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So /jp/ is still a trial board as noted in the news section of the site.

From your experiences so far, do you honestly think that /jp/ should become a permanent board, or should it be removed? Why or why not?

Picture possibly related.

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No one wants the Touhou faggotry back in /a/

I love my Touhou faggotry where it is right now

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Get rid of it and give us /n/ back

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Too much Touhou faggotry in /jp/

but Touhou faggotry has nowhere else to go.

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>give us /n/ back

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I'm honestly not sure. While I like /jp/ a whole lot more than the new /a/, and it was fun having an all weeaboo all the time board I think it's too much of the same. Also /a/ is shit now, it could use some of it's old posters back.

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How does a /to/uhou board sound to you instead of /jp/?

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Needs to be renamed /thvnfig/ for Touhou-VisualNovels-Figurines so people stop complaining that every other topic is Fate/Stay Night or Touhou, but other than that, it's good to stay.

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Needs a rename. /jp/ is only gonna make this board a warzone for the rest of it's life.

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your suggestions?

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/jp/ is the best board on 4chan. I will really be sad if it gets removed again.

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Needs either a rename or a clear statement in the rules to definitely allow VNs, Touhou and whatnot, but this board has a lot of success.

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Like dis?


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/n/ is back. the horrid usurpers that were there have been removed. also, moot has allowed other forms of transportation other than trains in it this time around.

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where were you when that sticky was up?

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>removed again.


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>/jp/ is the best board on 4chan. I will really be sad if it gets removed again.
>gets removed again.


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Right here, but that wasn't the case of everyone, unfortunately.

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People will forget what was written on the sticky five minutes after it gets taken down.

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Considering that /jp/ has one of the higher post counts of the new boards, it wouldn't make sense to get rid of it.

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It has ALOT of concentrated weeaboo which can be quite annoying. If it was removed I wouldn't care, since I surf /a/ and /jp/ in different tabs.

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I'm not sure if higher post count automatically = permanent board if the said board is a trial board. What can you say about the quality of the posts here?

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works for me. /jp/ is the sole reason why I came back to 4chan after all.

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Just delete /a/ and allow anime discussion here

/a/ is only good now right after a release, discuss the latest episode/chapter and go straight back to lurking /jp/

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>>/jp/ is the sole reason why I came back to 4chan after all.

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quality & 4chan :/ does not compute, disregard that i kinda like /jp/

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Wouldn't that have the same effect as deleting /jp/?

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If /jp/ was removed, Touhou and Visual Novels would just go back to /a/, and nobody would like that.
This place can be fairly amusing at times. I like /jp/.

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>>234552 >:/

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But with more posters?

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Moot gave the Touhou fans the promised land after leading them out of /a/, /tg/, and /v/.

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I like /jp/, it's my daily dose of weeaboo faggotry without having to wade though anime faggotry.

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I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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does not compute

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"I want to go swimming but I don't want to get wet"

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"I want to go swimming, but I don't want to get wet"

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Touhou fans are Jews. It's as simple as that,

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/jp/ has plenty of racist threads buried under the touhou faggotry.

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I still remember you getting b& for that.

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Make a /vn/ for the touhoufags to fuck off to.

Otherwise, it's a pretty good board.

in b4 touhoufags bawwwww and say Japanese discussion can be covered by other boards.

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Board needs more pest control.

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Trial boards:

/an/ - Animals & Nature
/cgl/ - Cosplay & EGL
/ck/ - Food & Cooking
/co/ - Comics & Cartoons
/fa/ - Fashion
/fi/ - Health & Fitness
/hc/ - Hardcore
/jp/ - Japan/General
/mu/ - Music
/n/ - Transportation
/po/ - Papercraft & Origami
/r9k/ - ROBOT9000

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I would rather have pre-split /a/ back than have /jp/ and /a/ as they are now. But at this point it's more likely that if /jp/ goes /a/ will still not allow /jp/ material, so because of that it should stay.

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The board listing needs a MAJOR overhaul.

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Send all the Touhoufreaks to /v/ (or give them a private board) and give the remainder of /jp/ back to /a/.

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/jp/ is the only place where Touhou is unbannable so far.

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Same person

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/v/ eats Touhoufags alive whenever they try going there

Stay out of /v/, faggots.

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I kind of like the dolls.

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/jp/ -> /to/uhou
/toys/ -> figures/dolls allowed
/a/ -> visual novels allowed

Bad idea?

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>touhou --> b&

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God, I shouldn't have to tell people to lurk moar here. Did someone make a Japan-themed thread in /b/ again?

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this boards will create a new generation of Touhoufags . i approve.

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I liek this board.

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Which /n/?

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So we just split this board into three sections?
I like this board, it's satisfies almost all my interests and this is the only board I mainly browse nowadays and I guess I'm not the only with these thoughts so why we should give up on this?

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