with autistic-spectrum disorder (ASD) experience difficulties in comprehension of figurative language, and tend to give literal interpretation to ambiguous syntactic expressions, to phrases that convey irony, humor, or sarcasm, to idioms, or to metaphors

>> No.24350206

oh it's a retard

>> No.24350208

read more

>> No.24350211

shut da fuck up

>> No.24350220

shut da fuck up

>> No.24350221

I see you've assimilated the mental programming

>> No.24350241

nice use of polemics dood

>> No.24350255

dont think theres a person alive i'd enjoy slapping the shit out of than jamal

>> No.24350256


>> No.24350257

wtf is going on

>> No.24350261


>> No.24350267

>not listening to this every day

>> No.24350271

more than*

>> No.24350273
File: 739 KB, 1920x1080, 1542466532219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

could a netflix chad get the jsubs for ep 8-11 of kaguya s2?

>> No.24350277

dont care

>> No.24350281


>> No.24350291

if its that painstaking then u arent doing the right thing so again low iq like i said

>> No.24350299

i'll do it in a bit im seething right now cause the movie i downloaded only has gay ass .sup subtitles

>> No.24350323

thanks friend

>> No.24350334

how did you guys let jamal get with this eng subs thing for so long? if i got here sooner he would have been put in his place sooner. i'll make him be ashamed that he even had the courage to propose such a thing. his name will be soiled forever. the mere mention of his name will evoke imagery of people like nukemarine.
jamal, the retard who spent a decade trying to learn japanese and still relies on english subtitles. the guy who spent a decade trying to learn japanese and is still hanging around in a general for ~learners~

>> No.24350344


>> No.24350349

man this is so complicated it's hard to understand,
can you tell me what did you do, and what would you recommend?
in the sticky there was mentioned a course to be able to read yotsubato specifically , is that maybe better as a starting point? because i'm just wanting to get to the point where i can read stuff asap, as the danger is dropping it for a while like the last times and not remembering anything when picking it up again

>> No.24350353

if you care about whether theres eng subs on the screen or not it means you dont know japanese lol

>> No.24350355

the only way ur gonna do it is with japanese not english

otherwise ur posts are just more white noise

>> No.24350364

learn kana
do vncore
watch cure dolly and read tae kim for grammar
read yotsuba

>> No.24350367

choke on shit

>> No.24350370

btw i never tried to learn japanese

>> No.24350378

i never tried to learn japanese
i just...
understand it

>> No.24350386

i just acquired it like magic lol

>> No.24350389

have you considered learning japanese instead of asking dumb fucking faggots

>> No.24350404

fuck u bros

>> No.24350423

stay retarded

>> No.24350435

installed two vns today

>> No.24350488

11 isnt up yet. the stupid script downloaded a bunch of s01 subs as well thats why theyre in there

>> No.24350519

alright thanks again
i'll put them on kitsunekko as well

>> No.24350553

the only thing difficult about japanese is the writing system. if it weren't for the writing system I would be already writing novels in this language.

>> No.24350566

*difficult thing
sorry, I'm drunk

>> No.24350581

same bro

>> No.24350681

i've been reading stuff for a few months now but my problem is i have a hard time remembering kanji when I'm not looking at it. like i have no problem reading them but if i try to remember what it looks like, my mind goes blank

>> No.24350695
File: 115 KB, 500x739, rtk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

use this, anon.

>> No.24350696

>3294329723432491 resources in resource page
please someone just fucking tell me what is the consensus method so i can start learning instead of researching how to start learning

>> No.24350726
File: 46 KB, 740x350, anki_HqKDgiZHKA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone else here a big fan of anki? what a great little appy

>> No.24350727



>> No.24350759

yeah it says it right there on the cover

>> No.24350762


>> No.24350763

learn hiragana and katakana
read tae kim and try to follow what's going on
do a core tango whatever the fuck vocabulary deck of your choice
consoom japanese content while looking up grammar and vocab and optionally throwing some stuff into anki until you're fluent
anything more than that is useless bloat

>> No.24350776

is that what everyone here is using or your opinion?
every fucking site says 'this is the only way to learn', and every other way is bad, it's hard to proceed with such doubt

>> No.24350792

just shoot yourself then you wont need to deal with any more doubt

>> No.24350801

it was created by matt the only person who ever learned japanese. what other people do is irrelevant

>> No.24350803

will this help me learn japanese?

>> No.24350813

how long is steady mode compared to the main routes in magical charming? i want to go for 100% completion but i'll move on to a new vn if there's also a huge grind on top of all the card fuckery related to the true route.

>> No.24350820

pretty much everyone here except tobira guy is using input-based approaches where you consume as much japanese as possible and that page is one variation of that approach
this >>24350763 is another one
as long as you make japanese material the backbone of everything you do you can't really go wrong they only differ in the specifics

>> No.24350829

steady mode doesnt have any card stuff just sex scenes

>> No.24350831

I have negative stats on concentration ability.

>> No.24350838

dang you actually kept playing it
i dropped it about two hours in

>> No.24350844

i like sex scenes

>> No.24350868

i looked it up and saw people saying that kodansha is better, thoughts?

>> No.24350877

ok, i will do this then. i want friends

>> No.24350878

both are shit

>> No.24350880
File: 161 KB, 900x900, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf im drunk too, 3 day drinkers in one thread nice

>> No.24350884

not him but where's the part where you learn how to write japanese

>> No.24350895

that part is optional feel free to tackle it once you know japanese because doing it before that is a pointless waste of time

>> No.24350909

i know people who have gotten to an okay level at a japanese doing RTK, and i know people who have gotten okay doing nothing, but i don't know a single person who was successful using KKLC. just a personal anecdote though.

>> No.24350930

meant for

>> No.24350935

i'm drinking wine but i'm far from drunk

>> No.24350964

would like to get all 3 of u together and pound ur heads in

>> No.24350970

jamal epically latching onto semantics while failing to understand meaning. for a chronic feelfag like him you'd imagine this wouldn't happen so often

>> No.24350981

i just want friends who will put things in my ass

>> No.24350988

nice one friend
? dude stop with these pathetic posts

>> No.24350993

stop the pathetic drinking then

>> No.24351009
File: 3.52 MB, 1653x2816, yoshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have that narou webnovel yomichan frequency list?

>> No.24351033

what are you guys listening to?
me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9zZ4Gj75xs

>> No.24351035

when do you think someone should start practicing writing if they're interested on doing it? After they have a decent grasp on grammar and have a decent amount of vocab or should they wait until they're fluent

>> No.24351048

its not pathetic dude i pay taxes

>> No.24351049

You could have been listening to Japanese right now but instead you spend your time listening to this piece of crap

>> No.24351054
File: 142 KB, 316x347, 1563728907680.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

without quiz the balance is broken.

>> No.24351059

this is fucking hilarious

>> No.24351063

i pay taxes and remain true to my sxe vows daily

>> No.24351064

depends on your definition of fluency but i would say once you're comfortable enough that you can understand your average anime or vn or whatever without too much trouble

>> No.24351067
File: 79 KB, 639x568, 1587952178309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not pathetic
>i pay taxes

>> No.24351068

that first track isn't the best one. listen to this one:

>> No.24351075

i miss quiz even though i mostly hated him, he got kind of cool towards the end though

>> No.24351082

is core 2k better than vncore ?

>> No.24351099


>> No.24351103

do the one quiz made its by far the best, i think it was 3k

>> No.24351106

core2k sucks elephant balls. I'm not even being contrarian or shitposting. Stay away from that shit

>> No.24351107

newfag here, does this jamal dude really learn japanese through english subs? been browsing this general for like 2 months, i thought people were just memeing until recently

>> No.24351138
File: 21 KB, 354x499, gold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you want a decent japanese frequency list, try this book.
Someone made a deck based on it. get it


>> No.24351139

dont believe him, hes been at it 15 years, you really want to be at something that long? hes most likely done all kinds of weird language wiring in his brain.. any method in existence will yield better results

>> No.24351172

that's why krashen emphasizes that material should be compelling as well as comprehensible. the tragedy is that it's almost impossible to find anything compelling until it's comprehensible. the best approach might be to churn through material, reading the first page of 300 books is as good as reading 300 pages of one book, but the constant turnover might keep it interesting. or not, whatever, i don't know japanese, don't listen to me.

>> No.24351188

sorry, but you got a link? are they all just basically the same or is it an important choice to make ?

>> No.24351205

does anyone know an action show as stupidly easy as owari no seraph? i've been watching non stop sol, so i just want something to break it.

>> No.24351209

lemme see if i can find it for you 1 sec bro..

>> No.24351212

Is My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU easy?

>> No.24351228

youre mom is easy

>> No.24351286


>> No.24351313

tokyo ghoul?

>> No.24351342

ive already proven earlier in the thread that using english subs is the best way to learn and no1 had any argument against it

>> No.24351345

here is the new matt patreon vid

>> No.24351381

thank you

>> No.24351386

getting ignored =/= winning an argument

>> No.24351455

rewatching ro kyu bu its better than i remembered it

>> No.24351461

cool im watching real madrid vs real sociedad

>> No.24351485

does quiz still put sentence and word audio in the same audio field

>> No.24351513

is there a reason not to

>> No.24351521

why the FUCK did it take me this long to realize "just read more" is actually the only good advice in these threads and not low-effort shitposting

>> No.24351524

Mind why? Guide suggests it

>> No.24351540


>> No.24351552

cause you're retarded

>> No.24351568

it's based on newspaper frequency. you'll learn retarded words in a retarded order. trust me. It's better than nothing but trust me you'll hate it when you hit +100 words

>> No.24351578

I knew about "just read more" since a long time but I can't implement it because japanese is written in a writing system that requires you to know the language beforehand. In this point queefmaster is correct.

>> No.24351592

correlation between fags saying "read more" and "japanese is white noise"?

>> No.24351600

really digging core 3k so far. he includes sentences on the front for kanji that can be read differently. quiz is so fucking based.

>> No.24351603

not that guy but the core decks are based on frequency lists from old newspapers. it can be useful to download if you just want to move cards you "mine" from the core deck, but only if you mine from manga or something you can't quickly make cards/record audio from.

>> No.24351613

what's his patreon

>> No.24351635
File: 194 KB, 368x364, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24351665

this kills the r/learnjapanese learner

lets make r/acquirejapanese

>> No.24351684

I've done a little over half of it now. Seems to be working as intended.

>> No.24351710

is qm in here shilling his deck today or something

>> No.24351723

the ln is easy-ish, like not even-a-retard-can-understand-it-on-day-1-level easy, but pretty easy in comparison to real novels, but the both the audiobook and the anime felt unusually difficult, mostly because they have very fast paced speech

>> No.24351732

as an アスペ i don't mind people that take learning japanese too seriously

>> No.24351733

i mean a lot of beginners spend a long ass time trying to figure out useless shit like the difference between は and が even when it makes minimal difference in how well you can read– the details will be acquired through reading. Dumb shit like which grammar guide to use as if fluency is something you can memorize. Just get the gist of "if it ends in かった or した or some shit it's probably past, if there's a bunch of られる's or whatever spammed at the end it might be passive form". Honestly, the biggest benefit to guides and difficulty charts and shit is to convince people they're ready to READ MORE. and yes you can keep doing anki for words while you read don't be retarded

>> No.24351779

¿eres español?

>> No.24351790


>> No.24351800

hostia tío ¿pero qué te hace pensar eso?

>> No.24351808

the anime is hard, i dropped it cause it blew me the fuck out

>> No.24351813


>> No.24351873

picked up

>> No.24351891

thats easy?
might watch it raw when i get home

>> No.24351899


>> No.24351911

never said white noise but do say just read more

>> No.24351942

How many retard cartoons, hentai comics, and flashcards do I need to go through before I can just open up an old-ass dusty book covered with spiderwebs in Jap, look at it, and say "I just understand it all", and actually enjoy that shit the way I enjoy reading my Kafkas and Dostoevskys in English?

>> No.24351945

>watch kill la kill
>first word
>don't understand it
>give up learning japanese

>> No.24351951

>does this jamal dude really learn japanese through english subs?

no ive already learned japanese

>> No.24351954

10000 hours next stupid question?

>> No.24351956

those are two different camps
people who say whitenoise are krashen niggers

>> No.24351958

hs dxd

>> No.24351965
File: 240 KB, 387x410, 1589951331761.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24351966

Just read 100 adult oriented books and you'll be all set

>> No.24351976


>> No.24351993

nip lit is not as good as western stuff tho

>> No.24351995

i've found that most moege is better than dostoevsky

>> No.24351999

probably never because theres a reasonable likelihood that a spiderwebbed covered book is probably going to be written in classical japanese

>> No.24352006

newfag here do gay people actually have buttsex? i thought it was just an epic rustle

>> No.24352016

also anything before ww2 is hard because of different kana spelling and kujitai

>> No.24352020

prove it

>> No.24352027

dno if ciaran's in here might have to try discord

>> No.24352048

dostofags btfo

>> No.24352050

the good thing that I notice in this thread is that I'm not only nigga annoyed by jamal.

i have nothing against jamal the person. I hate jamal the character and I'll destroy him.

>> No.24352052

the doujins he stars in are really hawt

>> No.24352070

kana was standardized in 1900

>> No.24352073

how do japanese understand it then? is it completely incomprehensible to someone who knows modern japanese or is it like trying to read chaucer as someone who knows modern english?

>> No.24352093

>he still thinks jamal is one person
i bet nobody even told you the jamal tripcode on the secret dekiru discord

>> No.24352117

comparable to reading chaucer ie it's similar but realistically people cant understand it for shit

>> No.24352152


it's up. xp guy is goat

>> No.24352180

this guy is definitely one of the more likeable mia guys

>> No.24352200

someone HAS to explain this spreadsheet to me. am i just too fucking dumb to get it?????????

>> No.24352208

yah i like boojah guy


>> No.24352226

>realistically people cant understand it for shit
these lines from 方丈記 seem pretty comprehensible to me

>> No.24352232

have you read that jamal --- am hearing its one of the best experiences you can have

>> No.24352236

i laughed 3 times in the first episode of prison school i think i might have brain damage

>> No.24352246

dammit i forgot to post about that in the last thread

>> No.24352260

probably legitimately autism

>> No.24352261

well that line is extremely famous for a reason lol

>> No.24352265

nah it's just teen humor done right

>> No.24352267

this retarded post wreaks of reddit so yea maybe

>> No.24352268
File: 127 KB, 640x960, 51922939_2247701135485768_2845959142667976704_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does ajatt work?
Or is it just a meme?

>> No.24352272

i read it for a bit and dropped it cuz i didnt like it i prefer games like lamune and mizuiro and green green and air

>> No.24352278


>> No.24352282

prison school is the funniest shit ever. I watched it raw and laughed like a maniac even though I understood 2% of it

>> No.24352287
File: 782 KB, 830x697, 72.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they need to translate books from the late 1800s and early 1900s into modern japanese (pic related).
Before that, they just wrote in chinese (with butchered grammar)

>> No.24352290

itll get you to the top of the roof but not to the top of the divine mountain

>> No.24352291

jamal is a literal retard who prefers moege

>> No.24352311

why would it not? comprehensible input is the only necessity and then just time immersing in it to get used to it

>> No.24352328

does jamal even read VNs?

>> No.24352343


>> No.24352345

bland moege and keyshit, yes

>> No.24352351

i started reading sayooshi this week tho what have u guys done lol

>> No.24352352

he's read the worst lilith games

>> No.24352358

Explain his vocaroos then

Look I could be his friend in real life. he seems like a good dude but he needs to be destroyed for the good of DJT and jp learning community in general.

>> No.24352359

reading kns2 rn

>> No.24352369

i think jamal just likes beautiful games wtf is ur problem????

>> No.24352376

>Before that, they just wrote in chinese (with butchered grammar)
this is only true for 公文書 people wrote letters, poems, person writing etc with mixed/kana kanji since the heian period (someone just linked 方丈記 earlier which is one famous example, but theres also stuff like 今昔物語集 from that period)

>> No.24352377
File: 79 KB, 1280x720, 1592708691794.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're too boring to be enjoyed by anyone with a triple digit iq

>> No.24352394

i've never seen jamal post beautiful games tho

>> No.24352399

chuunige are just shounen manga for assburger kids

>> No.24352400

whys it in your vn chart wtf

>> No.24352402

Hey anons, I've been memorizing kanji using VN Core 1250 with Anki, because I saw someone recommending it in some thread, but now I heard about another deck called Core2k/6k that supposedly is better. Should i switch to Core2k/6k? I'm -500 words into VN Core

>> No.24352406

read konakana then if u want a beautiful game

for the memes

>> No.24352410

there's other stuff besides chuunige that isn't moeshit

>> No.24352414

reading biman 1 right now. its my first vn reading in japanese

>> No.24352419


>> No.24352420

how far did you get before you dropped it anyway

>> No.24352422
File: 25 KB, 787x468, 1541815725278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ctrl + f jamal
>71 results

>> No.24352423
File: 6 KB, 663x138, ev.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do i type here to increase the volume of recordings

>> No.24352435

key games are beautiful and meant to provoke feeling of divinity. if you're an atheist you probably wouldnt be able to understand

>> No.24352438

i read a bunk o' bon

>> No.24352442

i dont remember it was nearly 10 years ago

u mgiht as well say i havent read it at all at this point cuz i dont remember shit

i only read it for 2 or 3 sessions

>> No.24352444

this one is too fast i can't understand it

>> No.24352456

are you the christian missionary guy?

>> No.24352470

Do you know of any good YouTube playlists? Currently doing ajatt by having random Japanese gameshows playing in the background while im in my room.

>> No.24352473

-louder -pls

>> No.24352475

sure do enjoy retarded roach girls doing bland shit all day

>> No.24352477

something like -volume 300
im not really sure pal i'll see if i can figure it out :)

>> No.24352484

i feel bad for the kids raised in this shit generation where they have no ability to even understand what a beautiful game is


clannaids is the worst key game tho

>> No.24352488

do you think it's healthy that a thread dedicated to learning japanese spends most of the time talking about a guy who shitposts 99.9% of the time? Join us into making him a non-entity. We are the light, he represents darkness

>> No.24352495

i dont watch shitty nip youtubers
i just read manga and lns

>> No.24352497


>> No.24352505

im not, as jamal might say, a 'lover boy' so its impossible for me to feel attracted to so called 'beautiful games'

>> No.24352508

i also read physical but it really makes me mad that there aren't any methods to prevent paper from turning yellow

>> No.24352515

should I learn japanese

>> No.24352523

who's that
yeah like i said, you wouldnt be able to understand, the capacity just isnt there for you

>> No.24352524

nukige or go home

>69ths ip

>> No.24352525


>> No.24352529


>> No.24352531

I dont understand their obsession with him and why they also seem to bitch about people asking questions. Are they just a bunch of people that gave up on learning the language and so are cope shit posting?

>> No.24352532

nothing interesting going on to hold my attention

>> No.24352533

i figured it out :) its -vol NUMBERHERE
so -vol 100 is 100% volume and -vol 300 is 300% volume :)

>> No.24352534

i was reading on the kindle im just saying that to piss off the guy who filters that word (altho i actually do own a physical copy but the first 40pgs fell out lol)

>> No.24352537


>> No.24352538

what is wrong with you

>> No.24352564

wtf is this ive never heard of it you guys just make this shit up dont you

>> No.24352570

>giving up
you'll never see that happening
also i'm a very kind dude that always helps people when I can

>> No.24352571

someone come into the discord vc im bored and wanna snuggle :3

>> No.24352580

>discord vc
fuck off tranny

>> No.24352581

imagine getting to the end of a beautiful game and being immensely saddened knowing real life cant ever be this good whats even the point in going on


>> No.24352583

thanks. i had it like that before my settings were wiped but i couldn't remember how.

>> No.24352590


>> No.24352593

put down the bottle

>> No.24352597
File: 96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault_(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24352599

:) np

>> No.24352605

i get this feeling when reading eroge

>> No.24352608

more like you want to be sucked off for being "nice"

>> No.24352613

it's people who are upper intermediate who just come here after a long day of immersion and want to chill and not have to read dumb imageposters with their inane questions and we all enjoy talking about ecelebs and jamal so if you dont like it there's always /int/

>> No.24352625

am i upper intermediate i passed the quiz

>> No.24352630

this anime is in my top 25 list (i have watched 175 anime so far)

>> No.24352634

i dont know what quiz youre talking about but if you have to ask then the outlook isnt good

>> No.24352646

how do you people stand watching dolly? that voice is pure aids

>> No.24352656

get used to it because most japanese people have really high pitched annoying voices especially anime girls

>> No.24352658


>> No.24352666

lmao I ask myself the same thing. I imagine that dude has body in some basement

>> No.24352667

>it's people who are upper intermediate who just come here after a long day of immersion and want to chill
Maybe they should chill somewhere that isnt the daily japanese learning thread. This isnt a special club its just a fucking thread on a moroccan camel raising board how the fuck do you get that attached to this place

>> No.24352669

people in here spend 40 hours a week listening to anime VA so theyve built up a tolerance to obnoxious voices

>> No.24352680

who keeps posting these

>> No.24352693

this is the fate of all generals my dude

>> No.24352697

you're the one who's so attached you won't fuck off to /int/ which has a djt that's suited for you but would rather try to change the thread culture here thats existed for many years

>> No.24352701

>40 hours a week
no lol thats over 100 episodes only moe does that

>> No.24352713

read 30k of Nukige today

>> No.24352716

>change the thread culture here thats existed for many years
>thread culture
>fucking jamal
Im so glad faggots like you are destined to be forever alone

>> No.24352735

luckily im not a failed normie so im happy about it

>> No.24352738

wake up 9am turn on anime, clock out at 5pm. weekends off.

>> No.24352745

face it until u understand the meaning of 痛車 u dont know japanese

>> No.24352752

get over it or fuck off to /int/

>> No.24352775

holy fuck piss off already you crossboarding retarded newfag piece of shit

>> No.24352823

Do you need us to spell it out for you? This isn't a thread for learning Japanese. It never has been. The fact that you need to be told this screams you're a newfag that needs to kys. If you want to learn japanese go to /int/

>> No.24352836

feeling inspired by jamal to read a few dozen vn and then brag about it to some retarded kids online years later (not that he's really bragging its just what i am feeling inspired to do at the moment)

>> No.24352858

Need some help since I'm a retard.

Been learning nip for a little over a month now, got 1500 cards into the core2k/6k deck and started tae kim about a week ago, maybe a little more. I've been taking it slow and am on section 105 but I constantly feel the need to stop and reread earlier sections because I just can't grasp concepts. Conjugating and shit like that are rules I can remember and easily learn, but certain nuances like using particles and sentence ordering, things that seem like small shit constantly escape me. Is this normal, should I just press on until I can try and read some easy kids book and manga, should I try doing some sentence decks, or am I just not reading closely enough?

>> No.24352869


>> No.24352881

imagine thinking u go to a place called the daily japanese thread and somehow ur gonna learn japanese

its like ハエs to the サッチュウトウ

brag is the wrong word i just want to instinctively as a human pass on what i think is good to the future even though i know the future is doomed and its all in vain

>> No.24352888

>Translation requests, learning method / eceleb discussions: >>>/jp/djt

>> No.24352889

thanks, my bad.

>> No.24352895

read the guide faggot

>> No.24352910

yah theyve been redirecting their trash here for a while

u should redirect them back to int in the op from now on

>> No.24352921

all good learning questions go to int we just shitpost until translations are requested

>> No.24352927 [DELETED] 

>hombre del partido

>> No.24352934

jamal, we know that's you

>> No.24352941

I get shitposting but are we actually going to turn away everyone that wants to learn Japanese now?

>> No.24352949

it's cute when jamal loses his trip and think we can't notice that it's him. we acquire your posting style after reading you posting with your trip after a while, you know? the brain is a wonderful thing.

>> No.24352958
File: 374 KB, 1280x1406, 1592321313260.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24352978

i thought i closed this tab

>> No.24352979

why should i care if some dumbass wants to try to "learn japanese" if theyre just gonna ruin my beloved djt

>> No.24352984

Less than 40 cards until I finish vncore friends!!!

>> No.24352985

We've always done this

>> No.24352998

ur def not as good at it as u believe lmao

>> No.24353001

imagine thinking i take my trip off and be discreet about it

>> No.24353004

lol you forgot to put your trip on

>> No.24353017

jamal is too much of an attention whore to take off the trip for a post or 2

>> No.24353020

? im not jamal ur just a [email protected]$$ lol

>> No.24353028

cure dolly and easy materials like nhk easy news

>> No.24353032

Jamal saving the thread

>> No.24353033

what can i say im at my best when i rally the boys around me im like the girl in bukkake pornos

>> No.24353034

i wonder what would happen if a single post in here was reported for off topic? would it start a chain reaction and NUKE this whole threaD?

>> No.24353036

finally read jamal's blog post
exclusive review in the irc
only $5 patreon tier to view it!

>> No.24353037

I haven't watched it but I know it's bad so for it to be in your top 25 means you have bad taste.

>> No.24353040

you're really bad at this, the posts are less than a minute apart

>> No.24353047

How do we make jamal a mod

>> No.24353054

i got deleted for off topic when i posted the MIA Chinese addon video lol. theres "japan" right in the name of the channel.

>> No.24353058

we're about to find out haha

>> No.24353062

whatever dweeb

>> No.24353067

bros my dopamine is absolutely おしゃかd

>> No.24353074

i got emotionally invested in it too but cmon man the last third was an abomination

>> No.24353075

well you think "oh that voice sounds gross and annoying" and then watch the vids anyway since they were helpful.

>> No.24353077

dumb loser

>> No.24353093

explain to me why are you so invested in this?

>> No.24353105


>> No.24353107

lets all relax a bit folks

>> No.24353122

med tranny...

>> No.24353125

I vote Jamal for mod

>> No.24353126

this is are thread. of course were invested you pillock.

>> No.24353129

vndb is a really good website

>> No.24353131

Was it always this bad

>> No.24353133

has anyone here read "Making Sense of Japanese"? apparently dolly mostly stole from jay rubin. lot of the reviews online are just complaining about romaji in the book though

>> No.24353155


>> No.24353175

i can upload the pdf if you want to waste your time inspecting it yourself

>> No.24353180

by not being a little bitch when it comes to my japanese

>> No.24353187

i read the book because she suggested it and said its where a lot of what she talks about came from

>> No.24353196

This is getting ridiculous.

>> No.24353234


>> No.24353239

jabum only dealt with iqlets before. i'm the kind of opponent that he hadn't ever met before. I'm relentless, I'm ruthless, I'm autistic, i'm obsessed, I have a big dick and i'm a genius

>> No.24353248

youre being orthographically cucked by jamal stealth uppercaser. youre probably a phone poster who manually undoes the automatical capitalization. what a cuckold.

>> No.24353278


>> No.24353335


>> No.24353338

I'm only joking. I have nothing against jamal. I'm only shitposting cuz i'm bored

>> No.24353373

happy father's day jamal

>> No.24353374

feel like manga might be healthy for the brain

>> No.24353377
File: 2.88 MB, 1920x1080, 1592521965746.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

had a pretty big belly laugh at this scene lmfao

>> No.24353394

im stealth posting from both sides of the argument every time and you guys dont even realize

>> No.24353432

most posts are me and my personas talking to each other

>> No.24353436
File: 82 KB, 1280x720, raina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24353470

its pretty entertaining my favorite one is the jamal character with bad advice

>> No.24353474

this show is a 7/10 at best

>> No.24353497


>> No.24353530


>> No.24353561

jamal has called me low iq more than once. but i was thinking here in less than a year I have become interemediate in 2 languages and i'm at a level that he probably took 2 years to reach in japanese

>> No.24353570

ようこそへintermediate level!

>> No.24353572
File: 373 KB, 553x556, fia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

khatz really let himself go

>> No.24353575


>> No.24353583

You need a Japanese Amazon account with a Japanese billing address. So I just use the address for a proxy service I have used in the past. So long as I have my Amazon.jp account set to the Japanese billing address, it lets me use my non-Japanese credit card just fine.

>> No.24353586

as if
anyone who reached intermediate level is in futabu channel
the only people here are beginners or dropouts

>> No.24353590
File: 10 KB, 284x160, rl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm like rock lee with the weights on his leg. I've been learning japanese and other languages at the same time and STILL i'm pretty sure that i've achieved a higher level than jamal in the same time frame

>> No.24353611

really? i didn't think of it but i guess i could see it.

whereas this one heavily checks out

>> No.24353674

date a live

>> No.24353684

just finished watching baki with english subtitles
learned the word 海王
9,980 hours to goooooo!

>> No.24353716

I think the eng subs thing is a nonsense but I can catch like 10 words per episode by ear if i have eng subs on if I focus. I'm this dude >>24353590

>> No.24353727

i've been reluctant to watch owari no seraph because it only has males on the title art

>> No.24353734

i'm not gonna watch it cuz i know it's bad.

>> No.24353741

spoken like a true tastelet otaku piece of trash

>> No.24353762

it's not a very good show anyways and the mc is very annoying

>> No.24353779


>> No.24353782
File: 57 KB, 801x528, before-after-brain-butt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>struggle to learn japanese
>djt just says "do it"
>be disciplined
>do reps every day
>immerse every day
>just learn that this is literally lowering my IQ
fuck you guys

>> No.24353787
File: 276 KB, 1326x1080, dbz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24353794

its not about having the willpower to do what you dont want to do except anki which is retarded

>> No.24353804

how many vocab should i learn in anki before i start reading and watching anime

>> No.24353808

i'd even do it if it lowers my iq because it's proven that language learning lowers your risk for stuff like alzheimer's

>> No.24353815

hmmm id say around go fuck yourself

>> No.24353816

you should do it as soon as possible but let me crush your dreams. you'll need to learn like 20k words to feel comfortable in this language. it's not like other european languages where you learn 2k words and there 2k other that you can recognize because they are cognates. everything is new

>> No.24353817

2000 then you can start blues clues and pepper pig
5000 for non non biyori

>> No.24353826


>> No.24353838

i'm heterosexual

>> No.24353843

depends entierly on the anime
use sub2srs to convert the japanese subtitles into sentence cards and learn the vocabulary and grammar used there, that way you will fully comprehend the anime you watch
if you combine this with morphman you can determine which sentences/vocab overlap other shows you have seen so you can constantly improve your vocab and eventually only need to learn a handful of words for each anime

>> No.24353855


>> No.24353877

>the radish people gave up on the puzzle almost twice as fast
exited the tab here. small n and/or wouldn't replicate. complete junk science.

>> No.24353911

also: not to mention that I'm a chad that defends pausing but don't pause and I consume my shit in japanese with japanese subtitles. Goddamn, i'm impressed with myself

>> No.24353914

i'm not gay

>> No.24353938

youre the gayest faggot ive ever seen

>> No.24353941

>i need tits on screen because i'm retarded
ok i guess

>> No.24353949
File: 244 KB, 1206x772, collec.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So much weekly anime & variety shows to catch up on lmao, I wish I could take a week off lmao

>> No.24353959

all shit
imagine watching anything post 2012

>> No.24353976

i was here smugly grinning when I thought about the fact that no matter what anime you watch you'll always be lesser than me. Just yesterday I watched a silent movie from the 20s. this is the level i'm on.

>> No.24353992

don't care. it's a good video since it debunks the anti-common sense memes of our culture, same with atomic habits

>> No.24354005

what you consume seems boring

>> No.24354010

thx u2

>> No.24354013

imagine learning a whole new langauge just to use it on boring stuff lmfao

howd u know

>> No.24354061
File: 124 KB, 853x481, 6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24354084

dun duh dun duuuuuuh, dun duhhhh, duh dee doo da dee da dee da du doe

>> No.24354094

i didnt i just returned the gesture : )

>> No.24354095

wait wtf does sam hyde reference the chobits soundtrack in his rutgers video

>> No.24354099

can someone link matts animecards vid

>> No.24354122

just stop im gonna end up feeling sorry for qm after his method got obliterated

>> No.24354154

English is my second language and I have been learning it as long as you have been learning japanese. I have read Jane Austen, Hemingway, PKD, Steinbeck, Vonnegut, Orwell, Salinger, even shit that isn't originally in english like dostoevsky, Osamu Dasai, Tolstoy, Bulgakov, Camus, Hesse...
What have you read in Japanese?

>> No.24354171
File: 286 KB, 738x540, 1586702877977.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

matt's full review of anime cards


>> No.24354172

oof this is a hard one for jamal to come back to

>> No.24354192

better than 99.9% of action anime.

>> No.24354203
File: 639 KB, 766x674, 1567426872234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24354207
File: 20 KB, 474x474, E335CF06-EBC7-478D-93D3-51C1C9B0F082.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please, anyone give me the jap subs of tokyo drifter PLEASE

>> No.24354221
File: 70 KB, 406x202, screen2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24354240


>> No.24354256


>> No.24354257


>> No.24354271

i wanna lick her face

>> No.24354278


>> No.24354294

right now I'm drunk but when I'm at the top of my game, you niggas can't even notice that I'm a foreigner.

>> No.24354299

submerge yourself into the language

>> No.24354305

it's really easy to spot your ilk

>> No.24354309

i wanna shit on her face a big fat cleveland steamer

>> No.24354311


>> No.24354313

you literally admitted to it in your post, he would have to be brain damaged not to notice it

>> No.24354324

No, it's not. I know because I'm a prolific shitposter that gets confused for a native speaker often

>> No.24354329

first girl posted here that i find cute

>> No.24354340


matt btfos himself?

>> No.24354343

i'm usually an avid matt党 but that sound bit just sounds too aggressive
i don't like how matt behaves in this one

>> No.24354344

not into clown looking modern subhumans myself

>> No.24354348

shes cute and seems decent at japanese

>> No.24354356

bro she looks like candy

>> No.24354374
File: 716 KB, 776x458, 1584150288674.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24354379



>> No.24354390

uuuh i take it back i dont like her anymore

>> No.24354392


>> No.24354394

that background audio aint doing next to jack fyi

>> No.24354407

ah yes, I know but he is using a meme that is trying to gain traction

>> No.24354412

shit bros shes better than moe

>> No.24354415

I suspect that he was mimicking this https://archive.4plebs.org/tv/search/text/esl/

>> No.24354425

what a terrible idea

>> No.24354428

opening a single video posted here

>> No.24354430

i like her even more now!

>> No.24354439

sure sign of a low IQ: poster doesn't change up his style of posting based on the board he is currently in

>> No.24354441

>sure sign of a low IQ
the ironing

>> No.24354446
File: 116 KB, 656x1064, mia memes.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24354447

i'm not a filthy crossie so i wouldn't know

>> No.24354451

>the irony
the irony

>> No.24354452

everyone in here says its hard to learn japanese but apparently you just have to be a cute white girl in japan for 4 years

>> No.24354459


>> No.24354462
File: 192 KB, 501x496, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

haha this is LITERALLY me when i try to read yotsubato

>> No.24354463

weird eyebrows, would not associate with her

>> No.24354470

>memes only the poster gets

>> No.24354476

fuck off newfag

>> No.24354478

jesus christ, I'm so high iq that I unconsciously corrected "ironing" to "irony" without even noticing it

>> No.24354486

but srsly u better understand that top panel

>> No.24354491

>high iq
or just high

>> No.24354496
File: 1007 KB, 1936x1288, IMG_2126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24354499

theres this user hanzai_podcast on reddit that is apparently a cab driver in japan and his entire post history is just him talking down to people who dont live in japan, its fascinating

>> No.24354504

no it isnt

>> No.24354505

i have so many great meme ideas that would do well but i'm too anti social to want to do them.

>> No.24354506

Is there any good guides on how to set up cool anki cards? I want one that lets me put images.

>> No.24354507


>> No.24354511

to be frank it's pretty intuitive for me as an esl

>> No.24354512

honestly, I've done many online IQ tests and my IQ is around 120 if you trust them

>> No.24354514

animecards site

>> No.24354517

Fucking samefag, I'm not even gonna @ you this time. you know who you are

>> No.24354524

if you meditate you could get it higher

>> No.24354526


>> No.24354528

this nigga here saying it's obvious that I'm an ESL. I shitpost on /pol/ and they don't even notice hehe

>> No.24354530

high iq is +140
120iq is midwit

>> No.24354531

animecards brought to you by djt's own quizmaster, legendary guy that slayed jamal

>> No.24354533

/r/japancirclejerk seems somehow worse than /r/learnjapanese desu

>> No.24354536


>> No.24354547

i remember circlejerk subs from back in the day, and they would always talk in extreme sarcasm no matter what, but that subreddit seems completely serious with most of the comments unless im retarded

>> No.24354548
File: 226 KB, 576x699, 1565336558526.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn this Quizmaster dude is really cool, he set up all that info for free?

>> No.24354552

this guy worked 18 hours a day to perfect his craft, with that much dedication it doesn't really matter what you're born with

>> No.24354555

feynman actually accomplished stuff as a scientific researcher, unlike most "high iq" 4channers

>> No.24354562

that's the point.

>> No.24354569

i only score 115-125 on online raven's progressive matrices tests because i utilize a system of rules/process of elimination to help me select answers that are more likely to be correct. people with more raw intelligence can more easily and directly intuit the correct answer without relying on those rules. in other words i'm actually dumber than the average person with the same iq score as me. i use my (subtle) autism to give me an edge in certain tasks. in a straight up battle of wits i would lose to my iq peers every time. i hate it because i recognize more intelligence would make things so much easier. i'm jealous of quiz and jamal's iqs.

>> No.24354579

just a big hearted swell guy, really respected

>> No.24354586

i don't, i am sub-yotsuba level which is why im reading yotsuba

>> No.24354587

if you believe online iq tests you probably don't have a high iq

>> No.24354593

i blame the system, id be making robots right now if they let me

>> No.24354595

I see I see, tell him he's a cool dude and that I'll buy him a pizza if I make it using his cards.

>> No.24354601

join the discord if you want to be friends so bad, rather than spamming these posts

>> No.24354604

>"only" 1 and a half standard deviations above the norm
and that's not the only problem. it's estimated he took the test at the age of 12. there's something called the wilson effect, where environmental influences wane as a group ages. it's possible that if feynman had taken the test again as an adult he'd have scored much higher. moreover it's just 1 guy. an anomaly. higher scores are still predictive of more achievements on a population level, even among the already gifted.

>> No.24354606

what about this one?
I got 120 then I did it a second time and got 130 which makes me kinda suspicious of iq tests

>> No.24354608

imagine thinking iq tests are too complicated to administer on the internet

>> No.24354617

>I got 120 then I did it a second time and got 130 which makes me kinda suspicious of iq tests
you can "practice" iq tests and get better at them. but the vast majority of the population doesn't do this so it has no practical meaning.

>> No.24354646

but I didn't "practice" I simply did it again in a short span of time

>> No.24354649


>> No.24354653

i put "practice" in quotes because you didn't actively practice you just had more familiarity with the test.

>> No.24354690


>> No.24354737

Is there a folder anywhere to download of japanese conversations, like radio or something. want to put it on mp3 player to listen to - there was a big archive of coast to coast with art bell, and it was just people talking in english 24/7 with no breaks which was very useful, was hoping there is something like that for japanese

>> No.24354738

my English is so good that I can confess to being an ESL and you guys still can't recognize my posts. I'm proud of myself.

>> No.24354741

143 iq here

>> No.24354756

isn't like 30% of this site full of esls. looks like it's a pretty easy thing to do

>> No.24354758

69 iq here

>> No.24354780

i mean, not specifically radio, just wondering if there was a library of mp3 files to download somewhere

>> No.24354790

nah, i've been accused of samefagging, being a leaf, amerilard, etc..

>> No.24354799

what does this have to do with what i just said

>> No.24354809

mina ganki?

>> No.24354812

Are you saying that other ESLs manager to do it as well? I know, I know. I'm just joking around. I wanted to make jamal feel incompetent, that's all.

>> No.24354836

jamal pisses on you and fucks your corpse any day of the week

>> No.24354848

>Are you saying that other ESLs manager to do it as well?
considering 30% of this thread is likely esl, and they're indistinguishable from natives, yea. that's what happens when english media, culture, forums, etc. are the best and people (especially who are native speakers of closely related languages) spend a lot of time with them.
>I wanted to make jamal feel incompetent, that's all.
oh well i wanted to preach anyway.

>> No.24354854

might isekai myself since am 100 iq

>> No.24354865

Yeah, Spanish forums are a total cringe-fest, I will never go back to those places.

>> No.24354870

bump for this
but sorry for spamming but need something for tomorrow and it's so late already,

>> No.24354873

Started reading コンビニ人間, is the girl autistic?

>> No.24354882

actually in my country only movies are the stuff that people watch from the USA...
music, sports and everything else they watch in our native language. I'm an outlier and also nowadays I'm watching stuff from japan and germany, ya nerd

>> No.24354898

hey moe

>> No.24354915


>> No.24354931

banger alert https://youtu.be/bR21NK8CTuE

>> No.24354936

absolutely insane when an anime has less than 6/10 average score on a ratings site

>> No.24354960


japan make such great music

>> No.24354962

i dont read books or in general

>> No.24354972

this video is haunted btw.

>> No.24354979

more like esfail haha

>> No.24354981


>> No.24354989

embarrassing, jamal. Am I to understand that I as an ESL have a richer vocabulary than you?

>> No.24354993

thanks not clicking it

>> No.24354996

>esl copingu

>> No.24355000

i really like this uppercaser/mixedcaser thats been flirting with jamal for the past couple weeks or so

>> No.24355001

in english i doubt it


>> No.24355006

wish i were esl. it's like getting 2 languages free

>> No.24355009

all me

>> No.24355010

same honestly bc not only that but i also wouldnt have to bear this heavy disdain for esls

>> No.24355013

tfw grew up bilingual but second native is useless

>> No.24355014

theyre from my hometown

>> No.24355019

we can test it. I think I can beat you, jamal.

>> No.24355020

bro the reason they learn english is that their native language sucks. what would knowing spanish, french, german, etc. get you.

>> No.24355023


>> No.24355024

and it sets you up for the third pretty nicely

>> No.24355026

they know english and their own language so they're better than me in every way

>> No.24355027

what is your second language?>>24355014

>> No.24355031

quickmaster pls

>> No.24355033
File: 1.78 MB, 1237x707, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found a VN (eroge i believe) that i can understand with barely JLPT5 + level.
Is the same plot of zombieland saga, zombie idols you can fuck

>> No.24355038

just realized everything ive ever thought i was good at was dunning kruger

>> No.24355039

they know less english than you and a worthless language so they're inferior to you.

>> No.24355043

thats cool too bad like all their albums after infest were dogshit

and its too bad their best song is a hidden track lol

>> No.24355047

they're probably like 99.9% as functional as i am in english so who gives a fuck

>> No.24355049

I don't use spanish in any scenario other than talking to my family, hell I have a friend that I know since I was living in the shithole I was living and we talk in english 99% of the time.

Spanish sucks.

>> No.24355054

No, seriously. If you don't read then I'm 100% sure that I can beat you. You'll obviously beat mean in the native areas like being natural and the common shit but let's go deeper into the heavy words and you'll sweat like a pig

>> No.24355056

they don't know english though

>> No.24355058

nice try esl

>> No.24355059

probably closer to 95%. that 5% in english is worth more than an entire other european language.

>> No.24355065


>> No.24355075

if all u care about is a vocab test then pass

ppl who obsess over single japanese words already bring my piss to a absolute boil in this thread so as u can imagine doing some vocab contest in english aint no shit i care abt

>> No.24355088

and yah no shit a well read person is gonna beat a not well read person in a vocab contest like whats even the point lol

>> No.24355091

the reason I learned English is because it is the lingua franca. My native language is harder and more beautiful than this creole language

>> No.24355094

>because it is the lingua franca
aka the best language. thanks for admitting it

>> No.24355104


>> No.24355107

english is the best language bc of the word fUCK

>> No.24355110

tfw taught my czech friend english when he was 18 and now hes perfectly fluent and talks and sounds like me at 22, thats why ive always known its easy to learn another language

>> No.24355113

read a page today feel great

>> No.24355119

it just means you define "best" in a way no one gives a shit about
>my less useful language is "more beautiful" lmao!

>> No.24355120

>caring about being good at eigo

>> No.24355121

Here's what you should do. 3 months of RTK using anki, with keyword on the front of the card. You'll spend a minimum of 2 hours every day learning new kanji and reviewing old kanji. You realize that recalling a kanji based on a keyword gives you a strong visual image of that kanji and it helps you distinguish kanji, but it doesn't train you as much to recall the meaning of a kanji when you see it in text. You finish RTK, and you start reading. Your retention rate in anki starts to drop as you begin reading. You tell yourself that it'll be OK because you've started reading and after a few months you'll know enough words to associate with all the kanji you're forgetting. You're spending 30-60 minutes a day on RTK reviews alone, not to mention vocab or sentence mining if you want to do either of those. You realize that RTK helped but it isn't worth the effort you're exerting to keep up with reviews because despite your mnemonics, you don't know Japanese and have nothing with which to recall a kanji if you forget the story you've associated with the keyword on the front. If you knew the word associated with that kanji perhaps you could vaguely remember a component and then recall your story, but you didn't learn Japanese so you can't do that.

You accept that you did was mostly a waste of time. You apologize to DJT for trusting the balding piss jugg cultist and decide to read more.

>> No.24355128

played video games for 8 hours instead of watching anime and i feel like shit

>> No.24355135

fuck chicanos thats all i gotta say

>> No.24355139

fuck all inferior esls

>> No.24355142

i shouldn't have been born an eop

>> No.24355144

I've learned your language to a level that I can
1. argue with native speakers toe to toe
2. richer vocabulary than the average american
3. I can watch whatever I want without subtitles
4. I can learn topics in English including new languages
5. read complex works in English

Can you do that with japanese? you can't and I'l be able to.

>> No.24355148

imagine doing rtk because you're afraid of kanji lmao

>> No.24355153

>You're spending 30-60 minutes a day on RTK reviews alone

how is this possible after you're done with rtk. at my max it took 30 minutes and once i was done the amount of reviews plummeted very quickly

>> No.24355156

i did rtk because i wanted to remember the kanji not run away from them

>> No.24355158

please put on a trip

>> No.24355159

all that matters to me is show me how funny u can be and show me a creative writing sample

i literally couldnt care less about no other nerd shit

>> No.24355160

i agree but next time post a vid thats related to your post

>> No.24355161

tbf most of us are pretty retarded so i wouldnt brag about being better than average

>> No.24355168


>> No.24355173

i can't do any of that but i can do this *chokeslams quiz*

>> No.24355174

stop putting kanji on a pedestal
just read the words

>> No.24355177
File: 33 KB, 522x71, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyway heres shit i do read haha

also i didnt read all of ur post before

>Can you do that with japanese? you can't and I'l be able to.

yah whatever talk is cheap show me the results

>> No.24355187

>anons still blaming kanji for their problems and not anki

>> No.24355191

why would you blame anki? its a great little appy

>> No.24355196

still gag every time i try to eat vegetables

>> No.24355197

this mango is bitter sweet

>> No.24355198

why don't you try showing your face in the nurse's room one more time [and see what happens]?

>> No.24355199

imagine blaming a tool for all your problems

>> No.24355202


>> No.24355203

>yah whatever talk is cheap show me the results

>> No.24355204

is this u

>> No.24355205

i still don't like them as an adult but they don't make me gag or anything like they did as a kid.

>> No.24355206

no i am thats already been decided before that line

>> No.24355208

wth butピーマン is so good

>> No.24355211

pretty much but without the crying and shaking and being fat and a woman

>> No.24355217
File: 657 KB, 1066x1494, __houraisan_kaguya_touhou_drawn_by_gaoo_frpjx283__21ff62e0d81458b3ff4fe6c07a876aee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know I'm causing trouble for my family like this, and if I got a job it'd be fixed. But it's scary outside. I'm afraid of people looking at me.

I'm afraid they'll see through me and know I'm a NEET.

If I talked to someone, I know I'd do something suspicious since I haven't done it in so long. Anyway, I'm not even sure how to talk to someone besides my family, or even if it's OK to speak to them.

I must've been more sociable in the old days… at some point I secluded myself like this and now I don't know how to return…

Now I just lie around in bed all day, sometimes sleep, then just lie around again. Will I be like this forever? Will Eirin and Reisen and Tewi stay around here forever? I'm sure it can't last that long… but I'm afraid to leave…

>> No.24355219

lol sucks 2 be u

>> No.24355220

dude if i can't understand even a simple line like that then i'm fucked

>> No.24355229

silence imageposter

>> No.24355231

dont get you pipo i love my greens/white/yellows

>> No.24355232

can you make your father love you using english?

>> No.24355234

hey quiz did you see matt talk about your animecards for 20 minutes in the new q&a?
he was actually pretty reasonable

>> No.24355239

wrong thread neetbro

>> No.24355248

my father loves me though.

>> No.24355250

i mean i just gave u some comprehensibility hopefully it does something for u someday

>> No.24355253
File: 407 KB, 1280x720, つぐもも S01E03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the dude is the most default mc possible they didn't bother moving any of the sliders

>> No.24355255

well i'm saving the post and i'm gonna read the line every day until i get it

>> No.24355262

Every time i come to this website, you in this website. In the got damn djt

>> No.24355268

did 120 new cards today, what a massive pain in the ass. idk how u guys that do 100 per day regularly manage it shits so tedious

>> No.24355269

? why are u lookin at the dudes none of them are the mc ?? its pretty clear in that frame whos the mc

>> No.24355274

good show

>> No.24355280

so i have done RTK, the 2k anki, and tae kim and can stumble my way through some text
but how do i improve my listening?
right now im just listening to the anki 2k/6k audio about 6 times for each vocab word just to pick up each word and distinguish it and particle because i should know most of the vocab in the sentence, but i can read it OK
is there a better way? i think it is better than watching stuff with subtitles but i dont know

>> No.24355287

this anime is so ass cant believe i watched 2 seasons of it

>> No.24355290

also this !!

>> No.24355292

take it one step at a time
first fix your sleeping schedule, then get a good hobby,then start exercising
after a while of that then you can get a job

>> No.24355294

everybody knows that mc stands for "male character"

>> No.24355297

eating all of the memes, eating up all of the god damn you's
i want some of them memes, i want some of them you's

>> No.24355302

turn on ur monitor !!!!!!!

>> No.24355308

load up some anime, press the v button to hide subs (or dont download any jp subs) and just listen? its hard but it doesnt get much easier if you dont just do it

>> No.24355309

bad post

>> No.24355316

shut da FUCK up

>> No.24355347


>> No.24355349

dropped it in 10 minutes

>> No.24355361

I have literally drank half a liter of vodka and I still can write English almost native like. Jamal, can you do that in japanese? nah you can't

>> No.24355364

wow you stole my idea
*writes something down*

>> No.24355373


>> No.24355378


>> No.24355393

because it was unfunny and generic

>> No.24355397

99% of my reading consists of reading the news. Since I'm able to read and understand the majority of the content in news articles in NHK and asahi shimbun for instance, I thought that I could manage to do the same in the N2 reading but it was alot harder than I thought.

The vocabulary and grammar are very different from the one in news. Or perhaps here it is the news that is the special case(?), since I notice that news articles are very consistent in their formulations, vocabulary, grammar use etc. perhaps why it's fairly easy to read them once youve seen the patterns and picked up the vocab.

In the N2 text the style of writing is very different. For instance, I found it very annoying that the amount of hiragana is so high, to me reading kanji is easier, since it's the kanji that I'm learning and if a word is spellt out in hiragana i have to translate it to what kanji it is in my head in order to understand it. I don't know if this is suppose to make the text easier, perhaps japanese people think foreigners think hiragana texts are easier but if you're studying kanji its just confusing. The sentence structures and grammar are also different from that in the news.

Anyway, I have 2 questions:

Are the JLTP/N2 reading texts "real" natural japanese texts? I mean would a native speaker reading them notice anything weird with them so to speak?

What sources of reading material should I focus on to pick up this "style" of reading? Is it just from reading regular books? I've never done that so... It's certainly not reading news anyway. Or do I need to study specific JLPT material?

>> No.24355415

imagine learning japanese to read "the news"

>> No.24355443

weekly fap done
time to read

>> No.24355446
File: 180 KB, 567x871, vodka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24355448

qm thinks he innovated by making vocabulary cards with pictures and sentences even though cards of the same exact format, literally the same exact format have been around for years on anki shared decks. What a charlatan

>> No.24355462

based anon

>> No.24355472

he innovated a new way of making them involving manually using very clunky software in a way that any 3 month bootcamp programmer could figure out how to automate

>> No.24355483


>> No.24355485


>> No.24355489

qm is trash, why even mention him. He wants attention and hasnt done anything for anyone and is also trash at japanese when there are miaers speaking fluently after 2 years.

>> No.24355490
File: 390 KB, 1280x720, つぐもも S01E04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you missed out on this epic line bet you regret your life decisions now

>> No.24355492

anon i'm going to kiss you now

>> No.24355503

hilarious and factual

>> No.24355511

i do that all the time but it has nothing to do with anime

>> No.24355515

seen it a million times

>> No.24355531

yall are just getting mary all horned up

>> No.24355543

bet he touches himself to getting beaten up over the internet at this point

>> No.24355545

otome game hametsu flag is so good

>> No.24355546
File: 334 KB, 1371x1029, alkohol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nice dude. vodka ftw, i think youre way ahead of me

>> No.24355550

im almost 40 cant stop thinking it is kinda late for me to start learning japanese
wish i could go back in time

>> No.24355553

no one is going to call me a 酔っ払い?

>> No.24355557
File: 212 KB, 1440x1584, matto.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a link to the first volume of ひきこまり吸血姫の悶々? It's on kindle unlimited but I can't find it on itaneko or nyaa.

>> No.24355561

early 30s here, you should've started earlier

>> No.24355563

it's objectively the best isekai

>> No.24355573
File: 120 KB, 320x426, 1570484917913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24355576

your ears are probably the thing that will fuck you up the most. declining hearing + inability to learn new sounds as you get older makes foreign languages hard

>> No.24355580

Lowercases drinking lmao

>> No.24355586

all isekai are equally dogshit though

>> No.24355589

i can't imagine being interested in enough in this stuff in my 40s to devote my free time to it.

>> No.24355590

search warosu for "online gallery"

>> No.24355593

kemono michi is good

>> No.24355602

when will i be able to stop reading /watching things i hate in order to mine for things i love

>> No.24355606

not that one

>> No.24355607


>> No.24355616

and what would you be doing in your 40s instead

>> No.24355619

shitposting on 4chan with jamal

>> No.24355625

as well you should

>> No.24355630

I don't get this language, do I have to pick up what 定め means depending on the context?

>> No.24355639


>> No.24355640

practice golf
play with my kids
wash my car
fuck my wife
walk my dog
do crossword puzzles

>> No.24355646

the dictionary says it means law but also fate...

>> No.24355648

ultimate low iq post

>> No.24355650

thanks dad

>> No.24355651

its about time jamal left to let the thread by handled by the men

>> No.24355661

fate is a law (perhaps a theoretical one)

>> No.24355668

there are rules against sodomy.

>> No.24355677



>> No.24355684
File: 32 KB, 500x533, 1NJBvxtWkD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24355691

>practice golf
>play with my kids
>wash my car
not like this is a 24/7 thing
>fuck my wife
>walk my dog
fuck pets
>do crossword puzzles

>> No.24355694

I head somewhere that you should only mine 1 word per sentence you are shown. Does it help in anyway?

>> No.24355702

no clue

>> No.24355703

no idea

>> No.24355706


>> No.24355715


>> No.24355720
File: 271 KB, 500x500, 1579373676011.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24355726

imagine what mary's potential spawn would turn out to be like
i shudder at the thought

>> No.24355733

ugly subhuman low iq manlet retard russian pigdog

>> No.24355745

Do you know any other buzzword?

>> No.24355748


>> No.24355756
File: 63 KB, 872x548, majo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

watch 魔女の宅急便


>> No.24355758

OOH what else?

>> No.24355766

wish i had a son and quiz had a son and they played and hung out together

>> No.24355768

wonder if any fellow fa/tg/uys are here...

>> No.24355772

i wish i had a son that bullied quiz in school

>> No.24355777

wish i could ntr both your sons and bang them in front of you, asserting my superiority

>> No.24355782

looks like shit

>> No.24355811

quiz deserves to have many white children

>> No.24355815

word that describes the situation to a frighteningly accurate degree = buzzword

>> No.24355819

quiz deserves to have my fist create a hole in his face

>> No.24355821


>> No.24355826



>> No.24355828
File: 902 KB, 540x720, 1569019100624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a /tg/ lurker, always wanted to play a game of anything, specially りゅうたま, but I got tired of getting ghosted in roll20 every time I tried to set up a game and gave up like a year ago.

>> No.24355829


>> No.24355881
File: 12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

best anime of all tim

>> No.24355883

i have a feeling quiz will meet a nice congolese girl in the near future

>> No.24355893

>o my truth door.

>> No.24355925

nah it's not exciting enough. also the characters are pretty bland outside wrath.

>> No.24355926


>> No.24355932

u forgot the best character Mr. Roy Mustang

>> No.24355938
File: 127 KB, 1440x810, fullmetal-alchemist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this says more about me than anything but I never imagined that a woman would create the most perfect anime/manga of all time. I should have expected it. one of my favorite movies is lost in translation also directed by a woman

>> No.24355946

nah he's one of the bland ones. he has 2 "exciting" scenes. the scene with envy just makes me cringe with the overbearing "BUT YOU'RE THE MONSTER!!!" shit. good for a children's show though, probably because women are good with kids.

>> No.24355949

agreed its effed up that kny was made by a kusoman unbelievable

>> No.24355954

how do people actually feel about mia? anyone think they have made real contributions? same goes for qm and jamal, who is actually leading the j-learning olympics?

>> No.24355964
File: 98 KB, 317x317, 425b91c6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24355966

I don't even need to post scenes from fma. Just the soundtrack is enough
that's hwo good it is

>> No.24355972

jamal is the guy whos too smart for his time so no1 listens to him but will be proven correct in 20-30 years. matt is just a snake oil salesman of the khatzumoto vintage and qm is a retard who has no idea what hes doing but thinks he does

>> No.24355995

didnt know shaggy was in that

>> No.24356003


decide what i watch

>> No.24356019

name another anime that can give you this feel:
you literally can't

>> No.24356041

>just makes me cringe with the overbearing "BUT YOU'RE THE MONSTER!!!" shit
one thing i appreciate about hxh is that togashi obviously wrote gon's journey to be a sort of parallel with meruem's, to depict the "vengeful" and "monstrous" side of humanity, but his writing wasn't cringe. throughout the arc killua had noticed a shift in gon's disposition and he wasn't comfortable with it, but when gon confronts pitou, killua doesn't give an impassioned speech about how he'll be just as bad as pitou if he kills her. or how "this isn't like you". killua instead talks about how they're likely responsible for komugi's injury and letting her heal would be the right thing to do. gon struggles to believe pitou, and/or to give her lenience after she killed the man who saved his life. you can argue either one of the kids' perspectives is naive, but togashi isn't as mega fucking cringe as fma's shitty female writer about it.

>> No.24356051


>> No.24356071

no, but it has been duly noted in my brain that theres subs for it

>> No.24356081

uchouten kazoku very dope show

>> No.24356093


>> No.24356095

as I suspected, this scene >>24356019 is unique and y'all can't give something even close to it in the anime universe

>> No.24356108

seems like a confusing show

>> No.24356113

fma can go from "normal shonen" to "heavy scene with epic music" in a literal second then before you notice your eyes are wet

>> No.24356119

i honestly dont get what you think is good about it lol i dont even know what to say cause its just mediocre i could link any scene from any anime and it'd feel the same to me

>> No.24356129

then do it, faggot

>> No.24356141


i unironically have more of an emotional reaction to this than that fight.

>> No.24356142

whats the point? i would just be linking random anime scenes that dont mean anything to me same as that one. you asked for the "same feeling"

>> No.24356145


this one is pretty good

>> No.24356147

im not too smart for my time per se theres ppl who have done it like me and they tend to agree with me

>> No.24356152

chinese whispers

>> No.24356173

the emotional part is the 遊ぼう part, bro not the fight
you gotta watch it to understand

>> No.24356180


>> No.24356182

low iq people only see things on the surface: they see a fight
we high iq people see what's beneath the fight

>> No.24356184

yeah it's a morimi novel adaptation so it's gonna leave you a lil ??? at first but the characters are all very fun and once u realise whats going on ull just be having a blast with all the crazy tanuki shit going on. probably one of the few things better off watched in japanese. if u meant the language seems tough just nut up bro lmao

>> No.24356204

i've seen fmab and i know the context of that fight and that part. i know why edward the bland protag is upset. when I said "fight" i was referring to scenes encompassed within the fight.

>> No.24356206

shut da fuck up

>> No.24356209
File: 120 KB, 253x240, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me when i play a beautiful visual game

>> No.24356214

I understand now why the low iq on this site can't appreciate shonen. they only see the action and not the themes that the adult mangaka insert on them. if you have an adult eye you'll find the interesting parts

>> No.24356215
File: 15 KB, 466x348, 41elbAC_SX466_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.24356230
File: 1.05 MB, 1600x900, 1541551348244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me when i play a "beautiful" visual game

>> No.24356237

MIA guys are goat, particularly yoga since he did the real work, when it comes to actually doing something that helps others tangibly. they made the process actually easier while all qm did was tell you to install 300 pieces of software none of which he made that at best kind of work together and put those into a shitty workflow

>> No.24356239

if u think its a issue w. a entire demographic and not just the fact that hxh is DOgSHIt then unfortunately my friend ur iq is 105 at best

>> No.24356243
File: 17 KB, 400x400, 18cfebbb98af2d28807ffada43351106_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hes in that pic in the window

>> No.24356247

keep that cope up

>> No.24356253

language acquisition has no workflow

>> No.24356257

thats fma guy not hxh guy jamal watch out

>> No.24356259

woah dragon ball uses the same sound effects

>> No.24356273

I have a 120 IQ

>> No.24356280

yo why is the old man up an hour past his bed time

>> No.24356283

if i stop pausing anime to make cards eventually i'll catch up to my backlog of cards and then no new cards will be shown to me

>> No.24356292

dont worry im outtie in a sec just gettin a few more posts in w. the knuckleheads

>> No.24356298
File: 2.20 MB, 540x304, 1569977563829.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

keion is high iq

>> No.24356302
File: 269 KB, 963x1400, Yotsubato_v01_215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

always thought yotsuba& was just a meme but it's actually really funny. it's such a breath of fresh air to consume something so wholesome.

>> No.24356303

more like gay-on haha

>> No.24356307
File: 1.26 MB, 640x476, faceapp guy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me when i play a beautiful visual game

>> No.24356315

lol i really had an eureka moment. I see it clearly why you fucks can't see the deep themes in these works. you pea brained motherfuckes can't see past the fights and look at the actual themes being addressed. I actually pity you guys

>> No.24356326
File: 228 KB, 400x354, akeiro_d3EbtyRvso.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me when im in a beautiful visual game

>> No.24356331

fma guy is a false flag

>> No.24356334

read like 5 pages but was utterly bored and alt tabbed to djt
wtf this guy read me like a book

>> No.24356339

no1s fucking confused about something they spell out in plain japanese you dumb fuck it's right there in the dialogue it's just absolutely puerile garbage

>> No.24356346

all shonen is garbage
if i wanted the "themes" they so utterly fail to convey, i'd read a book
writing is overall trash too

>> No.24356364

you think fma is about some random fights with some magical effects? lmao le fire and no signs spell? wtf... lmao. how the fuck do you guys even breath?

>> No.24356387

seriously, it's like someone watched the matrix and didn't realize it contains the allegory of the cave in it. do you guys even know what that is?

>> No.24356393

doesn't really make sense. your favorite anime probably has theme(s) and you enjoyed how they were portrayed so this is just a cop out. you can recognize that the writing will be infinitely better in the best literature while appreciating the best attempt at good writing with other aspects of anime you enjoy.

>> No.24356400

uhh gunbuster? ttgl? jojo? sure you don't really mean "all"

>> No.24356409

the matrix is actually just about being trans

>> No.24356412

yea it's where there's a cave fire and shadows or some shit

>jojo, gunbuster

>> No.24356444

this is your mind on shonenshit
learn to read, shonennigger
>they so utterly fail to convey

>> No.24356446
File: 97 KB, 638x359, 638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

let me help you. let me guess, you thought it was only about neo dogding bullets and looking cool

>> No.24356458


>> No.24356464

so you admit ttgl is good even though it's the most shonenshit of the three i listed? ok then

>> No.24356472

did you attend baby's first philosophy of this week or something

>> No.24356483

I told you just to rip the audio, my dude.

>> No.24356487

>you admit ttgl is good
obtain reading comprehension then get back to me

>> No.24356491

nah, I'm just stupefied by you guys' lack of awareness

>> No.24356502

gunbuster is one of the few objectively good anime

>> No.24356509

yea never mind. i thought you were that one guy who always tries to argue that if you prefer better writing in anime over worse writing in anime then you should just read books. that guy is a real retard. really bad argument. i enjoy shitting on him every time he tries it. what you're saying is stupid also but it's cool.

well i think the matrix involves interesting concepts about virtual/alternative realities and how you'd even know something is real and all that stuff but i don't see how knowing it references a really old story makes it better?

yea it's got way better writing than the other 2

>> No.24356518

read a book if you don't want the abortion of an attempt to convey a message that the shonen mangaka tries

>> No.24356521

it's one of the most boring piece of shit anime stories i've had the displeasure of forcing myself through but the ending was really memorable for me.

>> No.24356547

its actually really good from start to finish if you have a keen eye for the otaku artistic vision in display, as well as the various aesthetic sensibilities in use

>> No.24356550

easy IQ test:
you watch attack on titans.
if you think it's about titans eating people, dudes killing titans, and blood flowing then you have a low IQ.
It's that simple

>> No.24356558

oh sure it looks good but who gives a fuck about that lmao i'd just go look up "cool animation" on youtube and mute the videos and marathon them all day if i valued that so highly.

>> No.24356579

well this post was kinda dumb so let me revise that. to steel man you a bit, you probably want a balance of good animation and story and gunbuster hit that mark for you.
but not for me glad i never have to watch that generic shit again haha

>> No.24356594

understanding the themes doesnt make it any better of a show desu. the show is probably more enjoyable if you think its about sick grapple hooks and titans eating people

>> No.24356605

Let me explain in a way that you brainlets will understand.
See this song? It sounds and looks like something for young people


but if you pay attention the lyrics are for adults. Can you low Iq people understand now?

>> No.24356611

it's more that the actual themes and messages of snk are conveyed in such a boring bland way through bland characters that i don't care. in fact the characters suck so bad that i felt almost nothing when the shitty hiei ripoff unleashes his epic swords on gorilla man.

>> No.24356614

lmaoing @shonentards just taking their first philosophy class and sperging out
shit genre, shit writing, shit execution all around

>> No.24356629

what makes writing good or bad though

>> No.24356632

can u please be quiet already

>> No.24356636

trying to pass off "deep" themes while utterly failing to do so due to among other things massive writing inconsistencies does not mean shit

>> No.24356638

you gotta feel it out

>> No.24356642

almost teared up reading my digital bunkobon just now

>> No.24356653


>> No.24356667
File: 45 KB, 336x500, 519EA4xSB7L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

has anyone read her other book? did it help your nihongos become jyouzu?

>> No.24356680
File: 631 KB, 519x424, china.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's the gay homosexual way to analyse art. how many ancient paintings of the similar looking chinese landscape were made? you think people got all excited just by glancing at them. no, they learnt to understand the perspective of the ARTIST. you get good at watching anime when you engage with it, not by pretending its a zoo animal and waiting for it to appease your pea sized brain!

>> No.24356690

incorrect you loose bowed djt sub

>> No.24356693

how tf did this thread somehow accumulate even worse people to participate in the debates about taste in anime

>> No.24356705

yea but apply this to a children's painting and it sounds really ridiculous. now apply it to whoever wrote that generic ass ova and it too sounds ridiculous.

>> No.24356714

i havent read it but her grammar explanations are probably the best out there

>> No.24356719

you're calling finger paintings art

>> No.24356722

>whoever wrote that generic ass ova
only one of the most well documented and interesting people in the entire industry

>> No.24356733

after he went on to write some actually good shit not that i agree with your stupid ass premise

>> No.24356737

yes, I'm a "shonen retard" but I have a high IQ so I can penetrate into the deep themes. My main form of entertainment is movies which are of the highest quality. Since I have watched the classics from all periods I can identify the goods in a low form of art like anime while you retards are boasting about watching some gay ass shit that would get you laughed at in real life if you dared to confess liking

>> No.24356748

name TWO good shounen

>> No.24356751

why do you still come here tho

>> No.24356758

just when i thought this fen could grow no fouler...

>> No.24356768

how is it generic lol theres no other animes like it

>> No.24356785

he's too caught up in his not too far off impression of the writing at a baseline level to see the greater magic at play

>> No.24356823

cool gunbuster has japanese subs

>> No.24356829

Death Note
Code Geass

>> No.24356832

what's the greater magic

>> No.24356836


>> No.24356840

explain why they are bad without going "mainstream therefore bad"

>> No.24356850

notice how neither of these are traditional shonen

>> No.24356855

notice they're also not as good as traditional shounen

>> No.24356858

being able to interpret themes in the writing of a show is a pretty middling IQ, high school AP class trait anyway. actually understanding the artistry of filmmaking as a visual medium is what separates good and bad anime

>> No.24356870

big punch punch good beam spam nakama power lmao

>> No.24356881

>actually understanding the artistry of filmmaking as a visual medium is what separates good and bad anime
lol no that shit is gay

>> No.24356887

For me it's Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho

>> No.24356893

im glad im able to let me inner child roam free and appreciate shonen im also glad my inner child isnt a faggot who enjoys harem and comedy anime

>> No.24356894






>> No.24356895
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for that kind stuff I watch this

>> No.24356900

toriyama is an awful writer

>> No.24356914

i'm glad i hate garbage for 12 year olds like shonen and garbage for the mentally ill like harem and comedy

>> No.24356923

the fushigi power of anime, the history behind each cel, the sexualization of dekiru women, the SCALE packed into the 6 episodes, the roadmap laid out for its successors, and the unwavering narrative in the face of a world that wants twists and turns

>> No.24356944

huh interesting that sounds like stuff outside the art than the art itself so we're not really talking about the same thing here.

>> No.24356956

brainlet: the post

>> No.24356958

only dumb people care about genres

>> No.24356963

i dont know about any of that shit but gunbuster owns and most animes do aint so idk....

>> No.24356967

major and hikaru no go

>> No.24356968

but you're the one liking the boring shit

>> No.24356972

if you had a high iq like me you would be able to identify the goods but I'm sorry nature isn't kind to everyone

>> No.24356983

ive never seen an anime that isnt shonen that wasnt a boring piece of shit

>> No.24356987

let me try to explain again to you brainlets how your silly minds work
imagine someone trying to reduce the godfather to just "a mafia movie" this is how your brains work. It's actually sad, guys.

>> No.24356991

watch more than 5 anime then

>> No.24356997

stfu you alr