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>Latest Fresh episode:



SG: https://youtu.be/NzssDbyW2tw

BM: https://youtu.be/WX66nP3kjx0

Onefive: https://youtu.be/_hCX0U0RDZ4

Ciao: https://youtu.be/G-V0eIrN3Gs

Repipi: https://youtu.be/ArBV-28YeB8

Grads: https://youtu.be/P334GFZcjko

FRESH! (Mon 19:00 JST):
Kinda Terebi Marina (Fri 7:30 JST)
Yuzumi ASMR (Wed, every two weeks):



>Previously on /bmsg/: >>23920546

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Mamma mia I thought she had a Luigi hat on

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>ywn get to experience katawa shoujo-esque university life with Moa

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I knew Moa was smart, but come on, neuroscience?

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Toppest of top tier girls

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HEY BITC- oh wait she can't hear me

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Post more disable girls!

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FastMantis was right all along

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i will spam repipi later, don't worry

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So sad that Moa is disabled

Post only Non deaf girls

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What was that faggot even right about?

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Post non-ugly girls next time

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falseflag faggot

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Oh is it repitime bros?

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Rip moo ear

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she feeds her brain well

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Get well soon!

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Protect Moo 2020

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>you now remember the messages from gakus that Moa should not strain herself too much during the last 2 big tours

Guess word travelled fast

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Now I know why Moa is so toned last year. Its steroids and not diet lol.

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Simp lol

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i make lombax look like small dick alinity dono

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>globe-trotting sexsymbol and neuroscientist at elite university
>never left japan , wants to become nutritionist at McSchool, also egg

FastMantis won

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i know thats you mantis you cunt I can tell by the reddit spacing

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Keep the Moas coming

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FastMantis played the eggtards better than his video games. He's got plat in triggering egg-hags

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ITT incels thinking Moa cant possibly be studying neuroscience because she is too pretty for that or,

neckbeards thinking neuroscience is some cuck phony gender studies kinda shit

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Noooooooooooo don't take them out reeeeeeeee

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/bmsg/ in NOT A HOSPICE for disabled girls please have some dignity

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Most of us are happy for her/impressed

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stop talking about me fag I dont make fun of any of the girls anymore not after what happened..

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You fags are too early for falseflags. Please comback later for when the thread is slow, thank you.

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is it because they now have a counter for your moa?

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This is Sara, she can hear no problem.

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I don't know if I should be aroused or intimidated by Moa now. Maybe a bit of both?

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you think her and Su ever..........(heavy breathing)

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It was always both. Someone post Moa forearms

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At least there's one thing she has over Moa. That and her fat gobotens

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even tho she might have hearing problems she and Su are still best girls. let that sink in haters.

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that's gross tho

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This is Riho she can hear just fine

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when she had her hair down in that event hnnnng. Su too.

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Moa could be wheeled on stage in a vegetative state and would still be more charismatic and have better stage presence and just about everyone else

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This is C-chan, her hearing is pretty normal

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She is too fat though

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shame about the neckbeard narc being in the shot.

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Very true and yet she can hear as expected of a girl her age

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nice bewbs

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Press T to towel wave your support for MOAMETAL

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there is a great deal of truth in this statement.

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I like her too

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Look at the aquarium lmao

>> No.23962229

be a has been but attractive or be famous and disabled?

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Here we have Fujihira Kano chan her difficulties to hear from 1 to 10 is like zero (imagine that)

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yes but she looks like an ape

>> No.23962268

She looks like an Orangutan on steroids and yet she can hear just fine

>> No.23962273

she hides the eye very well

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Maybe Momoko could give Moa some of her ears

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Here we have Tanaka Miku with her strong ears she can hear everything, even your thoughts, as a result she developed a really good butt

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bruh that's brutal lol

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Next girl is Suzuka Nakamoto chan in many occasions she has stated that her hearing is beyond good due to her powerful ear configuration very interesting to say the least A+ hearing

>> No.23962324

Will Su ever sing Akastuki live ever again?

>> No.23962358

guess the secrets out the whole discord is having a meltdown

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This is Ayami Muto chan #1Prez a very important friend for the hearing impaired Moa chan I remember when she sent some gifts to Ayami when she was still on NZ so touching... she can hear normally

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Faggots gonna fag.

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What discord

>> No.23962452

which one do you think retard?

>> No.23962457

You know that the fandom is bad when even the fans themselves are scared of the public profile leaking to the masses

>> No.23962459

If she is deaf why is she wearing glasses..?

>> No.23962470

I think he meant the circlejerk SGcord or the Kistune up xD!-cord

>> No.23962478

They kicked Yui out because she was the only one with normal ears

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Airi Matsui, not much of a dancer but a good Model and fine actress I mean she still get plenty of roles and stuff her hearing is Ok not a problem have been detected until now

>> No.23962492

Why yes I study neuroscience, how could you tell?

>> No.23962501

this is why moafags are based, they knew about this on the 19th, nuked a whole channel and kept it to themselves on moacord. regular bmfags are the worst.

>> No.23962530

the IP Jacking one.

>> No.23962537

Blessed are [member]fags, cursed are bmfags

>> No.23962550

K. You had access to an information earlier than most fags big whoop
Now continue sucking each other's gay dick because no one cares about your gay club discord

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This is Miyoshi Ayaka chan versatile Actress Model if you notice pic related you'll see that she is very comfortable and even happy to share some hearing experiences with anybody who cares ah the irony
she can hear just fine

>> No.23962593

It's still up lol

>> No.23962602

your meme sucks fuck off
Stop forcing it

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she tapes her ears probably deaf too

>> No.23962694

I think moa study and deafness is lie because in the vlog moa profile part the twitter link to university is a suspended account. Also the moa description "no food no life" is so forced and vaguely written

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We have here Mariri Sugimoto a very healthy girl in all aspects including her hearing that is perfect as of May 2020

>> No.23962718

the japanese version of her profile is different. She probably had someone translate it in english for her

>> No.23962724

It's a fake profile. It's been debunked.

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>> No.23962742

Can you post webms on discord? I wonder if any of mine ever made it there.

>> No.23962744

yeah keep saying that dumb discordfag

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Be quiet NAD scum you have no power here on bmsg

>> No.23962815

Its an act of solidarity

>> No.23962832

Thank you! I assumed everyone was just memeing because there's nothing better to do at the moment, but I was also starting to wonder if everyone was actually just retarded and gullible

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This is Horiuti Marina a fun girl that can perform in various environments and has no problem with her hearing at all

>> No.23962885

Your meme is great, please do every gaku.

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Hinata Satou chan is the next girl in the list and what she lacks in in the nose department is compensated in many other attributes that makes her a fan favorite Last information I have is that she can hear pretty good

>> No.23963006

This means one of you gays have no self control and an attention whore. What are they saying tho?

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File: 1.39 MB, 1280x720, 1588119139430.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wow Horiuti Marina Looks alot like Marina Horiuchi but less retarded

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Here we have Iida Raura chan the motherly figure of SG enjoying the simple things of life that only the people that can actually hear are able to do
such is life

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File: 672 KB, 1075x1524, 1538646029829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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So Moa is smarter than Megu?

>> No.23963125

post raura bobs pls

>> No.23963130

no, she just has a bigger wallet

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File: 145 KB, 954x950, Nene.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is of course Nene Sugisaki seeing her so happy in pic related (in the early days of Minipati) makes me think how did she took the news that her friend is disabled.. better than most I think since she's a Nurse I bet that she also did some investigation about the Syndrome.
She can hear fine

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I just made a sizable donation to the Mizuno Memorial Home for Damaged Idols so Moo can get the treatment she needs. It may be too late for Yee, but let's make sure her death was not in vain.

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File: 563 KB, 3024x3125, iCantHearYou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can she be so callous, mocking her disabled senpai like this?

>> No.23963484
File: 102 KB, 1170x850, Mizuno_Yui.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We have here Mizuno Yui she is well known for taking care of her friends and having so many problems herself she must have given top quality advice to the deaf girl on how to handle a stroke of bad luck/misfortune.. is she alive? is she dead? no one knows what we do know is that she can hear normally.

>> No.23963659
File: 146 KB, 900x1200, Hana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Taguti Hana another super healthy girl that can deliver like no one when she wants but usually (sadly) go back to her nerdy alter ego -_- it is what it is .. oh almost forgot, just like her body her hearing is pretty fine

>> No.23963694

and now I'm wondering who spilled the beans and let it out just so there would be chaos. whoever spread this info I hope you dont have the ability to vote.

>> No.23963710

can she make her hair into pigtails so I got something to hold on to when smashing from behind? no? pass

>> No.23963715

>schizo anon going crazy laughing to himself as he spams posts mocking a beautiful hard working woman’s unfortunate disability.
Thanks for reminding everyone that you’re the biggest loser to plague this board. I’ll remember next time you try to make a case for BMfags being garbage, as they all seriously empathize and discuss the issue while you act like a spastic cunt.

>> No.23963748


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File: 1.75 MB, 1365x2048, konkon_1997-1240164572385820677-20200318_073409-img2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It went like this today, May 25, 2020:
2ch/5ch MOAMETAL General 7pm JST --->
BM Fanclub on FB 10pm JST --->
/BMSG/ 11pm JST --->
Twitter and elsewhere after.

The Discord people did not cause this. Japanese who supposedly respect privacy did.

>> No.23963769

they made her do this on live tv? lol

>> No.23963795
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Notsu Yunano chan I have only good things to say about Honjo she had the height and the body frame to go modeling a little more maybe she lacked confidence ? I hope she makes a small comeback like Ooga, what she doesn't need to comeback because she already have it is her hearing that is very normal

>> No.23963797

if she so motherly tell her lazy ass and organize that mess in the corner

>> No.23963838

the fuck you talking about even the moafags here jokes about it.

>> No.23963843

What is with this anon mocking the hearing thing? People already moved on bro. Focus on the fact that your dancer perfect best metal is doing neuroscience and music psych instead of on the little point about her left ear hearing things like a whisper. Fuck off.

>> No.23963860

It could've stayed and ended in here tho but someone has to spread it to discord.

>> No.23963871
File: 842 KB, 970x856, bruhyouhave-1int.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it was a rhetorical statement

>> No.23963875

Attention whores, all of them. And they claim some god given free speech right to talk about it too when the mods come down hard on them.

>> No.23963904


>> No.23963916

yuzu deleted her instagram already caused of you fags

>> No.23963921

who are you even fighting?

>> No.23963929

nevermind some jap messed up the link

>> No.23963939

you aptly quoted it + >>23963715

>> No.23963940

same type of shilling I see in /b/, /v/,/tv/, and/pol/. this place needs to get Id's.

>> No.23963946

exactly the classic "look at me i got this info, that must mean i'm really important"

>> No.23963948
File: 60 KB, 765x756, RinonChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Isono Rinon chan only smiles come to my face when I remember the growth of Rinon in SG from a girl who couldn't talk at all to owning LoGirl it was really a pleasure.. Wish her only the best together with Never-chad who can safely whisper in her ears all kind of silly things because she can hear perfectly

>> No.23963960


i choked, had to check quickly. fuck you.

>> No.23964002

Sure would seem that way when you pretend to be one. But you’re not tricking anyone. Try all you want. Nobody forces nonstop memes about Soyo’s father or any other girl’s unfortunate run ins, yet you’re on here daily doing it to BM girls and trying to force a meme about this now. You can’t differentiate trolling from being a sociopathic scumbag. And that’s really unfortunate.
Soyo egg and Momoko fat cat are different than “HAHA sHe CaN’t HeAr!”

>> No.23964005

el goblino japones

>> No.23964014

now type this again without crying

>> No.23964054

nigga i just woke up, also dead father ≠ hearing loss, you fucking retard. if you can't take it them cry somewhere else.

>> No.23964074

please continue to exterminate this 23964002 unaware faggot now

>> No.23964081

Pls find a jap anon who had a Moa ASMR.

>> No.23964089

dumbass thinks he knows so much about 4chan but gets triggered like a little faggot redditor

>> No.23964092
File: 47 KB, 579x852, ooga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Ooga Saki chan one of the few good things in this shitty 2020 is that people (who cared) were able to see and hear her sing again very nice ! she was also really close to the deaf girl and you could usually catch them together doing silly things.. will they still be able to do all those things now that one of them is disabled ? just food for thought
She can hear normally.

>> No.23964106 [DELETED] 

i fap to this op

>> No.23964137

Most underrated Gaku.

>> No.23964189

revel in it plebs

>> No.23964192

It looks like some, not all, jap anons already know it based on the comment sections.

>> No.23964198

This nigga 10 hours late

>> No.23964203


>> No.23964212
File: 237 KB, 1920x1080, MIRENA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This girl is Mirena Kurosawa talking about Mirena is talking about pure talent mamma mia ! It's bittersweet (right now) because of her actual situation but just like Ayami I think that she will pick herself up again and keep on fighting the good fight. She had/have? many issues lately but hearing is not one of them because she can hear just fine.

>> No.23964216


there you go faggots. She took it all out of both english and jap versions.

>> No.23964218

time is all their enemy

>> No.23964236

Her profile has been modified already, removing all the more telling parts. If you still didn't believe it was real, this is the proof.

>> No.23964239

Don’t compare me to the boomer oldfag post. ‘oh no he thinks my samefagging spam is bad, it must be the same anon.’
Eat a dick clown

>> No.23964260


>> No.23964264

Not even 24 hours. She got in trouble because of attention seeking too much sharing faggots.

>> No.23964280
File: 2.20 MB, 800x473, CA17D5F9-01F5-4F9D-B66E-45D343BA24E9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

LOL Skitzo anon really on here for hours writing a mini bio for every single SG girl, just to make repeat shots at Moa’s hearing? Kid is a legit looney toon.

>> No.23964285

i'm not even the one doing the spamming. just think it's funny how mad you're getting over it

>> No.23964305


>> No.23964352

Please someone tell me they saved both sites. I would have done it but mobile sucks.

>> No.23964353

Mad? Boy I’m LAUGHING at this fag. Don’t RE me self identifying as skitzo anon, that’s like sayin you admit you’re crazy. You ain’t even him

>> No.23964359
File: 54 KB, 718x1024, Yamaide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Aiko Yamaide chan another girl with so much talent and up until now the only composer of all the Gakus (but If we are strict we can name Horiuti Marina also as a composer too?) People usually don't remember that she was one of the very few girls invited to join SG as she was already doing successful things! Just like when she was young today she has some nice hearing because I have never seen her with any problems.. like at all

>> No.23964404

you are clearly mad and seething with your post above faggot.

>> No.23964408

Did he do c-chan yet?

>> No.23964418

Exactly, i love her sharp tongue, always on point whenever she speak on LoGirl

>> No.23964420


>> No.23964442

I feel like anti-Moafags and anti-Moa people have been waiting for this chance for a decade, to shit on somebody who is basically perfect in every way, more so now that we know what she is studying and where. Pathetic.

>> No.23964452

Faggot better do my Megu, Yuzu, Marin, Tsugumi and Miki some justice or i'll do something.

>> No.23964453

Its on wayback archive

>> No.23964482

He has nothing else to live for. He will surely find the time to write one for everyone.

>> No.23964500

>Please reply to me and give attention, I'm lonely AF.

>> No.23964502

he should charge moa rent for living in his head 24/7

>> No.23964520

Yet Moafag has been here all day crying about anon.

>> No.23964524

careful man he might call you schizo

>> No.23964527

4/10 (mainly because she's still a child and that monkey comment was fucked up lol)
4/10(same reason as previous post)
9/10(personal prefrence)
7/10 (even with graveur shots too)
8/10(JAV hopeful?)
8/10(too old)

>> No.23964536
File: 32 KB, 640x360, icanthearyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23964554



>> No.23964555

FUCK YOU ANON, You should have done better for my waifu. Ill forgive you if you do Maaya tho.

>> No.23964562
File: 1.13 MB, 1915x811, 1590040809970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moa Kikuchi (personal prefrence/hnnng)

>> No.23964566

sasuga bmfags triggered too easily wwww. perhaps 4chan isn't the place for them

>> No.23964576

I agree with this, grow a thicker skin fags and don't be afraid to call this anon a discord tranny.

>> No.23964578
File: 96 KB, 750x1124, Megumi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okada Megumi chan The one word I have for Megumi is "Elegance" I think Megu classical dance background permeates to all the aspects of her life and yet she still is able to geek and goof around Castles walls and somniferous history books She is without a doubt a fine lady and for sure has a fine hearing.

>> No.23964623

>emergency state is lifted in Tokyo
Graduation and transfer-in when?

>> No.23964624


>> No.23964633

noice, might have to go to japan to see some live concerts.

>> No.23964684

idk when they'll have full capacity concerts again, but i don't see why they can't have a smaller ceremony with family and some select people and just live stream it fore everyone else

>> No.23964712

Cute ear

>> No.23964741


>> No.23964745

>Everyone who thinks shitposting is shit is one Moafag.

>> No.23964751

clever, if it's OC then kudos even tho this is a nothingburger atm

>> No.23964832

>that instagram ear collage

>> No.23964859
File: 129 KB, 1200x800, Momoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Okazaki Momoko chan The talents of Momoko were many and even if I enjoyed her brief Model career and she chose in the end go all out with her dance skills for me she will forever be my crazy comedienne .. knowing her father maybe it was a dead end? would he support her? in Japan? I would never know what I know is that she can hear just fine

>> No.23964914

Imagine a momoko mirena comedy duo.
Imagine a Sakura Gaku no Tsukai comedy show.

>> No.23964956


>> No.23964993

Imagined it.
It would be cringe.

>> No.23965101

they're like feminist who only want the good stuff but don't like it when they get treated the same shit as everyone.

>> No.23965114


>> No.23965176
File: 103 KB, 640x640, 1589560116770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't want to get off topic but yeah. this ain't twatter or reddit or normal book.

>> No.23965283
File: 13 KB, 206x320, disgust.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my. He's manifested the outofnowhere army of shitpost supporters to give his jabs at someone's hearing trouble a cheer squad. How can someone be this obsessed with getting YOUs and forcing his opinion at the expense of a girl's fight with a disability?

>> No.23965319
File: 111 KB, 736x911, YuzumiChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yuzumi Shintani chan.. At this stage the intrepid reader would have noticed my fondness for the girls that spend a long time in SG because I enjoy so much to see them grow! , Yuzumi is the one girl that doesn't belong in that group that really surprised me the most and all her small triumphs (I noticed with my eagle eye) were due to her super hard work attitude and as everyone knows hard work puts you where good luck can find you.
She can also hear with no problems at all I mean she has some big earphones in the radio

>> No.23965337

No anon What have you done? Now we are going to get even more posts of edited screengrabs and "nuh uh it's not me, cope moafag"

>> No.23965389

shut up earwax skitzo, go take your meds.

>> No.23965393

now type this again without crying

>> No.23965544

I have a cousin who has down syndrome and reading thru this is exactly like my uncle explaining to my cousin if something is inappropriate or embarrassing and she just says “shut up stupid, no angry!” storms off and does it again a few minutes later.

>> No.23965599

Go to 1:30


>> No.23965648
File: 173 KB, 1920x1080, MarinChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Hidaka Marin chan since day one when she entered SG and got the spotlight in Everafter I thought this girl man.. With Marin I learned the hard way the meaning of "My Pace" because I wanted her to do/be so many things ( I really enjoyed her singing for example) but in the end (and until the end) she did it her own way and still does with her Plays or her Twitter.. I have a strange feeling that she will surprise me again sooner than later not doing what I expect I cannot sleep on Marin chan
She has totally functional Auricle, ear canal et all

>> No.23965651
File: 3.35 MB, 2048x2560, 1589907948480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

learn to navigate this place and how to truly get rid of spam posting. in a board of this size wont be hard but if your too lazy to do that then grow a thicker skin.

>> No.23965658


>> No.23965692

I've seen this documentary before. simpler times but still from a young age are taught to work hard at everything. I can imagine the good and the bad from such mentality.

>> No.23965702


>> No.23965718
File: 55 KB, 993x579, 1589742164855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23965772
File: 241 KB, 1164x1200, 1589992530112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is there any consequences that Moa had such info on the Uni website? now that it's know to the public what is Koba gonna do to her?

>> No.23965838
File: 124 KB, 1080x1080, 1589912453681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23965866

She's cured

>> No.23965893

Can’t speak for him but I report and hide most of shizo’s stuff but that doesn’t make it less annoying. I don’t run word filters though since it also potentially filters unrelated posters

>> No.23965958 [DELETED] 

lmao. damn right beta cucks you better run away.

>> No.23965985
File: 91 KB, 1080x951, 94897665_3084556204941234_2654252855908383610_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23966014

I've been doing it, my time on /a/ taught me as much and trust me the autist there was worse. this is child play in comparison. I fucking hate ack.

>> No.23966045

watching the BM London show on February. those lucky bastards got to see BxMxC.

>> No.23966049

Please more. I want to know about the auricles of all current and former Ciao girls and the Repipi squad.

>> No.23966059
File: 2.62 MB, 1352x956, 1589741653927.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23966065
File: 126 KB, 2047x1151, Maaya_happy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Asou Maaya chan Maaya top moments were pretty much all from the start of her career (super carefree all in fun) and stretched that time to the maximum up until when Momoko left (Many things to talk about this fact but would be too long) and also in the very end ( pic related era) when she was able to really appreciate herself and fully enjoy her last days with some peace.. Maaya learned many things in SG but the most important one is the love that pretty much all Fukei have for her I think that she felt that support very deeply and is something that she will never forget
Maaya chan have a very normal hearing ability

>> No.23966072

Repipi are tolerable but the Ciao girls, I had to tune off halfway their vids on YouTube.

>> No.23966081


>> No.23966090

you mean besides making her partly deaf?

>> No.23966096
File: 2.07 MB, 1144x640, 1589654921000.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23966140

honestly the deaf part is not that big of a deal, pretty common in the music industry. I just know that Japan is tight lipped and wouldn't be suprised if theres a contract out there she signed not disclosing any info that might give the company a bad image. You've be suprised how many chicks would rather go deaf than look ugly.

>> No.23966208

nahh fuck this bitch, i remember she was about to steal miki's moment too during the transfer ins but luckily mori sensei stepped in and shut her up.

>> No.23966209

There's a joke here somewhere about her feeling the support of somone very deeply

>> No.23966215

It still sucks for her knowing how much she loves music. I, for one, really wouldn't want to deal with it as a music connoisseur myself.

Also, she removed a lot from her profile, not just the hearing part, also the guitar playing and music genres.

>> No.23966218

Hana is cursed

>> No.23966263

she's gonna be alright anon. She got cash in the bank and can afford whatever available treatments the worlds got to offer. the only thing tho is with the National Emergency in japan lifted the demand for BM shows are gonna have high and she might be MIA if she gets any form of surgery. Also if by going by this and the previous thread she's been kicking ass even with this going on.

>> No.23966293
File: 1.05 MB, 2715x3971, SoyokaChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Yoshida Basedoka chan The girl that transformed herself from a very scared timid little thingy full of funny noises to the third motherly figure (#1Raura #2 C-chan) of SG taking care and gaining the respect and admiration of many kouhais, I was surprised when she chose Yui as a sempai that she admired citing the care and love that Yui has about everything SG that only confirms me that her passion about SG is greater that I thought
Basedoka chan is super blind but no one can say that she's deaf as a door knob

>> No.23966298

Which one of you fags threw a sweater at Moa during their Megitsune set on February 2020? I hope you get testicular cancer and you cops become even more queer.

>> No.23966306

False. Emergency lifted doesn't mean shit for concerts. Large congregations are still banned and expected to not happen for the foreseeable future here. Tokyo Game Show is already officially cancelled and that's not even until September.

>> No.23966310

3/10(for taking a motherly role while she should enjoy being a kid)

>> No.23966330

post proofs, if that's the case she might be in top top shape by the time shit starts rolling over there.

>> No.23966346

wtf is japan doing, they have more cases than where i'm from but we're still on lockdown.

>> No.23966357

also heard that Japan are trying to get tourism up again. Kind of defeat the purpose of no large gatherings.

>> No.23966364

stop lying bruh, you're a bmfag, i'm sure it goes deeper than that.

>> No.23966384

big discovery, it seems that the ones who were more subjectivel to catching the coof were the ones who followed the guidelines and stayed home at least here in the States. lol.

>> No.23966389

They don't want to completely wreck their economy and it's not that bad in Japan, they're very hygienic after all.

>> No.23966393





I'm not spending any more time pulling links. Google it. Basically everything is fucked until October here.

>> No.23966400
File: 243 KB, 683x1019, 1539888132329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23966402

lose the shades and do a ponytail since she can pull of the pigtails and she'll get a 4. her personality is just asking for bullies.

>> No.23966407
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, 912bd100.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23966426
File: 94 KB, 1280x720, 740b4879.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23966432

thanks anon, I'll give it a wait and see approach on this since the articles are a week or older. fucking captcha is getting annoying

>> No.23966461

lmao sounds like you get beaten up a lot as a kid and you hate anything that's sweet and innocent so you bully them.

>> No.23966462
File: 59 KB, 772x602, 1589579576196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another Yui poster

>> No.23966464
File: 442 KB, 1280x883, Momoe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori Momoe chan When she got into SG I thought "Oh ! we have another actress here" but apart from some Panasonic CM she hasn't acted at all and went on a weird tangent with Onefive and when asked what she wants to do in the future she says that she want to travel and learn other languages ( non English my bet is French ) The question is what is Momoe going to do with her life ? ah well she's a kid and can do whatever she likes she have the skillset and the brains to make it work and get a respectable career in College ( on the side ) I'm not worried for Momoe at all
She has perfect hearing

>> No.23966472

now this is some projection lol

>> No.23966488


>> No.23966523

also don't get buttblasted if I give your fave grade schooler a 4 or lower doing that to all of them. there kids after all and not my preference.

>> No.23966641
File: 175 KB, 1920x1080, AritomoChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is Tsugumi Aritomo chan she's without a doubt the Gaku that have changed the most from transferin to last year it's very remarkable comparing both the pictures and her attitude and personality because she got very self-conscious now and her comedienne side was toned way down ( this makes me a little sad ) On a positive note I think that she's enjoying very much her Onefive era because she found her love for modeling all those clothes and she could make it happen if she wants
She can hear no problem since she's not disabled

>> No.23966655

kek did you just learned the word "projection" so that's your response to everything? lol

>> No.23966782
File: 148 KB, 1249x818, SanaChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shiratori Sana chan, No one have been hit as hard with this hiatus as the newly (yet to be) inducted third year Gakus this is the time to shine for Sana and she sadly is unable to do so If I here writing this words feel uneasy can't imagine how this girl feel with the clock ticking day after day .. anyway Sana started with a bang in her first Fresh episodes and then ( I guess ) staff shut that stuff pretty fast she has great personality has a great sense of humor she knows what is needed to be done but sometimes it's unable to make things happen but overall a very good Gaku with a nice crisp hearing

>> No.23966815

no, I just use it when someone goes into extreme detail about their inner desires or events that happen to them. I will admit that I only been in /jp/ for about a week. Learned that word on my time here to call out bullshit.

>> No.23966822

on 4chan. been on 4channel here and there.

>> No.23966852

Nice BS diary entry. Now will you shut up and eat my ass?

>> No.23966928

>followed by projection
>proceeds to admit he didn't knew what he was saying
kys faggot.

>> No.23966962
File: 79 KB, 1080x1350, KokonaChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nonaka Kokona chan Everything I wrote for Sana is double true for Kokona because I think that she could be the next President and we are 10 months off her graduation No one that I remember not even A+ Legendary tier Gakus had individual merchandise in her first year and Kokona pulled that thing on with ease she's definitely a top Gaku in personality charm comedy banter improvisation and many many things more It pains me not to be able to see her grow.. a disgrace
Kokona can hear with no problem

>> No.23967000

Shame about the nasty elderly frenchman teeth

>> No.23967014

Su literally said she has trouble hearing things behind her because of her ear-shape, newfag

>> No.23967037
File: 145 KB, 1366x768, EY6NQTKUYAAruzO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23967058

This is just what he was waiting for all these years, expect him to never shut up about it.

>> No.23967085

The dude is on here all day, he does nothing else with his life. Things like common decency are long lost to him because his life takes place mostly online.

>> No.23967087
File: 210 KB, 900x900, yui.uemura1122~1590485582~2317483493225202180_15458289814.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23967121

Yeah yeah, studying neuroscience on Keio University is kinda nice I guess but how about going to Disneyland every day of the week? Now that's really impressive!

>> No.23967167 [DELETED] 

I reported his posting as spam and I got banned. WTF?

>> No.23967182
File: 73 KB, 1024x1024, MikiChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yagi Miki chan When I hope for a new transferin the perfect example is just like Miki chan brand new fresh girl clumsy innocent unintentionally funny all the characteristics that many 5 year Gakus had before and are a recipe for a girl that will give her best to improve .. Miki has refined herself so much lately especially in dancing and in singing always so hard and strict in SG because the standards have been getting higher and higher every year
Yagi Miki smile can heal minor lacerations and her hearing is very normal for a girl her age

>> No.23967195

>profiles go more in-depth the younger the girls get

No suprise here

>> No.23967215

Now that Japan will cease the lockdown Hana can finally go back to pursuing her objectives and having great achievements

>> No.23967229

She's so cute

>> No.23967248


>> No.23967290

Best gak exhibit #23

>> No.23967315
File: 154 KB, 1120x1680, NeoChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neo Satō chan One year is just too short of a time ( for me) to get a clear picture of a girl for example If I could say that she must be very similar to Basedoka chan in many aspects however experience tells me that to do so would be a mistake I know that she will develop her own characteristics and I for sure will get some surprises she seems to be a very nice girl and seems to have a nice hearing.

>> No.23967466
File: 275 KB, 900x1200, MikoChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Todaka Miko chan Even more than Neo we have barely scratched the surface with Miko chan I think that she is still adjusting herself to the environment I remember her Festival Sakurademy bit Do I think that she was funny? Yes, Do I think that she was happy with her performance? No, cant wait to see more of her and see how she fits into the puzzle
Miko chan can hear just fine

>> No.23967581
File: 136 KB, 1120x1680, YumeChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nozaki Yume chan On a total opposite side from Miko we have Yume chan who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, she reminds me somehow of little Aiko chan that had such a strong personality, she desperately needs a girl of the same age, two would be better to develop her mini clique group side a little more this is very important in SG I really enjoy Yume chan but being too singled out without some balance might not help very much I hope Staff took her personality in consideration choosing her new partner(s) because she can be a little overwhelmy .
Yume chan can hear no problem.

>> No.23967678

uumhwaaahh yuiyui my beautiful wife i kiss you umuuwaaahhh i kiss your lips chuu my baby so hot umwwaahh

>> No.23967708
File: 133 KB, 1680x1120, SakiaChan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kimura Sakia chan, For what I have seen in Sakia chan she has the correct attitude to improve also getting a job very early in her career is super important ! she's still a very little but many Gakus walked the same path.. SG staff said in a tweet that both Sakia and Yume have grown alot (in their video calls) can't wait to see them this is a very important stage for the little Gakus. She hopefully will be a sempai very soon that would seal the deal very nicely.
Sakia chan can hear normally.

>> No.23967715
File: 2.79 MB, 480x270, ezgif-2-f4d94b98ae6e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23967793
File: 64 KB, 1080x1080, 97135010_1118040511905248_3688114934018908554_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23967797

Jesus Christ Anon, use 4chan-X.

>> No.23968093

come back when you're jannie or STFU

>> No.23968106

but she's blind, just look at that outfit

>> No.23968181

How can she be so cute, lads?

>> No.23968210 [DELETED] 
File: 92 KB, 475x637, 1511734900923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spam? yeah I love spam how'd you know?

>> No.23968214

>"I love my Soyo-chan, looks just like me"

>> No.23968242 [DELETED] 
File: 75 KB, 1280x720, 1590424340445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23968255
File: 526 KB, 1080x1080, 1528258996115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hana's play has been canceled again. Why does this keep happening to her?

>> No.23968272


>> No.23968277
File: 2.52 MB, 1160x1450, MightyEgg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23968308
File: 62 KB, 768x1024, 1461727810407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good job you fucking retards.
Here's to never getting any kind of info about the girls ever again. Cheers

>> No.23968329

eat more

>> No.23968349

She didn't choose the NEET life, the NEET life chose her.

>> No.23968377

The whole thing still seems fishy to me There's no way they didn't anticipate this to be found eventually.

>> No.23968387

Da faux god cursed her for not becoming Hana-metal

>> No.23968404

It wasn't true to begin with

>> No.23968419
File: 125 KB, 1080x1350, kotoka_official~1590489825~2317519083322409590_5500642150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23968431

How so? This is like the 10th time you posted this since yesterday without ever providing any proof. And you won't this time aswell because you're talking out of your ass.

>> No.23968435

He is hungry for those precious (You)s

>> No.23968437
File: 144 KB, 1080x1350, sakura_saiga~1590492211~2317539099824573358_4129423854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's really bad at hide and seek

>> No.23968541
File: 124 KB, 1080x1350, 100996811_672913776605112_5322269043253922011_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23968591

extra cute hana

>> No.23968722

moafags be jacking off to disabled girls

>> No.23968753

I think she's doing fine

>> No.23968834

Pretty impressive that it took so long to come out honestly, it was on blogs like 3 months ago and even now it's not spread as much as I expected it to.

>> No.23969099

Because >>23968404

>> No.23969108

Hana is so sad that she doesn't have to work for another week :/

>> No.23969123
File: 356 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_20200526_150652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23969138
File: 1.04 MB, 1366x2048, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> peers touring world, raising children, advancing >neuroscience


>> No.23969154

I mean, as log as she's beautiful and hot she doesn't have to work about anything else, she's set for life

>> No.23969227
File: 55 KB, 720x947, IMG_20200526_151458.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23969333

Hana's most likely studying something aswell

>> No.23969334
File: 247 KB, 1128x1504, IMG_20200526_152300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23969336

Anon, if she doesn’t cash in on that now when she’s 20. Ie. gravure, modeling. She’s going to have a rude awakening in 8 or so years.

>> No.23969362

Hana's body is really good except for no gobotens but I don't really like her face. She looked cute when she was younger but now she looks really odd sometimes

>> No.23969380
File: 239 KB, 1128x1504, IMG_20200526_152302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23969525

And this is not to say she hasn’t run into some bad luck with all her events being cancelled. But with the pandemic you have to think on a broader spectrum. Do a photobook, sell blurred out pictures like that Off topic Kurumi girl. Hana has all the beauty and no hustle. I actually worry for her. Unless her parents are filthy rich and she’s already set for life or has a sugar daddy somewhere. Hana doesn’t strike me as the type to do that though.

>> No.23969596

The thing is, she has to do something
Either schooling or make her looks useful, maybe gravure, maybe selling pics or marrying/being a mistress of some old CEO and fuck guys behind his back
Hana's problem is that it looks like she's stagnant

>> No.23969610

Hana open a fucking onlyfans you stupid bitch. you could make so much fucking money you dumb fucking bitch jesus chirst. instead you're here pussy footing fucking shitposting about WRESTLING? have you seen your own ass and thighs Hana? are you retarded Hana?

>> No.23969657
File: 420 KB, 828x1472, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I once suggested Hana pursue her love of wrestling. But after what happened to that other Hana, and stuff people say about joshi and their fans. Fuck that.

>> No.23969708

Terrace House was the problem though. I don't think Taguti even wants to wrestle though, she doesn't even watch joshi as far as I can tell.

>> No.23969844

Other hana wasn't bullied because of her wrestling it was because of what she did on terrace house.
The only real danger in wrestling for her would be to turn into a lesbian

>> No.23969875

She recently got into it after she saw the stardom match at wrestle kingdom

>> No.23970043

Wasn't her previous IG name very similar to suicide-Hana's?

>> No.23970058

I push my face into that pit

>> No.23970090

imo Hana should open a youtube channel showing her workout on how to tone her butt and thighs

>> No.23970159

Plenty of Russia thots live a pretty comfortable life doing that

>> No.23970195
File: 199 KB, 960x1200, C3yNgfGUMAElwf9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i saw something in twitter (the yui lover ome) but i gave no shit and continued scrolling
now i see this thread and wtf
what happened???

>> No.23970231

>the autist there was worse.
It's actually the same guy! He shits up every board!

>> No.23970233

Moa is deaf and is leading the science into a new era

>> No.23970241

Last one was more interesting, this one has some nice Moas but it' mostly shizo writing unfunny shit and mocking the disabled

>> No.23970247

Cringe cringe cringe cringe

>> No.23970258

>the guitar playing and music genres.
Oh nonono guitarbros what's going on

>> No.23970294

Sana is ruining other gaku's hearing

>> No.23970297
File: 1.29 MB, 1125x1493, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That would be fucking DIMES!

>> No.23970310

She hates us :(

>> No.23970320

>Kikuchi Moa translates to Kikuchi Darling

>> No.23970332

I only jack off to 2017 18 year old perfectly healthy Moa

>> No.23970337

It is now on jewbook lol

>> No.23970340

>she desperately needs a girl of the same age, two would be better to develop her mini clique group side a little more this is very important in SG I really enjoy Yume chan but being too singled out without some balance might not help very much I hope Staff took her personality in consideration choosing her new partner(s) because she can be a little overwhelmy
Agree 100%

>> No.23970399

Now we wait and see what these brown homies are going to do

>> No.23970405

Moa be like "Huh? whatcha say? Huh?"

>> No.23970417

haha it's funny because she's deaf

>> No.23970430

what? what was that? could you repeat that? I didn't hear you

>> No.23970433

Yume sucks and doesn't deserve any friends

>> No.23970465
File: 427 KB, 1054x750, 1587186775427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23970481

Yeah i know what you're saying. She whitens her skin which makes her look unhealthy because when her skin is darker it has a nice glow, plus she looks better with a bit of weight and also when she stays really skinny it looks weird and unhealthy because she has long teeth; it amplifies the effect.
-wear tons of eyeliner
-get long straight hair again
-eat more avoid stress enjoy life
-stop using skin whitener

>> No.23970548

What are you guys saying? anyone who can translate this thread into sign language? please?

>> No.23970615
File: 940 KB, 939x885, 1589673590816.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you niggers deserve this

>> No.23970635


>> No.23970653

shame about the hair and hair color

>> No.23970674


>> No.23970684

I've noticed that kek

>> No.23970714

beautiful yuzu

>> No.23970730

honestly can't tell if she's grade schooler or not

>> No.23970755


>> No.23970780

4/10 (goddamn Japan barely entered grade school)

>> No.23971245


>> No.23971260
File: 707 KB, 1108x1478, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw ugly niggas giving beauty advise to a 10

>> No.23971277

>paying for 4chan gold

>> No.23971612
File: 1.54 MB, 2560x2560, EY5l8HAUEAUUPqH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23971803

she does look mad

>> No.23971845

wouldn't be suprised if it was a troll, the way everybody got was interesting.

>> No.23971941
File: 165 KB, 864x1080, 1590285204663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

especially when they're 10/10 even with a hearing aid.

>> No.23971999

Unironically like Moa more than ever now

>> No.23972001

she's just like me, got the looks but a lazy bum and love the neet life

>> No.23972035

Hana: hot beautiful perfect = NEET
Moa: Disabled balding monkey= EMPLOYED WITH BABY METAL

really makes you think

>> No.23972055

Hana:no talent/brain
Moa:tons of talent/brain

>> No.23972067

Why doesn't Taguti at last do Only Five? It's free money.

>> No.23972071

>she's just like me
Hana anon??
i want sum fuck

>> No.23972081

This x 10. It’s like watching that kid with no legs playing football and making creepy tackles. You root harder for these types. I just hope anons at barricade distance don’t start yelling rude shit at her cause they know she can’t hear well.

>> No.23972118

he's calmed down a lot then

>> No.23972134

prove me wrong that they dont suck. I'm willing to change my mind

>> No.23972147

He'll probably say "but this gaku used to be with them"

>> No.23972151

I like milfs as much as the next guy anon but in this board that's old and busted.

>> No.23972166

go back

>> No.23972205

it's not that Moa became closer to Su than Yui, it's that Yui was always on her bad ear side, so she straight up forgot she was there

>> No.23972241
File: 2.47 MB, 320x367, D8DAF90D-3994-45CE-A32D-9604F4B622C9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23972294


>> No.23972307

miyu is cute lili is cute ayaka is cute mia is cute. if you disagree. you are gay

>> No.23972316

all are ugly

>> No.23972319

Deaf and guitar part removed, that means two thing or moa reads 4chan frequently or the guy making false profile was scared for defame moa and koba. I insist check the disabled twitter link there, that quits credibility

>> No.23972322

ok homosexual gay

>> No.23972328

this. this is also the roster for 2020 transfer in

>> No.23972351

Monkey ur family

>> No.23972354

ok ugly lover who likes uglies

>> No.23972372

ok then i love you let's fuck

>> No.23972384

Cope harder moafag

>> No.23972399

Her asshole deserves punishing

>> No.23972468

I knew Moa was freaky but this takes it to another level .So which AmeriKami stick his peepee in Moa's ear and left her deaf.

>> No.23972488

Mikio fucked her head and killed himself because of the guilt

>> No.23972545

a 8 at best a high 8 but gonna have to see with no make up to go any higher

>> No.23972581

disappointed at you nogs, I was actually being sincere at willing to change my tune.

>> No.23972611

possibly, wouldn't put it past fags on here and reddit to got the autisimo route.

>> No.23972622


>> No.23972643

I mean, the girls in ciao are the ones you see on the channel, if you don't find any of them charming or cute then there's nothing i can really tell you. I love Miyu, Koharu, Lili, and a bunch of other ones and that's all i can say on the matter. The music is whatever, we're not on the child magazine channel to listen to good music

>> No.23972687
File: 536 KB, 500x699, 1590245616968.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we're not on the child magazine channel to listen to good music

>> No.23972703

Are you on the ciao channel where they promote girl manga and toy handbags looking for bangers, mr sufag?

>> No.23972717

Top cute

>> No.23972731


>> No.23972747

you bet I am, the music adds to the merch selling. The table rumba cleaner was alright and actually felt the need to buy. theres more to marketing than a pretty face telling you to buy.

>> No.23972763

also they're called Jinggles.

>> No.23972802

She respects herself

>> No.23972838

Nah, but your face does so open your mouth

>> No.23972848

Taguti Hana has enough cash to last her NEET lifestyle

>> No.23972873

Ok Taguti Hana accountant

>> No.23972878

Wait are you talking about ciao smiles? It's ciao gakuen that's good.



>> No.23972881
File: 203 KB, 1024x868, 12345657845345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

funny how this bitch deleted all that stuff about her being bad at playing guitar off her college profile. lmao fucking bitch was embarrassed

>> No.23972887

No problem

>> No.23972979

It's a free script you retard.

>> No.23972984

No, she just deleted everything that's remotely personal because it would violate a contract policy.

>> No.23972993

>being a stinky poor SEAman

>> No.23973232

Ok that's not what ciao is about. You won't find good tracks on a kids channel

>> No.23973306

How do you explain this one then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPN22pNgmuA?

>> No.23973315

I guess that's a good track to you, sure, whatever.

>> No.23973319

You'll find great butts in ciao though (Miku Tanaka, google it)

>> No.23973328

I know dude that's why I'm into this whole scene. Cute girls with nice butts

>> No.23973355
File: 2.12 MB, 333x300, 1523111373586.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23973378

new onefive single preview you daft niggers

>> No.23973404

>all those close-ups of the malformed children and none of Momo

>> No.23973405

This really does sound like Perfume

>> No.23973413

Sounds less shit than the other one. Highest quality girl has the highest quality webcam as well

>> No.23973419

ok bmfaggot

>> No.23973423

I disliked the video

>> No.23973429

Fucking garbo

>> No.23973430

And you came here to declare it

>> No.23973454

Hecking based

>> No.23973456
File: 21 KB, 400x400, uNCdvVr-_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it really makes me sad that Moa had to delete part of her profile because of the leak... we should die guys

>> No.23973470

What? what did you say?

>> No.23973473
File: 141 KB, 900x1200, cbe422f64c936f335d7b96a8cc6533ec.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The kind of music you listen to with only the left earbud in

>> No.23973488

putting my noise cancelling headphones now anon!

>> No.23973497

Oh no riho bros, how can this be happening to us

>> No.23973572

onefive chads just keep winning

>> No.23973582
File: 989 KB, 1277x719, 1588476018292.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Comments are turned off.

>> No.23973588

1st vid- that's how you sell merchy. Sis would love that bag and might actually get it for her b-day. The shipping is gonna suck. the jingle is stuck in my head now so it did it's job.
2nd vid- was cool, girl in the right had an authentically pleasing too look at shirt. I want it.

>> No.23973593

our girls. this will cause some mental breakdowns for sure.

>> No.23973598

"onefive isn't going to be a nakasan unit"faggot is going to call it shit

>> No.23973603

Those videos are nothing compared to the ones featuring Miyu

>> No.23973605

I bet your nose sticks out when hiding behind poles.

>> No.23973623

Based samefagger

>> No.23973630
File: 352 KB, 1200x800, IMG_20200526_221311.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23973639

we posted less than 1 minute from eachother, are you honestly going to do this stupid shit again

>> No.23973653

As if you're not a pass-user

>> No.23973661

hooray, you get to accuse everyone of anything. fucking die already

>> No.23973668

Egg, stunning, stunning, stunning

>> No.23973700

post them anon I liked them

>> No.23973735
File: 119 KB, 600x600, 100_212_10024141_LL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23973738
File: 458 KB, 415x400, DancingPumpkin.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23973758

Yes but wear shades over those Down Sydrome eyes, Oh Yes like a global earthquake, Yes, Yes but without the falsies.

>> No.23973760

wtf did she mean by this

>> No.23973772

that's standard youtube rules for videos involving minors

>> No.23973778

Oh you lying piece of shit. you're not only deaf you're also blind lmao

>> No.23973785

>Kano as center-girl


>> No.23973791
File: 41 KB, 588x386, MM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23973793

easy. fat gobotens

>> No.23973794

love soyo but they really eggified her here

>> No.23973816
File: 1.46 MB, 272x492, 1588948234789.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23973841

Kano so tall :-o

>> No.23973848

get ready onefive chads, deaf earwaxfags are gonna seethe again on this one.

>> No.23973860

I want to [REDACTED] that butt

>> No.23973871

does anyone have the photos of Marin when she was a kid? There was a cute on when she was drawing and I think her mother was cleaning her face or something

>> No.23973873
File: 35 KB, 480x359, 1587055484838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is shizosaurus going to have a meltdown like he did when the last MV dropped?

>> No.23973876

Disabled people gonna disable

>> No.23973958

so good it shut down 4chan's servers

>> No.23974007

>oh I'm salty now
>look at me being so salty
>salt salt salt

>> No.23974039

Im going to smack that asshole

>> No.23974047

how would miku react?

>> No.23974066

don't remember putting that ranking lol

>> No.23974071

I didn't save anon's webms everytime he posted it but these are my faves
also anyone remembers the name of that ciao model who used to model along with with Sara? I think her name was anna something.

>> No.23974084


>> No.23974085

nothing because her is ass too fat to feel it

>> No.23974087

hoho faggot is repeating words, you scared now aren't you bitch or just limited vocabulary? haha

>> No.23974094


>> No.23974098

>Yui shirt “Milf’d” Memed into existence

>> No.23974106

based developers have to make sure the earwax fags don't shitpost.

>> No.23974109

FastMantis here, just saw the new OneFart-MV. I rate it 1/10 because Kano was in it, otherwise it would be a 0/10. Very bad production value and dumb egg ruining it with swollen egg-head and alien features. Also very bad singing

>> No.23974120

bmfaggots actually think like this

>> No.23974126

>hoho I'm a faggot and I like cocks.
>[autistic screeching]

>> No.23974127

Based Fagmantits

>> No.23974132
File: 1.55 MB, 634x564, tanakatime.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23974139


>> No.23974160

you like cocks? ew, as expected from bm gays

>> No.23974179

I hope they don't use the webcam feature when the MV drops.

>> No.23974183

>Marina will never show us her prolapsed anus

Why even live?

>> No.23974190

bmfags -> idiots who love cock, talking about men, looking at men, and running in circles like children and purchasing cringy shirts with goat skulls on them

sgfags, onefivefags, repipifags, ciaofags -> cool people who enjoy cute girls

>> No.23974205
File: 139 KB, 800x599, img20200426onefive01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You got that right my fren

>> No.23974213

stop talking about me fag

>> No.23974220
File: 374 KB, 1364x2048, EOJfOCxU0AAIB2w.jfif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BMFags, SGfags, Ciaofags, Repipifag -> Kings among men

Smelly shizoposter that no one loves -> total gayboiii

>> No.23974232

Copyright Strike one of her videos.

creepy tip: you need to give your full address, real name, etc to the claimant or the copyright striker to appeal the claim.

>> No.23974236

Pretty catchy, MV is also gonna be more fun than 4 girls in field dancing. I also like that this time the fake tits are gone or at least obscured.

full forehead Tsugu hnnnnggg

>> No.23974266

1st vid (oh Japan) love ASMR tho.
2and vid wholesome

>> No.23974287
File: 195 KB, 750x1334, official.onefive~1590526521~2317826952658387250_21299873281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23974291

So all you have to do is dox yourself to get a gander at Marippe’s starfish? Sounds like a fair trade.

>> No.23974302


>> No.23974303

Eggyoka looking like Eggtaira

>> No.23974309 [SPOILER] 
File: 229 KB, 1080x1030, 1590527381953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23974313

Im sorry you have to speak to the good ear. I cant hear you crying.

>> No.23974330

No, she has to give her details. So you're doxxing her

>> No.23974333


>> No.23974350

so that's where the meme comes from

>> No.23974413

based and truepilled.

>> No.23974451

idk anon being in either one sounds pretty bad.

>> No.23974552

Why the fuck are you here then? i knew it you have a crush on me.

>> No.23974556

Bm, SG, ciao, repipi, onefive = cool anons.

Skitzo, shizo, fastmantis (all same person) = ultra gay garbage.

Neofaga = manly, classiest men with the best taste in the world

>> No.23974659
File: 54 KB, 480x640, MeguPrincess.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23974662
File: 3.51 MB, 600x338, 1581343998379.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23974672

Tsugu still has nice tits

>> No.23974690

>Why the fuck are you here then
the discussion (what's little of it), the fap material of the 7's, the dope concert posting(got introduced to mega and love it) and less reddit autism.

>> No.23974707

post them anon

>> No.23974753

yeah that falls on being both bm & sg fag.

>> No.23974807
File: 450 KB, 1212x1220, 1574545326517.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want a glimpse of her abs bros.

>> No.23974814

so you're here just for the coom lol at least you admit it. I can respect that.

>> No.23974849

I'm just here to hook up with girl anons, I haven't been to snag on so far. :/

>> No.23974879

hello it me ayaka miyoshi hit me up on the ig

>> No.23974914

OMG is this true?? Just DM'd you check your inbox babe

>> No.23974916

well yes, but the point is you're contradicting. you're saying both side seems bad but what you describe as yourself falls on being on both sides.

>> No.23974965 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.09 MB, 719x894, 1590529978051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no one mentions that Riho posted a picture of Yume on her IG

>> No.23974970

Your safest bet is with Airibody anon.

>> No.23975014


>> No.23975129

only saudi royalty can afford her

>> No.23975139

because no one cares about riho except fm-kun

>> No.23975147

I never once said one side is better than the other. both sides imo had just enough bad that I didn't want to put myself into those categories. I can see myself being in both but to hell I'm gonna admit to falling into either one of them and it's only to some degree on both.

>> No.23975171

I showed you my dick why aren't you replying :'(

>> No.23975176

protip: you'll get bored with bm since they have no depth and inevitably join the sg/onefive/ciao/repipi chads for all the weekly content

>> No.23975187

what is an fm-kun?

>> No.23975202

Nogga, don't let the retard fool you, most of us like all parts. It's just one dude constantly shitting on everything BM-related. Give it a few weeks and you can tell which posts are his

>> No.23975210

it very small. i showed airi-chan and she made big laugh with it's big joker mouth it like cocktail weenie wwww

>> No.23975243

the retard's obsession

>> No.23975260

I'm liking all of it honestly, BM because metal is my thing but enjoy the j-pop as well. I'm a weeb afterall. The idol culture is what I'm trying to figure out but I'll lurk on it since lurking is always the best way. gotta say for me at least it's BM>onefive>ciao>repipi>sg(only because I havent gone full depth into them yet)

>> No.23975268

Please properly learn about SG

>> No.23975273

him >>23975243

>> No.23975323

Grab some open back headphones for that high quality music. It's too good for that meme trash.

>> No.23975324

oh you madirfakir, so you're the faggot that fights everyone huh? i'm on both sides as well but sooner or later you'll come to find yourself leaning towards which side you prefer more or maybe you already do.

>> No.23975340
File: 210 KB, 1543x918, artistsrenditionofevents.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, when Yui left and you cried in the Fox Bar

>> No.23975357

yeah you like it now but soon you'll realize there's not a whole lot to talk about with bm. everything's been said and done, so you end up resorting to obsessing over the most minor details about the girls and an unhealthy amount of speculation. this was referenced yesterday when info of moa's nothing burger of a bio was blown way out of proportion. this is also why anything posted in here about sg, onefive, etc makes the bmfags seethe so hard. boredom and jealousy

>> No.23975358

So you've gone "full depth" on ciao, repipi and onefive but not sg? How is that even possible?
You are a disgrace to this thread. Leave

>> No.23975360


>> No.23975406
File: 972 KB, 399x300, 1587490450346.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This might be the most retarded thing I have ever read in one of these threads, congrats.

>> No.23975419

HUh??? WHAT?????????? CAN YALL SPEAK UP?????

>> No.23975430

we've reached max delusion levels

>> No.23975443

lmaoing @ this broken english nigger in a group chat I'm in acting all superior because he has the link to Moa's profile but won't share it because reddit people told him not to spread it

>> No.23975451

I only liked bm for music but it was a gate for me to sg. If you want to start with sg i suggest you start with the Tests & pranks then LoGirl then Fresh, although reddit is most of your source to start with these, just ignore the cringe faggotry and soufriere.
Eyy help the nigga instead, Don't bully him faggot.

>> No.23975479

Moa be like
Left channel Left channel left channel
Left channel Left channel left channel

>> No.23975482

kek, shizo desperate for friends or at least one friend

>> No.23975483

He's not wrong. No point in turning it into falseflag tho.

>> No.23975502

>poster says bmfags are going to seethe
>they seethe
seems p accurate to me desu

>> No.23975515

yes i want sg frens here, even you and your other skitzo personas

>> No.23975531

Skitzo here. I made this thread my bitch. I told you fuckers not to test me

>> No.23975537

i think you seethe because you barely got any yous for your unfunny gaku-profiles despite spending hours to type that garbage

>> No.23975541

and there he goes misidentifying posters. tale as old as time

>> No.23975624

How is it possible to go from bm to repipi/ciao/onefive while skipping sg?
That's the most ridicolous thing I've ever heard

>> No.23975631

No, I'm skitzo

>> No.23975637

I'm PrayingMantis or whatever and I will give you a Stone Cold Stunner

>> No.23975642

little bitch do you think this is a joke? Because I will really spank your asshole you little slut

>> No.23975810
File: 263 KB, 1800x1200, EYnJYKNWsAMrDog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next thread will have a special treat for all the Riho-KINGS

>> No.23975863

were you the one who posted in /adv/ like last week lol

>> No.23975875

the one asking how to print out my soyo-cutout? yes.

>> No.23975917

Stop larping as me nigger faggot before I spank your asshole instead

>> No.23976007

stop larping as me or my soyo-tulpa gets angry with you

>> No.23976009

retarded ever seething butthurt pregnantyuifag

>> No.23976119
File: 694 KB, 480x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23976130
File: 100 KB, 352x550, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Este huevon realmente está hablando con el mismo. Hay que mandarlo al manicomio

>> No.23976131
File: 2.62 MB, 1080x1309, DrawingDicks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23976149
File: 99 KB, 1242x1013, SuDrunk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moa me drunk

>> No.23976159
File: 197 KB, 1017x765, MoreMoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>unfunny gaku-profiles
I was seriously entertained. Idol is for merriment.

>> No.23976175
File: 124 KB, 656x1233, 5c3d61ec9dd7ce6372d28ea9bee246fe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Moa era un genio y tenía problemas para escuchar era más interesante que el nuevo MV de OneFive. El Shizophreniac está roto ahora

>> No.23976187

Momoe practicing her knockout punch. Remember, I'm first in line.

>> No.23976215

idk some 4chan newfag that found this general instead of reddit? There's an abundance of repipi/ciao/onefive vids posted here than sg.

>> No.23976239

It's a mole trying to expose shizo

>> No.23976240

i like your funny gakue profile memes. it got touchy-feely ish tho.

>> No.23976268
File: 60 KB, 1080x1021, 72784226_181949156307047_20839433852931720_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23976299

nahh that bitch has huge ego, she had the nerve to play guitar in front of fans even tho she knew she was bad at it.

>> No.23976329

Huh? No escucho de este oido.

>> No.23976356

Fucking little slut testing me again?!!! Ok then what happens to your butthole next is on you little bitch!

>> No.23976394


>> No.23976435

Leave her asshole alone you asshole

>> No.23976452
File: 21 KB, 320x401, 71098630_1254273581440051_3256142456928756614_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23976455

yeah thats right punish that butthole

>> No.23976489

I wish these pedros are the ones who got ear cancer instead

>> No.23976615
File: 2.27 MB, 1280x720, mikukowai.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23976960

I want to use that on her butt instead

>> No.23977080

>oh nooos, I did things backwards
fuck off I'll do what I want.

>> No.23977114

Chad move

>> No.23977130

FastMantis here. Rewatched the OneFart MV. I have to lower the score to 0.5/10 because I literally puked when I saw the egg-potato again. Really the Bastion Booger of the group

>> No.23977144

how often do you think about me genuinely curious

>> No.23977151

Stop (You)ing your own post

>> No.23977155

But how does it happen?

>> No.23977159

must be pretty often with how much you bring me up

>> No.23977234

Not him but
>Got into /bmsg/ during:
>No SG content due to rona
>But ciao, peepee and Onefive still releases new content
>Said content gets posted here
>Newfag sees them instead of SG

>> No.23977404
File: 479 KB, 900x1200, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Las música OneFive es pura mierda. Solo los escuchan maricas que se amaran los huevos hacia atrás el culo y bailan en frente un espejo.

>> No.23977485

You have to use other translator other than Google Translate.

>> No.23977491
File: 63 KB, 670x825, puresoy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23977530

le puta cabron el matador banchod senior taco burritto

>> No.23977603

I swear these mexicans are either spies from amuse or jannies speaking in codes; just look how they immediately deleted moa's profile. We need to speak in klingon to counter them.

>> No.23977653

Are you faggots really not going to spread the Moa news all over the place?

>> No.23977664

the admins in the groups I'm in doesn't allow it

>> No.23977681

people have to discuss this otherwise it'll rot them from the inside, this is huge news, completely shatters the bm bullshit even more than yui's illness.

>> No.23977684

How they gonna know it was you

>> No.23977685

I kiss the Soyo today in her exposed forehead

>> No.23977725

Tell me which ones and I'll do it.

>> No.23977742

why should we, those other faggots don't deserve to know anyways

>> No.23978031 [DELETED] 

Moa if u can read this I want to luv u so deep. please make a insta or twitter, or better yet follow me. Dont worry for ur deafness u will be ok and have all 2020 for treatment and free time. U know where find me

>> No.23978060

Moa here, thank anon. Me love you longtime.

>> No.23978081

Moa if u can read this I want to luv u so deep. please make a insta or twitter, or better yet follow me. Dont worry for ur deafness u will be ok and have all 2020 for treatment and free time. U know where find me

>> No.23978166

Lol dumb and dumber

>> No.23978260


>> No.23978382

I luv moa in lewd way but the most yui in wife way. What is yui doing? When is yui coming back?

>> No.23978532

My dream is getting closer Soyo chan


>> No.23978547

水野 由結 彼女の赤ちゃんを育てています

>> No.23978844
File: 11 KB, 239x426, (00_00_03.400) 0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

new yuzu featuring someone i did the favor of cropping out

>> No.23978973
File: 704 KB, 720x1520, nf7c38eyp7151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no no no we got too cocky fastmantisbros

>> No.23979003

Where's the statistics anon?

>> No.23979016

Nice chest

>> No.23979021

nigga, close some tabs goddamn.

>> No.23979031

Thanks for cropping the video
Holy fuck my eyes i just had to look at the original

>> No.23979059

Show me your tits yudu

>> No.23979091

Kek maaya jobless again.

>> No.23979271

I want to argue against this because it makes me mad, but it's 100% correct sadly.

>> No.23979286

>Tests & pranks then LoGirl then Fresh, although reddit is most of your source to start with these, just ignore the cringe faggotry and soufriere.
Perfect advice. I'd add to watch the documentaries/old skits too though

>> No.23979328


>> No.23979330


>> No.23979482

Apparently moa edited her profile because was filtered out where she's studying but imagine if was by read shit here or worst like these. Pardon them moa

>> No.23979505

Ciao Gakuen's Magnum Opus:

>> No.23979579 [DELETED] 

pits thread next

>> No.23979647
File: 108 KB, 560x967, female presenting pit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23979773


>> No.23980095

I knew that was false japanese, ok? Read me moa! Lol I pervt u, calle me and be fun in secret

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