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>In Buddhism, a kasha is a fiery chariot which carries dead sinners to hell.
Serious fucking business.

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I still don't get what her job is. Apparently, she takes charge of the spirits over there... But really, what's she supposed to do with them exactly?

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>whose job is to carry corpses to the former Hell of Blazing Fires to regulate its heat.

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Touhou is serious business didn't you know?

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She carts off dead bodies and sent them to the depths of the fiery hell to burn them or something. The evil spirits are usually drawn around her since that was what ZUN included in her character portrait.

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Well, yeah. But I meant in the context of the spirits.

Bring dead sinners down.
Spirits are presumably released.
Burn the bodies.
Spirits do nothing?

Where does this all fit in the Yama's cycle of judgment?

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well there's a Japanese equivalent to what Rin is too, I forget the name

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In addition, are souls and spirits two different things in the ZUNverse? If they're the same thing, then that at least allows some sort of vague path that we can follow in regards to what could happen with the spirits of the sinners. If souls and spirits are two different things, then the gate is pretty wide open into what happens to them. It would be nice if someone translated the PMiSS article for Spirits so we could gain a bigger clue about what happens in regards to Orin and Shikieiki.

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/jp/ - Buddhism/Touhou

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Now that you mention it, there's a surprising lack of Orin/Komachi interaction in fanworks. It might be because the sinners are somehow exempt from the cycle (I doubt it), or it just might be that Orin's "family" interactions are far more focused on instead of what occurs with the evil spirits she controls. Holy shit, If I could actually write and draw, I'd try to explore into this a lot more.

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Actually, running the spirits article through google translator (hurr), it seems that much more focus is put on the shrine that houses the spirits and shrine maidens instead of the spirits themselves. Regardless, there might still be a idea there as to what actually happens to them.

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Maybe she brings the spirits of the sinners to Komachi/Shiki? It would make sense as to why she would need to be able to control the spirits in the first place.

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I would think the reason that she'd need to be able to control the spirits is because they're evil.

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Do youkai actually leave a proper burnable corpse? I'm not understanding how a fairy could end up as a zombie in the first place, considering the resurrecting nature of fairies. Probably ZUN just having fun with Orin.

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Well, what the fuck could they do if even if they were evil?

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Mess up your shit, I guess.

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Satori wouldn't let that fly.

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Well, I always sort of assumed Orin took care of the spirits Shikieiki sent to hell. Komachi just ferries the spirits of the recently deceased to Shikieiki, doesn't she?

This was bound to happen eventually, we're going to get a character that controls supernatural miracles or something in Th12 and everyone's going to be wondering what this has to do with Yuugi and Sanae.

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It makes the job easier for the Yama when you can just send all of them to hell en masse instead of using the mirror for each of them. Every spirit has Orin's official seal of approval, marked as being a bona fide sinner.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Satori & Co. lived in the FORMER hell.

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>but a number of uncontrollable spirits remained in the former facilities of Hell, so there was a need to control them.
I'm not sure why they'd keep bringing sinners bodies to the former facilities of Hell instead of the current one. I guess it must be cold underground, and if you're going to go above ground, might as well kill two birds with one stone and get rid of sinners' corpses while warming up the palace.

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Really, I still don't fucking get what's going on with Yuugi. Sanae's was cleared up a bit in a topic a while ago where two guys presented their ideas about her, which helped a lot, but Yuugi...

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Not even her spell cards give much of a clue about it, but it seems to be more related to spirits and demons rather than just seemingly random occurrences like volcanic explosions and such. Wait a sec, are there volcanoes in Gensokyo?

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Well, there's also the question of the bodies that they're burning. Maybe the spirit has already been released before Orin brings it down?

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Then what about the spirits that follow Orin around? Were all of them already there to begin with? It doesn't seem too unreasonable that an evil spirit would be a byproduct of burning a sinner's body.

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There's already a Komachi/Orin doujin on Voile, specifically a fighting doujin. Sikieiki and Satori also duke it out I think.

Komachi and Orin go together like Sakuya and Youmu.

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That's neat. But I meant something more in line with how the two manage to co-exist and how an evil man's spirit would make their way to hell, instead of just having the two sides duke it out and end it over a cup of tea.

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I fukken love Orin

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Alright, now that this is on the second page...


Same person. Whenever I had an idea, I found something wrong with it, or found more I could add on to it, so I ended up arguing with myself. ;_;

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If what you say is true, then hear this, "d'awwww". You're adorable.

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There are many different interpretations, but most don't seem to make Yuugi's personal ability to be a very powerful or extraordinary one.
Her supernatural phenomena would usually be things like foxfire, lightning from a clear sky, things that go bump in the night, etc.
From the look of her spellcards, whenever Yuugi gets excited a typhoon blows up and ale rains from the sky. Rather useless, but supernatural.

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Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

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Youkai Mountain is one (or more) giant volcano.

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What's funnier is that you think we give a fuck.

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What's funnier is that you should go back to your shithole, Pooshitmearfag.

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Way to go, you had to bump a dead thread just because someone insulted you on the Internet.

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But Youmu is also half ghost.

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>regulate its heat
damn it, why did I think of Wanko to Kurasou when I read that.

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