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Wow, Anon. I love you all so much, just want you to know that. Gensokyo man is back, and with a new thread. 1,750+ replies now, Anon. Recap will be provided next post should enough people ask.

Your head throbbing with a nasty headache and bolting upright with a bad cough, you wake up on a small futon in the living room of Keine's house. You remember falling asleep as Cirno carried you back. Groggily, you lift yourself up off the sleeping mat, to the smell of delicious, hot tea wafting in from the kitches. "Ooh, can I try some? Pleeease? Pleeease?" The excited whines of Cirno reach your ears. Huh. For some reason, you feel this will be a long day. You realize once more, your clothes have been removed, and that you are wearing a white sleepshirt. It smells faintly of perfume.

[ ] Sleep in; You know you'll need it

[ ] Get up, go into the kitchen

[ ] Go to the bathroom

[ ] Put on your clothes first

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[X] Genuflect

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[ ] Go to the bathroom

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[X] Get up, go into the kitchen

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[x] Go to the bathroom

Shower scene!

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[X] Get up, go into the kitchen

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[X] Put on your clothes first

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[x] put your clothes on first

also recap

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[x] Go to the bathroom

Oh, I will change my option

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[x] Put on your clothes first

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[X] Get up, go into the kitchen

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[x] Put on your clothes first ( ゚ 3゚)

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[X] Get up, go into the kitchen

It's important to start your day off with a large breakfast.

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[x] Put on your clothes first

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[x] put your clothes on first

Also, requesting recap since I seem to have missed days 1 and 2.

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[X] Genuflect

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[ ] Put on your clothes first

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[x] Jerk off and spray your creamy, milky white load all over Cirno's face.

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>Wow, Anon. I love you all so much, just want you to know that.

You, sir, are an anonymous god ;_;

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[X] Put on your clothes first

and how the hell was >>237227
the first response!?

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[X] Put on your clothes first

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We're not manly enough to attempt MANservice.

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Half assed recap
Woke up
Intentionally got lost in the forest of magic looking for alice
Started being stalked by fairies, so started looking for them back
Ran into Cirno
Buttered her up, convinced her not to kill you
Went to Scarlet Devil Mansion
Tried hard to get in, but couldn't budge Meiling
Got taken by Cirno to a nice view of the human village
Decided to go to the bamboo forest
Found Tewi, but didn't fall for her trick
Entered the back door and ran into reisen
Stared defiantly into her eyes
Blacked out
Woke up in Keines house
Made yourself eggs
Decided to try and break out the window and failed
Keine asked wtf you are doing
You run outside before she can answer
You run past Marisa and head to frozen lake
You go for a swim
You die
Rewind to Keines place
You make breakfast again, and offer it to her
You decide to go back to bed
She gives you a drink laced with "mineral oil"
You fall asleep. No one knows if it was the drink or not
You did however have to take a crap when you woke up, so maybe it was.
Cirno busts in, saying that the moon people couldnt stop her
Decides to take you for a flight
You run into Kaguya and Mokou fighting
You naturally wanna see it closer, cause you're suicidal
You find an injured Keine
You tell Cirno to take her home
Eirin approaches you
You talk about the great outdoors
You threaten her with a rock
She laughs and flies off to help kaguya
Cirno is back, and takes you home
You fall asleep on the way

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It's been a while since I've greeted anyone in that way!

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[x] Put on robe and wizard hat, then go into the kitchen

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Anon is not manly enough to be able to provide MANservice. Very few anon actually have muscle.

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contains the first 3 threads, dont remember the link of the rest.

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This is the story all about how
My life got flip turned upside down
I'd like to take a minute just sit right there
And I'll tell how I became Gensokyo's hottest man out of the air.

West 4chan, born and raised,
Went to the forest of magic, where I spent my first daze
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all shooting some fairies outside of the rule
When a couple of youkai said we're up to no good,
Started making trouble in my neighborhood
I ran away from a fight and my Cirno got scared
And said "You're meetin' my neighbors in their vampire lair"

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Also, all of it should be on doesntexist

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If Anon didn't save the other threads with the assumption that Anon would save the threads, I'll be very angry

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fat and pasty muscle

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mannouske is hotter, but hey, who's counting?

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Just saved the 8th thread now, but its full of that Anonymous of Alabama comments ;_;

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_, ,_ ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 F5! F5!

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meh, those can be removed if really neccacary. the important part is that it's saved.

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Damn I missed like 3 threads while I was at class.

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More like Anonymous of Douche-abama. What an inbred attention whore.

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see? this is why you shouldn't go to class. you should stay home like kaguya. you do have a hot archer sidekick and a horde or bunnygirls, don't you?

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Anonymous of Alabama comments = Comic relief

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Clothes first, you decide. You take your worn black T-shirt and jeans, and shove them back on. You found them nicely folded and once more washed by the fireplace. They smell faintly of lavender, soap, and are already nice and warm. Maybe you could get used to this sort of service. You cough again. You're still sick. You'd rather not get used to that.

[ ] Get up, go into the kitchen

[ ] Go to the bathroom

[ ] Check out the bedroom

[ ] Try and go through that last door you've never opened yet.

[ ] Leave the house for a short walk. Or escape.

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[X] Genuflect

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Anonymous of Alabama comments = annoying douche. he'd be comic relief if he said anything worth reading.

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[x] Check out the bedroom

>> No.237458

[ ] Get up, go into the kitchen

>> No.237459

[x] Check out the bedroom

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[X] Get up, go into the kitchen

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[ ] Go to the bathroom

>> No.237466

[x] Try and go through that last door you've never opened yet.

>> No.237468

[x] Go to the bathroom

Mokou should be cleaning herself up after last night

>> No.237470

[x] Try and go through that last door you've never opened yet.

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[X] Go to the bathroom

>> No.237473

[ ] Check out the bedroom

>> No.237474

[X] Go to the bathroom

>> No.237475

[X] Get up, go into the kitchen

>> No.237476

[X] Try and go through that last door you've never opened yet.

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[ ] Get up, go into the kitchen

>> No.237481

[x] Get up, go into the kitchen

>> No.237487

[x]get up, go into the kitchen

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We must make food for both of them in order to help us win over their hearts

>> No.237491

(this is not a vote, as I've already voted in this one)
going to the bathroom is always a good way to start the day...and we can see if she has magical repair abilities or if we get to pay for a new window.

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[x] Get up, go into the kitchen ( ゚ 3゚)

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Hey guys maybe we should help Gensokyo man tally the votes
Might go faster that way, just sayin

>> No.237516

[x] Put on your clothes first
Stay warm so you don't get a cold again or Keine will give you more of that strange liquid!

>> No.237518

[X] Get up, go into the kitchen

>> No.237519

How do you do this?

>> No.237524


Kitchen won sadly.
Faggots don't wanna see the mokou bathroom scene

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if he asks, otherwise, I'm inclined to leave it to him.

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I am trying to do this, Paper and Pen!

>> No.237560

This will lead to drama and spam fags

>> No.237566


Regretably agreed
See the drama last thread descended into

>> No.237568

You mean the one where I'm instantly burned to a crisp by the startled Mokou?

No thanks.

>> No.237569

Anon is a kind and timid anon who would rather make food to win over hearts than see a shower-scene

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Hey, guys. It was Keine in the bathroom, not Mokou. Sucks, no?

"Shove off, you irritating little pest." You hear a voice reply roughly to Cirno's earlier request as you approach the kitchen. "HEY! STOP BEING MEAN TO ME- Eeek!" Cirno backs away at hand on fire being pointed in her direction. Seeing you, Cirno approaches. "HUMAN! This girl is being MEAN TO ME!" She complains, pointing at none other than Mokou Fujiwara(Before someone complains, the (lastname) no (firstname) was a noble fashion, so we're going to say it plainly here). She looks puzzled at you. "Hmph." She shrugs, sipping at the tea. There are three other cups on the table, one empty, one half drank.

[ ] "Leave Cirno alone! Who are you anyways?"

[ ] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

[ ] ... Back slowly out of the kitchen.

[ ] "Morning."

[ ] "Who the hell are you?!"

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imagine the RAGE if this ended with bel-air or something. I would die of laughter

>> No.237589

[x] "Morning."

>> No.237590

a nap is better than a fap

>> No.237591


[X] Genuflect

>> No.237593

[X] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237594

[X] "Who the hell do you think we are?!"

>> No.237600

[X] "Morning."

>> No.237602

[X] "Leave Cirno alone! Who are you anyways?"

>> No.237607

[x] "Morning."

>> No.237608

[X] "Morning."

>> No.237609

[x] "Morning."

>> No.237610

[ ] "Morning."

>> No.237611

[X] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237613

[X] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.
I like tea :>

>> No.237615


[x] "Morning."

>> No.237616

[X] "Morning."

>> No.237619

[ ] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237623

This is stupid. Unless you stay in the village under Keine's protection the entire time, you will be raped and killed. The fairies, the vampires, the lunarians, the undead, Marisa, all will kill you.

>> No.237624

[ ] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237625

[x] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237626

[x] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237628

[ ] "Leave Cirno alone! Who are you anyways?"

>> No.237631

[X] "Morning."

>> No.237635

>There are three other cups

you mean two cups

>> No.237639

[x] "Morning."

>> No.237643

You should hide the thread instead of saging it, its useless

>> No.237644

[x] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237646


We already died once.

>> No.237648

We could've made it to Scarlet Devil Mansion if not for Anon who decided to jump into a cold lake and choosing to respawn all the way back at Keine's.

>> No.237650

hm...mokou and cirno: icy hot!

>> No.237661

[X] wake up with a start, as if from a nightmare. As you gather your thoughts, you feel the memory of the dream fading from your mind.

It is Saturday today, you look at the clock, it says 10 o'clock.

Getting out of bed, you recall that you had a date planned today. You get ready and leave the house.


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>>icy hot

Now you've done it.

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Keine can teach us how to fly. By flying, we can bypass China and break through the SDM window to meet Patchouli.

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>a date planned today

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>> No.237676

does that make kiene a stuntaz?

>> No.237677

I lol'd then cried

>> No.237683

in before wretched shop

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>> No.237695

But I want threesome with Patchy and China.

>> No.237703

who's the third?

>> No.237704

Think happy thoughts.

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"Morning." Mokou replies back, sipping on some tea. Cirno looks rather miffed. "Attack her! Do something! Defend my honor!" She exclaims, pushing you at Mokou.

"Fairy girl, o you want to lose "Your Human"?" Mokou inquires genially.

"No. Why?" Cirno asks, not getting the implied threat.

"... Good luck keeping your sanity, kid." The comment is apparently directed at you, and Mokou walks past you into the living room. It's kind of saddening how jaded you are becoming to the whole weirdness of your situation.

[ ] Make everyone breakfast

[ ] Make yourself breakfast

[ ] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237710

[ ] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237711

[x] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237712

[x] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237713

[ ] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237714


[X] Genuflect

>> No.237716

[x] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237717

[X] Make everyone breakfast
apologize and talk to cirno while doing so.

>> No.237719

>Hey, guys. It was Keine in the bathroom, not Mokou. Sucks, no?

[X] Go to the bathroom
[X] Go to the bathroom
[X] Go to the bathroom

>> No.237720

[ ] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237723

[X] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237725

[X] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237726

[X] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237728

[x] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237729

Yes. Apologise and talk to Cirno while doing so. I agree.

>> No.237733

[x] Make everyone breakfast

Use pepper this time

>> No.237735

[X] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237737

[x] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237738

[x]Make everyone breakfast.

>> No.237743

[ ]Scoop up Cirno and go to the Bedroom

>> No.237745

Be patient!

>> No.237750

anon can't make breakfast he lives off his parents

>> No.237753

It probably won't be Keine in there anymore~

>> No.237758

[X] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237761

[x] Make everyone breakfast

>> No.237762

may be if she's thinking of you ~_^

>> No.237765

[x] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237766

No, we live alone.

All alone. ;_;

>> No.237769


I'm going to have to ask you not to do that around these parts.

>> No.237771

I wish. no, I still live with my parents.

>> No.237775

Yes. ~_^ is pushing it, even for a thread that brings me this much joy.

>> No.237776


We are aiming to a sex scene, not a bath scene!

>> No.237779

[X] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237789

in case you need help, anon, [] make everyone breakfast has the most votes for now.

>> No.237790

At this point breakfast has won.

Anon is gay, but also an iron chef.

>> No.237791

>>[ ] Make everyone breakfast

Who are you, Shirou?

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You ruffle Cirno's hair and go to make breakfast. "Sorry, Cirno. So how are you?" You ask her, and she promptly forgets whatever she was angered about and babbles on how she made a new friend. Probably Keine. And how mean the other "Fire girl" is. You can't help but half tune her out as you go to select what you make for breakfast today.

[ ] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

[ ] Apple slices; simple to make

[ ] Try and cooked some of the salted meat in the coldbox

[ ] Give up, have tea

>> No.237802

[ ] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237803


oh god

that explains so much

>> No.237804

Learning UBW might be our only chance of meeting Patchouli and defeating those dastardly moon people.

>> No.237806

[ ] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237810

Well actually from the events so far...

>> No.237816


[ ] Try and cooked some of the salted meat in the coldbox

>> No.237818


[x] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237820

[X] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)
kiene will probably find the gesture darling even if you fuck it up again. mokou looks like a slim chance at this point.

>> No.237822

[X] Try and cooked some of the salted meat in the coldbox

>> No.237824

[x] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237825

[x] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

If Keine isn't out of the bathroom by time we're done, bring some into her.

>> No.237826


[X] Genuflect

>> No.237829

[ ] Try and cooked some of the salted meat in the coldbox
Always good to have variety.

>> No.237830

[x] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237831

Hopefully this means Rinnosuke is Archer.
Looking forward to an epic battle any time now.

>> No.237834

[x] Eggs again.

>> No.237836

List of objectives:

Cirno/Mokou/Keine Harem [x]
Meet Patchouli [ ]
Invade the SDM [ ]
Beat the moon people [ ]
Score [ ]

One is complete!

>> No.237837

I guess the main plot-twist in this VN could be that the actions you take define which character you are.

>> No.237838

[X] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237839

[x] "Cirno... What happened after we got home?"

>> No.237842

[ ] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237846

And it only took 3 days and 9 threads!

>> No.237848

[ ] Try and cooked some of the salted meat in the coldbox

>> No.237851

[x] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237852

[x] Try and make eggs again(With pepper this time)

>> No.237854


>> No.237858

[X] Apple slices; simple to make

Hard to fuck that up.

>> No.237860



>> No.237862

You always score on the 15th day.
I don't know why, but you just do.

>> No.237877

You have to use sharp object while performing that task. Can lead to BAD END

>> No.237881
File: 382 KB, 870x1000, 1205805754422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.237882

eggs = hot skillet and fire. even more dangerous considering it's dangerous to you and possibly the fairy.

>> No.237884

fuck you fags, eggs!?

>> No.237886

turn around with a strange smile and a knife in your hand to a surprised kiene, a scream goes out and mokou responds. bad end.

>> No.237887


We made eggs once
We can do it again.

>> No.237889
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I would just like to point out that Keine is a nice teacher who lives alone with maybe Mokou as a frequent guest. Be careful not to overstep your bounds as a very new guest and make sure not to eat her out of house and home.

Just my thoughts. Also, hurray Mokou. A TSUNDERE APPEARS.

>> No.237893

>make sure not to eat her out

hurr hurr hurr

>> No.237899

Anon likes to play it safe. They've already done well with eggs once, why not try it again?

I personally wanted the meat.

>> No.237904


>> No.237910

yeah, but we have an ice fairy right next to us, so I'm not particularly worried.

>> No.237911



>> No.237919



>> No.237920

you could end up like the frog

>> No.237923
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>> No.237929


actually, now that I think of it, don't we still have a cold? shouldn't we not be making breakfast for other people with a cold?

>> No.237931

Anon won over the strongest in Gensokyo threads ago.

>> No.237935

Cirno is soooooooo day 2.

>> No.237936

Keine gave us medicine and treated us

>> No.237938
File: 129 KB, 773x1024, 1205806106935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You decide to make the eggs fried this time, just for a small change. Cirno continues to talk at you, lapsing into events of previous days. Occasionally you respond with a "Mhmm" or a nod. You're getting the hang of this, you think. You allot two eggs for each person; just enough for the end of this dozen, as you used the first two in your attempt to make Keine brunch. Although you almost manage to burn your own, it all looks pretty well. You put in copious amounts of pepper. Only a few minutes before you finish, Keine leaves the bathroom, well dressed and yawning. You can still see bruises on her out of the corner of your eye. You set up the table. Your motivations may be pure or to bang them, but either way, you've done well, anon.

[ ] Call everyone in.

[ ] Sip tea, wait for them to come.

[ ] Screw waiting, dig in already.

[ ] Call everyone, but dig in before they get there.

>> No.237941


[ ] Call everyone in.

>> No.237942

[X] Shrug, ruffle Cirno's hair, go have tea. Too early for this.

>> No.237944

[ ] Call everyone in.

>> No.237947

[x] Sip tea, wait for them to come.

>> No.237948

This one.

>> No.237949


I figure they should be illness resistant, based on their origins

>> No.237950

[ ] Call everyone in.

>> No.237951

[X] Call everyone in.
logical course of action.

>> No.237954

[X] Call everyone in.

>> No.237955

[x] Call everyone in.

See, guys? I told you we should have chosen the bathroom.

>> No.237956

[X] Call everyone in.

>> No.237959

[x] Call everyone in. ( ゚ 3゚)

>> No.237962

Well, at least Cirno's safe, since idiots can't catch colds.

>> No.237963

[x] Call everyone in.

>> No.237966

[X] Sip tea, wait for them to come.

>> No.237973

wrong choice of whistle, there, ars.

>> No.237974


Hey, Gensokyo man here.
Way to go. A bit too late.

>> No.237975

[x] Sip tea, wait for them to come.

>> No.237978

[x] Call everyone in.

It is bad manners to eat before everyone else is seated.

>> No.237979

[x] Call everyone in.

>> No.237984

[x] Call everyone in.

>> No.237986

And Mokou is safe, because she drank the Hourai Elixir.

If Keine gets sick, we can nurse her back to health.

>> No.237990

[X] Sip tea, wait for them to come.

Drink your tea like a MAN.

>> No.237991

Mystia pasta flashbacks.

>> No.237992


Woah, Fast one!

>> No.238001

[ ] Call everyone in.

>> No.238003


So Keine is gonna get sick?
I agree with
This is till awesome.

>> No.238005

Archer would be proud.

>> No.238014

I'd get Cir to drop some ice cubes into my Coke.

>> No.238016

[x] Call everyone in.

>> No.238017

[ ] Sip tea, wait for them to come.

>> No.238026

Now that I think of it.

>> No.238027
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>> No.238037
File: 162 KB, 1024x768, 1205806588013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry guys. Surprising but... I'll be back tomorrow, as soon I can; between 9 AM and 12 PM EST.

Save Slot 2?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

>> No.238039
File: 52 KB, 300x268, 1205806605161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn straight!

>> No.238045



>> No.238047


[X] Genuflect

>> No.238053

[x] Yes

>> No.238054

[X] Yes

damnit, that was short.

>> No.238055

>actually, now that I think of it, don't we still have a cold? shouldn't we not be making breakfast for other people with a cold?

Stop thinking about consequenses and enjoy the ⑨.

>> No.238056

[X] Yes


>> No.238058

[ ] Yes

>> No.238059

[x] Very Yes

>> No.238060

[x] Yes

Thanks for the stories man, I really enjoyed them. Hopefully I don't miss the threads tomorrow.

>> No.238061

[X] Yes.

>> No.238062

[x] yes yes yes yes yes

>> No.238063


>> No.238069

So, what time again?

>> No.238070

[x] Yes

You made my day ^_^

>> No.238072

Sorry, file could not be saved because file is corrupt.

>> No.238073

[X] Yes

>9 AM and 12 PM EST
>9 AM

But I am sleeping at this time!

>> No.238084

thanks, GM

>> No.238087

[Yes] Except we all agree that we'll be drinking the tea. I take back my "Call in" vote

>> No.238095


OTL sleeping by then.

>> No.238108

Then go to sleep now and wake up then. Or don't sleep..

>> No.238110

hm...that makes 6AM-9PM PST, which so happens to be when I'm normally awake...I know what I'm doing while studying for finals tomorrow.

>> No.238117

>9 AM and 12 PM EST

Man, it'll be 03:20AM back where I am

>> No.238133


>> No.238135

It's worth it. You know it's worth it. Nothing this incredible has happened on /jp/ before. Or /a/ for that matter.

>> No.238143

That's why I'll stay up all night

>> No.238150

.../a/ actually DOES have a VN, though.

>> No.238152

10~13 here

>> No.238168

This is more than a VN.

>> No.238184

I mean 03:00AM, damn booze

>> No.238235

[x] Call everyone in.

>> No.238238

Come on, Anon. I'm sure if you just listen to Green Day and reminisce on your hatred for love, you'll find staying up to 3 in the morning a simple task!

>> No.238241
File: 233 KB, 571x700, 1203192676644.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The forum for the project is up. We just made it and it looks like crap, but whatever.

If you have already talked to me by email, don't worry I haven't forgotten about you. To everyone else, do as you please. Just don't troll. This is by Anon for Anon. This project is all of ours, and should be treated as such.

>> No.238260

No Guest posting?


>> No.238293

Just made the site so we haven't gotten to that yet. As of this moment "no", but that is likely to change.

>> No.238301


Well this shit sucks.

>> No.238304

Yep. This is an unprecendented amount of win.

Gensokyo Man (or is he Dr. Doujin?)has truly created something beautiful here.

>> No.238340

Tip your hat to Gensokyo Man, not me. He started these posts and is the main writer. I'm just the one who said we should make a VN of it and set things in motion.

>> No.238361

Administration Control Panel and there you need to set the option to allow the guests to post on the messageboard in different sections

>> No.238366

Still, we have to give thanks to both of you.

This is the beginning of something truly epic.

A creation that will change /jp/, and possibly Touhou fandom for the better.

>> No.238371


>> No.238385

Yeah, as long as they have programmers who could code this shit. You need people with abilities, not only will to help.

>> No.238406

We could always hijack a coder from Katawa Shojo

>> No.238477

The non-member forums are "public" now and you should be able to post w/o reg'ing. Hell, we may change the entire format into an image board. I understand that Anonymous wants to stay Anonymous. This board was only made like 2 hours ago, and the whole VN idea started like 5 ago. Its very touch-and-go right now.

Thank you.

Absolutely. Any Anons who can code and want to help, please do so. I refuse to end up in a Message-like quagmire.

>> No.238482

Do you dare mock the UBW installer?

>> No.238494

Hell no. I was actually playing it while waiting for updates a few hours ago. I just wish my audio from Realta Nua wouldn't fuck up.

I just mock Message.

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