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Is SA supposed to be hard? I heard that from some other places, but I wasn't too sure about /jp/'s opinion.
At this rate, I don't think I'll every see stage 6. ;_;

On another note, playing these games is the most fun I've had playing video games in a while, even though I suck at it.
Who else is rubbish at Touhou but plays anyway?

Pic somewhat related; every time is a struggle.

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anyone have success using cheat engine to freeze the number of lives?

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Most of /jp/'s population fails at SA.

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Keine constantly kicks my ass, even on EASY MODO!

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Just keep playing, you'll get better in no time.
If it gets too frustrating try easy modo and use Reimu A.

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Easy modo here, still haven't beat Utsuho. I dunno why you faggots said she was easier than Orin.

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Just wait until you fight Utsuho in hard

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SA is the hardest Touhou, and it has the best pattern design, best pacing, acceptable scoring system, and best engine (lowest control latency).

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when you move to the side the little dust particles move out of your way

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they're not dust particles but insects. When Wriggle appears all surrounding insects are attracted to her.

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well anyway, i've been spending all of tonight trying to beat stage 5 normal, continuing over and over.
i'm starting to tear up

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OP sniffs glue. Even a randy teenager with aspergers can get past the 6th level. Enjoy your street corners~

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You could also use Practice Mode you know.
Why go through the levels you know you can do easy just to get to the parts you can't do?

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SA stage 5 Normal is harder than IN stage 5 Lunatic. Keep trying, watch replays, bomb more.

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I can't fucking use practice mode. I always do 10x worse then when I'm regularly playing.

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I don't think you've ever reached stage 5 in lunatic.
Enjoy your easy mode bad end.

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I've 1cced (all defaults) PCB Lunatic, IN Lunatic, MoF Normal, SA Normal. Currently working on MoF Lunatic.

IN stage 5 Lunatic is ridiculously easy once you've got it memorized.

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Yeah Reisen can be quite hard. I usually manage to beat her though but then die on Kaguya and since you cant continue on FinalB its quite frustrating.

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You can't practice a level you haven't beaten.

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Don't you have to beat the stage to practice it? In SA at least..

If there's a way to practice the stages without going through the game, I'd be all for it.

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Oh yeah, forgot about that.

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