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Shanghai, I don't want to alarm you, but there may be a Librarian OR Librarians in the house!

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I need the sauce of this Alice&Shanghai image

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What's the context for this image? Is she going to masturbate with Shanghai?

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So long digging plan!
Alice needs shovels.

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Alice needs love!

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It's a redrawing of some old meme image

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It's this one, I think

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What is the origin of that meme?

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That's just a frame of a comic panel, it's from that comic the frame is from.

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Hello, I'm Troy Mcclure. You might remember me from such Alice threads as "Alice's Adventures through the Windshield Glass", and "Alice Doesn't Live Anymore".

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Ah yes, I remember the "Alice in Necrophiliand" the most fondly out of those.

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I think I saw you in "Alice leaks poop and wets her bed!" too.

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she's about to cough directly into shanghai's eyes

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Alice boobie.

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alice booty

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What a suprise, she isn't wearing her diapers like she usually does.

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Shag fanciers gather here.

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Thar's the reason why everyone hates Alice.

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Tango neutralized

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Remove the poop from the equation and we're golden

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Or the one that goes like this?

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Oh, and there's this one.

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