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The only thing worse than downloading Japanese porn with big blocky censors covering the parts you want to see, is downloading Japanese porn that was encoded by Chinese people.

Not only do you get censorship, but now these big blocky cockblockers come in an ALL NEW BAD AND NASTY 200MB RMVB QUALITY!

China: They are the international hub of diverse manufacturing. They even manage to keep production costs down on encoded pirated Jap porn.

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gb2 /corea/

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as in "k"rizalid?

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rmvb is suitable for asian porn: nasty format for nasty shit.

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Silly Wriggle, you can't have a penis.

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>negative thread on China
>Invisible Sky Magician

oh wow I'm shitting bricks here. Seriously don't you have anything better to do in your life than shitting all over someone?

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He's just passionate about his cause, whatever that may be.

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Wriggle can do whatever the fuck she wants, including tapping Meiling's huge ass and defeating entire legions of Roman soldiers.

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actually i think a better example of there not being a god would be that we actually have to have porn in the first place and don't all magically get a harem of our own.

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Protip: Kill yourself, receev harem.

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can't you just get ren to give me one in my dreams princess?

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What do you think about China + Russia defending North Korea from the UN? after the missile launch?

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