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If the Hakurei Border wasn't made by Yukari, then who was powerful enough to make it?

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>Hakurei Border

Someone from Reimu's family, perchance?

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It's me, I'm the one who made the Hakurei Border.

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Dragons. It's always a dragon.

,,,but Yukari did made it either way.

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Yukari's a dragon.

You heard it here first.

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It's called that because it goes through the shrine grounds.

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A yet-to-be-revealed character did it.

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What a twist, the weakest Touhou makes the strongest boundary.

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One of Reimu's ancestors supposedly created it. Yukari maintains it.
It's possible that Yukari IS the Hakurei shrine god...
Or Maribel Hearne, and Gensokyo is a dream.

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Araya made it.

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>the weakest Touhou.
Nobody said that...

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>One of Reimu's ancestors supposedly created it. Yukari maintains it.
Actually it's the other way around. Yukari made it, the Hakurei miko are maintaining it. The great youkai, tengu, creator of Makai and the miko of Hakurei have made a pact with the dragon gods in order to separate Gensokyo from the real world. Yukari fixed the border and the Hakurei protected it both from the real world and Gensokyo.

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But he's the weakest, so yeah!

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MANnosuke the weakest?

He's second only to Yukari!

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It's just your opinion.

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You're damn right you're sorry.
Now get the hell out of here before MANNOSUKE rapes your tender little asshole to shreds.

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The border was made by a collective rather than an individual.

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border was made by ZUN (japanese)

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FFFFF Why didn't I think of this!! It was so obvious from the start!!

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>Yukari made it.
>dragon gods.
Stop this faggotry.
If you want to write a fanbook about Touhou and dragons etc, write it.
But don't here.

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Maybe if you actually have read the intro of PCB and Akyu records?

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Which doujin was that?

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>intro of PCB
I don't know japanese.
>Akyu records
I don't like the "official" books "made" by ZUN.

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forgot my sage.

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derp derp derp

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>"written by zun"

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Looks like it's clear how the border came to be.

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Are you retarded?
You don't know the meaning ""(quotes)?

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Are you retarded?
You don't know I'm mocking you?

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it's me, I did the hakurei border

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More like trolling.

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So what I get out this is Dragons threw a bitchfit and several Youkai elders probably including our beloved Yukarin~ pledged to uphold Gensokyo's peace and erected the barrier and the dragons went back to sleep leaving only a big statue as a memento?

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Everything is translated. You can find them at Touhou wikia. If you don't like official and canon works I don't see why you were arguing with the explanation.

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>Everything is translated. You can find them at Touhou wikia.
Who the fuck cares about Touhou plot?
It's shit anyway...

>If you don't like official and canon works I don't see why you were arguing with the explanation.

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I still don't understand what are you doing in this thread. If you don't care about plot there's nothing to see here.

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You are talking shit about "Yukari made it", "dragons".
I am just telling the truth.

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It's trolls trolling Touhou threads.

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Did someone say "Trolls aging touhou threads"?

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But this is what happened. Why you care when you are not interested into plot?

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You gonna call me a "secondary" fan too?
These Touhou "plot" threads are always shitty.
The only good thread about Touhou is Let's play some danmaku.

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>But this is what happened.
>Why you care when you are not interested into plot?
It's not like that.
I don't like the plot but I know what is truth and what is a lie.

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>It is the strongest boundary in all of Gensokyo, with Youkai reinforcing the original work done by humans in 1884. Yuyuko has speculated that not even Yukari could make a boundary of this level (from scratch, on her own). Yet it is not completely impenetrable. Examples of this include various individual people (Reisen, Chiyuri, Yumemi, Maribel, Sanae, Kanako, Suwako, and many others) that have arrived through it as well as entire locations (Moriya Shrine, Poltergeist Mansion, Scarlet Devil Mansion) that have been transported through the barrier.

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It's me the Great Border of Hakurei.
The correct answer is: I made myself!

So stop this faggotry!

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