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Previous thread: >>23995785

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Any game with a zombie heroine?

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Maybe not the right thread for this, but
I use VNR because I'm a retard who can't learn jp, and recently after some phrases, google translation stops working.
Anyone knows what could be causing this?

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it isn't the right thread go to djt or the vn translation general or the vn general on /vg/

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Wrong thread, but use Textractor and Translation Aggregator instead of VNR.
Now go and learn.

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Biman's been real hit or miss for me so far. Any opinions on 5 from someone who finished it?

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Never post here again.

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The pkg version of pieces/揺り籠のカナリア is up. Asks for a serial, but the usual Whirlpool hex edit works.

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Interesting, when Secret Agent from ensemble will be available. With soundtrack, of course, because guessing archive name is terrible. http://ensemble-game.com/25.secretagent/special_early.html

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yeah also waiting for the new ensemble

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I wish this was me.

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Just start saving now so the next time you want to blow half a grand on eroge you can.

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I don't understand how people get so obsessive with brands. If I'm going to splurge money it's going to be one character who I consider special to me, not random bitches.

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Like Watarai Asuka?

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I haven't played that game, what is it like?

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Anyone happens to have the OST for ジサツのための101の方法? Found one here but link's down

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It makes me sad and angry when I imagine the heroines you didn't choose will end up in relationships with other guys eventually.

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i fucking hate this company, and fuck clock up as well

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I'm really easy to please, and scenes like these
>theme song starts playing
really hit me hard. I'm enjoying it for now.

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I prefer classical pieces to vocal songs, it would be perfect if they used Clair de Lune instead.

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Oh that would be perfect too.

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>Clair de Lune
Way too cliche. Pick something else.

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was looking forward to it but EGS reviews put me off

long common but really short routes apparently.

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do I need to read shuffle and its FDs before shuffle 2?

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ok good, I technically did read shuffle but it was so fucking long ago.

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I enjoyed it overall but the epilogue was way too cheesy, I wish there was a proper Moyoka route in its place.

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No animated scene for Moyoka, as previously stated her route is really short. I also find the relation between MC and Renge highly cringe so for me it's a yikes so far

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The game actually has a lot of classic pieces like Tristesse and Gymnopédie. Clair de Lune is used perfectly in biman4.

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I'm finding them to be highly dependent on each other. Like, they wouldn't function at all without the other.

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Yeah, unfortunately Moyoka got Chachamaru treatment. I wish they didn't separate everything into black and white and made her wish more reasonable.

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Have any of these Waffle Christmas games been uploaded anywhere?

>> No.24041384

In my secret Discord.

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I like tsunderes, modern of course.

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Wonder if there's even a remote chance of a fandisk release with a huge Moyaka route.

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If this happens I would be the happiest man in the world, she's so perfect yet neglected by this despicable MC

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Damn, good find!
I'll add it to my "buy it and upload if/when I'll find it".
Btw, finding old soundtrack is much harder than old vn....

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Unless they completely rewrite the script, it's hard. I doubt they'll touch biman series again.

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>Unless they completely rewrite the script, it's hard
Just set it as a dream or parallel universe or something. But yeah, they're probably gonna think of another series now.

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here is my rent about it on vndb, you could probably view this as peak autism and cringe worthy but I got it off my chest https://vndb.org/t14101

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Nice fucking list.

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What's Pulltop hoping to accomplish with these 非18禁 games? Steambux?

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What's the consensus for Amakano 2? I barely see anyone posting about it here.

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It seems to be about the same as the other amakuso games.

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Wow dude...

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All the girls in biman 5 deserve to be mating pressed. So far Renge is such a cute tease (I love her voice) and the story bits have been entertaining. Moyoka bullying Renge was quite fun too but I heard she got shafted for hscenes unfortunately...

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Finished Kusarihime recently and liked it a lot.
Can you recommend something similar?
Simiar level of difficulty in terms of language too, if possible

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Guys, hello, do anyone have DLC from Koi Yumemitu Mouretsu (Moretsu) Girl by Chelseasoft? Torrent with this DLC are not available (I am downloading this already for a month).

Old eroge is really difficult to download. I hope some people merge all eroge to MEGA or other sources... If someone have links for old eroge collections (with DLC, scans etc), it would be great

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Net-Ride site? But I can't guess the link

>> No.24044508

Thank you very much anon, you're a saint

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>Umineko: 9.6
>DokiDoki: 8.2
>G-Senjou: 7.5
Can't believe I share a general with a subhuman like you.

>> No.24044552

share your list, faggot

>> No.24044589

I don't have one. I don't need to make a list to remember how I feel about games I play and VNDB rankings are worthless so why contribute.

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I loved that game. The music and art style work so good together.
Really need to replay it because it's been a bit and back then I had a pretty hard time following the supernatural stuff. Should be a bit better now.

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Welp, I think I've seen this happening too many times.

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Oh no.
What will happen to her at the full moon.

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I wouldn't be able to remember which games I've even played without a vndb, let alone how I feel about them.

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fuck wrong pic

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If I played a game and forget about it, it wasn't worth remembering.

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Characters like that are sexy. We need more sexy evil heroines.

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Play Biniku no Kaori for my favorite example of this trope.

>> No.24045163

Can you explain? I've never played NTR games before, but if there's a good reason to I will.

>> No.24045271

Found a (probably) working baidu link. If somebody can reupload it somewhere else, it would be great:
Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1XryGDCXu3vsLMTacrg4s_Q
Pass: 4uwk

>> No.24045316

Saying too much would spoil the game, but Biniku no Kaori isn't really an NTR game, the title is kind of misleading. I can only really think of one or two NTR scene off of the top of my head that was in the game, and those were contained in bad ends.

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Imagine if they'd dedicated at least a bit of their time doing this to animating some H scenes with her. Moyoka really needed some more love.

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Somehow I'm missing more songs than CG.

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Some of them are probably tied to NG+ fights, no?

>> No.24046144

The last thread said this was a kusoge, and had a meltdown over Helmina fucking orcs. Before I download it do the other heroines actually get any meaningful screentime or are they just there to get fucked

>> No.24046257

Petrichor is pretty nice so far, as expected of More games, I can't get enough of these mysterious heroines that come suddenly to MC's life to mess it up. I wish their games would sell more to keep them in business, no one actually make youth romantic drama besides them in eroge industry

>> No.24046319

So how is the new Shuffle game? Did Jackson write much?

>> No.24046331

I would check it out but I’m not a big fan of the art style. What else would you rec from them?

>> No.24046392

My unit information panel is filled outside of some evolution specific monsters, so I don't think so. Granted I haven't fought Eukleia-san the full 3 times (because what's the point) but I doubt there's somehow 3 songs locked behind that.
>do the other heroines actually get any meaningful screentime
No. The game is split up into short arcs where you chase after a heroine, capture her, and move on to the next. Each of these heroines have 1 h-scene on the capture, 1 h-scene after levelling them a bit, and 1 short dialog scene that unlocks a passive skill after levelling them some more. They have next to zero relevance in the main story, with the only exceptions being the angel ones where attacking a later angel heroine with an earlier one (as in, actually reach and attack her during gameplay) will trigger 5-10 lines of dialog, and some inconsequential dialog in the final few stages being different depending on which angels are on your team. At the very end there's some harem scenes depending on who's on your team.

>> No.24046547

That sucks, the heroine design for this one was on point and they do them like that?

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>Still no ensemble

>> No.24046763

its a chinaman patch for the game

>> No.24046841

>and had a meltdown over Helmina fucking orcs
That was totally civil

>> No.24046885

I think he means more that people were surprised about it in the first place. Eushully literally had this type of content since they started making games.
But it's probably just retards who only played Kamidori/Amayui.

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>> No.24047496

See a doctor.

>> No.24047680

It's unfortunate, but their irrelevance was inevitable from the start because of the "choose who you sacrifice" system. There's way too many possible team composition permutations which makes it infeasible to write proper scenes that involve anyone but Helmina and whoever the current heroine is. It doesn't excuse how few and short their individual events are though. Gracesta had similar issues like how the pre-final boss dialog was just everyone on your team saying a few lines before jumping in but at least the individual heroines' stories were lengthy enough and interwoven enough to be at least somewhat compelling.
All of that said, I picked the game up for Beatrice and had a fun time dominating lategame with her, and a no item normal difficulty run was just the right amount of challenge for my personal taste so I'm not too upset about it in the end. My condolences to anyone that shelled out 7k yen for this though.

>> No.24047891

How often do ya'll utilize the skip function? I skip boring parts + h-scenes.

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I feel like having heroines be part of the "Recruitment system" is a fatal flaw because of what you described (Grasesta sort've had this too because you were never forced to recruit the girls but like you mentioned they at least had decently lengthy sidequests/progressions). Here you basically just blow your entire load with a girl as soon as they're leveled up and then you spend the rest of your run waiting for additional events to pop up in the Friendship section that never come

In Himegari you basically could either hardcore fuck the heroines up or basically keep them exclusive, but you always had them. They should've done something similar here instead of just writing the story to not account for them at all. It would've also solved the problem of every chapter just being Helmina talking, since you could've added the other girls in there.

I'm like you in that I only picked the game up for a single heroine (Elvir) and in the 6 total times she was actually on screen she was great and I got to coom real good to her scenes which made good use of her size differential so at least I wasn't blueballed.

>> No.24047921

Skip the H-scenes of heroines I don't care about on a regular basis

>> No.24047932

Yuuhi route gave me diabetes

>> No.24047941

Never, unless the game doesn't have a skip previously read function and I've already read the part I'm skipping. If I'm going to start skipping things I just drop the game.

>> No.24048016

This happened in Guildmaster by Astronauts. The nature of the game meant that you were never guaranteed to have any heroine at any one time apart from the main one, so the only heroine who ever does anything in the main story was the main one. It's a terrible way of handling the system.

>> No.24048094

Ashita deatta shoujo, chronobox, saihate no ima

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>no minamihama yoriko

>> No.24048201

I wish I could have enjoyed it but it just felt like a really neutered Mayuri route from FH.
Her whole conflict was so fucking dumb.

>> No.24048236

Liar Soft announced a new game more than a month ago and not one of you niggers said anything.

Sadly it's furry shit again.

>> No.24048389

Expecting any meaningful conflict is where you are going wrong with pure romancr games like amakano

>> No.24048483

Either go conflictless route or meaningful conflict route.

>> No.24048768
File: 267 KB, 1920x1080, 他の男の精液で孕むとき3_Ver1.1_2020-06-01_16-07-58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But that sounds like a dream come true.

>> No.24048781

Then don't bother making some retarded conflict about her "real" personality that is 99% the same but less polite.

>> No.24049001

Golden hour

Pretty good games if your into kinda realistic youth drama with some fantasy elements thrown there. Both the main heroines are top tier characters

>> No.24049011

Well, now MORE company is out of eroge business? And their staff goes to Mellow.

>> No.24049040

Serves them right for making a bunch of 青春 kusoge.

>> No.24049622

Can anyone please help me remember the title name?
I wanted to check the game which had a premise of the main character being a 100% purefag who only wants to have an ideal virgin girlfriend. But he eventually starts hanging out with cakes and non-virgins.

>> No.24049750

i hate that mc didn't recognize his exgf after five or so years

>> No.24049946

Thanks. Looks interesting.

>> No.24049955

You can rip 101's ost from the game image. As far as I know, the link you posted led to the unreleased 末期、少女病's ost. If by any chance you need it, here it is: https://mega.nz/file/zIMUwKyC#63jWry1hqeZcm0Hli1JJNx6QLQu7FZDHyvuRzux677Q

>> No.24050337

Man, sometimes I look at these EGS reviews and think that some of these nips are mentally challenged

>> No.24050381


>> No.24050426


>> No.24050452

Don't you get bored posting these nonsensical massages in every thread?

>> No.24050503

i'm just warning everyone to be careful

>> No.24050535

Since when spreading disinformation counts as a warning? This time it's not even a cracked exe, just a bunch of mp3's. Get your facts straight.

>> No.24051052

is swallowtail any good?

I like golden hour and himawari to koi no kioku.

>> No.24051059

Provide examples

>> No.24051202

Does anyone know where can I find DL-version of さよならを教えて?

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This one came to mind for me. The implication is that he read the other two works yet wasn't put off by the chuuni but is with the third work - which isn't any different from the previous works.
Not liking chuuni in general is cool but this one made me tilt my head.

>> No.24051235


>> No.24051281

I don't see anything wrong with this comment.

>> No.24051336

>which isn't any different
I read it, it's simply worse than the previous two and the review is spot on.

>> No.24051401

not him but what didn't you like about it compared to vendetta and trinity?

>> No.24051411

They say that this time around there is no substance besides the chuuni itself.

>> No.24051648

I have never dropped a VN, ever. I always do 100% completion even if I hate what I'm reading.

>> No.24051666

Why do you hate yourself?

>> No.24051677

I can respect that

>> No.24051695

which games did you hate to complete the most

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I read the shapeless island h-scene in Heaven's Feel and I now know 5 different synonyms for the anus.

>> No.24051708

Do I understand it correctly that PlayDRM isn't removable right now by anything other than that Chinese tool that you need to spend a year playing some crappy web game to obtain?

Want to buy a new game on DLsite, but sure as fuck don't want that DRM garbage.

>> No.24051712

i only do that with anime

>> No.24051770

what game

>> No.24051781

you can find it in the archive

>> No.24051789

It's a far worse version of the original, why fuck with the orange filter so much?

>> No.24051798

It's not like I go out of my way to find games I will hate.
初恋 1/1

>> No.24051818

o dang 1/1 and newton's apple I plan on playing. probably never though

>> No.24051873

You actually read all of 1/1? I dropped that shit in the common route and never played a game by toneworks again.

>> No.24051895

I read the appends too. I haven't touched a tone work's game since then but recently I've been thinking about giving Tsukikana a shot.

>> No.24051902

what are the 5 different synonyms for anus
still haven't bothered reading fate yet

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File: 665 KB, 1715x1553, main_chara01 のコピー.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kirakira Monstars

I'm almost willing to pay ripoff proxy and VAT costs and get the physical from Amazon, but there's no guarantee it's not under some shitty DRM either.

>> No.24051967

>all-ages White Power game

>> No.24051988

You're a masochist dude

>> No.24052009

if you really want to give them ur money wouldnt it be better to buy it and torrent the game itself

>> No.24052035

That's what I would have done if it was on torrents.

What's wrong with that? Yes, they bought me with the "lesbian polyamorist" vampire protagonist.

>> No.24052053

It's pirated already.

>> No.24052060

it is, look a bit harder

>> No.24052061

Okay, I'm retarded, it is on torrents, since it's all-ages I was looking in a different place.

>> No.24052089

Even if it wasn't pirated by now I would still wait at least a week.

>> No.24052125

Newrin is good. He has terrible taste.

>> No.24052366

I think Laplacian's games are mediocre and their new game will be too.

This is the best thing they have made in my opinion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaP3Vf9QKiI

>> No.24052499

We know you're trans.

>> No.24052608

my bad it was the vagina.
秘肉 (not even in a dictionary I believe)
and they all start with 秘 kinda boring
the 肛門 synonym was 菊座.
there were other synonyms for other parts so I guess that's kinda why I thought I got that many.

>> No.24052729

Thank you!

>> No.24053454

there later stuff is a lot better than 1/1. At least in terms of being a long ass pure romance game. Tsukikana was a lot more plot focused though.

>> No.24053761

>Something I'm working on now has an unfortunate joke where the premise/punchline is basically just "lol being gay is weird/bad." I find it offensive and distracting, and honestly I kind of want to just remove or rewrite it.

Sometimes I feel like I should rewrite the entire plot of certain games.

>> No.24053811

How come every translator is retarded? Is it just because only retards would spend time translating eroge in this day and age?

>> No.24053840

how are there so many trannies and thinskinned snowflakes in the western eroge community?

>> No.24053886

You're complaining about them being thin-skinned but you're also getting offended yourself.

>> No.24053908

Fuck off, tranny. Stop destroying Japanese games and instead do something useful, I dunno, like trying to save British kids raped by Muslims.

>> No.24053911

>spend two seconds making a comment on a chinese basketweaving forum
Okay kid

>> No.24053960

I'm just saying, there's nothing to get offended over because it's not like what those people are doing are going to affect your enjoyment of anything. There are always going to be Japanese eroge and games that are made for the Japanese market. It literally doesn't matter what kind of buttplug moogy or any other eceleb has up his ass today unless you decide to make it matter.

It's something that comes up again and again, which means people are offended and just can't let it go. Just finding something to be mad at for the sake of being mad and victimized. Which again, I don't see how is any different than the people you are calling thin-skinned.

>> No.24053981

>It literally doesn't matter what kind of buttplug moogy or any other eceleb has up his ass today unless you decide to make it matter.

Just lie down and die. That's what your attitude boils down to. Personally I won't do it.

>> No.24054011

Literally all I did was call some people retarded and now you're going on some weird bizzaro rant about how I'm "offended." Do you think you can read minds over the internet or something?

>> No.24054019

That tool doesn't even remove PlayDRM. It injects a loader that bypasses the license checking so the DRM is still present and some game files are still encrypted.

>> No.24054028

Is there no place that is safe from you internet celebrity worship morons? Stay in your EOP threads and fuck off, this thread is for
>the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.
not your off-topic garbage.

>> No.24054043

The edgelord moogy I knew years ago wouldn't care about this shit. I wonder what happened to him.

>> No.24054047

Are you importing Japanese games, you know, the ones you'd actually want to see more of? Or do you just talk tough on jaypee and flail around like an autist because the evil sjws are out to get you?

>> No.24054049

Damn chinks. At least our guy always_smile knows how to crack properly.

>> No.24054058

I pirate absolutely everything, eroge and otherwise, and have been since I got my first PC two decades ago.

Why? To dab on you.

>> No.24054072

Then you can't complain about Japanese games being "ruined." You're all talk and no action.

>> No.24054081

pussy bitch

>> No.24054094 [DELETED] 

Lol, I bet you'd let a black person kill you if it meant some people posted positively about you on Twitter afterwards.

>> No.24054198

Are the yuri scenes in Sakuuta better than the ones in Subahibi?

>> No.24054306

Yuri is never good.

>> No.24054478


>> No.24054543


>> No.24054565 [DELETED] 

Yuri is only good when the fuck...with double edged dildos.

>> No.24054576

Yuri is only good when the fuck...with double sided dildos.

>> No.24054626

Writing a proper automatic unpacker is hard.

>> No.24054639

Maybe it'll work out on the third try.

>> No.24054837

Thanks! The game's OST and image songs are really good for an old game.

>> No.24054850

Some old soundtrack copies are selling for outrageous prices at second-hand stores sadly.

>> No.24054920


sell me on petrichor. i just got through the op and i'm bored shitless. the h-scenes are shit, the heroines are forgettable.

>> No.24054944

Shut up.
We are talking here.

>Making lesbians straight.
>Rape one of them so she denounces her previous lover and helps you rape her.
>Girls scissor while sucking your cock.
Its just sad that ero devs dont take advantage of it.

>> No.24054949

3 games which are translated. EOP detected, get him outta here.

>> No.24054967

Any way to play Phantom of Inferno Integration on Windows 10? Won't even boot up for me and I refuse to touch the remake.

>> No.24054973


>> No.24054992



>> No.24055563


best BPAD gril

>> No.24055846

because eroge appeals to the mentally unhinged

>> No.24055915

But I'm a stable individual with a nice job and lifestyle.

>> No.24055999

>秘肉 (not even in a dictionary I believe)
I've seen that before so I'm sure it is

>> No.24056092

Sure, but how are you supposed to enjoy eroge after castrating yourself?

>> No.24056107

The western vn community that moogy and his tranny friends are in don't enjoy playing eroge, they do it to feel elitist.

>> No.24056205

What's wrong with the remake besides worse art? I keep hearing conflicting answers over whether the scripts are the same (minus h scenes of course)

>> No.24056382

Apparently it was rewritten to fall in-line with the anime but I've never watched or read Phantom

>> No.24057339

Is there any chikan game as good as 最終痴漢電車3?

>> No.24057452

Does it have to be a game and not a VN?

>> No.24057502

No, I was just using game as a general term

>> No.24057611

Sorry for being this new but

After having installed 大図書館の羊飼い, I start the game but it says オリジナルディスクを入れてください

I have no other files to mount, am I fucked?

>> No.24057635

alpharomdie works

>> No.24057638

Sounds like you are missing a crack

>> No.24057666
File: 2.70 MB, 1770x862, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh, didn't really like this kind of ending. Just feels like sweeping everything under the carpet and letting someone else take care of it later.

>> No.24057678 [DELETED] 

Does anybody remember AstralAir TL patch? All the downloads to shinkai's patch are dead and nekonyan never acquired the license. Does anyone have it?

>> No.24057705

wrong thread

>> No.24057745

It indeed worked, thanks


>> No.24057791

I really liked 痴漢狂. Good art and music and it lets you into the heroines' heads so you can read their thoughts as they slowly get corrupted. Of course, you could just wait for 極限痴漢特異点 which seems to be a spiritual follow-up to 最終痴漢電車3.

>> No.24057819


>> No.24057865

EGS still has Urobuchi as the author.

>> No.24058372

修羅の痴漢道 by Bishop was fun, and they have other chikan games. The gist in this one is that the protagonist can read minds after an accident.

Interheart has many interesting chikan games. Maybe someone could comment on 凌辱痴漢バス.

Checkout also 痴漢の極み, though it's more of a sex sim.

>> No.24058700

Thanks, I'll check them out

>> No.24058761

As someone who does import eroge regularly, I do so realizing my actions are irrelevant in the long run. Even if everyone in this thread bought six copies of the same game it wouldn't be enough to save something that had been condemned to death by the Japanese market. Furthermore, if I'm forced to choose between buying a physical, DRM free copy of a game from a second-hand shop like Surugaya or buying the game off DMM where I have to deal with DMM's bullshit, I'm going to be giving the scalpers at Surugaya my money, even if it means the brand misses out on that money. Importing games and thinking you're contributing to anything is just self-righteousness.

>> No.24058807

Are you guys excited for that Astronaut game coming up? It's from the maker of 最終痴漢電車 3, so basically its a spiritual successor of sorts. But with how their games run, my expectations is tempered for now.

>> No.24058842

Hopefully after 3 games they've figured out how to use the engine.

>> No.24058872

I was mainly talking about that in response to his mention of "lying down and dying." He is still being passive by pirating shit instead of preordering games (which does mean something believe it or not) from amiami or other sites. Instead his idea of taking action is getting buttblasted over twitter comments.

>> No.24058990

>download some shit
>it's just the DL edition with no crack or anything

>> No.24059718

Why are VN Compilations so hard to get online? They too expensive for the Chinks to rip?

>> No.24060172

Which companies put up the most annoying DRM? They don't necessarily have to be difficult, but just a chore that it kills your motivation to play them.

>> No.24060254

Minori made installing their games annoying, but that was more because of the attempted region locking.

>> No.24060434

Does it have a 3P end or even H scenes? I can't really invest in this story if I'm stuck with one or the other.

>> No.24061737

dmm game player bullshit where you need a vpn and must be online to play the game.

>> No.24062736

Finished Touka and Rein routes of Tsukikana. I usually haven't been able to get into low conflict/drama/mystery VNs so it was a positive surprise being able to enjoy it as much as I did.

How are the other routes? After finishing Rein's route I'm feeling satisfied about the VN so I was considering outright moving into something else to read.

>> No.24062761

You should check out Uguisu's, it's probably the only route that deals with the main topics of the VN well.

>> No.24062831

Alright, I will. Thanks. How are the after part heroine routes?

>> No.24062885

I only did Kanna which was supposed to be the best and it bored me to tears.
Touka's route has a better version of her route than Kanna's where it's just a problem you know it's happening and why it's happening and it just keeps going.

>> No.24062914 [SPOILER] 
File: 253 KB, 1920x1080, 1591100543291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked Kiriko's, but it was pretty short.

>> No.24063666

This is me reading Muramasa. What do you guys think?

>> No.24063680

Why would you post your face in this thread? And even without that, the video is Reddit material. Post it there, not here.

>> No.24063806

anyone read this? i'm kind of interested in checking it out solely because of the OP

>> No.24063823
File: 209 KB, 1280x720, tokihate_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24063834

It's terrible just like every other Moonstone game out there.

>> No.24064068


>> No.24064165

Their bakages are actually quite amusing. They should just stick to that.

>> No.24064187

Are there any actual good horror VNs out there?

>> No.24064203


>> No.24064253

Which company simply pumps out VN's left and right to see what sticks?

>> No.24064283


>> No.24064321


>> No.24065122
File: 319 KB, 2048x1536, EZe6ooqUwAErfdJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24065156

Fucking Key makes countless fappable merch, but doesn't let you give the girls what they need.

>> No.24065880


>> No.24065902

>he wants to see Na-Ga's terrific ero scene anatomy and censoring

>> No.24066196

Which has given us gems like the Gyaru Hero who rapes Orcs or the granny fucking ones.

Except Miel already found a formula and stuck with it: Harem, pregnancy and urination.

>> No.24066456

I wish their nyotaika panic series would try JUST A BIT. The MCs are basically girls.

>> No.24066619

>The MCs are basically girls.
I wish more games were like that.

>> No.24066671

You'd love Ensemble VN's.

>> No.24066719

I don't play games that have Duca singing the opening.

>> No.24067005

You are lucky.

>> No.24067014

Speaking of which
>new ensemble is still not out

>> No.24067162

hi i am asking for help playing a game
its called for you. the game has 2 virtual disk and it says to play the game on the 2nd disc after installing. but if i play and start the game it is saying the disc isnt entered and i have to enter it in. is it because i am using a different disc mount software? right now i am using portable cd emulator

>> No.24067219

try daemon tools

>> No.24067594

surely there's a crack

>> No.24068592

that makes sense it would need one, the version doesnt have anything besides the cds. it seems like the game works and there are menu sounds but there is no music after

>> No.24069675

Hey, I've gotten off to Key scenes before.

>> No.24070190
File: 518 KB, 642x482, Unbenannt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

haha... I get this reference... yes

>> No.24070728

When a multi-disc game doesn't see the mounted disc, it most likely only checks the drive letter it was installed from (instead of all available drives). Mount the disc in the same drive you installed the game from.

>> No.24071490 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.60 MB, 1280x720, 1591154203404.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf bros why is Moyoka route so short....her sultry oniichan teasing made me absolutely diamonds, way more so than that megane hag.

>> No.24071509

Maybe a disassembly/debugger wizard could help me here. If I modify every jump-if-condition instruction to instead just always jump (one at a time of course), wouldn't I eventually skip whatever checks for no cd and actually launch the game? Or is there some extra bullshit involved?

>> No.24071612

Well, in the end Moyoka's not even the "real" one.

>> No.24071818
File: 163 KB, 1024x683, AdobeStock_28655619-1024x683.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading Monobeno (Happy End), at the part of Hishakaku's flashback. Are ordinary Japs really able to understand this shit? Got an Izumo dialect dictionary open and a few regular online dictionaries, but still struggling. Any other good resources?

>> No.24071991

The only ones I've heard that natives can't even fully comprehend are KKK and Muramasa so basically the heavy chuuni action VNs.

>> No.24072230

Are the Bimani series better enjoyed if every installment was played or just picking and choosing the ones you like?

>> No.24072296

I just get the feeling that most Japanese wouldn't encounter most of this dialect/archaic language. Heck, I don't think most people that grew up with the standard dialect really encounter much of any dialect beyond Kansai. I've even seen natives asking what 「めんこい」 means.

>> No.24072310

I didn't read the 4th one but I don't think I'm mising anything significant.

>> No.24072378

bro the 4th is the best one, go read it asap you madman

>> No.24072438
File: 1.89 MB, 1282x753, Screenshot_234.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's so perfect bros...

>> No.24072445

Aside from biman 5 which has some callbacks to the older ones, you should be fine just picking the ones you like as they're mostly self contained stories. I do recommend completing them all before going into the last one though.
4th has a very intriguing story, definitely worth a read just for that.

>> No.24072467

Because it's renge's game and people have been waiting for her route since 2012.

>> No.24072483

Renge should've stayed an unfucked character that only exists in the framing scenes. 5 ruined the series for me.

>> No.24072537

The way she's characterized in biman 5 makes her really dull and uninteresting desu. It wouldn't be such a problem if they didn't make an other character who makes her look like absolute shit. Biman 5 in going to be remembered as Moyaka's biman. This is why it's a complete failure

>> No.24072602

Which explains why every review talks only about Renge I guess.

>> No.24072619
File: 2.14 MB, 1280x720, move aside.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Renge is cute and all so that's fine but Moyaka not getting any animated hscenes while the hag gets one is highly disappointing. Would have been perfect if they did something like biman 3 where Moyaka and Renge compete for affection and you could choose either or both for a harem end, although the plot would have to be altered to make that work.

>> No.24072626

what reviews?

>> No.24072640

What was the Japanese fan reception over this decision? I'm guessing it's not good.

>> No.24072642

Prior to 5, isn't she just some weird priestess that takes you on wild trips?

Is the story of 5 that you're the recurring customer from the last 4 trips and she's just DTF this time around or what?

>> No.24072684


>> No.24072690

How so?
It warps up the nicely

>> No.24072696

the story*

>> No.24072708

Japanese Renge fans may have been annoyed.

>> No.24072884

I did, the prologue is pretty cool but the rest is pretty lame.

>> No.24072992

Did you even read the rest? Doesn't sound like it.

>> No.24073226

Yeah I did. I actually bought a physical copy of it so was going to get my money's worth.

>> No.24073305

Then you were drunk. I can understand the first two routes being not that great, the last one is not any worse than the prologue.

>> No.24074028

They really only cared about getting Renge, which they did, so they seem happy.
Blueballing for so long works.

>> No.24074089

japs are such disgusting bugmen

>> No.24074274

Bat soup eaters are not allowed here.

>> No.24074992

WTF, I come here everyday.

>> No.24075329

Lots of chinkposters here, especially in this general.

>> No.24075337

when will narahara return and save eroge?

>> No.24075545

Narahara wrote his best piece and fucked off right afterwards to purse his martial arts training in the mountains.
He's probably the most based nip writer since Mishima Yukio

>> No.24075582

which ones?

>> No.24075667

Right when Nagisa dies while giving childbirth.

>> No.24076279
File: 124 KB, 1280x720, 愛しい対象の護り方_2020-05-31_01-56-45.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24076857
File: 88 KB, 640x480, The cool girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I played Odeon up to the bad ending, went back with a walkthrough and have discovered that it somehow doesn't have a Skip Text Function in 2001

>> No.24077044

Was Fate/Hollow Ataraxia any good? I've been having the urge to go back and read Stay/Night.

>> No.24077179
File: 1.04 MB, 2013x1000, EZk-iQkUcAIQJmV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally, now I can become the heroine.

>> No.24077181

It all depends on the protection. Simple serial checks and region locks can be bypassed like that. Simple CD checks usually depend on calls to GetDriveType.

>> No.24077275

Finished the new Atelier Sakura NTRge. It started off so hopeful and then it didn't go anywhere. Sad.

>> No.24077330

Had a look at the gallery and saw it has no group stuff tagged so I ignored it. Though I guess that particular series never had any group stuff. NOSA is apparently doing the one that comes out at the end of the month so I'll pick that up.

>> No.24077504

I don't care for group stuff in this scenario specifically, though I wouldn't mind an /ss/ gangbang which was slightly teased during the prologue, but I just feel it was a huge wasted opportunity. The heroine gets into it, but there is 0 progress. I wanted her to start taking pills to avoid pregnancy so she can keep having sex, or just non-penetrative sex in generally. Every single ejaculation in the game is inside and it's a spam of missionary and doggy style. It made me mad.

>> No.24077579

Yeah well, I don't care about the netorare in the first place but the netorare thematic tends to bring some form of group stuff with it and in the case of this particular brand it's usually fairly well drawn. I'd happily drop netorare shite but consensual mmf, especially outside of any netorare type, is rare.

>> No.24077736

>but consensual mmf
Yuck, I don't want to share my onahole with another dude.

>> No.24077762

Good thing it's a video game.

>> No.24077767
File: 29 KB, 772x228, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was difficult.

>> No.24077864

What's the point you're trying to make?

>> No.24077889

998 results is not rare.

>> No.24077957

Anyone got tips on running Sakura Taisen series on Windows 10? I got 1 working fine on a VM, but 2-4 are varying levels of fucked.

>> No.24077958

Exactly. Of all the fantasy fetishes you could indulge in, you settle with something second only to NTR in beta.

>> No.24078008

Just get the Dreamcast versions and fire up Retroarch.

>> No.24078089

998 results of which most will be netorare, RPGmaker games, poorly tagged galleries, dmm tier games, old ass games or just straight-up poorly drawn stuff? I don't think you understood the post you initially replied to.
Either way, mmf alone is a bad tag as a lot of galleries on sadpanda only have, for example, double_penetration tagged instead of mmf_threesome. Worse, double handjob might be the only mmf scene but there is obviously no tag for it. Just like sadpanda can't distinguish between netorase and netorare, unless it's specifically tagged for swinging. Or they only have group under misc tagged and nothing else. It's worse when it comes with ffm_threesome as you then consider that to be related to the group tag. On that note, your picture would include AS games, as they mostly have no rape so you just missed the point entirely.

Again, it's a video game so feeling "alpha" about the things your alter-ego does in virtual reality is just beyond beta. Then again, I don't use those terms but settling for another man's used "onahole" and feeling strong about it is just omega-tier.

>> No.24078299

>Then again, I don't use those terms but settling for another man's used "onahole" and feeling strong about it is just omega-tier.
Way to shoot yourself with that choice statement.

>> No.24078404

It's so obvious that I was following along but whatever floats your boat.

>> No.24078421

you share these girls with thousands of sweaty nerds anyway

>> No.24078458
File: 32 KB, 640x550, 1363655439478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24078468

Your mom gets shared by thousands of sweaty nerds.

>> No.24078473

I feel safe as long I don't see anyone post about them. Which is also why I never post screenshots of my waifus ever because I don't want to draw attention to them.

>> No.24078506

FFM Threesome is superior anyways.

>> No.24078522



>> No.24078570

M(you)M(You)F is superior anyways.

>> No.24078639

Clone jutsu is so 2004.

>> No.24078666

That's what Totono is about

>> No.24079046

They use Safedisc so you either need to look for a nocd crack or try using tools like unsafedisc to remove it (both are different but have the same names)

>> No.24079411


I already have the cracks, the problems are that 2 runs at half the speed since it can't detect any 3D acceleration, and 3/4 just won't boot at all.

>> No.24079417
File: 427 KB, 593x593, EZmmAKvXgAAUmF9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't get over it.

>> No.24079555
File: 536 KB, 631x405, 存在理由.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you have to live with the pain

>> No.24079589

I don't play biman, why am I seeing her everywhere?

>> No.24079687

because she's great waifu material and unfairly underexploited, which is very frustrating

>> No.24079689

Because she's the best.

>> No.24079694

Because they want other anons her to cuck her away from them.

>> No.24079738

But what makes her the best and different from all the other girls in the series?

>> No.24079783

she's capable of destroying everything hindering her love, she's starving for power, she's really cute and malicious. so far more appealing than just cute but boring and dull waifu. she's also extremely gracious.

>> No.24079790

Smallest measurements and a lust for vengeance.

>> No.24079919

So she's this series' Shinobu. Gotcha.

>> No.24079932
File: 1.70 MB, 1280x720, moyoka glare.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because she is based
imagine being dominated and corrupted by a vengeful school girl

>> No.24080809

Was sober, only had to start drinking when I fully finished the game

>> No.24081292

I don't, they are instanced.

>> No.24081436

The ending left me with a complicated feeling. On the one hand, you could say they ended together. On the other hand, what I really wanted was for them to be together in that exact era, going around with their friends, fucking in the Ryokan, her getting to help him write new books. Heck, even an ending where he somehow turned into a being that was half-alive/half-youkai, bound to the Ryokan together with Renge would suffice.
I have absolutely no problems with the amount of H scenes though (for Renge of course), they really delivered it.

>> No.24082141

I like the Kurugaya one in EX. Very loving and sweet.

>> No.24084290

Can't find the Shinza thread but what was the Dies track that sounded like this? Especially around 0:26


>> No.24084321

keep looking or make your own

>> No.24084339

It'll just die anyway.

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