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What would Touhou look like if ZUN sold the rights to Disney?

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Since ZUN can't draw for shit, 10 times better.

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Touhou anime thred

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>Has not seen TH12

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You know, I'd like to see a Touhou movie made by Disney.

It'd have a (most likely) good plot, nice animation and awesome musical numbers based on tracks from the games.

Fund it.

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If, and only if. ZUN himself graced himself to direct an design the whole thing.

Otherwise, it would be about Reimu being a princess and waiting for her fucktarded knight in shining armor.

Also: Yuyutits

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snow white was 14?

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Who is the girl begging? I don't quite remember her.

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Why does that image remind me so much of B^Uckley?

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Princess Eilonwy from The Black Cauldron.

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i'm fine with knight in shining armor.

fuck all this femnism bullshit, women have to be saved by big manly men.

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Fuck that shit. I don't like wallflowers.

Strong women bear strong children.

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I don't want a prize to be won or an object to be saved. I want a partner who has ideas, dreams, hopes, ideals and hates. You know...a person.

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This. A strong man needs a strong woman.

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>knight in shining armor

But in touhou this should be a samurai.
And they didn't wear shiny armor...

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