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Last time we left off, you were in the middle of an orgy with Patchouli, Flandre, Sakuya, Remilia, China, Cirno, Keine, and Mokou...
Oh, oops, sorry. That's just where your mind went to as a happy place, you screamed and desperately lunged for the nearest door, scrabbling at the handle. The lock appears to be broken, and you rush in...
And fall down the stairs, into the dark, dark basement. Although you're alright, you're sure you've got some bruises. Would be easier if you could see. The door slams shut behind you, probably closed by Sakuya. You can see nothing. There is no more pursuit, but you can hear... Humming.

[ ] Feel around.

[ ] Move to the noise.

[ ] Try to go up the stairs to the door

[ ] Stumble around blindly

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[x] Move to the noise

>> No.243221

[ ] Try to go up the stairs to the door

This has BAD END written all over it.

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[X] Move to the noise.

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[x] Move to the noise.

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We're boned here. Might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

[ ] Move to the noise.

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[X] Try to go up the stairs to the door

>> No.243236

[X] Feel around.

>> No.243238

[X] Feel around.
we're fucked.

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[X] Try to go up the stairs to the door

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Wait, check to see if we have more continues.

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[x] Move to the noise.

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[x] Feel around.

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[x] Feel around.

>> No.243255

[X] Feel around.

delicious insane loli breasts

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[ ] Move to the noise.

You are alone in a dark room with a loli of your choice.

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[ ] Feel around.

>> No.243261

[ ] Try to go up the stairs to the door

>> No.243263

[x] Feel around.

Might as well. Maybe we can get a grope in or two before we go.

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Flandre isn't TOO crazy right?

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We have one Continue left, and Koakuma and Sakuya are upstairs.

Our only hope is to either befriend Flandre or let her go upstairs and escape during the chaos.

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[X] Move to the noise.

>> No.243271

[x] Load - Slot 1
fuck this, we are dead.

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☒ Feel around.

>> No.243273

[XXX] Feel around.

>> No.243274

[X] Stumble around blindly
finally the lonly lunatic loli

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[X] Move to the noise.

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yeah sure we'll be fine.

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I doubt Flandre would blow your ass apart in her basement, she only eats cooked dishes anyway.

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[XXX] Dash in with penis held high in hopes of piercing anything.

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[x] Move to the noise.

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[X] Move to the noise.

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What the fuck? How the hell did we get down to ONE continue? Then again, the last time I checked was during the start of thread 9.

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As long as we're dying a horrible death we might as well go out standing up.

☑ Move to the noise.

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We have 2

>> No.243296

this comes to mind right now:

>> No.243297

I've just got a really bad feeling about this...

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The lake killed us again

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[x] Feel around.

>> No.243303

She seems to be reasonably sane most of the time, or she'd just break out of the basement more often.

Typically, she's portrayed as a stubborn little girl who obeys Remilia but goes berserk if she doesn't get what she wants from anyone else.

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That fucking Lake killed us 2 times

>> No.243307

[X] Try to go up the stairs to the door

Damn it anon, let's at least try to survive to day 4.

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Actually, now that I think about it, we'll be fine! the lake is nowhere nearby!

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Did we try to swim across it a SECOND time?

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This anon is leaving for night shift working soon. Is there a website or such I could check when I get back to see what's happened in my absence?

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punched into it.

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Flandre can split the earth with Laevateinn, causing the lake to flow in.

>> No.243323

Meiling kicked us into it by accident.

>> No.243324


Nah, we tried to run past china
She kicked us in

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We tried to run past China and she punched us into the lake.

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[X] Try to go up the stairs to the door

Durrr am I the only one in favour of this motion?

Sakuya is human after all, surely she would have mercy on a fellow creature pounding desperately at the door?

>> No.243329

tried to run past meiling and got kicked into it.

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You move closer to the noise... And smack right into something. Sorry, it's not delicious loli. You can't see anything except for make out the small light illuminating from the door above you.

[ ] Try, try again

[ ] Feel your way around

[ ] Go for the door

[ ] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243332


>> No.243336


[x] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243337

[ ] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243338

Lake 2 - Anon 0

Can anon be Shirou enough to get fragged again by the lake?

>> No.243339

[ ] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243340

[X] Feel your way around

>> No.243341

[x] "Is anyone there?"

Flandre is probably stuck in a cage. We'll need her help to find the key.

>> No.243342

[X] Move to the noise.
Going back up is sure death, so might as well get closer to Flandere.

>> No.243344

[X] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243346

Why are you all so afraid of Flandre, she's not a lake so she won't be able to kill us. We'll be fine as long as Sakuya doesn't flood the basement.

>> No.243347

[ ] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243348

[x] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243349

The spirit of ZUN resides in the lake

>> No.243351

[ ] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243354

[x] Feel your way around

I may touch something interesting

>> No.243355

[x] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243356

[X] Feel your way around

>> No.243358

oh god we are fucking trapped

>> No.243360

[x] "Is anyone there?"


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[X] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243364

> ☑ Try, try again

Just like the little choo-choo that could eventually made it past the mountain, so too shall a persistant anon eventually find something other than death.

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[x] "Is anyone there?"

You feel a light burst from behind.

You are sent flying.

You fall in the lake.


(j/k lol)

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[X] Feel your way around
it's like seeing with your third eye

>> No.243368

[X] "Is anyone there?"

>> No.243369

2:1 we just smacked into a dead body or torture device

>> No.243372

Plot twist: It's not Flan. It's ZUN.

>> No.243373

[X] Go for the door

>> No.243374


Anon, why the hell did you try to run past Meiling?


>> No.243376

☒ Feel your way around


>> No.243377

Come to think of it, didn't Shirou get thrown into a lake once in Fate route for being taking some initiative and deciding to attack Caster?

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Maybe she shows mercy and kills Anon quickly

>> No.243381

Remember Anon! In the first THREAD we have been eaten by someone:P We are just mortal beings, we can die here in no time ;_;

>> No.243382

Come to think of it, didn't Shirou get thrown into a lake and killed once in Fate route for taking some initiative and deciding to attack Caster?

>> No.243383

the little choo choo didn't have limited continues.

>> No.243387

Anon likes danger.

>> No.243389


Because we are the fastest

>> No.243390

Sakuya is in pursuit.

>> No.243391

In b4 -BAD END 3-

>> No.243393

damn it, i have to leave the interwebs

don't screw up my delicious flan route anon!

[X] Feel your way around

>> No.243394

[X] Feel your way around

In before groping Flandre's chest.

>> No.243395

[x] "Is anyone there?"


>> No.243399


Actually yeah, I think that lake had strange purple mojo going on up inside it.

>> No.243400

And like what happens if we get no more continues? GM stops browsing /jp/?

>> No.243408

[x] "Is anyone there?"
Our only hope is to befriend Flandre. Hell, might as well go for Loli-Harem End.

>> No.243409

We get to reload a save, hopefully

>> No.243412

I'm hoping not to find out.

but just to be safe, I have a few quarters handy.

>> No.243413

You get easy mode: instant H-scenes.

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Flandre is insane, not murderous. As long as we don't make her angry, we should be fine.

Besides, Mokou and Keine should have noticed that we're missing by now. There's a chance that help will come if we hold out long enough.

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That would be good music for this scene in the VN. Thanks for posting it.

Oh, btw we are FUCKED.

[X] Feel your way around. Maybe you will grab a loli.

>> No.243418

Someone needs to motivate Anon to choose the right choices with some Kaiji quotes.

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Actually, as you are in the basement...
Technically the lake is ALL AROUND YOU.

"Hello." A sickly sweet voice replies. There is still no way to see her, but you're pretty sure it couldn't be anyone other than Flandre Scarlet.
"Would you like to play a game?"

[ ] "Yes."

[ ] "No."

[ ] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243428

[ ] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243429

[ ] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243430


did it work?

>> No.243432

[x] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243434


[x] I'm the bone of my sword

>> No.243435

[ ] "Yes."

>> No.243437

[X] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243438

games are normally danmaku fights and we don't know how to shot web.

>> No.243439

[X] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243440


[x] "Yes."

Do any of these options not result in death?

>> No.243441

[x] "What sort of game?"

If she says "danmaku" we should respond "I don't know how to play. Can you teach me?"

>> No.243442

[x] "Yes. lets play doctor."

>> No.243443

[ ] Genuflect

>> No.243444

[X] "What sort of game?"

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>"Would you like to play a game?"

>> No.243447

[X] "Yes."

>> No.243448

[x] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243449

[x] "Yes"

>> No.243450

[X] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243452

[ ] "Yes."

the one i just lost

>> No.243453



>> No.243454

>[X] "What sort of game?"


>> No.243455

[X] "Yes."

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>> No.243458

in before one coin, you don't continue, etc

>> No.243459

[X] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243464

[X] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243465

[x] "What sort of game?"

Though I doubt this game will be particularly fun for anon.

>> No.243466

God damn, I'm getting Saw flashbacks and I just lost the game. Let's play with her

>> No.243467

Guess won't be needin' those saves I made for ya... Want me to get rid of 'em?

>> No.243469

Let's play Pokemon, Flandre! I'll be Red, and you can be Charizard!

There are two Team Rocket Executives upstairs, take them out like Lance did in GSC!

>> No.243470

Don't be hasty.

>> No.243471

Guess you won't be needin' those saves I made for ya... Want me to get rid of 'em?

>> No.243473

☒ "Yes."

>> No.243474


Doesn't this piss you off!?




>> No.243477

[X] "What sort of game?"

>> No.243479

why is everybody saying straight yes? this is like meling all over again.

>> No.243480

There are windows in Flandre's basement so there should be some light.

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>> No.243486

[X] "What sort of game?"

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>> No.243489

Who knows? Anon might get lucky like with Cirno and we'll get to see an awesome Cirno/Flandre combo attack or something...

or die horribly...

>> No.243490


>> No.243491

OP: Never, ever provide the option "You're the scariest". It's Anon's first, if suicidal, impulse.

>> No.243500

But the mansion would be sent into chaos, and you could escape while everybody else was busy.

>> No.243501

kind of like moths to a flame?

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>> No.243506

You'd be the first to die. THEN the mansion would be thrown in to chaos.

>> No.243507

what is this from?

>> No.243511

If you're going to die then at least cause trouble.

>> No.243517

like swimming in the lake option?

>> No.243520

>>243502 filename

>> No.243522

I just imagined Flandre and Cirno holding hands and a firing a coiling beam of fire and ice, PreCure style.

>> No.243523

If we are going to die, We are going down with a big bang. GATTAI

>> No.243524

I can already see the answer: "A fun game".

>> No.243526

Doujin by Tohonifun, Offsetting Inferno.

>> No.243534

>games are normally danmaku fights and we don't know how to shot web.

That's okay! If we dodge Flandre's attacks for a long enough time we'll win by default. Surely, this is easy enough for the soft-stepped and spry anon?

>> No.243536

More like "You don't trust me?" then DEAD END.

>> No.243539

Its from the future. Anon's Touhou VN Installer (courtesy of Message) was so powerful that it punched a hole in space time. I just received it last night. Man, that Mokou/Kaguya 3some was pretty kinky...

>> No.243541

So of course, we ask how to play said fun game.

Then say we're still kind of confused and ask her to demonstrate on the mean people upstairs.

>> No.243544

we haven't dodged a single attack yet, what makes you think we'll be able to start now?

>> No.243549

fuck yeah

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>dodge Flandre's attacks for a long enough

>> No.243556

We dodged Koakuma's, which rape most newbies.

I think we're fine until we get to Maze of Love.

>> No.243561

Anon needs to pull out some hax now

>> No.243563

I don't think she was really trying to hit us.

>> No.243564

how i dodged ripples of 495 years?

>> No.243575

We need goggles and a towel to defend ourselves

>> No.243577

I vote for a wetsuit and a re-breather.

>> No.243579

So I better play EoSD extra while waiting for GM.

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She giggles as you ask, confused. "I already played Danmaku today, so let's play... Another game. How about hide and seek? You hide, I seek. I'll give you until the count of fifty, since you're new!" Her giggling reaches a heightened cresendo. "One..."

[ ] Hide

[ ] Go for the door

[ ] Find some sort of blunt weapon, and hit her with it

[ ] "I never agreed! Wait, can't we play some other game?"

[ ] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

>> No.243586


[x] Genuflect

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>>"Would you like to play a game?"
We're fucked

>> No.243590

[X] Hide

>> No.243591

[ ] Hide

>> No.243592

[x] Hide

>> No.243593

[ ] Hide

>> No.243594

[ ] Go for the door

>> No.243596

[x] Find some sort of blunt weapon, and hit her with it

>> No.243597

[x] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

>> No.243598

"Flandre call me Onii-chan!"

>> No.243599

[ ] Hide

>> No.243600

[ ] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

>> No.243601

[x] Hide

>> No.243602

[X] Hide

>> No.243604

[ ] Hide

>> No.243605

[X] Hide
seems as good as anything else at this point

>> No.243606

I'd hit her with a blunt weapon, if you know what I mean.

>> No.243607

[x] Hide

>> No.243608

[X] Go for the door

>> No.243609


>> No.243610
File: 357 KB, 919x545, 1205871866233.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.243612

[X] Stick penis in her mouth while her eyes are closed and she is counting.


>> No.243613

[X] Hide

>> No.243614

[x] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

>> No.243617

[X] Hide

>> No.243618

[x] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

>> No.243622

[x] Hide


>> No.243623

[X] Hide

As pointless as it may seem. She'll just destroy the concept of your hiding place and find you anyway ;__; Good bye Anon.

>> No.243625

[x] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

>> No.243626

[x] Hide

>> No.243632

I remember someone posting the ESoD OST on Pooshlmer. Anyone have it?


>> No.243635

[x] Hide

>> No.243636

or worse, she'll blow up your hiding place with you in it.

>> No.243637


>> No.243642

Mr. Anon, could you stand up please

>> No.243648

Let's make Anon learn some magical/combat skills and go for a manly ending. In b4 Rinnouske.

>> No.243652


>> No.243654

Rape is probably your most powerful weapon against this particular adversary.

>> No.243655

Mr. Anon has demonstrated the first lesson of not being seen: not to stand up!
However, he has chosen an obvious hiding spot.

>> No.243659

I want to belive this happens at some point.
Since we can't really go back up, we have to spend the night down there, with FLandre.

I'm feeling happy and scared

>> No.243661

You mean Anonymous is going to be foolish enough to try to Solid Snake his way into winning this game of Hide and Seek?

Oh well, we're going to die anyway, might as well do it in the most ridiculous way we can think of.

>> No.243662

"U.N. Owen was her?" is now playing in your head.

>> No.243663

[X] Hide
Like is there anything else we could do not to anger Flandre?

>> No.243664


>> No.243665

If Anon survives this he can go challenge the evil LAKE!

>> No.243668

You fucking faggots, The protagonist is female

>> No.243672

Actually, that's the second point.

The first point is to SHUT UP YOU FOOLS, SHE'LL HEAR US

>> No.243673

The protagonist is 100% Anon, and therefore male.

>> No.243674

[x] Hide

>> No.243676

Anonymous will hide behind Flandre.

>> No.243678

anonymous will you marry me?

of course the answer is (y)
and thus anonymous lives a short and terrifying life as the bride of flandre.

>> No.243679

Actually, that's the second point.


>> No.243680

Are you telling me women can't have penises?

>> No.243684

[x] "Hey, I didn't say yes. Now you have to take a 20 second penalty." Proceed with hiding

>> No.243685

male. his skill is the manipulation of gender

>> No.243686

Anonymous changed into female when entering Gensokyo. Do you seriously want your touhous to get dickings?

>> No.243687

[ ] Find some sort of blunt weapon, and hit her with it

This seems like the best option.

>> No.243688
File: 15 KB, 126x157, 1205872217514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OH HO why not destroy ourselves

>> No.243690

Anonymous is a dickgirl

>> No.243696

☒ Hide

>> No.243697

Unlimited Dick Works?

>> No.243698

epic hide and seek music


>> No.243700

Anon is a male.
Read the first posts, and catch the hints

>> No.243703

Anon is male, damnit.

>> No.243705

heh, I think mannouske already has that spell.

>> No.243709
File: 328 KB, 496x687, 1205872316177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Save slot 3? Gensokyo Man will be back soon.

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

>> No.243711

personally, I'm listening to "still alive."

>> No.243712


>> No.243713

[X] Yes

>> No.243714

A male in Gensokyo? That doesn't make any sense. Clearly it's a loli using magic to disguise herself.

>> No.243715

[x] Yes

>> No.243717

[X] No

>> No.243718

[X] No

>> No.243719

[ ] Yes

>> No.243722

yes I do. there is already enough Touhou futa

>> No.243724

[X] Yes

>> No.243725

>slot 3


>> No.243727



>> No.243730

[x] Yes

>> No.243734

SPOILER: they're the same person, just like Shirou and Archer. In the gay route, you become just like him and rape Yukari.

>> No.243738

save to slot 3 and make a backup

>> No.243741

We're playing on the Dreamcast, apparently.

>> No.243743

Yukari, in her boredom, split Rinnosuke's human and youkai halves.

We are the human half. The final boss is your youkai half.

>> No.243745

[X] No

>> No.243746


>> No.243749

[X] Yes

>> No.243750

[X] Yes

>> No.243759

Autosage just kicked in yo'

>> No.243760


when gensokyo back?

>> No.243766

Makes perfectly sense. Now let's have a ROUTE GAP

>> No.243791
File: 345 KB, 550x757, 1202934723337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright Anon, time to earn your keep. Come pitch some ideas and help with the Touhou VN Project. Its open to the public and requires no registration to post.


>> No.243829

I prefer this version:

>> No.243861

hide and seek~~~

>> No.243930

HIde & seek with Falndre, or go up stairs, and za warudo maid skewers you.

Fabulous, just fabulous

>> No.243967


maids. it had to be maids.


>> No.243977

Naaah, If we are lucky, we can have Flandre on our side. Think about all the possibilities!

>> No.244012

We've had some luck with the lolis so far so who knows?

>> No.244032

yup, and what I have understood, we are pretty much stuck in the basement with Flandre. Maybe we get to spend the night in there?

>> No.244054

Another bonus is that, if we successfully befriend Flan, the rest of the mansion will become unlikely to kill us as soon as we leave the basement.

>> No.244061

I for one would like to see how suprised Sakuya would be if you would walk out of the basement with Flandre clinning to you and calling you "Onii-chan"

>> No.244086

Did Gensokyo man quit for tonight, or is he going to be back soon?

>> No.244088

the moe would kill anon

>> No.244104

Flandere would kill Anon if he says that he'll leave the mansion at all.

>> No.244117

he just went out to buy cigarettes!

>> No.244132

Grab a parasol so Flan can leave as well.

>> No.244146

Do you honestly think anyone would let her out of the mansion?

>> No.244161

they might not have a choice

>> No.244162

No, but when has logic been used during this entire event?

>> No.244167

Why would Anon want to leave the mansion anyway?

>> No.244173

To get back at the Lake?

>> No.244185

<--- death safety --->

>> No.244208

No, that goddamned lake will kill us.

And people die if they're killed, so that's bad.

>> No.244213

He died even if we didn't kill him

>> No.244268

This would be much easier is Anon was MacGyver

>> No.244280

Everything would be easier as MacGyver.

>> No.244342

I wanted to fuck keine

>> No.244361

if we can get back to the house alive, the possibility still exists.

>> No.244421

I want to see what happens next, but dear god I am having difficulty to stay awake, I'm so tired

>> No.244507

*sigh* still waiting.

>> No.244564

Thats it, im going to bed.

>> No.244729


>> No.244735

Goodnight all, I trust in you to fill me up on the details when I have slept

>> No.244769

You'll probably find a recap on /rs/. Goodnight anon.

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