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Good morning /jp/!
It's almost that time of the year again, the yearly Touhou popularity poll!
Tomorrow, June 7th at 12pm JST, the voting will officially open on the 16th popularity poll.
The voting period will last for 1 week.
But right now you can get your voting ID ready for voting purposes!
Please show your love for your favorite girls by voting for them!

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can’t wait to vote okina from multiple ips

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feels like im registering to some exam doing this

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Is it really right for westerners to vote on a Japanese popularity poll?

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Oh boy time to see marisa reimu and koishi in the top 3 again

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I hope you guys vote Mima.
It angers me to see characters like Shinki above her as the most popular pc-98 character.

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Congratulations for not even knowing the top 3 of the last year and yet complaining about it.
The questionnaire has a section where it asks you where you're from.

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Big whoop I said koishi instead of youmu. What difference does it make when japs all have shit taste

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Shame the poll is taking place before her reincarnation comes for us all to revel in.

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you have chosen well my child

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if my wifes spot drops again this year im killing everyone in japan and then myself

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You obviously cared enough to post about it.

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i could vote mima... for a price.

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ranks above 17 don't matter
so please vote my wife to 17 aka #1

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Voting is out everyone!
I voted for my lovely Oni Wife Yuugi as per usual! Hopefully she will not drop in position like usual!!!

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My duty is done; haven't bothered voting anything else

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Finally! I was wondering when this would go online.

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I used my meme vote on the wolf goast

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and I'm done
yuugi and okina top

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Respectable choice, wish there was a "wolf-possessed Reimu" option.

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i selected in all fields the seals beast

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You can’t blame her. She rides Alice’s success.
Mima on the other hand doesn’t do the same to Marisa.

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Marisa should be #1

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Please remember to throw your sympathy vote on Benben.
It pains me that not one of the sisters is ranked #99 when their family name means 99!

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The touhoudict translation script has been updated for the 16th contest. You can use this tool to easily navigate all of the most relevant pages in English.


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exit poll

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Voted for the cute couple.

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i put okina 2nd on my vote, ganbatte okina anons.

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>koishi in first place
>reimu in fucking seventh
I knew it would be like this and I'm still disappointed

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Those early results basically mean nothing.

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A vote for Kokoro is a vote of the heart!

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How long did it take you guys to get your voter ID?

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the mail was delivered instantly

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Thanks, the title got all garbled up so I didn't notice it in the spam folder and kept waiting.

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Yachie is the second highest from WBaWC in the exit poll, which might be carried to the final result because she has been getting a considerable attention for some reason.
The question is why. I thought Mayumi, Kutaka and Urumi are the ones who tick most of the cute/lewd trope boxes, and Saki is pretty gimmicky. What is Yachie's appeal?

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She's the femdom character.

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Today's exit poll

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Is that Yachie on 54? She wasn't that low before.

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But why Koishi? Why Koishi?

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Flandre 2.0, 2000-2010 was crazy wwwwww kyahaha, 2010+ is crazy www help im mentally ill and depressed

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But Koishi isn't depressed.

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Mastermind character I guess, Sagume was the highest of the LoLK cast on their debut poll too. She's also more representative of the beast yakuza than Saki who's dumber and nicer
Well and nips memed her up a lot with yuri, otter posting and deer rape too

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WHY *your favorite 2hu*

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I don't even like Reimu, but she at least has the excuse of being the main character and being in every game and manga.

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Japanese 2hu fans seems to have a thing for cool auntie.
Sagume and Yachie are really getting the attention I didn't expect.

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Wow Keiki has gone up a lot

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Exit poll and forecast for music

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Damn, I guess now we all have to vote Reimu/Marisa/Sakuya/Youmu/Sanae/Reisen/bonus, as no other choice would make sense.

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Reminder that Koishi was also 1st place in last year's exit polls but only ended up being 4th place in the actual results.
The current forecast has Youmu at 1st place and it isn't even close.

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I don't mind Koishi but I swear if Youmu ends up in top 2 I will go to CBT session.

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Fucking japs, some shitty poorly written dork is likely gonna get first place, while actual good and interesting characters either stay where they were or drop even lower.

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Youmu was playable in the most recent mainline game, so third place wouldn't be surprising at all.
Top 2 though? We'll see.
For me, the biggest mystery is the thread being completely dead this year (and also the last year). I remember many anons posting their votes for all the categories before, do people just not care about it anymore?

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Touhou is dying.

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>actual good and interesting characters
I'm afraid to even ask.

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/jp/ is dying.

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I stopped caring when I realized that popularity contests are just which Touhou will get more merchandise and how popular a character is on a list doesn't really affect how much I like her.

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this isn't your fucking blog. nobody gives a shit about what your choices were

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>For me, the biggest mystery is the thread being completely dead this year (and also the last year). I remember many anons posting their votes for all the categories before, do people just not care about it anymore?
B*tefaggotry, F*te, Gr*nblue and other gacha heresy really took a good chunk of the Touhou fandom. If you think it's bad in /jp/, in Japan it's like 10000 times worse.

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I care, and your post motivated me to put in at least a little bit of effort on pic related. It's fun to do things like this once in a while. I wish I could actually draw myself.

Favorite song: Doll Judgement (Alice's PCB theme), and most of the "classics" and Idolatrize World and Clownpiece's theme.
Favorite games: SA, but I don't like to play the same game over and over for much more than a month at a time, so it's not a strong preference.

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This too shall pass

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>"crazy" character
>green hair
>has a mental issue
you tell me
i care but 2hu is on the backburner. I play the games but rarely. also /jp/ being 2hu central has deterred me hard with the threads. sorry

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Does anyone know what it says?
Also, please post any Toho vote 16 propaganda you come across.

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File: 755 KB, 762x1080, meiling_toho-vote16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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This works like Tojiko propaganda for me.

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It's happening

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The crown prince need your support!

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>page 8
what the fuck just happened?

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That guy that bumps every thread on the board to get rid of a thread he doesn't like did it again.

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I fucking hate that dork and her stupid face. she fail and cry amd everyone will laugh at her dorkyness and dumb face. never ever insult marisa again.

>> No.24155875

who hina?

>> No.24156775

stop bumping the god damn board everytime a holonigger thread gets to 2000

>> No.24156804

Nah, it's just Sally killing threads he doesn't like.


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remove idols when?

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also sorry if this became a meta thread. just voted for marisa for my top spot. she needs to be #1!

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I care about the music, the merch and the games (been playing some th17 and th7 recently) but honestly, I don't give a damn about the poll. I recently got my first fumo and I'm happy with it.

>> No.24158592

>WHY *your favorite 2hu*
Liking one 2hu or another is just personal preference. When a 2hu takes first place in a massive poll, it becomes statistics, and there has to be some objective reason behind it. In Reimu's case it's obvious (MC status, visibility), in Koishi's it's not.

>> No.24158828

Those same characteristics that shape someone's personal preference just happen to resonate with multiple people. I know the reasons for my tastes and they seem "obvious" to me, but chances are a lot of other people won't think this way.
>first place in a massive poll
It only happened once and she was already starting from 3rd place.

>> No.24159029

"Just happen" is an excellent explanation, thank you.

>> No.24159099

Do people still take these poll seriously when it's so easy to abuse and rig the poll? a single guy can with some ease make a 2hu get to the first place

>> No.24159626

If you want "objective" causes for her key changes in popularity, she jumped from 14th to 3rd place thanks to her inclusion in HM. This was acknowledged by ZUN and Tasofro too, by the way. https://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Strange_Creators_of_Outer_World/Iruka_Unabara_x_ZUN_interview
She had momentum and gained a rock remix and a flashy (especially in comparison to some others: MiB Mamizou was cool per se, but Turbo Granny Byakuren stole all the spotlight she could have got) urban legend in ULiL: this gave her the first place in the next poll.

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Be sure to give a vote to this lovely, amazing oni!!

>> No.24160219

This will be another year of meme characters surpassing her, guaranteed.

>> No.24160298

While almost certain that doesn't change the fact that I love Yuugi and always will!

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You know who to vote for

>> No.24163808

Which fumo did you get?

>> No.24164024

I can't vote for her, since that'd be lying to myself, but I still hope she does as well as she can, and that her fans will be happy with her placement.
Just don't rig it. Trust is an important resource.
Also, to some extent, it's just a fun event for the community, and it doesn't really matter where a character places. We'll still get Yuugi in 17.5, and Sumireko here and there, and Mamizou everywhere. Just the way I like it.

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Vote for Yuyu!
Vote for Border of Life!
Vote for the other Border of Life!

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zr zr
mg mg

>> No.24167994

Don't forget, you can vote for both Kasen AND Kasen's Arm! Do it!

>> No.24171550

Were there any exit polls for today?

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This is the latest one.

>> No.24187518

The popularity poll doesn't seem very popular.

>> No.24187591


Well it's going to be the same old stuff but now featuring the WBaWC characters. How exciting.

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Also Miyoi!

>> No.24188108

I mean, we see nothing but Koishi and Youmufags in action again. Fucking YAAAY I guess.

>> No.24188944

wow popular characters are popular, who would've thought

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File: 400 KB, 1500x1700, cloudytian_vote1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 305 KB, 1500x1700, cloudytian_vote2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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This is nothing new but koishi shouldn’t even be this high still. Insane how she’s consistent top 4

>> No.24190723

Koishi has at least fightans. If anything it's Youmu who's baffling because before WBaWC her last debut was TD and a few cameos.

>> No.24190968

Youmu has been in both recent mangas.

>> No.24191128

Could be the /vg/ thread is sucking up the discussion

>> No.24191505

I think the most ironic thing about people complaining about popular characters is that they seem to focus only on those.
Apparently lists stop at 10th rank and beyond that there's nothing worth mentioning.

>> No.24192726
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It is done!

>> No.24192850


>> No.24193187

As a PCBfag it's nice to see at least one PCB character above EoSD ones. Before Youmu, that hadn't happened in ages, and EoSD and IN beat PCB in game/music categories.
...Why do I care? Might be autism.

>> No.24193236

Those recent manga were in previous pools? I didn't notice. Also

>> No.24195515

Playable characters of the main series are always relevant. It just takes ZUN years to cycle through them.
Sakuya currently hasn't been playable for 7 years and Sanae for 5 years.

>> No.24200516

I have doubts that these polls are genuine and don't have people abusing votes in some way. Otherwise I'd enjoy it more.
The fanarts that come from them are nice, though.

>> No.24200927

But then I imagine we'd see a notable discrepancy between the exits polls and results.

>> No.24204494

4chan turned into a reddit shithole.

>> No.24205492

Final result is tomorrow, right?

>> No.24205567

1 day 19 hours

>> No.24206167

Take your bets. Rank Reimu, Koishi, Youmu and Marisa in order of 1位 to 4位. The closest anon will receive eternal glory.

>> No.24206175

How come the dork suddenly became consistently at the top ranking the past few years, is a it a random anon that rigs the poll for her?

>> No.24206322

She's simply popular.

>> No.24206429

People just have increasingly moved on to other things over time, or at least people on /jp/ have. Not much to say about that, change is the only constant, and even something like touhou is bound to get stale for most people after a good 20-10 years.

/jp/ isn't dying, but the userbase is changing over time in a way which alienates older posters. Like, if you don't like gacha or idol groups or vtubers, the volume of people who do follow those kinds of things probably do not share the same sense of decline on the board, because they're invested in things which are currently hyped and growing.

It feels weird to have people imply that 4chan hasn't been infamous for exceptionally low-quality posts and trolling for over 15 years, and that it being shitty is some recent phenomenon.

>> No.24207172 [DELETED] 

Maybe it's more like that /jp/ old values are dying.
Most /jp/ posters who valued this place for what it was probably hate significant change and prefer some things on the board to be preserved. The thing is, some changes that happened upon this board were more forced than natural and many old posters were kind of "forced" to leave. After all, the userbase aren't the only one who run the board. Otherwise things would be different (for better or worse).

>> No.24207187 [DELETED] 

Maybe it's more like that /jp/ old values are dying.
Most /jp/ posters who valued this place for what it was at the time probably hate significant change and prefer some things on the board to be preserved. The thing is, some changes that happened upon this board were more forced than natural and many old posters were kind of "forced" to leave. After all, the userbase aren't the only one who run the board. Otherwise things would be different (for better or worse).

>> No.24207473

Maybe it's more like that /jp/ old values are dying.
Most /jp/ posters who valued this place for what it was at the time probably hate significant change and prefer some things on the board to be preserved.
The thing is, some changes that happened on this board were more forced than natural and many old posters were kind of "forced" to leave. After all, the userbase aren't the only one who run this board. Otherwise things would be different (for better or worse).

>> No.24210212

>"they're invested in things which are currently hyped and growing"
excuse me anon, but I don't believe
>"gacha or idol groups or vtubers"
is "doujin culture" or natural. the main reason is, liking something niche and sharing this love with other fans create something big without a main hand behind it. but now internet achieved such mainstream mass, some things which label itself as small actually have huge marketing input behind it. Im@s deserves a pass because internet back then wasn't the same.

>> No.24210353

I doubt the exit polls are rigged at least, considering they're based on character mentions with the #toho_vote16 hashtag on twitter. It would be too obvious if someone made multiple accounts/posts to vote on their favorite, and fans would quickly call people out on it.

One thing I have noticed is that Youmu have had the most support fan art made for the polls the last couple of years. Last year she got almost twice the amount that Reimu had, who was number 3 in that regard.

>> No.24211382

Youmu is also a bit of an anomaly because she gets disproportionately many first place votes compated to votes total. Apparently, a lot of people REALLY like room temperature IQ dorks.

>> No.24215687
File: 7 KB, 216x280, support.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>One thing I have noticed is that Youmu have had the most support fan art made for the polls the last couple of years.
That still seems to be the case this year, but I doubt quantity matters all that much.

Her current exit poll votes have already surpassed last year's final ones by 25%, so things are very uncertain this year.

>> No.24216457

Vtubers and idols can be indie, but not really doujin. That being said, you can have doujin works and communities based on any of these things, it just isn't the source itself that is doujin. Doujin culture has nothing to do with being niche, strictly, but people create niches within it.

>> No.24217496
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its more the values really. gatekeeping is a fuck, especially on /a/

>> No.24217815

>some changes that happened on this board were more forced than natural
Most of those are As someone who isn't a particular a fan of 3D idol acts and vtubers, it is also the case that moderation possesses a pretty consistent bias against them having as many threads as they please, which leads to a handful of fast generals, some of which are nearly the fastest on the site.
This is precisely why literally one person can go through all the 2hu threads and bump them with an inane, hard-to-filter comment to push down a thread for whatever reason. Because the thread/post ratio is the most lopsided on the entire site.
>and many old posters were kind of "forced" to leave
Going to need an explanation on that one. If you mean they got crowded out, had their topics die out, or lost interest due to change, that's not a very passive and natural process that is completely unremarkable, especially on online communities.

>but I don't believe >"gacha or idol groups or vtubers" is "doujin culture"
I agree. I also don't see why that would be of any great significance to people who come here for "diverse niche Japanese interests" that fall outside of doujin culture, so any gatekeeping through that argument would fall on deaf ears. You would actually need to convince them that 2hu/TM/RPGMaker/Denpa/etc. is more enjoyable for them personally than whatever they are currently into.
>or natural
From my perspective, much of the "forced" posting on /jp/ has very little to do with actually being unnatural, and much more individuals being inane, pushing girls/content they are personally deeply invested in, or forcing content off the board they don't like. I wouldn't exactly call Flanfly an organic topic, even if I like it, and people making generals for the sake of them probably legitimately want to obsess over the topic at hand with others.

>> No.24218283

Afaik around 2011 or so many original /jp/ posters were banned en masse and went on to make their own spin-off sites. There are plenty of them though most of them are dead by now, but that should give the gist of discrepancy between users and moderators and how much the latter influence the board than the former. IMO the situation now isn't much different.

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>> No.24219597

I would feel like an asshole, voting for only one of the aki sisters

>> No.24219736

Shizuha is more underrated than Minoriko so it's fine

>> No.24223032

Be sure to get those votes in! As there are only 2 hours left!!!

>> No.24223274

I don't even care where my 2hu places at this point, I just gotta do everything in my power to not let y*umu win

>> No.24224002

Which forms were the most difficult for you to fill? The music one was a little difficult for me. Too many options.

>> No.24224760
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Premilinary results up

>> No.24224841

How does Yamaxanadu become more and more popular despite not appearing in any work in the last 10 years?

>> No.24224908
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Everyone loves the judge.

>> No.24224932

reimu dethroned by nearly a thousand votes
how times change
I wish koishit would fuck off though (and yes it's because I don't fucking like her)

>> No.24224937

She was mentioned and appeared in WBaWC's ending

>> No.24224967

Koishi might not be a very good character but she's leagues better than Youmu, that's for sure.

>> No.24225047
File: 84 KB, 246x250, smug youmu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24225057
File: 192 KB, 1234x3466, 1592062444792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In other news, Aunn drops even harder this year at -23

>> No.24225065

I don't like both of them but if I had to choose it will be Youmu.

>> No.24225094

Yes. Unlike Koishi, Youmu has no interesting backstory, unique ability or an eye catching design. She's just so damn bland and boring.

>> No.24225106

>Lily White: +10
the hell's going on there? What's she done to get such a bump?

>> No.24225189
File: 540 KB, 1055x1920, casual youmu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Youmu has no interesting backstory
That goes for most of playable characters, which they make it up with being actually involved in a lot of games and manga.

>unique ability
Being arguably the only trained swordsman in the series is unique enough.

>or an eye catching design
Kind of subjective. Besides, there was a time when people hate Koishi's design when SA came out (or most of SA characters, for that matter).

>> No.24225235

>yes it's because I don't fucking like her
You don't like her because she's popular (which is basically secondary-tier, as you base your opinions on something that isn't ZUN's official universe), you're not fooling anyone with whatever excuse you're going to come up with.
The Works section is always the hardest one for me. You only have five choices and the material is too heterogeneous, which makes the whole thing apples and oranges. The print works (and the CDs) often have meatier stories, but the games have a really high replay value, so the way I'm going to experience them throughout time is different as well.
Splitting the section in these three categories would be a sensible option, but it's never happened, so it's never going to happen.

>> No.24225238

Happy to see that the two cats made some minor gains: Rin from 50 to 47 and Chen from 63 to 61.

>> No.24225248

I'm glad that Clownshit is still on her way to drop out of top 50.

>> No.24225318

Do autistic lolifags spam bot these polls or something?

>> No.24225323

>That goes for most of playable characters
Except Reisen, who can't even reach top 10, mind you. Also Youmu is almost never involved in any plots, she barely ever has anything interesting to say or do. In GoU she didn't say a single important thing in the whole book, for example. And yet, she was there with no role to play.

>Being arguably the only trained swordsman in the series
There's like 6 other swordsmen in the series, 2 of which came before Youmu. To be fair they're from PC98 era but my point still stands.

>Kind of subjective
Mostly yeah, but floating sperm that clutters her silhouette is objectively a poor design choice, which is why a good chunk of her fanart doesn't even show it.

>> No.24225449

Okina got +5 places, one of the largest gains. Explain this.

>> No.24225524
File: 2.10 MB, 1200x1679, __konpaku_youmu_and_konpaku_youmu_touhou_drawn_by_sazanami_mio__df98f8e220503b7da1cbbe02e3b021fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're right but Koishi isn't on her level yet. She only appear in fighting games and few books as guest character. She only ever did something important in HM.

>floating sperm that clutters her silhouette is objectively a poor design choice, which is why a good chunk of her fanart doesn't even show it.
Now this is wrong. Myon is a gimmick that gets joked a lot and definitely part of her appeal, just like Reimu's armpits.
Maybe you haven't seen much of her full-body artwork and just looking through reaction images of her.

>> No.24225535 [DELETED] 

Ironic that you posted a reason why Youmu got so popular. Futaba and Japanese internet literally exploded with edgy Youmu and her edits after WBaWC. Meanwhile Chireikiden confirmed she's literal dimwit.

>> No.24225544

>a good chunk of her fanart
In spite of her recent polling success, I've noticed no visual uptick in her fanart, fangames or h-content. I don't think she's even trending all that much on twitter either.
Just where in the world is all her popularity flooding in from to even beat out Reimu?

>> No.24225565

She is Yukari's new bff.

>> No.24225571

Ironic that you posted a reason why Youmu got so popular. Futaba and Japanese internet literally exploded with edgy Youmu and her edits after WBaWC. Meanwhile Chireikiden confirmed she's literal dimwit.

>> No.24225640

I suspect from Touhou gacha games, both of which has Youmu in alt costume.
The gacha games has gotten many new people into 2hu, that's probably why.

>> No.24225642

I was thinking exactly the same, for the works section. They might think that splitting it will introduce too many forms with too few entries.

>> No.24225672

Not gonna lie, the results feel a little sus to be honest. It wasn't even that she won by a bit, she won by a large margin, do people really like her that much or is there something like KKHTA that really boosted the nerd?

>> No.24225700
File: 1.22 MB, 2508x3541, 1571650826768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shion deserves better.

>> No.24225794


Probably attributable to putting a chokehold on Clownpiece.

>> No.24225818


Combination of her being playable in WBaWC, having cameos in both ongoing mangas and the recent Pokemon games having a character that was her design but brown.

>> No.24225826
File: 1.09 MB, 1000x1084, 74AF18EA-9800-449B-B402-4A0E64BA32D1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suika made fat gains! Huzzah! That’s all I can ask for!

>> No.24225832

>They might think that splitting it will introduce too many forms with too few entries.
Highly probable, people could "get discouraged". I don't understand this mentality, but I'm the type who also fills in the questionnaire after all.

>> No.24225853

Yeah that makes sense, I kinda forgot she was in 17 though I don't see the cameos making much of a difference because a lot of other characters did as well.

>> No.24225878


Just imagine how well she'll do when her game is actually finished!

>> No.24226159

>It angers me to see characters like Shinki above her as the most popular pc-98 character.
Your wish was granted anon! At the cost of Shinki and especially Yumemi dropping a lot of spots, however.

>> No.24226186
File: 158 KB, 1000x1000, konpaku youmu and saigyouji yuyuko (touhou) drawn by fumikiri_(dake_no_hito) - aaa6af8042fea4150a62278432162855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24226236
File: 959 KB, 578x900, 66642320_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember that a list shouldn't affect you and that your love for your favorite character should stay strong!

>> No.24226353
File: 273 KB, 850x1041, __toyosatomimi_no_miko_touhou_drawn_by_kikoka_mizuumi__sample-c2ea0836a4fe47c7318a65faefcc9f0b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blessed Crown Prince jumped from 40 to 29 leaving Byakuren even far behind, while seasonal-hit characters like Shion and Sagume fell really hard to 30 and 40 respectively despite their initial high-standing.
To be honest, Syuri, kawayabug and plenty other Miko artists must have done a lot to boost her popularity.

>> No.24226397

Correct, it's retarded to have your head still reeling over people's flagrantly shit taste.

>> No.24226417

You too have shit taste anon.

>> No.24226459

You can say that because Kokoro is unbelievably high.

>> No.24226480

What a complete sham, it's so obviously botted.

>> No.24226803
File: 1.10 MB, 1024x1280, 93354a602bb69ec3370a21c8c7a614eb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mima back to her rightful place as top PC-98 character.

>> No.24226873
File: 687 KB, 600x824, 1569383984268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A few of my favourites get good ranks, but Alice gets out of the Top 10... Sad

The Aki sisters are finally united !

>> No.24226944
File: 116 KB, 758x1024, 275a613b7d986135181e7ccee867bf4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hina's back in the top 50!

>> No.24226951

I hate you, you fucking dork
I will bully you non-stop, you fucking dork
sadness will be your future, you fucking dork

>> No.24226983

Any idea about why Lunasa is consistently more popular than her sisters ?

>> No.24227019

I can't take these results too seriously either. If they're similar next year, then I'll accept that something big changed in touhou land.

>> No.24227033

Miko has lots of connections to other characters and a great design/theme. It’s kinda like that with Okina as well, I hope more artists catch onto them and elevate them to where they deserve to be.

>> No.24227052
File: 357 KB, 673x993, EBAE93CA-4423-451B-A37B-C2419AF3B268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has a couple dedicated waifu artists

>> No.24227142
File: 3.41 MB, 2508x3541, 1d605eae079d0e4a988dbf2547837f559ba7631f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bow down to your queen, now!

>> No.24227209
File: 99 KB, 790x612, Lunassa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should already know the answer.

>> No.24227316
File: 205 KB, 1000x1412, 77014973_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dropped TEN places!?

She'll get back at you for this, just you wait!

>> No.24227446

There are many characters that dropped hard this vote. Poor Doremy jumped off the cliff from 38 to 51, as if her previous drop wasn't hard enough (she was 28 two years ago).

>> No.24227506

to each their own shit taste

>> No.24227541
File: 882 KB, 2527x2891, 1580552592675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no!

>> No.24227619


>> No.24227636

Another hard drops are:
41. Kaguya (35)
42. Hecatia (34)
52. Kagerou (47)
55. Jo'on (38)

>> No.24227704

Youmu antis literally seething ITT
Now excuse me while I go congratulate Sazanami, her biggest fan

>> No.24227746

Poor Urumi got beaten by freaking otter spirit. Nemuno is even lower.

>> No.24227762

Kinda interesting to see Yuugi stay constant at 77 for 3 polls in a row.

>> No.24228004

It warms my heart to know that Youmu is going to drop like a rock when the pokemon fans don't show up next year.

>> No.24228145

I just picked a random picture to go along with it desu

>> No.24228171

I wish. We would have gotten better results than this shit.

>> No.24228244

Well done, Hina!

>> No.24228305
File: 536 KB, 980x800, 1566279570078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Consistent Aya!

>> No.24228409

explain this image

>> No.24228420
File: 3.11 MB, 3135x1823, 20200613_152241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always vote my lovely oni wife #1! And I'm very glad she remains consistent!!

>> No.24228790

I'm fairly certain that Chinese bots caused Koishi and Youmu to rise

>> No.24228887

There's no big conspiracy guys. Youmu's popularity was already growing in recent years due to dedicated doujin artists such as Sazanami becoming more and more popular themselves. (Remember that Touhou is greatly ingrained in doujin culture and its fanbase is greatly shaped by said culture)
And now with her getting a new playable appearance she just got another giant boost.
Just like Koishi Youmu can be safely said to be one of Touhou's most popular characters right now. Though considering she won't be playable in the main games forever to give her that extra boost i doubt she'll get the number one spot anytime soon.

>> No.24228891

They would have won by some absurd number if that were the case. I don't believe they have the discipline to make it look legit.

>> No.24228991

>by some absurd number
>number no. 1 votes
>youmu - 2,290
>reimu - 1,777
You sure about that mate?

>> No.24229177

Look at past poll results. Reimu beat Marisa by 400 in 2019, 300 in 2018, and 300 in 2017. Reimu beat Marisa by 1100 in 2016, but that's because in 2015 Koishi got her KKHTA induced first place (without getting the most 1st place votes, interestingly) and people voted Reimu hard to make sure it didn't happen again. I don't think it's too hard to believe Youmu's pokemon appearance could boost her to 300 more 1st place votes than Reimu, especially since she got 1000 more votes than Reimu overall.

>> No.24229194

>her KKHTA induced first place
It was ULiL, just like HM made her 3rd place.

>> No.24229198

Believe what you want.

>> No.24229213

Chinese don’t like either

>> No.24229241
File: 572 KB, 867x850, hina12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The loveliest 2hu!

>> No.24229244

They don't all have to like them. Hey, if China is so into Touhou, how come the poll doesn't get more votes? You'd think they'd be all up in this.

>> No.24229245

She was first place in the poll that took place right after the release of ULiL, there's nothing to "believe".

>> No.24229271
File: 1.09 MB, 640x360, 1567827077194.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see a lot of Japanese people on Twitter mentioning/complaining about secondaries voting characters just because of Lost Word. Particularly Youmu and Kasen. Kasen got one of her highest jumps in recent memory in this poll. That didn't happen at all the year where oni Kasen was revealed, she even got beat by Okina that time. They're saying that dumb kids and gacha players are voting solely based on secondary works.

>> No.24229290

Did Lost Word launch with a Youmu or Kasen gacha banner or something?

>> No.24229320

China would probably like reimu anyways:

>> No.24229348

The deluge begins.

>> No.24229352
File: 234 KB, 712x713, EaaM2jhU0AA6Avv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no visual uptick in her fanart
Actually, there were two notable upticks in fanart around the time WBaWC was announced last year as well as in May this year because of her recent manga appearances.
Keep in mind that the previous poll was held in January long before GoU and WBaWC.

>I don't think she's even trending all that much on twitter either.
Touhou trending on twitter doesn't happen every day and she's been trending in the top 10 for hours by now. Also keep in mind that twitter doesn't seem to let her name alone trend, which is why 妖夢1位, 妖夢ちゃん and 妖夢一位 are trending independently, all very specific combinations.

>> No.24229388

So basically the fate syndrome?

>> No.24229438
File: 67 KB, 1592x712, music by game sections.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder if Idoratrize World is gonna be 17's own Desire Drive

>> No.24229451

I think it'll stay top 5-10.

>> No.24229487

There is Youmu in maid uniform and Kasen in school uniform in LW!

>> No.24229498

It's so obvious someone is rigging the poll for Youmu

>> No.24229505

Even if there were changes caused by that, it's not like the popular opinion was good in general beforehand.

>> No.24229514

>They're saying that dumb kids [...] are voting solely based on secondary works.
Hasn't that been the case always though

>> No.24229526

The fact that regular voters are content with reimu as queen of the poll forever is a problem.

>> No.24229534

reimu is always gonna be popular tho. how marisa fell that far is weird

>> No.24229544

There's a million of those on boorus but this changes everything.

>> No.24229546
File: 1.20 MB, 2205x1809, 1591459164037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is actually probably the right reason. Look at the demographics compared to last year. Over ten thousand more people? Cannonball and Lost Word definitely had a large effect.
Number of character votes last time vs. now. Unless WBaWC really brought in that many people (highly unlikely) then the two gacha really did cause a flood of children and new people to vote.
2019 : 23,883
2020 : 34,573

>> No.24229561

the gacha helps provide more coverage, seriously

>> No.24229570

Someone on Futaba mentioned that a Vtuber is a fan of Youmu as well. I don't know the validity of that statement though, but I'd imagine it would give her quite a few votes.

>> No.24229571

She's kind of the main character.
There were as many votes this year as in 2018. 2019 was just an extremely un-hype year for Touhou.

>> No.24229574

This is good a brand new wave of touhou fans is coming. Touhous second golden age might be coming

>> No.24229580
File: 351 KB, 822x720, 1588728765144.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

or its a monkey paw that spirals into the bastardization that is fate and what gacha did to it

>> No.24229581

I don't know if I'd call a gacha induced wave of fans a golden age.

>> No.24229606

The crucial difference between Fate and Touhou is that ZUN refuses to be personally involved with gacha.

>> No.24229614

agreed. ZUN doesnt like it while nasu allows his characters to continually get bastardized

>> No.24229624
File: 23 KB, 311x199, 1590065032273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be fair though, last year's turnout was already low, 8000 less then the year before.
Plus there's a new mainline this time. To compare
- 2014: (DDC and HM): 31040
- 2016 (LoLK): 42419
- 2018 (HSiFS and AoCF): 32065

>> No.24229646

Touhou must have peaked in 2016... wait, that's not right.

>> No.24229656

Yeah ZUN will just keep doing his own thing without being tied to any of the gachas, and the gachas won’t be dictating the canon, just secondary tastes.

>> No.24229667
File: 985 KB, 768x403, 8422F20A-D1C9-46B1-AD93-98FACB441C93.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No that’s correct

>> No.24229673

To be fair it can easily be extrapolated that the gachas revitalized interest in Touhou for some "fans", thus explaining the resurgence in votes.

>> No.24229686

It's the poll that included LoLK, so yes.

>> No.24229693

If one of those games convinces its players to boost Alice to 1st place then secondaries will be my greatest allies.

>> No.24229695

The first golden age was induced by meme videos. I don't think it was much better. Just a different trend in different era.

>> No.24229699

Someone tell ZUN the secret to making Touhou popular is making Marisa look like a monster.

>> No.24229705

Meme videos were made with love. Gacha is made to clean out your wallet. I see a huge difference.

>> No.24229723

He possessed her with a wolf spirit and had her shoot napalm at a defenseless fetus. What more do you want?

>> No.24229733

Could be so. Maybe the turnout for works voting may shed a different light
- 2016 (first poll with works vote, introduce LoLK): 24742
- 2017 (ULiL, Dr.Latency and Old Adam): 21222
- 2018 (HSiFS and AoCF): 18470
- 2019 (VD): 13946
- 2020 (WBaWC, GoU, Lotus Eaters, CDS): 19274

>> No.24229738
File: 55 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's Marine's favorite 2hu, but I don't think it gave her any votes.

>> No.24229746

The masses who flock to them are the same kind of people regardless but okay, I kinda see your point.

>> No.24229759

I hate gacha far more than I hate people chasing the flavor of the month. It's painful to see gambling dictate what the flavor of the month is.

>> No.24229771

If it's a new wave of secondary youmufags then thanks, but no thanks.

>> No.24229967

>I hate gacha far more than I hate people chasing the flavor of the month
Those two are certainly correlative by now. It can't be helped.

>> No.24230026
File: 65 KB, 680x386, 1578970203403.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Impulsive people who play gacha i despise. if your playing it to waste time and have >fun, i have no problems with it. I just dislike shit like azur lane and fate given how much of it is straight up fapbait

>> No.24230101


Would this also explain Lily and Suwako's jumps this year?

>> No.24230139

That's disgusting.

>> No.24230172
File: 96 KB, 2087x1204, 1591938072039.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Despite the increase in voters for the all 3 sections, the percentage of votes for works compared to for characters actually decrease, 58.4% to 55.7%. Music/character decreases to but only a bit
Assuming "secondaries" only vote for characters, that might be true

>> No.24230334

What is this tweet talking about?

>> No.24230417

That Miko got boosted because Saki's gang vote

>> No.24230432

I voted for Saki but not Miko.

>> No.24230470

Probably. Lily and Suwako are summonable in Lost Word and Cannonball respectively though I've yet to see what make people like them in particular.

Miko jumped so high because yakuza (Keiga family) rigged the vote.
It's a joke post.

>> No.24230640
File: 606 KB, 1000x1000, 73029727_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lily is popular with women, from what I've seen. Now that most fan artists have moved to Twitter, it gives them a perfect environment to share their drawings (and food pictures) with each other, and build a Lily fandom together.

>> No.24230736
File: 369 KB, 1280x960, 1564067618809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Least popular Windows character! Nemuno Sakata! Even lower than Not-BenBen and Kisume. She'll surely get hipster meme popularity now, right?

>> No.24230744


Technically Giant Catfish is lower and thus the true hipster choice.

>> No.24230783

why is SHE so unpopular of all the hus? she's canonically the sexiest of them all

>> No.24230796

>hurr durr MOMMY
She deserves it.

>> No.24230807

who quote?

>> No.24230817

Urumi is the third lowest windows 2hu. I guess only westerners obsess over canon tits.

>> No.24230840
File: 19 KB, 350x80, Annotation 2020-06-13 204933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can the secondaries dethrone these two next?

>> No.24230891

Even baseball supporters sing U.N. Owen when cheering their team so sadly no chance.

>> No.24230895

If Hartmann featured in more live TV, maybe

>> No.24230938

One is literally a song that people think has more to do with McDonalds than it's respective game, so what do you think.

>> No.24231094

Someone should use the Tohosort code to collect data and get
1) more honest results
and 2) more accurate results

I know plenty of people vote for 7 based around trying to push certain positions rather than voting based necessarily on what characters they like the most. Further because nobody sane is going to vote a character they like a lot, but not THAT much into top 7, you get silly results that throw characters who obviously have a lot of fans way, way down the list.

>> No.24231107

We need Houshou Marine to acapella sing Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird and turn it into a meme in Japanese and Western Twitter. This is the only way.

>> No.24231175

I can see Fubuki doing it. She likes Touhou too and she's the bigger meme queen.

>> No.24231177

You do realize this is a bad idea right?

>> No.24231252
File: 196 KB, 800x1122, __hakurei_reimu_kirisame_marisa_konpaku_youmu_joutouguu_mayumi_kurokoma_saki_and_6_more_touhou_and_3_more_drawn_by_formicid__cd480110a0663cc17291f42487a43f91.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New character ranking:
Keiki - 36
Yachie - 46
Kutaka - 56
Mayumi - 68
Saki - 76
Miyoi - 93
Urumi - 121
Eika - 125
Their ranking is a bit funny for some reason. Most of them are exactly 10 ranks apart.

>> No.24231276

mayumi at 68? Big shock really given how popular she was

>> No.24231429
File: 657 KB, 800x1200, ebisu3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Eika - 125
But she's so cute and her theme is so good. Is it because she's an undead abortion?

>> No.24231455

damn thats pretty low IMO
I thought that Kutaka & Yachie would be in 20-30s at least, and Mayumi in 30-40
1st stage bosses are not really popular

>> No.24231510

I would have thought for sure the nips would like Miyoi.

Something's off here.

>> No.24231551

>Most of them are exactly 10 ranks apart.
It's an incident

>> No.24231558

It is a little strange since Idoratrize World debuted at #4 in music and WBaWC itself debuted as #7 in the works section. I guess the voters of the character section are just a more distant sort of crowd.

>> No.24231567

People liked most of the cast. There's not enough votes to go around.

>> No.24231661
File: 84 KB, 720x450, __ushizaki_urumi_touhou_drawn_by_meimaru_inuchiyo__6e96f3e409f542a7ff0a019b2a410062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my favorite newhu 2nd last and not very far from last
I should have replaced Onozuka in my votes this year and voted Urumi so she would be just a bit higher.

>> No.24231663

Character section is more filled with people who just like the characters and memes, that's for sure.

>> No.24231759

just how fucking retarded is this two-sworded, sperm-ghostin, green-dressing, white-haired, otter-possessed, dimwit is she

>> No.24231764

Is the unnamed DiPP girl some sort of meme? Why is she higher than Kongara, Sariel and dozens of others?

>> No.24231766

>not ruukoto
why even bother

>> No.24231891


Nostaliga since DiPP was one of the first windows era works. Same reason DiPP shows up fairly high on the popularity poll.

>> No.24231976

>doremy down 13 places and knocked out of the top 50

>> No.24232074
File: 1.22 MB, 2486x1632, EW2Cz0hU4AAwkLN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The relative difference between character and works turnout widen this year a little noticeably. Music to characters are still the same though
And I think while the creative part of the fanbase adore the cast quite a bit, zero screentime since then hurts their overall popularity. Futaba gyates can only go so far

>> No.24232142

Because she's a character? She is the murderer in the story which gives her more characterization than most PC-98 characters sans the final bosses, Reimu/Marisa and Genji. Japs love edgy shit and the DiPP girls have a small but dedicated fandom.

>> No.24232167

Youmu is love. Youmu is half-live.

Love Youmu or perish.

>> No.24232281

You Moo is shit.

>> No.24232297

Extra moo there, thou art shite.

>> No.24232394

Ok, I need some people to explain to me the violent/edgy Youmu meme.

Does it take off from IN's ending where Youmu goes mad?

>> No.24232402


>> No.24232408


>> No.24232422

Otter Route Youmu.

>> No.24232424

So very close.

>> No.24232428

Damn, better do reading.

>> No.24232463
File: 402 KB, 1136x851, killer wolf youmu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Play WBaWC anon

>> No.24232475

Holy shit, Youmu be killing demons of hell while being possesesed by an animal spirit.

Is this Doom?

>> No.24232487

Wait til you see the shot types. It's doom.

>> No.24232535

ZUN should stop creating newhus for stage 1, 2, 3 bosses and leave the spots for oldhus who desperately need some appearance like Keine or Shou.

>> No.24232571

Would stop making literallywhos like the butterfly and the fetus, that sounds like a pretty good idea.

>> No.24232581

Damn, the story behind WBAWC is really darker than usual, fucking human vs beast and idolatry.

>> No.24232633

And the story was kind of false flag, where the heroine was tricked into destabilizing a country/realm by the previous owner?

What did ZUN think of when he makes this game?

>> No.24232697

My guess is he wanted to flesh out Hell more as a setting, and he wanted it to be a fittingly rought place.
When it comes to inspiration i know it's based on the fact that back in the feudal era when people would act in odd ways it was a common superstition to say that they were possessed by spirits of dead animals.

>> No.24232713

Going by his interview, it sounds like he just watches some cyberpunk movies and decides to make a corporate vs AI throwdown

>> No.24232724

>4 偶像に世界を委ねて 〜Idoratrize World
Surprised that was the most popular song from WBaWC.

>> No.24232753

Really? It reminds me of the Iraq war, where the US was tricked by Israel/neocons into killing Saddam.

Also each route Youmu is bit different.
It's wolf Youmu that has the most killer instinct I guess.

>> No.24232772

>順位 前回 前々 名前 ポイント 一押し コメント
>540 505 498 陽落ちて 1 0 0
Was I really the only person who voted for it?

>> No.24232777

Not surprising. If nothing else Idolatrize World is the hypest music ZUN has created in recent times.

>> No.24232793
File: 29 KB, 800x559, e70.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24232807

Yeah, his idea was that the animals are pretty much fighting for the sake of it, creating huge organizations that are internally very stagnated. Whereas Keiki makes tireless idols that replace the spirits as the main workforce, so the spirits under her rule becomes lazy and obedient NEETs.
And then you get human protags because ZUN likes SMT and those kind of plots need human protags at the middle of it all

>> No.24232828

It's basically Chaos vs Order, Order is much stronger so Chaos invites in an outsider to beat Order.

>> No.24232830


Well depending on how the oil plot in 17.5 goes down it might even get more similar to that for you.

>> No.24232832

But it's Animal Realm, not hell.
It actually feels like ZUN wanted to explore hell since VFiS or even LoLK but changed his mind when created WBaWC for some reason, but he still keep the concept of first three stages.

>> No.24232838

Yeah, Youmu is completely badass in BWAWC, I guess this explains her new popularity.

>> No.24232842

This might be a hot take, but I Joutoujin of Ceramics and Jelly Stone had more impact as boss themes than Idolatrize World, even if I wouldn't consider them stage 6 themes.
For a stage 6 theme, it comes off as very reserved, and the buildup rather boring. The inclusion of the "Theme of Eastern Story"/"Silk Road Alice" into the theme was also offputting to me.

Pure Furies was the last great stage 6 boss theme for me.

>> No.24232844

Animal Realm is a part of Hell, following Buddhism hell.

>> No.24232913

I liked pure furies more too, but I can see why people liked idolatrize world.

>> No.24232930

It's the realm where souls are condemned but still separate from actual hell, I think. I mean human realm, demigod realm and even heaven are also part of 6 Buddhist realms in the same standing since you still need to maintain/gather karma and basically just different kind of trial. Nirvana is the only state that will free you from the cycle and the only "heaven" in that sense.

>> No.24232943

*free you from suffering

>> No.24232968

Also, yay Eiki Shiki shows up in the end.

>> No.24232989

Hope it's not related to that page where Youmu shittalks Marisa.

>> No.24233053

Kasen couldn't even get a popularity boost from shocking the world and revealing her true oni form. I sincerely doubt that one panel of shit talk in a series where everyone talks shit constantly changed a single vote.

>> No.24233127

It's more exhilarating I feel, fairly non-aggressive and even a bit benevolent. I think lots of arranges use that kind of tone as well , it also affects her fan interpretation somewhat

>> No.24233141

Kasen did get a boost though, +14 spots, the biggest gain this year.

>> No.24233195
File: 1.45 MB, 1057x1500, 79949130_p9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm all for this, but if ZUN can tie the stage 1-3 bosses into the story in an interesting way, then he should do it.

>> No.24233507

Stage 3 characters actually has decent popularity and they hang around 30-50 a lot, and then there's Alice and Meiling.
Doremy should've been up there too. Her consecutive massive drop is too unreal.

>> No.24233546
File: 91 KB, 1000x1080, EacjFP8U0AAGc2F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No! Not the jelly baby!

>> No.24233702

>shocking the world
shocking who exactly

>> No.24233788

Yeah, but it's rumored to be primarily gacha related.

>> No.24234833

Larva has the best design and theme of all stage 1 bosses in my opinion.

>> No.24235155

Stage 1-2 bosses are bound to be unpopular by design because ZUN make them solely as fodder without much background or involvement in the plot. They serve as introduction to the background setting of the game and I doubt ZUN would change that formula.

>> No.24236848

Please dump gyates from this date. I don't have it.

>> No.24236968
File: 108 KB, 778x1912, 1552540347641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still wonder how my wife has been placing relatively high the past few years despite being a CD exclusive who's only connected to a handful of characters.

>> No.24237554

Fate was always like in FGO. Only people who snort crystallized nostalgia every day say otherwise.

>> No.24237852

I really like this track but there are only so many things one can vote for