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Sakuya Sakuya aitai yo!

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Ahh, the Mistress is so pretty!

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makes me cri every time

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This is why Remi bit the Sakuya!

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Why though? She could've just asked her mom for some Hourai elixir.

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It's more romantic this way.

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Broken voice Remi like like getting hit by a train and being fully conscious the entire way through as your body is mangled on the tracks.

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God I pretty much exist purely to bury my face in the Mistress's smelly soiled diapers.

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now she's forced to deal with constant sexual harassment

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Kill yourself out of /jp/

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I hate this dumb shit of vampires biting that muscle. Vampires are supposed to bite you in the neck and suck blood from your carotids.

I want Remiry to fucking pierce my arteries with her sharp fangs and drink my blood until I fucking die in her embrace.

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Why is Remi's chest all swollen? Did she get bitten by a poisonous bug or something?

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I love her and her sister so much bros.

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D-don't let her take her shoes and socks off! Are you insane?

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Mistress' feet are clean I tell you! Clean! Spotless! Immaculate!

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Hard to believe this autist is one of the most powerful beings in the world.

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amount of autism = power level in gensokyo, how do you think flan ended up so strong?

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How do you guys feel about Flan.

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She sure likes to fly at a predictable hour of the night.

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Less cool Remilia, belongs in the basement so best bat gets all the spotlight

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Flan > Remi

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I respect your opinion but actually I don't and you're objectively wrong

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Flan doesn't wear diapers and her feet don't smell nearly as bad as Remi's do.

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This blonde little sister is dangerously lewd!

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That's why Remi > Flan, though few have the necessary high IQ required to properly appreciate her smelly feet and messy diapers.

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I think she's dangerously cute.

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Do vampires like burgers?

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How well is Pichuun faring in the diaper market?

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Quite well---Remi and Flan wear them, obviously, and Remi goes through quite a huge number of them due to her childlike lack of any bladder or bowel control whatsoever. Youmu has been pictured being introduced to Pichuuns by Rumia, and it seems likely that they would be the brand Alice wears as well to contain her leaking. Given the Mistress's harsh treatment of Meiling, it is likely that she doesn't get many bathroom breaks, so it seems probably that she too is a customer. It is likely that Patchouli wears them too, probably out of laziness more than anything else.

Pichuuns are not without their competition, though. The Eien-Drug company manufactures LilyPoko, worn by early every fairy in Gensokyo to keep their pee from getting into the hands of the irresponsible, and Loopy, worn by Tewi and the rabbits of Eientei to stop their bunny pellets littering the whole place. Those two markets are pretty enormous. The Yakumo company makes popular fairy pull-ups, and also some of the most popular products for incontinent ageing hags. It is likely many of Gensokyo's older residents are their customers. Finally, the kappa-manufactured Cucumbers are the preferred brand for truly extreme cases.

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Don't forget the Yama! Eien-Drug takes pride in the fact that even the judge uses their product, and they're considering making it a part of their marketing strategy!

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Flan is a big girl and doesn't need them! The only reason she'd wear one is ironically to make fun of Remi.

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She looks pretty happy here.

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They look so warm and comfortable on her loli butt! Still, when it comes to absolutely devastating a pair of Pichuuns, I'd still expect Remi to have the edge.

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I bet flan just refuses to wear them and shits on the floor like the autistic gremlin she is

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Flan is just not sophisticated enough to see the obvious fashion statement her sister is trying to make, typical

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You forgot one more brand manufactured by Eien-Drug, anon. Sanae has been seen wearing these to bed!

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probably, what restaurant chains do you think they'd buy from?

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I feel like Flan is a Five Guys person while Remi is more partial to Whataburger.

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Zun needs to confirm this for us

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Wow, Flan has great taste.

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yeah I have to admit, she's right on this one

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Right? If anyone can appropriate the genius of Cajun fries it's Flan.

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The mistress orders you to kiss and lick her bare feet while taking deep breaths. What do you do?

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i like Remi, so I'll do what she wants

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doing what she wants is probably the safest option too

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behead all smellniggers

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What's the catch?

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Imagine not getting an erection just thinking about remilia or flan removing their shoes

pathetic! and you call yourself a servant of the mistress?

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yeah. But I could do without the foul smell. I bet they smell lovely besides the sexy sight of seeing their bare legs.

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This. They are sophisticated ladies of the night, they wouldn't be caught (un)dead smelling any less then their best.

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Who is Zun

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I legitimately hope you're joking.

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what do you think

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Answer me faggot.
Zun didn’t create touhou and holds no authority over ZUN to answer anything. Who is this false prophet named “Zun”

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Make me fuck boi.

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Remi wants to fuck.

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Well too bad it's past her bedtime

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Into the shitter your threads go. You crossed the wrong /jp/ poster today.

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Bold of you assume I make threads.

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Oh my!

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someone needs to call the Yama on Sakuya already

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And who are you to judge how they express their love to each other?

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a law abiding citizen

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Common sense doesn’t exist in Gensokyo. Your laws function on an artificial det of common prejudices.

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Becoming a vampire is an erotic process!

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Long haired Remi Log haired Remi

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Jersey Devil
"We'll talk about it."

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this bat is the only thing keeping me going anymore

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One day soon, I hope to be worthy of her...

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considering her own immeasurable worth, that's a high goal to aim for, but maybe, anon, maybe

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That hollowness of being when no cute, haughty vampire loli ojou-sama to serve faithfully until the end of your days and to worship every inch of her slender loli body and to pepper her milky-white, silky-smooth, soft tummy all over with kisses as she giggles and caresses your hair and calls you a perverted cur.

To be alive, to walk this earth. That's the real curse right there.

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Bunny girl remilia

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Aah~ I want to make out with the Mistress's:

[x] Cunny
[x] Anus
[x] Armpit
[x] Navel
[x] Mouth
[x] Back of the knee

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[x] execute feetfag

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do it, slay them

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>[x] Anus
um anon, poop comes from there..

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How can you say you love her if you won't even eat her poop!?

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The mistress is just so lovely when she eats! Look at her! She's so cute and pretty!

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I want to help provide food for the mistress

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Big breakfast for such a little bat.

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a HUNGRY little bat

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How do you bite the carotids without killing the person? Vampires (actual bats sucking blood) have anticoagulants in their saliva so not only you are piercing an important artery, you are also making it troublesome to not lose high quantity of blood considering human teeth are bigger than bat teeth. Maybe biting that zone causes less blood to come out

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Remi aired out her feet near everyone's lungs and thats how the virus was caused. It attacks ur respiratory system.

That flower should be wilting from her feet smell.

Only girls have smelly feet.

already have chest cold so i'd do it.



cringe and wasted

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Shut your fucking mouth and hang yourself you piece of trash.

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500 years no wash. Imagine how many frail, pathetic, m*rtal lungs remi has laid waste to by going barefoot.

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True connoisseurs wear Remi's used Pichuuns as a face mask at all times, so wherever they are they can inhale her scent. It's recommended to start with the lightly piss-soaked ones and move up from there in order of messiness.

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Is finding merely "piss-soaked" Pichuuns even possible?

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File: 621 KB, 2121x1480, __remilia_scarlet_and_flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_huwali_dnwls3010__9dd86c3e6cf551a7b1d4347679908e3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's the bat hygiene hour!

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Hell yeah.

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Remi is so cute I want to give her a kiss on the forehead!

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Flan being taller than Remi is the best

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she'd probably berate you for demeaning her while secretly hoping you do it again

>> No.23797028

should be canon imo, Remi already seems fairly jealous of her sister so part of it being insecurity about the height difference is extra cute

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I wonder what would happen if you put them under a running shower

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Flan should just take her rightful place as the mistress of the SDM, with her being the bigger, stronger and more mature Scarlet. She ought to reduce Remi to the status of the little sister that she was meant to be.

>> No.23797617

thing is Flan's too obedient to ever do it, she clearly cares a lot about Remi if she's willing to stay in a basement for most of her life just for her sister's convenience, and I think Remilia knows this and knows how much power she has over Flan because of it

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Some day Flan will realize that the only thing forcing her to stay down there exists inside her head, and as a result decides that she's had enough of basement time. After that it's Remi's turn to be the imouto.

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as much as I like Remilia, this idea is super interesting and I kinda hope it happens in canon

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Flan greatly respects the authority of her older, wiser, physically stronger and more popular sister. No way she would try her hand at such rude behavior.

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older is literally the only part of that sentence that's true

>> No.23798422

It would be beneficial for both if Flan took over. She could lead the SDM more competently while Remi could stop pretending to be an adult and enjoy living a life where all the decisions are made for her. She could just relax and have Sakuya and the fairy maids fuss over her and tell her what to do.

>> No.23798667

Remilia already basically has that with the bonus of being totally in charge, Remilia isn't the type to enjoy not making the decisions, she's way too prideful to accept that

>> No.23798702

she puts up a facade of being dominant and in charge, but she secretly wants to be submissive and told what to do

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Would you consider either of the two to be great girlfriend/wife material?

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No, Remi acts like a child and Flandre has autism.

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I guess it isn't impossible but I doubt it, Remilia has way too blatant of a superiority complex for her to enjoy a submissive role

>> No.23798923

no because I'm not a pedo

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Remi is a mature lady and is a great wife AND mom!
Lies and slander!
Kill yourself off /jp/!

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Imagine being a nonce and telling someone else to kill themselves

>> No.23809493

My condolences.

>> No.23809864

Being bossed around by Sakuya AND the mistress!

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That's nothing. Imagine being so low on the hierarchy that you get bullied by Meiling and the Kunny.

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I want a job at the SDM for exactly this reason! The head maid would make a wonderful boss as long as you try to be more useful than the fairy maids!

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What do you mean "would you"? Remi is my wife already.

>> No.23812117

Personally, I'd take the job of hauling away the Mistress's used messy Pichuuns. I'm sure I'd find a use for every last one of them!

>> No.23812479

that hat is way too big

>> No.23812491

W-What's happening the left image?

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The mistress has the right to do as she damn well pleases with her headwear, especially when outdoors.

>> No.23812614

some people are just too dense to grasp her sophisticated fashion choices sadly

>> No.23822963

where are all the remichads?

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Does anyone have Remi's nape? I really need Remi's nape right about now.

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Silly vampire

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>> No.23837461

Cool and charismatic Remi is the best!

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Scarlet Devil! Scarlet Devil!

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a noble and elegant mistress.

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>Not flat
Absolutely disgusting.

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typical jealous little sister.

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Flan has nothing to be jealous of. She's the superior sister after all.

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File: 190 KB, 1000x750, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_asutora__cf5a209ce45a3fd8ac3fa547fe81b1bd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow! Remi is still perflat even after childbirth!

>> No.23848331
File: 524 KB, 1050x1400, __flan_maman_and_flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_chiyono__623ab61acfdddd2cb6e21cab4a1f09e4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remi will always stay small and flat, while Flan will grow up to be tall and busty. Remi knows that her fate is to one day look up to her sister while coming up to below breast height to her, and she tries to desperately delay the inevitable by trying to keep Flan small as long as possible.

>> No.23851749
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Flat is beautiful. Remi has nothing to be ashamed of!

>> No.23854771

Remi is undead, isn't she? How can she give birth?

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The power of love.

>> No.23854976

Big busty Flan. Oh God.

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>> No.23855548

flan no, put her down!

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No clue how vampire stuff works, but dhampirs have been around for a while as a concept too.

>> No.23858098

the rebellion has been quelled

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Hnnnnnnng, long haired Remi does things to me.

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yo yo

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Afternoon tea with the mistress!

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"Eye'm the strongest!"

The ice fairy proudly proclaimed with a little figure in her hands. As the sun began it's decline on the land of Gensokyo, Cirno spent the day playing with the gate guard who have been ignoring her duties. Joyfully playing together with Hong's petit-guards, the two had built a strong friendship due to their like-mindedness.

However, the day was drawing thin for the fairy; putting down the tiny beings, she said goodbye to each and everyone of them, with the actual living owner being last.

"Bye, Ms. Chinese," she proclaimed. Slightly flustered by Cirno's nickname for her, she replied on par.

"See you, Nineball." With that, the dimwitted fairy flew from the beautiful mansion to rest due to the upcoming night. However, the inhabitants of the said mansion are beginning their day.

"Ojou-sama! Time to awaken!" The perfect maid lovingly threw open the doors of her master's chamber and went towards her side. Remilia's bedroom was beautifully decorated with the finest tastes of Gensokyo with a hint of what Kourin's owner proclaimed as "Transylvanian," sans for one minor detail.

"Oh... is it time to awaken already?" The vampire rubbed the sleepiness out of her eyes to fully vision the finely dressed maid that stood beside her.

"Yes, milady. It is time to awaken." Taking a quick stretch, the master flung the sheets beside her, but did not leave the comfort area; instead, a wave of cold air swooshed onto her legs, forcing Remilia to give off a shiver.

The maid looked towards her disappointingly. "I see it has happened again, milady." Remilia looked towards the stain with embarrassment. "That's the fourth night of this moon that this has occured. I talked with one of the other servants, who made a suggestion to this problem of your's." The maid held up a black bag that had been placed alongside her master's bed.

Disgustingly ashamed of this problem, Remilia glanced another look at the wetness of her legs, crouch, and sheets. Absolutely loathing this feeling and beginning to fear it, she knew she had little choice.

"Very well, Sakuya. What is in the bag?" The maid reached in and took out a stack of strange looking white objects. "What are those items?"

"They're called diapers, milady."

"What a peculiar name; so, am I supposed to wear one of those?" The master's grabbed one from her maid's gentle hands; the smooth material delighted Remilia's fingertips and the ever-gentle sound rung in Remilia's ear. "These feel nice..."

"Allow me, milady." Sakuya removed the garment from the vampire's hand. "Please, remove your nightwear and underpants."

Remilia removed herself from bed and dropped her drenched pajama pants onto the furred floor. Sakuya, remaining professional in her work, stood absolutely still as her master doffed the wet bloomers from her body.

With Remilia's lower area exposed, Sakuya escaped from her perfect posture. "Now, please lay down." The mistress moved to the dry end of her grand bed. As Remilia walked, the sight of her bare backside caused the perfect maid to momentarily escape professionalism and imagine lovely images and of her owner.

Laying in position, those bourgeois thoughts scurried, and Sakuya gracefully made her way to Remilia. Taking one of the diapers from the casing, she opened the object and gently slid it under the glorious buttocks of her master. Removing another object from the case, she shook a foreign substance onto the garment and Remilia's skin.

"That feels delicate," replied the vampire. Putting the object back into the casing, she wrapped the the piece of clothing around her master's hips and secured it along the waist.

"Finished, milady." Remilia stood and felt the new article of clothing she wore; the plain white exterior had no difference from her ordinary underwear, but the interior fit snuggly and the cotton padding comforted the master's area.

"This is quite cozy, Sakuya. I wish I could have tried one of these sooner."

Sakuya smiled. "That's wonderful, milady. Now, would you life to change into your daily attire?"

"Yes." Taking her pajama top off, the maid walked towards Remilia with her dress in hand. She assisted her master in the reposing clothing, completely concealing the diaper around Remilia's body in the process, and walked her to the bedroom door.

"I shall clean this place and prepare the first meal, is that fine milady?"

>> No.23884939
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Good post

>> No.23888380

Kill yourself

>> No.23889582 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.23893774
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>> No.23894499

you need to kill yourself as soon as possible

>> No.23895640
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It's Christmas every month for Remilia

>> No.23907524
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Ahh I want to plant my seed inside the Mistress

>> No.23908622

Ahh, every second not having my face buried in one of Remi's soggy used diapers is a literal agony!

>> No.23909044

Ahh~ The sound of Remi being changed echoing across the hallways!

>> No.23910642

I'm jealous. They say that no one ever truly knows the Mistress until they have attended to her needs on the changing table.

>> No.23910766

Imagine being hired to the SDM to be Flan's personal servant and telling her all about her sister's secret and making her laugh!

>> No.23910991

vampire youkai bad

>> No.23911049

Imagine snapping a few pictures of Remi being changed for Aya!

>> No.23915110

Kill yourselves diaper niggers

>> No.23915166

it's impossible to have a Remilia thread without them showing up, it sucks

>> No.23919070

I love Remi and I feel sad that I could not find a decent thread anymore

>> No.23919241

it's a shame really, but at least there are occasional times where the topic isn't pedo scat shit

>> No.23929688
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One has to wonder what extravagant and weird rooms their mansion contains. Surely, it all must be very luxurious.

>> No.23939063

For one thing, Remi's used Pichuuns hamper is spacious enough for a grown Anon to crawl inside and take up residence.

>> No.23941186
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fucking kill yourself

>> No.23941334

Why would Sakuya allocate that much space for something like that? Wouldn't it make more sense to just throw them away?

>> No.23941802

Yeah, anon's not making any sense there. I'm more interested in finding out as to why there are 3 changing tables instead of just 2!

>> No.23942435

Flan-chan will get fat if she continues to do as she pleases!

>> No.23942515

she's too energetic for that to happen, Remi on the other hand...

>> No.23942821
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Remi has great self-restraint so there's no danger of anything like that happening

>> No.23942885

Remi literally blocked out the sun because it mildly inconvenienced her, doesn't sound very restrained to me

>> No.23943002
File: 1.14 MB, 4096x3338, 1589968641742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That wasn't unrestrained, Remi is the mistress of the SDM. It is her right to want to go outside all hours of the night.

>> No.23943112

that entitled mindset of hers is exactly what makes her so unrestrained, she's a brat who will totally ignore potential consequence to do what she wants

>> No.23943556

One doesn't insult the mistress and get away with it alive.

>> No.23943720

threaten me all you like, I'm just stating facts

>> No.23948555
File: 474 KB, 1240x1754, __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_beni_kurage__fab19d4bd78900d03c8aec5243514975.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is this so hard for you to understand? Remilia is a PRINCESS and can do ANYTHING she wants. Besides, a few hundred human villager deaths is a small price to pay for the Mistress's happiness.

>> No.23948644
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This and always this. The mistresses life and happiness is worth more then any number of villagers.

>> No.23948761

She's not a princess since I mating press her every night. She's a Queen.

>> No.23948795
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Remi is for loving baby making sex only.

>> No.23955585

alright, I'll give you that, but I'm just saying it doesn't sound like very restrained behaviour

>> No.23956308


>> No.23956366
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Me too Anon, me too.

>> No.23956434 [DELETED] 

ssh ssh, it's ok anon, the pedo party will be over soon I promise

>> No.23956656 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.23956726

>I doubt it, Remilia has way too blatant of a superiority complex
Remilia being an M when nobody can see in the intimacy of her bedroom sounds plausible
Like an outlet for having to be like that both because of her pride and because of what people expect from her

>> No.23957404

God, I want to literally eat the mistress.

>> No.23957458
File: 186 KB, 800x667, __flandre_scarlet_and_remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_aasshoyu_dd1__3624bfd2279219406cf8b2ec21d91157.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flan on the other hand is a pure S.

>> No.23959132
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She smiles, but some are better than others.

>> No.23959142

I don’t get all the extra stuff but her smile is all that matters.

>> No.23965827

Wow, crazy how that's literally me in the green shift.

>> No.23972920
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I can't believe Dai-chan managed to get her hands on Remi's latest product so early.

>> No.23973233
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Dai-chan is a good girl who looks after the smaller fairies.

>> No.23981773
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A little extra bite or two of something can't hurt or do anything serious. Certainly not enough to tarnish her nice physique.

>> No.23985579

that's certainly what she'd tell herself

>> No.23986295

Ahh Remimimimiry-sama!!!!

>> No.23986401

What's the best thing about Remi? For me it's definitely when she tries to act all haughty and superior but then accidentally makes a huge load of loli vampire oopsie-daisies in her Pichuuns, requiring me to change her!

>> No.23992973
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>> No.23995884
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nomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom *swallows*

>> No.24002187
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it's a fact!

>> No.24003443

Remi eating Flan!

>> No.24003508

I take a break from /jp/, come back and get greeted with diaperposting
I don't know what I expected

>> No.24004653

it's a remi thread, it's always gonna be diaperposting, without fucking exception

>> No.24005197

It wasn't this way a year ago. Then suddenly you had feetniggers and smellniggers and diaperniggers in every Remi thread.

>> No.24005609

there are so many other child 2hus, why did they have to pick remi? it's fucking tragic, man

>> No.24006710


>> No.24006846

at least you don't have to deal with "ololo fairy pee!!1! xD"

>> No.24007170

that, neet semen and fat old man posting ruined the fairy threads

>> No.24007477

Isn't Remi a foreigner? Why would she speak japanese at home with sakuya?

>> No.24015764
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elegant and pretty sisters

it's hard to take your eyes off them

>> No.24022174

Sakuya is a dumb jap who refuses to learn decent English/French/Belgian/whatever euro language remi and flan are native in.

>> No.24022556

Sakuya as far as we know isn’t a jap.

>> No.24022756
File: 2.87 MB, 2000x2659, 1558810660878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

which is the puffier of the two? (pic is merely a single artist's rendition and thus cannot be taken as the definitive answer by itself)

>> No.24028078

Hairless cunny

>> No.24034665 [DELETED] 


>> No.24036947

Does any of you know the name of that one song about Remilia wanting to use a bikini and enjoy summer or something?

>> No.24041104
File: 62 KB, 600x800, castlevania-richter-belmont-body-pillow-dakimakura-hugging-case-anime-videogame-50cmx150cm-soft-satin-2-sides-printed_754_500x@2x.progressive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remi has a body pillow.

>> No.24044649

Remi is not a filthy BL lover or fujoshi

>> No.24049027
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>> No.24050133

It’s literally just one guy

>> No.24064115 [DELETED] 


>> No.24070772
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I bet it's the same guy doing that disgusting posting in Sakuya threads. I just want to be comfy why do people have to do this...

>> No.24070916

are we sure it's just one guy? he'd have to be pretty damn pathetic even for a diaperfag if that's the case, considering how many posts there are about it, I just want one remi thread without this literal shit

>> No.24071379

Aah~ I want to shoot my smelly semen all over the Mistress's legs!

>> No.24084095 [DELETED] 

makes me cry