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So that's why they called her Rider.

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IMO they had to at least make her relevant to her class

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Ride 'er? I barely knew 'er.

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So that's why they called her Rider.

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But Sakura isn't a horse, or bicycle.

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Gorgon thread?

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You had me fooled, considering the mileage on her.

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A monstrous being that dines of the flesh of humans and petrifies humans for her own amusement.

I believe we dissembled for a while on the nature of the Gorgoneion a day or so ago.

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Do note that Japan turned something so "Monstrous" into something so Beautiful, We can't help but fall for it, Same law goes under Saya.

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Her fair body encases a most loathsome and vile spirit.

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The Medusa was always considered to be a beautiful by some, at least before she was made to match her inner ugliness on the outside.

This is nothing new. No one but a sacrilegious monster would fornicate in the temple of a Goddess of purity, and with another god no less.

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I'm sorry, What i meant was beautiful inside, That's why i included Saya, Rider's unbending loyalty to Sakura was very impressive, To the point that despite Shinji being unbearable, She was still willing to follow her commands.

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She was a servant. To do anything else would have been unthinkable.

That's hardly commendable.

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What are Rider's Hobbies again?

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Fair though she may be in appearance, a Gorgon is still a Gorgon.

Off with her head.

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I don't think so, Since if we relate her to the mythology she was based at, She may have done the same thing as what Caster did to her original master.

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Not unthinkable at all.
She didn't wish the grail, and was never feeling pressured enough in order to disobey and forcing her aster to use command spells.
They may not have free will to ANSWER the call, but after that, it's up to them.

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The Matou family are all strong magic-users, I am sure that Sakura knew how to use charismatic influence in order to ensure Rider's loyalty.

It is not hard to bend some monsters to your will.

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Well, I would've made Shinji an example if there was a scene of Rider protecting him with her life, Nevertheless, I rest my case.

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She was summoned as a 'human', not in her Gorgon form.
And she was summoned without a catalyst due to being Similar to Sakura (aka, vivtim to external circumstances yadda yadda), so Sakura didn't really have to do anything.

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Regardless she retained the powers of a Gorgoneion - eyes that petrify, speed, strength, etc...marking her as a monster.

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Nonsense and slander.
Rider is a perfectly upstanding young woman.

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It's Nasuverse.
She had the power to petrify and divinity BEFORE turning into a monster.
When the gods made humans attack her and she protected her sisters , the image the people had changed, and THEN she turned into a monster.
And she started a downward spiral, where she started eating humans...
It's a pity, who the fuck would want to change her form?

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Yes, I'm sure Athena would agree with you.

She was so perfect and upstanding that she was beheaded by a legendary hero for slaying and eating innocent humans.

Then her head was embossed upon Athena's breastplate.

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We talk about rider, not the Greek version of Gorgons.

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Rider is the Medusa, in case you were forgetting.

The eldest of the three Gorgoneion, second only in savagery and bloodthirstiness to Stheno.

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We are running in circles...
Different versions, different legends different backstories, different personalities.
I'm sure the original Gorgons didn't have the WET DREAM ABILITY either.

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Did you fools really believe that, upon running into a Gorgon, that the two of you would exchange pleasantries and chat for a while about the news and the current affairs in themedia?
That she would have asked you how your parents were, and laughed amiably when you commented on the weather?

The treacherous man-eater would be splitting your bones apart and sucking the marrow from them before you could scream for help.

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They all conclude with one thing though, and Nasuverse+Greek Mythology of all sorts agrees upon the fact that Gorgons consume human flesh and enjoy it.

Full fucking stop. Period. THE END.

Don't try to convince me that Medusa actually enjoys cookies and ice cream rather than the flesh of the innocent.

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The entire Greek Pantheon was a squabbling pack of liars and cheats. Athena was better than the rest, but not by much. I fail to see why their petty and childish outlooks should carry any weight at all.

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Actually, more than the flesh of humans, she likes chocolate, indeed, in this version.

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If their childish and petty outlooks were good enough for the Hellenistic nobility, then it's good enough for me.

And that does not change my views regarding the Gorgoneion.

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She seems less monstrous and more tragic in the Nasuverse version. Were Rider based wholly on Greek mythology, no one would defend her.

But since the Nasuverse took heavy creative liberties with mythology.....

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>exchange pleasantries and chat for a while about the news and the current affairs in themedia
If it's as beautiful as Rider, I'd gamble with my life

>Don't try to convince me that Medusa actually enjoys cookies and ice cream rather than the flesh of the innocent.
Well we're not, But we're still hoping though

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Roman revisions, actually.

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What part of being randomly raped, turned into a monster and getting killed for no real reason is not tragic? Entire Greek pantheon is full of faggots.

Cronus '09 - Vote for Golden Age.

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See, what we have here is an unreliable narrator, attempting to trip us up with half-truths.


I will not stop those who march gleefully to their doom. If you wish to die at the hands of a Gorgon, be my guest.

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It's a fucking legend created by humans on NOT REAL CHARACTERS, who even in the original greek had differentviews.
Reliability is MOOT.

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Moot's a faggot

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no doubt, many have fallen in love at first sight with the beautiful gorgon sisters.
their curse was that they could not gaze upon their handsome suitors without turning them to stone.

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I find it dreadfully amusing how /jp/ defends a Chthonic creature who consumes human flesh and kills for sport.

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Only Medusa had the curse.

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she's cute that's why we call her rider-chan

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Apparently, They were idiots who didn't know how to use strategy, They gamble despite having the abysmal chance of winning, If they used their brains, They would've upped the ante a bit, On the other hand, It's all up to the Greek Historians as to who are the winners and who are the losers when it comes to their mythologies, And sadly, Medusa happens to be in the losing side.

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only Medusa had the stone gaze?
I never even heard about the other two sisters until FSN

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Given the chance, do you think /jp/ wouldn't kill and rape for laughs and kicks?

You're the deluded one here.

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Kind of like LOL SAYA IS MAI WAIFU XD back when SnU was released.

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>Given the chance

You lost me...you don't have that chance right now? I don't see anything other than societal laws and morals holding you back, if you're too scared to break those than even if you had "the chance" in whatever way you mean it you'd still do nothing.

There's not "given the chance" in this case, as you have that chance always.

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Whenever I bring it up, /jp/ turns into a bunch of squealing fairies. Here I am, suggesting that we should kill this vile monster, and everyone is going "NO! RIDER IS CUTE AND MOE AND KAWAII! DON'T HURT HER!"

You don't have the balls to kill a gnat, stop pretending.


As to be expected from /jp/ - taking some Japanese idiot's half-cocked view on Greek mythos as the absolute truth in this case.

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>do you think /jp/ wouldn't kill and rape for laughs and kicks?

Given the chance, I'd probably decline, Despite being perverted, I'm still a moralfag.

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I should certainly hope not!
/jp/ has its share of vices, to be sure, but I've never considered you all to be sociopaths.

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It isn't beneficial to me in the long run. Stop trying to bug me with rhetoric.

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Now you're just making up excuses. If you actually have to justify your actions as being 'beneficial' then you wouldn't do it to begin with.

Currybutt just owned you with logic, give it up.

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>Currybutt just owned you with logic, give it up.

That would be quite humiliating indeed, but thankfully I'm secure in my superiority.

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>CurryButt just owned you with logic

A rare sight. You should feel proud, Anon.

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>as long as i tell myself im right i am XDDD

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Even a maggot is superior to you

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Check and mate.

I wonder why it bothers people so much that I do not think that Rider is an innocent little flower.

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My butthurt sense! It is tingling!

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I quote Anon as once calling my stance on Rider a 'maniacal hatred'. 'twas funny.

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I was inclined to think this comment indicated Anonymous was unwilling to be provoked by some random faggot on the internet, and therefore wouldn't get mad.

If he did, shame on him.

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Come on guys, Let us not ruin such a potentially great thread.

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>not ruin a thread

You must be new he-oh wait you are, get out.

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> Rider
> good

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Wait, Rider is a gorgonzola?

Man that's cheesy to use in an eroge.

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Sorry bro, I absolutely hate the /jp/ community because they're resentful and stupid.

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Nvm, Looks like the trolls have just arrived

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So why the fuck are you here?

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> Clockwork Loyalty</span> <span class="postertrip">!!4b3DtY5ordZ
> name i have never seen before
back to /a/

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It never occurred to me that /jp/ had trolls as well.

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Oh my god you did not just say that bro

You totally did not just say that

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Well, we didn't until you came here.

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You deserve some /b/ reply images because you're at the same level as that shit for being so fucking stupid.

Oh and get the fuck out of /jp/.

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While we're at it, does anyone want a new thread for the Gorgons?

Or shall we merely let this go as a failure?

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More like ES.

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