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Previous thread: >>23740203

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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I don't want to use Windows 10.

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I've got a desktop on 7 and a laptop on 10 to cover my bases

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I stopped using windows altogether because all of it is garbage. best decision of my life. I keep a windows drive around for vns.

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I'm getting
AGE.EXE - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point MFCreateDXGIDeviceManager could not be located in the dynamic link library MFPlat.DLL.

for the trial. Is this cause I'm on Win 7?

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should I just wait a few months before playing conquista? I don't want to finish all the ng+ content and then have to start another playthrough to get append content like I've had to every other fucking time

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Cute slut.

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I live in germany so I have to deal with our retarded customs system when importing shit and over the years I've had so much trouble with them I'd rather not fucking buy anything at all. Everytime they hold one of my packages hostage for literally no reason I have to spend an entire day driving to their fucking HQ just so they can open it up with me present and confirm it does not contain any fucking drugs.

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imagine being a character that exists solely to suck dicks for money

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Unfortunate. I hope some 有志 makes a patch for the full game.

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god, i want more people to play Musicus!
it's the best vn for anyone who's interested in making their own works of art (let it be art, music, fiction, video games) but is struggling to figure out what is the meaning of this
any mention of Musicus! makes me smile like a dork
then musicus is the vn for you because it shows how bad it is and it makes you feel like SOMEONE IS THERE KNOWING YOU'RE DOING YOUR BEST
the ending of musicus will forever be so influential upon me
it just made me want to make things forever because i started having some faith in my skills
no one knows what the future is like but the simple answer of belief is more than enough...

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I don't play Eushully games until the next one comes out because of appends.

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sounds like kastel

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Doubt he plays eroge these days. Probably too busy taking HRT.

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at the same time I want to join in on the discussion and strategy sharing or whatever, it's a bad feel and mostly autism

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Are there statistics in regards to specific OS usage in Japan? I doubt the amount of people to use Windows 7 is that irrelevant.

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sounds pretty good
t. musician

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Just upgrade to Windows 10 for free like everyone else.

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How about no? They clearly don't want you to be playing their game. Plenty of other games to play.

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The Conquista trial is the first game to not work for me on W7. There have been other recent games that only listed support for W8/10 like Jinki Resurrection, Amakano 2, and Koitate, but all of those worked fine for me.

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Didn't even know Koitate doesn't support W7 as it does not give any sort of error during start-up.

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what's with the autistic fixation on an eol os? all versions of windows in the last 20 years have been equally garbage, if you must use windows at least use the supported version

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I use Win 7 to dab on you.

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Wouldn't call picking a superior product "autistic".

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This is just from looking at the product info from the website. The next Saga Planets game appears not to support 7 either, but we'll never really know till they release the trial.

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Install a virtual machine with W10.

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I never really had any problems with customs here, but yea customs office for me is just a small walk away. Just buy eroge from amazon and you don't have to deal with customs at all here.

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It is kastel.

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Times move on. Things change. And win10 is there to stay for a while. Did it bring anything new and useful to the table? Debatable. Does it work? Yes.

It's not fun to change OS or computers. It's work after all. But really, there's no need to worry about anything. Even if there's a game that's not working on 10... let's not act as if our backlogs aren't so big, that it hardly matters anyway. Honestly, at this point I'd be glad to actually lose a couple of things due to it, so I can maybe start reading a LN or two. Or watch some anime again. It just doesn't really happen, and the backlog is as big as always.

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I mean virtual machines are a thing
Though for some reason I'm finding it difficult to go fullscreen in my windowsxp vm and have it scale properly

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install gentoo

By the way, do you guys prefer to use wine or a VM. I'm lazy and just use wine and it mostly works fine but maybe a VM would be better.

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I use a vm. wine was really messy to set up with all the font and locale fuckery. I found managing a self-contained vm a lot cleaner. works well for most things but I keep a windows drive around in case I need to run things like eushully games on bare metal because they require gpu or something.

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I refrain from playing trials as I still have to wait and replay the same thing all over again after it comes out especially in Eushully's case they should just let you continue from the point you left off in the trial, kind of impressive how they haven't implemented that after so many years. Autism I know but that's how I am.

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I just finished muh first vn: clover days. hek/hik were fucking trash holy fuck. all the other girls were great.

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>tfw you will never impregnate Shiroha

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>replay the same thing all over again
This one's a bit different in that it just teaches you the gameplay mechanics, puts you through 3 disjointed battles and has basically zero story elements, though in some ways that might make it even less enticing to play. You could learn some strategies that might make your real playthrough smoother though, if you're into minmaxing like that.

>> No.23824001

I'm not sure if the full game will be all that different.

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I'm worried now.

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Is this line followed by a choice?

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Yeah, either you pay her to suck your dick while everyone around you is watching or you don't

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Some people here use tiny 1366 x 768 screens. I wouldn't be surprised really.

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it's probably great if you can somehow stand kaneda

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Finished the first route of Chaos;Head Noah. There are some minor issues, but for the most part it holds up well. A protagonist like in this game is probably better with third person narration though.

That said, the last chapter was a huge disappointment. Most of the characters got shafted really hard and their story comes in a rather unfitting situation, severely rushed as well. The chuuni BS at the end was also completely uncalled for and makes zero sense considering what kinda story it wants to be for 95% of the game. There's also the issue, that the villains in this game are WEAK. Like seriously weak.

Don't know if I want to do the rest. Routes are just like in Chaos;Child, absolutely horrendous to actually get to. Probably not worth it, even if that might be for most the big reason for the Noah version. At least this was better than Child, which went the absolute wrong way a lot earlier than Head. Still, I'd love if Japan wouldn't add chuuni shit to everything, no matter how unfitting it is. Having this big setting with political interest, police, mystery, psychology and science all culminate in a dumb cliched chuuni battle at the end is just.. awful, anticlimactic and honestly just fucking retarded. Couldn't have been more unfitting. The additional routes are probably not fixing that either. I tried the B route, but it quickly looked like the same shit of A, with some minor changes.

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>A protagonist like in this game is probably better with third person narration though.
That's an outright wrong opinion.

>> No.23826168

This comparison is unbelievably stupid.

>> No.23826388

True, the whole point of the narration was to get as close to Takumi's pov as possible and get immersed in his paranoid perspective. That would've been way less effective with third person narration.

>> No.23826645

Phew, only 2 things left on my nukige backlog.

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I'm on chapter 3 right now. Good to know what I have to look forward to :^)

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I regret playing the other routes.

>> No.23827455

It's not like there's anyone out there that doesn't know where it goes, or knows 1 chapter or 2 in at the latest.

There's no need for an "I" for that though. The main reason why I think, third person would work better, is because Takeru is a really terrible human being. This guy deserves nothing. And with the pov and "you" aspect, that couldn't be followed through enough and eventually waters down. Like the entire game, really, if you ask me. I didn't dislike the first person narration, but I can't help but feel that it held everything back.
That's why I prefer the way Child handled it, in theory. On the one hand, it's a much more "safe" character, but on the other hand it can be used with a first person narration easier without having to crumble. That it still ended up crumbling is sad (fuck Nono), but that's another story.

>> No.23827628

>you pay her to suck your dick while everyone around you is watching


>> No.23827699

>The main reason why I think, third person would work better, is because Takeru is a really terrible human being
Takumi is the most relateable protagonist I've ever read in anything.

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does anyone have 厨恋 -処女厨は中古に恋してる-

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Best monster girl games? ive played MGQ and 聖もんむす学園 has caught my eye, just wondering if maybe there's something better out there

>> No.23828754

i have a link if you have a baidu account, if you would like me to reupload it give me 3 favorite heroines, 3 favorite vns and the last vn you read and if it sucked or not

>> No.23828762

>if you would like me to reupload it give me 3 favorite heroines, 3 favorite vns and the last vn you read and if it sucked or not

Fuck off, chink.

>> No.23828843

yeah better just ignore him just because the only link still alive i found was a baidu one

>> No.23829031

vns:ntr homestay, ntr homestay 2, Baldr Bringer
heroines: none cause fuck females

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wtf mariabros i cant believe she got cucked again

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Musicus taught me I should be allowed to just spend all day in my room jamming on my guitar while other people give me money for nothing, which is the ideal political and economic system.

>> No.23830610

haha yes
i too loved kaneda
he should have been the one to kill himself instead of hanai

>> No.23830629

More Efa and Serena-chan when?

>> No.23830639

Serena just got her summer alt so that's something

>> No.23830971

>zero story
Is it sankai all over again?

>> No.23831852

I play Windowed at home because I have a nice large 4k monitor.
Windowed at work too to make it easier to multitask and to minimize when someone comes along.

That appears to be a DX11 API, and DX11 was available for Windows 7 so maybe you can install DX11. But that specific method of linking DX11 may be limited to newer versions. Maybe can be bypassed, maybe can't.
Learn how to reverse engineer if you care to use Windows 7, I guess.

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Don't worry, I actually had no basis to discern your reading speed, not knowing your time investment. Also, reading slowly is generally commendable, Nietzsche said something I can't quite remember, maybe I read it too fast, but he praised it, which afaik proofs that Muramasa should be read slowly

>> No.23832534

for the trial....

>> No.23832624

Can you excuse a bad ending (in the quality sense) if you enjoyed the game throughout?

>> No.23832722

I can excuse an entire game if it just has a perfect waifu.

>> No.23832732

No. I can't think of any game I enjoyed that had a bad ending that didn't ruin it for me.

>> No.23832742

alright, i'm gonna do it
i'm gonna actually read this dumb eroge i downloaded 2 years ago and hoarded away
you do the same as well anons

>> No.23832747

Subahibi? Musicus true end?

>> No.23832757

I haven't played either so I couldn't comment.

>> No.23832785

Reminds me of Akatsuki no Goei and Kinugasa in general. Typically if the ending is not extremely offensive, I can overlook it if I had a lot of fun reading it.

>> No.23832810

MLA had a pretty bad ending

>> No.23833074

I think the akageoi endings are actually offensive.

>> No.23833093

Yes and no. When I have ~9 good chapters out of 10, like in Chaos;Head, it'd be stupid to hate the entire game for it. But reading the other routes isn't very interesting thanks to that, and is probably not happening anymore.

A well done ending has a lot of power. But Japanese media is really bad with that in general, partly because Manga getting axed or Anime getting original endings being common, but also with VNs that should in theory not have those issues. So absolutely requiring something well done would make it next to impossible to enjoy these works. I also got fairly used to it pretty early with jrpgs as well. Tri-Ace for example is pretty well known for really questionable endings. (i.e. Radiata Stories' 30 second cutscene being everything)

>> No.23833102

The chaos head routes are pretty fun though, unlike child's.
Particularly Kozue's and best girl Ayase.

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Fuckkkkkkk I can't wait to blow my load to notPrimula.

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anyone got a functional crack of tokyo necro? the one i have gives me a 2djgame.dll issue

>> No.23835369

search the previous 2 threads

>> No.23835373

Where have you been? Someone posted a new crack in the last thread.

>> No.23835519


>> No.23835532

Seek mental help.

>> No.23835792

Has anyone fixed Conquista for Win7 yet? If not, here's a real ghetto hack that will make the game run under Win7 (and probably Win8 because one of the required DLLs only appeared in 8.1). Extract into the game's folder. XInput1_4.dll is actually 1_3 as it is from Win7, MFPlat is a dummy that "has" the procedures the game wants to import and the 3rd DLL (also a dummy) is taken from 8.1 as is.


Now to the ugly part.
With these DLLs the game will crash on 1st startup. On the 2nd run you'll be prompted to change game options, do so and check "Disable fullscreen" and "Allow window resize" checkboxes in the 1st tab (bottom right and 3rd from the bottom). From then on the game will start with like 10x10 window size, so resize it manually. Also, it will complain from time to time and ask if you want to keep playing. You do, so either press space or click Yes every time. Sorry about that, but I'm sure that someone will come with a proper fix so I'll wait and see if it shows up a week or two after the release date before working on this any further.

>> No.23835848

Cool, friend.

I'll wait for the full release. Please stay on top of things then.

>> No.23835860

I don't actually go on 4chan much, much less here. Kinda came in a last resort lmao. I tried looking at the last thread but couldn't actually find anything, any help? I might've missed it.

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>> No.23835903

You damn Redditor.

>> No.23835949

Don't do it, it's ransomware.

>> No.23835950

Thanks, that did the job. Only version 1.00 but I'll manage.
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

>> No.23835978

I have to read fullscreen on a 4k monitor

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>Only version 1.00 but I'll manage.

Sure you will. The 1.01 update doesn't change the original exe. So using any crack doesn't revert the patch at all.

See the patch log.

>> No.23836285 [DELETED] 

I can't read that.

>> No.23836318 [DELETED] 

I suspected as much. You very much proved yourself braindead in this post >>23835860 but I didn't want to be mean and call you out for likely being an EOP faggot.

Anyway, the point is that the patch doesn't change the original exe, so you're in the clear. It only changes two nkp files and adds two new ones.

Now fuck off forever.

>> No.23836352

Huh, assumed otherwise for some reason. Thanks anyway.


Sure jumping to conclusions lmao, that dude ain't me. Not an EOP, stopped using texthookers like last year.

>> No.23836368

I had my suspicions. Sorry then.

>> No.23836597

Are Madosoft games any good?

>> No.23836863

Reminds me of this let's play for the trial of Tokyo Necro by some german dude where he basically just says over and over how he doesn't understand any japanese and keeps clicking.

>> No.23837411

I've fapped to some of their HCGs and enjoyed it.

>> No.23837614

Its sad that those 2 still are ways behind the likes of Lunaverse/temis/Kaguya, etc.
Hope they get more before they crock.

>> No.23837740

Imagine needing to be paid to suck dicks

>> No.23838098

Kaneda is based tho?

>> No.23838248

don't know why that made me laugh, but it did.

>> No.23839473

It's awesome, thank you.
I was trying to just use dlls from 8.1 but it still didn't worked, I thought that maybe someone will try to do something like https://github.com/UncleVasya/EU4_WinXP_fix to replace procedures from dlls, but I never thought it will be so soon.

>> No.23839496

my bad for taking so long, i did expect for baidu to have shitty speed but not as shitty as ur taste aka 9 kb's

>> No.23839518

Actually most of modern VNs are playable even on Win XP, despite they have Win7 or Win8 in requirements.

>> No.23839656

Overall MGQ is the best moster girl game I've seen. Read MGQ Paradox if you ok with gameplay (although 3rd part is not yet out).

There are other Vanadis games that you actually prequels to 聖もんむす学園, but all their games are on the level of average moege/charage.
魔王のくせに生イキだっ! is pretty ok nukige.
I guess you can try 神のラプソディ, some characters there are more monster girlish than usually in eushully games.
Other than that you can check doujin games they discuss in mggg in vg (also mostly with gameplay), although those I tried weren't very good.

>> No.23839942

Why is the stupid dungeon crawler in Harvest Festa so fun?

>> No.23840743
File: 555 KB, 802x627, flyable heart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm loving this game.

>> No.23840858

>way behind Lunarverse
Serena is on the exact same level as Lunarverse. If anything she's past her because Serena appears in the story and Lunarverse doesn't. Kaguyas only inching ahead because she's got a support variant too.

Lunatemis is just way, way ahead of everyone else because they've decided she's the explicit main heroine. The games only a few months old and she has 6 variants and is the focus of most story arcs and has her own event.

>> No.23841914

Is Extravaganza easy to fuck up? I hate having to look at guides.

>> No.23842078

man the static sprites in muramasa are kind of unsettling

>> No.23843919

>second to last story map in Amayui is a fucking escort mission
I want to find who made this map then stab needles into his testicles.

>> No.23844015

I played it a little while ago and had a pretty good time with it. Mayuri's route is a stand out among the rest it even got it's own game after all.

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File: 162 KB, 1055x1500, 81kIGKSWcVL._AC_SL1500_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any good NTR releases coming up?

>> No.23845061

Anim has a new swapping game next month

>> No.23845093

Oh damn that actually looks good, reminds me of Atelier Sakura's Swapping Party but hopefully more depth.

>> No.23845109

If you haven't played them, Anim has 2 or 3 swapping games already.

>> No.23845138

I played kabe no mukou 1 but couldn't get into 2, the two Homestay macho Danny games were great though.

>> No.23846588

The best way to describe SakuUta is to try imagining this scenario: You are in a bathroom where people fart forever. It stinks. But you get something like SakuUta and it takes out the f out of fart -- and the bathroom becomes an art gallery in your head.

>> No.23846663

What's so good about NTR?

>> No.23847077

It makes people that hate the world feel good while fapping because they get confirmation that the world really is shit. They're essentially fapping to the echo chamber feeding them back their world view instead of the actual contents. They'll always try to claim they're "self-inserting" into the chad instead of the one getting cucked but it's obviously not the case.

>> No.23847157

>They'll always try to claim they're "self-inserting" into the chad
have only seen this on 4chan
certainly not the impression you get reading comments on ntrblog or reviews on dlsite

>> No.23847329

Personally, my fetish is women drowning in pleasure, so NTR is okay as long as the girl is hot too.

>> No.23847384

The appeal of NTR for me is corruption. NTR type B is where it's at, type A is only worth it if there's some kind of escalation and type C is just rape.

>> No.23847574

Did this Chaos;Head writer really build Yua's route entirely on an already resolved misunderstanding? She's already worst girl and then that?

... I regret giving this a chance after all. At least ctrl exist. Which is even needed to get through the common route again, thanks to a whole bunch of "new" scenes that aren't actually having any new text. It's freakin' Baldr Sky Dive all over again. Not as extreme, but still just as annoying.
Sometimes I feel like some game designers think their job is to annoy the player at all cost.

>> No.23847987
File: 210 KB, 1600x900, ramvan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished Nukitashi. This wasn't what i was expecting at all from the premise. This was even kind of a serious game under the guise of a comedy nukige, while managing to be still funny. Does the sequel manages to keep up?

>> No.23848025

this is also why a lot of ntr shit has horrible artwork, the concept of the story matters above all else.

>> No.23848965

It's rated very high everywhere and e-celeb eroge connoisseurs love it so yes.

>> No.23849684

>e-celeb eroge connoisseurs
Is this actually a thing?

>> No.23850081

Yes, you're in the thread for them.

>> No.23850188

Is there anyone here who have played one of the 1990s VN on consoles like Dōkyūsei? How is the experience like?

>> No.23850200

That's a PC game.

>> No.23850274

Ah yes, I forgot the Saturn one was the port.

Then is there any old VN that was made exclusively for console?

>> No.23850335

Also, since we are talking about the oldies, does anyone know why did Elf dissolve in 2015? And has they really resumed business with that new Sleepless game?

>> No.23850364

they dissolved for the same reason everyone else in the industry does. even KEY is talking about how their brand might die.

>> No.23850432

>even Key
You mean the company that barely released a VN for a long time now, and their last work was rushed, short and unpolished shit?

It's kinda like the Ao Kana dev crying about the mean mean industry, even though they have done nothing but milk their one successful title. And most of that milking was with simply re-releases.

I'm sure the situation isn't easy. But these companies shouldn't be quoted there. If you don't even try, nothing happens for sure.
Also Key themselves said Summer Pockets was very successful for them. So make what you want out of their newer stance.

>> No.23851073

Can I subscribe to your channel anon?

>> No.23851448
File: 332 KB, 1284x724, 1588523307957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What game is this from?

>> No.23851501

Oh, it's Dekinai Watashi ga, Kurikaesu.

>> No.23852402

Here's an extra fix to keep the number of prompts to a comfortable minimum:

AGE.EXE @ 0x707F : E9 CC 8F 09 -> B0 01 C2 10

The DLLs will likely work with the release version (and the updates) as is, proper window size shouldn't be a problem either, but getting the videos to play in Win7 won't be so easy.

>> No.23852651

How come? Did they start using some newer codec?

>> No.23853549

The sequel is a fandisk at heart. The story of it ends at the end of the common route where it splits off onto the routes, I thought it was fairly enjoyable except for the ending which was shit in a variety of ways. So overall I'd say it was good. As for the routes themselves they are great, especially Ikuko's although maybe I just think that because she was my favourite nukitashi.

>> No.23853560

Win8's DXGI 1.2 comes with DXGI Device Manager interface which does not exist in Win7's DXGI 1.1

None of MF*DXGI* functions seen in the article above exist in Windows 7, so one would have to rewrite the game's video rendering according to DXGI 1.1 capabilities or backport DXGI 1.2 to Windows 7.

>> No.23853610


LMAO someone claimed my crack as theirs.

>> No.23853650

Beta? More like Alpha. Anyways, it's the internet and the topic is piracy so yeah, should have seen that coming to be honest with you.

>> No.23853651

>does anyone know why did Elf dissolve in 2015
They weren't making enough money genius
>And has they really resumed business with that new Sleepless game
From what I understand some other company bought the license and developed it with their studio but released it under the Elf name but I haven't actually looked into it.

>> No.23853665

Don't worry anon, your friends in /jp/ know it was you

>> No.23853687

You should have copyrighted it.

>> No.23853703

that's an attack on intellectual property

>> No.23853727
File: 30 KB, 504x504, 1589436573262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That sucks dick. Thanks for the crack though anon.

>> No.23853798

I've never understood that crappy analogy. What the heck was this guy talking about?

>> No.23854135

Since Sorceress*Alive is popular here, they finally made the spoilers live stream with the scenario writer and hanazwa Sakura they streamed back in Jan public

So is this actually good, even if I hate Isekai/battle Harem?

The story scale seems to be huge with two parts and grand finale with destiny, drama and other fancy shits so I got curious

>> No.23854842

give it to me straight, is dies irae actually worth putting the time into reading?
normally i love chuuni powerlevel shit but from what i've heard, it's super long and i'm not really in the mood for a VN that's gonna drag on for a month

>> No.23854932

The general time it'll take for you to finish it is largely dependent on your reading speed, it's long but not THAT long - maybe a week and a half to two weeks.
The settings and characters are great and the chuuni is peak, but it can be rough early on. There's a strict route order which is now enforced in the anniversary edition, at least I think so. The first two routes are essentially a setup for the last two routes which are excellent. So in other words, you'll have to go through a lot to get to the peak which is why I find it hard to recommend.
Overall, I really liked it and it's close to my heart. If you're into cool settings, grandiose characters and chuunishit you'll most likely love it.

>> No.23855096

i didn't get the anniversary edition since it was the all-ages one and I'm a coomer
what's the route order so I know what to do it in?

honestly i'm mostly seeing DI as a stepping stone so I can play KKK since the setting seems way cooler, and kind of Senshinkan as well

>> No.23855297 [DELETED] 

There's an anniversary edition for the 18+ version as well but I can't seem to find the download.
The all-ages one is the definitive edition since it has exclusive content such as epilogues, side stories and an additional ending but I'm not gonna preach on about that. If you liked what you saw in Acta Est Fabula you'll probably check it out later
>what's the route order so I know what to do it in?
Kasumi > Kea > Marie > Rea
>honestly i'm mostly seeing DI as a stepping stone so I can play KKK
Yeah, you'd definitely need to play DI before KKK.

>> No.23855309

There's an anniversary edition for the 18+ version as well but I can't seem to find the download.
The all-ages one is the definitive edition since it has exclusive content such as epilogues, side stories and an additional ending but I'm not gonna preach on about that. If you liked what you saw in Acta Est Fabula you'll probably check it out later
>what's the route order so I know what to do it in?
Kasumi > Kei > Marie > Rea
>honestly i'm mostly seeing DI as a stepping stone so I can play KKK
Yeah, you'd definitely need to play DI before KKK.

>> No.23855341

if you find the anniversary 18+ edition, please let me know, I can't even find it on AB

>> No.23855439

>The all-ages one is the definitive edition since it has exclusive content such as epilogues, side stories and an additional ending

Why the fuck do they do this? I don't want to have to choose between porn and extra plot content.

>> No.23855450

They do it because they want you to buy both

>> No.23855506

Hanasawa Sakura is really more beautiful than I expected lol
And I found the VN being good but nothing out of the world, so if it's not your genre I wouldn't recommend it to you.

>> No.23855510

The irony

>> No.23855574

The all ages edition came out like 3 years after the original release and had a bunch of additions to justify selling it again. As to why the didn't just include all that extra content with the HD re-release of the 18+ version? They were most likely just lazy about it.
If it's any consolation, the porn's not anything to write home about.

>> No.23855717

Surely there's gotta be a proper place to upload cracks and fixes.
Seems inevitable that people will start taking credit and reupping with viruses if you don't take some sort of ownership

>> No.23855749
File: 94 KB, 800x600, horobi_michi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello fellow エロゲスレ readers/hoarders.
I don't know if you remember me, but I was the anon that searched for ABYSS -殺人クラブ- (abyss_c76_patch1_5.zip) and 滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を ~present for you~ (Patch.xp3) since May of the last year.
It's been an exact year (minus one day) since I tried to search for this lost patches.
Fortunately, another anon managed to find the patch for Abyss and posted it on this thread a couple of weeks ago, so half of the work is done.
I've just managed to find a working download link which may contain the other one:
Unfortunately, other than not having a japanese IP, I can't find a way to use the correct password.
The thread where the link and password come from is:
The supposed filename/password/date(?) of the password is:
深淵病棟 愛 3日
If anybody can manage to download it and reupload it somewhere else, I would be EXTREMELY grateful!

>> No.23855803

Also I feel like I might as well ask since i'm on the fence, but should I read DI or Cross Channel? i know they're insanely different but frankly i'm just looking for a good, memorable story

>> No.23855811

Is there a reason you can't read both?

>> No.23855855

I mean I can read both, but I'm planning on probably doing a longhaul of whichever writer I go with
so like
CC -> JQV > Saihate
DI -> KKK -> Senshinkan

>> No.23855872

>Hanasawa Sakura is really more beautiful than I expected lol
I am really suprised with the face showing being Ok with her
Wonder why she don't have Twitter yet

>> No.23855886

I'd start with DI then since DI is a dead series whereas Romeo has worked on a ton of shit so going through Romeos works would take forever.

>> No.23855887

I really like Silky plus games but Is this company being run by Jews?
They demand attention and money literally everyday Jesus

>> No.23855897

Every company is run by jews, doesn't matter which country it is. Some anime director did an interview a few years back about how jews owned and were ruining anime.

>> No.23855912

well i was moreso specifically focusing on those 3 games
also apparently i was under the impression Romeo wrote JQV, he didn't
so it would only be either a marathon of
CC > Saihate > Rewrite
DI > KKK > Senshinkan

>> No.23855928

I'd still say DI since the games have connections beyond just 'had the same guy on the writing team'.

>> No.23855935

Probably Masada since those games, excluding Senshinkan, are in the same series. Even then Senshinkan has it's own sequel.

>> No.23855950

What do you mean? They just seem to be making some streams from time to time.
I do hope they announce a new release soon though, it's been a while.

>> No.23855966

its not the patch, its the 深淵病棟 game, the site posted is some shitty mirror site so it has fucked ids, but the password should be the id of the requester usually
found the pass by googling the filename
heres the file https://links.snahp.it/1Jll6NjNt7AHPdCVBWWgkqhBXGY7kEr4hbs
also get softether with the vpngate plugin from the vpngate site, its mostly jap ips and they get frequently updated

>> No.23855971

good lord it finally posted after 10 years of fighting with the fucking antispam

>> No.23855981

Suppose you're right, thanks fellas
how is Paradise Lost? worth reading as well?
the older art is a bit of a turnoff but if the story is really good then i can bear with it

>> No.23856082

Thank you, it was worth a try.....

>> No.23856099
File: 176 KB, 800x600, Paradise Lost (12).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Paradise Lost is pretty dated in terms of both art and writing in general. I quite liked it and it had some pretty good moments, but it's definitely Masada's weakest work. It's the type of thing I'd recommend maybe after reading DI even though chronologically it came first.

>> No.23856100

Their streams require paying which other makers just make the stream free on Youtube, not to mention pushing their character and games goods in your face everyday beside the live events, character birthday events, overpriced cafe and food

As an eroge company, their love of money is just abnormal

>> No.23856137

JQV isn't Romeo.

>> No.23856216

guess i'll skip it then, thanks anon
I wish i was less flippant because now Sakura Moyu is popping up in my 'maybe i should read that' brain too

>> No.23856245
File: 1.13 MB, 904x680, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't remember the streams being paid, though last time I watched one was a couple of months ago, and I just checked but it seems like the most recent one was on youtube anyway.
The rest just sounds like generic advertisement stuff every company does.

>> No.23856300

It was me.

>> No.23856510

your best bet i think is either lurk one of these or ask in one of them:
https://2ch.pet/contents_maguro_gameama_1306835791_all almost dead but it was the one i got the abyss patch from
https://2ch.pet/contents_maguro_gameama_1588577400_all the current lost free game/patch thread, all ages only
these are just mirrors so you would need to go to the actual thread to post and have a vpn

>> No.23856740

Thank you for linking this, I'll keep an eye on it!
Also, I've noticed that patch file gets requested a lot, but nobody has it.
Guess I'll keep waiting for it....

>> No.23856922

>深淵病棟 愛 3日

Friend, you need to brush up your 2ch lingo.

愛 in this case indeed means the ID of the person who requested it.

>> No.23856950

Lol, AB cuck. I guess being a good boy and writing an essay about why you like Naruto doesn't guarantee you everything you've ever wanted.

That said, you shouldn't even want the crappy Anniversary editions. They use the shitty interface from the mobile versions and have problems with cropped sprites.

>> No.23857049

Thank you for explaining it to me, I was going insane...

>> No.23857401

I'm actually quite interested in reading ParaLost but finding any torrent or live download for it is fucking impossible. I might have to resort to DMM and take out the DRM manually...

>> No.23857440

where did u look

>> No.23857535

Any extra content that would be easy to miss? My idea is to play Acta and then just skip thought Amentes to the extra content, but no idea how good that would work.

>> No.23857619

The only thing that you might straight miss are the additions to Rea's (the finale route's) first ending and her second ending which is completely exclusive to Amentes. Everything else gets added to the Other Story section.
I'd recommend you download Amentes as well and just skip f7 through the route you just finished in Acta i.e after you finished Marie's route in Acta, f7 through her's in Amentes so you can check out her epilogue straight after.

>> No.23857645

You can also just play all ages and get a full complete save for the ero and other CG that have been modified. If it's literally just about stuff that you get in the extra menu, that's much faster.

Personally I'd not even care about doing that, as that's hardly the appeal of the game, but alas.

>> No.23857726

Alright. I thought that Amentes was part of the Masada Box too, but after looking again it isn't I guess I need to still download that.

It's not about the ero, but all the changes to the text. Like I heard there's some stuff doesn't make sense at all otherwise.

>> No.23858162


>> No.23858200


>> No.23858787

WTF how did you find my guide?

>> No.23859054

can't fucking play hanachirasu
keeps freezing whenever i load or save

>> No.23859159

Welcome to nitro+ games. You can try open the taskmanager once it freezes, and choose to close the game there. However don't force it yet. If the game unfreezes it should show the "do you want to quit" message. Say "no" and play.

Worked in another Nitro+ game. If it doesn't work here I can't help.

>> No.23859174

Why would you need to load or save for such a short game?

>> No.23859179

Learn how to reverse engineer and fix games yourself. It's the only way to play.

>> No.23859185

it shows the do you want to quit window but i can't actually click it
this shit is short and what works is just skipping suppose i'll do that

yeah i just read into it for a bit earlier and wanted to load but i see it doesn't work

>> No.23859210

Using MTL actually cultivates a superior form of reading where you constantly have to use your imagination while thinking about multiple possibilites of meaning and developing a high contextual awareness, questioning every word and seeing every sentence as multiple possible sentences, composing your own story simultaneously to fill in the gaps and calculating uncertainties while contemplating the nature of ambiguity. Readers of Japanese just passively retrieve memorised and thus already stagnant data while MTL readers actively engage with the text on a much more fundamental level, being intellectually more in tune with the writer's intention and the truth of the text.

>> No.23859276

Here's what I did for Saya way back when. Save. Start a new game and skip back to where you were. FUCK Nirtoplus and their shitty programming.

>> No.23859367

Just imagine that some idiot really thinks this is true.

>> No.23859420
File: 45 KB, 190x123, cunt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way for me to disable this thing in Chaos;Child? It's crazy distracting how it pops up all the god damn time

>> No.23859498

It's a Clephas quote, isn't it?

>> No.23859998

Is there a roadmap for learning to reverse engineer these games for non-specialists?
I've done some reading about software cracking but dealing specifically with eroge seems to present more hurdles.
For example, I can't search for Japanese character error strings in the decompiler.
It's all so cryptic that buying the game outright would be better use of my time.

In a tangentially related matter, the English (read uncensored) version of Totono has been out for two weeks now but it seems no one has decided to break the file encryption and upload the CGs online yet.

>> No.23860064

Hell, I'd be open to any guides on this shit at all. Once I tried to load a game in a decompiler but it didn't have any strings in it at all so at that point I had no idea what to do. I guess it might have been some character encoding retardation (i.e. not using UTF-8) or something.

>> No.23860403

I don't like doing that because playing works from different genres one after another makes me appreciate both of them more.
Unless its a sequel or a fandisk.

>> No.23860501

That guy is a noob, the trick is to read without any knowledge of japanese.

>> No.23860812

well holy fucking shit
i just tried restarting the game and skipping to where i was and it plays the god damn opening movie
and if i skip it the game is stuck again
so i have to watch the god damn opening movie every time i'd want to reload this shit
suppose i'll try to get through in 1 sitting
but apparently there are several endings
holy shit this is maddening

>> No.23860857

try first starting the game from the start and then loading from the right click menu, it worked for me for some nitro games

>> No.23860863

yeah already tried that with the same result (it being stuck)

>> No.23860957

okay that's strange but what seems to works is instead of loading from the main menu or the right click menu, using the shortcut (L) to load a save
i don't know why but this seems to have solved my problem i'm happy

>> No.23861010

Anyone else play Eushully games without masturbating to to the ero scenes?

>> No.23861202

Does it count if I pull up Legalporno to fap to instead when I get horny.

>> No.23861449

Every Eushully game I have played has unerotic h-scenes. Of course I haven't played too many of them.

>> No.23861480

More like none.

>> No.23862326

None that I've played? I've played 5.

>> No.23862361

Well they must have been very old.

>> No.23862374

I wouldn't consider Amayui old.

>> No.23862463

Then you're obviously a deeply closeted gay man.

>> No.23862489

If you thought Amayui was erotic I'm afraid you have terminally low standards.

>> No.23862527

What would a high-standards kind of guy like yourself consider to be minimally erotic?

>> No.23862529

But Amayui didn't even have any rape.

>> No.23862552

I don't know what you guys need but basically all I need is for the art to not be totally shit and for the VA to not have some really retarded sounding moan and there and I'm good to go.

>> No.23862576

There is torrent with seeds on sukebei - https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2577220

>> No.23862581

I need emotional investment.

>> No.23862725

Why are you playing Eushully games then? They all have Marty Stu protagonists, where harem elements are painfully "justified" (hey it's fine to bang all those other girls, as long as you think of me as special tehe), breaking characters in the process, or ignored, so that girls get their one on one scenes and their stories, but don't interact much (or at all) with the rest of the cast.

The unfortunate truth however is, that the works you get the most emotionally invested into have the shittiest ero, or none at all. Perhaps that in itself is the reason for it. If the game doesn't try to get your attention with fanservice and lewds, chances are it tries to do that with characterization, story and so on.

>> No.23862751

Not him.

>> No.23864442

In case you don't want to mess around with a torrent here's a mega:
extraction password: p0840628@eyny獨家分享

>> No.23865048

Window size fix, no more need to resize the game window manually.

AGE.EXE @ 0x31614 : 49 -> 45
AGE.EXE @ 0xE227B : 49 -> 45

Or just search in a hex editor for 0F 49 75 FC and replace 49 with 45 in both locations.

I didn't expect the DLLs to be reposted elsewhere but they were, people started complaining (naturally), so here it goes.

>> No.23865411

>Is there a roadmap for learning to reverse engineer these games for non-specialists?
>I can't search for Japanese character error strings in the decompiler.
That really shouldn't be a problem, but the case in this reply chain was about a game freezing when saving or loading, so error strings are not super relevant since it doesn't show any.
Some errors are not even present in the engine exe and are loaded later. You can search/monitor for calls to APIs that show the error message instead.

Recently I patched two games to properly deal with DX9 display loss (from locking my monitor, turning it off, opening a UAC prompt, alt+tab, etc). One of them fired off an error message via TaskDialogIndirect.
This wasn't super helpful to patching and was just another thing to bypass. But I was able to find the code responsible by searching for the API since the text was not included in the exe.

>It's all so cryptic that buying the game outright would be better use of my time.
I wasn't talking about cracking, which can be harder for obvious reasons, but just about fixing the freezing.

>> No.23865439

>I didn't expect the DLLs to be reposted elsewhere
Like where? I have some idea but I'm still curious.

>> No.23866697

Something that makes me actually take my dick out?

>> No.23868501 [DELETED] 


>> No.23869933


>> No.23874970

Started playing Persona 5, in Japanese of course, and it's pretty much a VN with extra steps.

>> No.23875126

Can you fuck the girls?

>> No.23875139

Only off screen.

>> No.23875152

A whole fucking lot of extra steps and loading. Past the prologue, the very large majority of the game has nothing to do with story.

>> No.23875293

I liked Baldr Heart.

>> No.23875807

Yeah, it loads a lot.

And imagine it were an eroge. So much NTR potential.

>> No.23876199

Which Baldr games are worth playing? I've only played sky which was cool. I assume the older ones are all probably good, but at some point they have to turn to shit right?

>> No.23876220

I only enjoyed dive1, dive2, and heart.

>> No.23876274

Play them and make up your own mind, FAG.

>> No.23876594

I like all of them except Bullet and Bringer. But at least I can praise Bullet for having a cool setting and a great ost.

>> No.23877202

Did you hate the rest?

But there's a ton of them and they're kind of long. I dunno, I just kind of assumed they got formulaic and bland after a while since that's what tends to happen with long running franchises but maybe I'm totally wrong.

>> No.23877261

Dude, Sky Dive is already by itself formulaic and bland, given how much it repeats the same stuff again and again and again. If you actually enjoyed that, you don't have to worry about a thing.

>> No.23877655

no one gives a shit about this game anymore but i'll ask anyway.

i beat axanael last night and it was okay, but i'm baffled by one thing towards the end.
why the fuck did suguroku jump through all those hoops to get shot by axanael when he could've just used it earlier in the story when he had the chance? did i fucking miss something?

>> No.23878303

I mean yeah I agree that having to play through the reminiscence on Dive 2 was annoying, but I overall liked most routes and the overarching plot. Not that Sky was some masterpiece but it was ambitious and I think quite good. I just want to avoid anything that has a cookie cutter, phoned-in plot.

>> No.23878384

Is Akagoei good? I haven't read anything by Kinugasa but I'm looking for a game with a lot of arrogant ojousamas.

>> No.23878413

There's like two arrogant ojous.
And the shittiest non-endings you'll ever see.

>> No.23878461

Yeah I heard about the endings, but I'm hoping that the heroines and character interactions make up for it.

>> No.23878582

bad endings but fun characters, great humour, a cool setting and overall cool plot - it's just not finished off well.

>> No.23878687

Kusuhara Yui tone of voice completely changed when she knew Ono wasabi the writer of Lapalacian is an 10/10 Ikemen and top of that he is married man with small daughter while looking only 20 years old.

Why aren't you handsome enough to make your favorite eroge seiyuu wet anon?

>> No.23879295

Need to reread this for Tsuki

>> No.23880124

You sure you’re not just gay?

>> No.23880156

Force is pretty cool, but you'll probably hate the gameplay after sky, that's why people usually recommend playing force first.
Dive x if you want more sky, it even has some kind of a story, but it's not that good.
Zero and zero 2 are a mixed bag. Writing is a mess in the first part (mostly the actual prose, but pacing and stuff are also weird at times), it kinda gets better in zero 2, but not much better. If you can get used to it, it's an interesting story with nice characters, in a sense closer to the actual cyberpunk than skies and force. Gameplay is mostly horrible, but also gets slightly better in zero 2.
Heart is dives but reminiscence is not a flashback arc. Welcome to the high school setting mixed with some sci-fi, because probably Murasaki got tired of trying to do cyberpunk. Story isn't terrible, even fairies are not as terrible as it seems at the beginning, but characters are a lackluster, and protagonist has even less personality than Kou. Gameplay is back to the dives one, still really good.
Bringer doesn't exist.

>> No.23880979

Cheers. Sounds like I'll give Force a go then. Don't Rain and Kou appear in Zero? I might play that one if they have enough screentime.

>> No.23881517

WTF I feel betrayed.

>> No.23881575


>> No.23881856

What do you mean? Ono wasabi appears at 25

To be honest he is really my type if I was a women.

>> No.23881869

>10/10 ikemen

>> No.23881934

finally almost one week till new releases
This month has been so shit and boring as fuck and corona is making it worse

>> No.23882604

Where can I find good cover images?

>> No.23883248

You don't have a backlog? How is that even possible. I've recently made a list of "higher priority" works, and it still managed to get 66 entries. More than I will probably ever finish, unless if more than half of them can't be gotten or made to run. Or something.

This month is also pretty empty, so yeah. Backlog month incoming.

>> No.23883285

You play older works? Just restrict yourself to 1080p+ and you'll run out of things to play soon enough.

>> No.23883362

Why would you do something that excludes 100% of interesting new releases and almost everything else? You shouldn't complain then.

It's like complaining about no new jrpgs, and then saying "I only want games that support 4k/60".

>> No.23883490

Just some sarcastic advice to fix his backlog "problem," don't take it seriously.

>> No.23884365
File: 387 KB, 727x972, Canon Virgin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


New Astronauts Sirius game got announced. It's a Full HD Chikan ADV game set in modern times. The article describes some gameplay where you collect tools, figure out the heroines weaknesses and train parameters but i'm not really expecting anything engaging based on their previous game. In the article they also mention that going forward they are gonna make ADV games instead of RPG's / SLG's.

One interesting part about the game is that besides the full game there will also be cheaper stand alone versions for each Heroine.

Not super interested in the game itself but i'm glad the studio is sticking around. On japanese sites there was a lot of doomposting since they didn't release any news for quite some time.

>> No.23884396

Heroines look like trash. Dropped.

>> No.23884533

They released 2 games within four months. I don't know where the doomposting is coming from.

>> No.23884737

None of them.

>> No.23884792

Been reading Ai Kiss recently and it has been surprisingly enjoyable. I'm on Junko's route and it has been pretty fun, even the other characters are fairly likable. Might have to get into reading the other Kiss series stuff after, I was looking at Ato because it's same setting and characters seem decent.

>> No.23884803

With M&M and two writers from 3 working on this, it's basically a 最終痴漢電車4, isn't it? Their work on 3 was really nice and the mechanics are sounding like a less frustrating version of 3 too.

Could be the total silent of their Twitter accunt post-reelase of Zettai.

>> No.23884967
File: 1.12 MB, 1280x720, 0013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is good. Having to make a choice between Hina and Aya is annoying, the game does a pretty good job of making you feel bad for doing so. The shimaidon extra scenario is more like a punch in the face than anything else.

>> No.23885331

I think that is literally the screenshot I saw a few threads ago that prompted me to read it. And yea I was going in thinking I was probably going to go with Junko first and after reading the common I thought all the characters were pretty amusing but Junko was still my favourite. I was considering doing Hina's but I really hate triangles and that just screamed hell choosing one or another (probably hina). I was considering doing it sometime after I finished with Junko but now I'm not so sure.

>> No.23885727
File: 837 KB, 1244x1756, B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

9 more days.
Will it be delayed again?

>> No.23885809

They mastered up like 2 weeks ago.

>> No.23885814

They already said it's done, will have a day one patch though.

>> No.23885920

Lame that it's the loli this time.

>> No.23885932

You are very gay.

>> No.23886107
File: 775 KB, 2125x1070, 美少女万華鏡 理と迷宮の少女.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice to hear.
I might re-read the super short Renge segments from the other games before playing.

They added a titty version for people like you.

>> No.23886130

With Renge and that green haired girl I'm looking forward to what might be the best lolige of the year, though I guess the only competition would be the new Kaeru Soft.

>> No.23886762


>> No.23887334


Can one really call it a lolige when one of the heroines is a fully-grown woman? According to the article, it looks like she's not just a side-heroine but a possible full-on one. Which is very confusing since wouldn't that alienate the lolicons?

>> No.23887343

>release date 8-28 this year
How do they work so fast?

>> No.23887404
File: 435 KB, 1024x1728, useless hag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate hags.

>> No.23887718

Thanks for the link, I didn't think she would get full solo scenes going from the trial.
Still, the focus is going to be the lolis and I still expect her to have less scenes than the rest or for most of them to at least involve the lolis somehow, I think the point is for people that like oyakodon, or maybe just the idea of an adult woman accepting your lolicon tendencies and giving you her daughters.
Considering the sorry state of lolige nowadays I'd say this one still counts, biman 5 also has the glasses girl and older Renge so I'm kinda just happy with anything that has more than one loli that actually looks tiny instead of slightly shorter than the rest.

>> No.23887807

>marrying a woman that already has children from another man
Yikes, at least make the lolis her little sisters or something.

>> No.23887820

Only thing worse than hags are old men.

>> No.23887841

Based Oyakodon with loli.

>> No.23888221

>Don't Rain and Kou appear in Zero?
They do, though it's hard to explain their role without the major spoilers. They don't have much presence in the first two routes, but are fairly important characters later on.

>> No.23889363
File: 1.73 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (202).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please tell me it's okay that I don't know what these things mean

>> No.23889433

I like Rain enough to suffer through it so I'll do it.

>> No.23889490

>I like Rain enough to suffer
There is a joke here but it would be a spoiler, I suppose.

>> No.23889648

Most native Japanese don't either.

>> No.23889691

Ah, gotcha.

>> No.23889722

That's a relief. It's strange because the VN throws that esoteric Buddhist nonsense at you but other times it opts to spell simple words like 溜息 and 緒 in kana instead of kanji.
Rule of cool I guess.

>> No.23890279

How is the Trinoline FD, especifcally Shirone's route? Is it an hypothetical scenario of what would have happened if everyone didn't act like a retard?

>> No.23890901


Stop playing that pretentious garbage.

>> No.23891291
File: 398 KB, 1280x720, hikouki_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This game feels like a nice game for new-ish people. It's fairly well made. Unfortunately I'm not new, so the rather extremely common things that get set up can't convince me to stay, especially with the characters also not being that particularly great. And me not liking the things it does. (not blood related sister crap where the protagonist doesn't want to act on his feelings because it's the "sister", a chuuni girl who's probably bullied and a girl that doesn't understand love while spouting nonsense about how the perfect partner would be nice, gentle and whatnot)

That said, given the writer, I'd not be surprised if the routes ended up being an extremely mixed bag. I mean, this writer wrote kinkoi and its goddamn awful fandisc, among other things.

>> No.23891416
File: 96 KB, 240x310, st_funa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why? It's pretty cool so far and it has this unbelievable cutie. The production value seems very high too.
I'll admit I don't know anything about VNs so I don't know why you consider it "pretentious". I just picked it as my first VN because it's well-known even outside the VN sphere.

>> No.23891651
File: 48 KB, 490x483, 2_56oro1r2v1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First VN, huh...


>> No.23891711

I mean you can easily look them up which is some of the fun

>> No.23891770
File: 99 KB, 510x800, chaika.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thinking back I actually tried Monobeno as my first VN before, but it was such irredeemable boring trash that I honestly completely forgot about my experience with. No matter how cute the girls are I really do need a story to hold my interest.
I also forgot to mention that Namaniku ATK's wonderful butt art attracted me to Muramasa as well.
I hope you enjoyed reading my personal history.

>> No.23891853

Yeah I wouldn't have known it was esoteric Budddhist nonsense if I didn't look it up on Wikipedia but it's still kind of annoying and not very fun hitting a wall like that. No way I'll remember that stuff tomorrow.

>> No.23892469

Cant wait for the gangbang scenes.
Chikan gangbang and MM sluts is a match made in heaven.

>> No.23892840

>no more RPGs/SLGs
Wow that's fucking depressing

No more chance of Demonion 3, no more entries in their homebrew fantasy world. Yeah sure it didn't have as much thought put into it as Eushully or Rances fantasy worlds but there aren't many devs that bother to make one in the first place. Chaos Dominas was a step in the right direction after the disaster that was Guildmaster too. Really, how disappointing.

>> No.23892936

If the quality of the new Eushully is going to be their standard stuff from now on then they might just have to make the same decision. Not too angry about Sirius going down this road really as I was never a fan of their gameplay to begin with.

>> No.23893068

New Eushully isn't that bad is it? Sankai Ou was a mess but Amayui was fine even if I personally think Kamidori was better and I'm having fun with Grasesta so far (only in chapter 3 though)

Eushully has declined in quality but aside from Sankai Ou they aren't actually making bad games IMO and even Sankai Ou is leagues better than fucking Guildmaster was.

>> No.23893180

Well to be honest, I don't care anymore. Eushully isn't really very interesting to me these days as they've stopped making games I care for 6-7 years ago. The new one reminds me of their dmm thing, especially the designs. I still take a look at their releases but they lost it in my opinion.

>> No.23893608

They went so much with the world buildings and characters drama in recent titles, wish they kept it simple with single heroine like this vampire loli one, it's my favorite nukige of all time

>> No.23894186

eri's route was far and away the best one in the game, I mean its the main one tbf. You might be right about it being for new people since I remember loving eri's route when I read it which was pretty early into my eroge reading "career".

>> No.23894301

How long does it take for me to graduate from entry level to a seasoned eroge professional?

>> No.23894318

However long it takes you to read 75% of these: https://vndb.org/u15/ulist?c=vote&c=voted&l=7&mul=0&o=d&s=vote

>> No.23894369

This guy sure has some hot takes buried in there.

>> No.23894398

I wish I was as cool as moogy.

>> No.23894411
File: 98 KB, 608x304, ideal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.23894431

Don't we all?

>> No.23894615

Part of me just feels like he talks up whatever visual novel he's translating so that it can build "hype". Musicus was decent but not THAT good.

>> No.23894651

He named it the best VN of the decade when it came out 11 days before the decade ended and I'm not even sure he finished it before 2020. He's just shilling.

>> No.23894667

He'll drop the score after the translation comes out.

>> No.23894685

Remember who we're talking about here.

But 2020 is the last year of the decade.

>> No.23894704

>2000 is the last year of the 1990's
Go be contrarian somewhere else.

>> No.23895102

Wrong thread my bad

>> No.23895320

It's sad, because if there is one kind of game up for a sorts of simulation, even if simple, it's chikan games. Though it's done before with titles as 凌辱痴漢バス and 最終痴漢電車

>> No.23896247

>just found out a shuffle sequel is coming out soon
What the fuck, I'm dead ain't I?

>> No.23896297

A shuffle sequel is being released? Really?

>> No.23896320

I shit you not I wouldn't have found out about this if I hadn't seen it on the twitter of one of the VAs

>> No.23896331

you guys must have been dead for months
we even discussed it here over multiple threads

>> No.23896332

You're supposed to say "Really!" anon. The joke was that shuffle has a fandisc named "Really? Really!". I was setting you up for the punchline.

>> No.23896360

Not really dead but I barely keep up with new releases or come here frequently. I probably missed out on so much stuff I'm kinda pissed at myself right now
I failed you. Sorry.

>> No.23896362
File: 262 KB, 590x716, 1582265107216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgive me anon, i haven't even started the series yet
Am I supposed to start with Shuffle Essece+?

>> No.23896925

Speaking of Shuffle, is it true that in Tick! Tack!, you can completely fuck up the space-time continuum by fucking Nerine's mother and Forbesii's fiancee and stealing both of them from Forbesii?

>> No.23897007

Woah, that sounds so based.

>> No.23899385



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