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yoshi, ikusou!

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more like

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I am going to Universe City

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Holy crap a Japanese person managed to out-compete the snobby rich kids at New Jersey for a seat at Harvard!? Fucking awesome-


Disregard that. Enjoy getting scammed into a fake uni.

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Shit - I was too busy scanning the tiny text for engrish (and surprisingly enough, finding none) that I didn't even notice the TITLE.

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Unless you're doing a subject like law, medicine, or engineering, University is a waste of time and the value of vocational qualifications and apprenticeships is being unfairly diluted by pointless shitty degrees like geography or media studies.


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There is nothing to discuss.

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I know, I just figured that adding "discuss" would make a pompous generalisation seem less pompous and more inviting of conversation

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true and sadly im stuck in one of those lame subjects and im skipping classes/failing hard at it as well. it sucks but im just not sure wat else to do but it really does suck. only advice i get from parents are its better than having no degree. good motivation there.

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Learning for the purpose of getting a certain well paying job is not the only reason to learn.

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no its not. But the large majority of people who are there are there for that reason.

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>law, medicine, or engineering

Manipulative Asian parents are so crazy about these three majors because they think these are dream majors that guarantee prestige and wealth, regardless of how much of a faggot they are. They can continue with their anti-intellectual mindsets, devote the bulk of their free time towards debauchery and contend for mediocrity and somehow they still can be rich if they were to be doctors, engineers or whatever.

The truth is, It doesn't fucking matter what are you going to do in life. You just have to be disciplined, determined and be very, very, VERY good at what you are doing. That's the way to earn money and be well-recognized. That's how Steve Martin made it in his career.

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Just throwing it out there

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How about music? I've always wondered if you really get that much out of an university-level degree in a music related subject.

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Yea, having a huge loan and a shit degree that gets you nowhere sure is better than not having both at all. That's what all the 'mature' grownups think nowadays.

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Good point. I got into medicine purely because I wanted to, with no real influence from my parents (neither of my parents have degrees or are particularly pushy); however the amount of people doing medicine because their parents wanted them to, or because they didn't know what else to do is astounding.

The interview/screening system is pretty basic and easy to "defeat", so it doesn't really filter out people who are on the course against their will, as it were.

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Very true. Society might not be so worthless if parents taught their children self-discipline instead of forcing ambitions unto them. That's what separates a good parent from a parent who just wants to use the child to feel good about themselves.

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but u cant deny those 3 majors have a higher chance of you getting a decent place in society, not necessary a god tier place in society which we know is BS. I think it has more to being risk-adverse than anything else. Play it safe.

>You just have to be disciplined, determined and be very, very, VERY good at what you are doing. That's the way to earn money and be well-recognized.

Of course. But only a very small percent of the population can actually achieve this. We are in 4chan/jp/ for a reason. Mediocrity ftw/ftl w/e.

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Why would any one want to go to an american school? They have the shittest education system in the world.

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>But only a very small percent of the population can actually achieve this

But believe it or not, it is the ONLY way you want to have a good life. Don't think being a doctor you are excused from it - if anything you need to work your ass off a hundred times harder to clear off the gargantuan debt of yours.

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Butthurt Eurofag.

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Our universities are excellent.

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Be wary of those rankings. There seems to be alot of emphasis on their research programs which have nothing to do with students in general.

I go to the UNSW should be top 50 I think in one of those rankings and anyway it is shit.

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Our grade schools are terrible, though.

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My parents let us choose whatever I wanted to be, but my old high school classmates aren't so lucky. A friend of mine was forced into a biology course as preparation for a career in medicine. Now she works in a call center.

While me, who is way overdue to graduate already, made more money doing a part-time job that needed skill and creativity. My college has a name but the actual education kind of stinks (I know more than the teachers at times), but all I need is a degree so I can start getting accepted full-time to the jobs that I know will advance my career.

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What career?

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Name your college and I'll cross it out of my admissions list.

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Sounds cliche these days, but game design, something I've been interested in since I was three (or somewhere around that age). I've already made several working ones, and a company is willing to hire me with a nice salary on the condition that I graduate first. I try to cram as many courses I can per term so I can have that one over with.

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game design as in video games?

volatile industry i guess. seeing how many people are fucked during these hard times i dont think many ppl will be buying games.

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Don't worry, we live in different countries. The college stinks like I said and everyone, including the teachers, are lazy, and it's laughably easy to get a merit scholarship. I've been self-studying the stuff I actually need to learn anyway.

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I've also been interested in game design since I was able to use a computer, but I don't live in a third world shithole so I decided against CS. No insourced jobs here.

Physics is not a bad major, I guess. ;_;

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I agree that it can be a volatile industry, so I branch out to other areas of computer and internet knowledge as well. SEO and viral marketing pay really well from my experience. Around here, as long as you're good with computers, you'll never be out of job.

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I'm majoring physics, not bad at all.

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around where? because where I live, they don't even know what computers are... there's like one single company that deals with any sort of media creation (for business databases) in my city, and they aren't interested in hiring.

if I move, would my prospects be better? if so where to?

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Third world country.

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Too bad staying in research pays shitty compared to going into economics or counseling most of the time.

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Where do you live? I find that hard to believe.

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well good for you I'm always glad to see the oppressed minorities getting ahead in the world...


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crappy city in the southeast, within five hours of atlanta.

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>going into economics or counseling
Who the fuck would want to do that?

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It's not my fault, we apply, they hire.

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are you an indian or a mexican?

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Filipino iirc

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I know they don't pay you much, but how's the cost of living? Like, how well can you live? Working at a call center, can you afford like a two bedroom apartment and a car or?

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If you're living alone, basic call center pay is usually enough to pay for all your expenses and still have some spending money. Two bedroom apartment, sure. I don't think you can afford a car though. If you already have one and don't travel too far or use it too much, you can afford the gas.

Call centers here are past their prime, although that could be attributed to the situation in America since majority of the call centers here cater to them. I know quite a few people who got laid off.

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I was offered a place in Cambridge to study med science after I left sixth form but I turned it down. I really don't want to force myself into something I don't enjoy just because of the high wage.

I don't know what to do with myself now, really. I'm stuck working a few part-time jobs and fixing computers, it's enough to live on but I don't have much spending money.

Maybe I should start my own website or something. Take up martial arts, go to the olympics, form a band. Fuck knows. For now i'll just take it easy.

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1. start your own blog, make a funny in every post
2. get advertisements
3. get monnays

Typing a couple of stupid paragraphs every day and getting paid a load to do it feels good, mang.

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what the fuck is sixth form?

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Medicine at cambridge is not all it's cracked up to be. No patient interaction for 2 years goddamn

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Same as high school juniors/seniors iirc. I don't know much about the US education system, google it.

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Hey, my college is #46!

Zot! Zot! Zot!

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