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Reimu a chuu chuu

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Chu chuu~

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Are the bills real?
It looks like a notepad

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a fuu fuu

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A poo poo.

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How dare you.

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Everybody knows a Yukichi note has high nutritional value and should be included in every meal.

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chuu chuu

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Bost the bamkuchen one.

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Long penis

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never give up

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choo choo

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a yuu yuu

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How many chuus for Reimu?

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Its here! Its here! Its finally here! The LITTLEST Reimu thread.

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I'm hijacking this train

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With no survivors!

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Oh. Everyone's going to survive. Just changing the destination. Smile town time

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autism train

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A flu flu

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THIS is what I come to /jp/ for

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boo boo

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choo choo

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How does the Chuu protects herself from Corona-chan? I bet some of the donations are infected!

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donations must be managed rain or shine, sickness or health

donations is hard work

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I am died.

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Natto in the donations is no joke.

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This thread needs pocket patchy

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kyuu~ kyuu~

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Turn that frown-town upside down!

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patchy a poo poo

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I think we cn go littler.

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there's no healthcare in gensokyo, she's dead as fuck

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Do not eat the currency chuu chuu

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The fire rises

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Reimu a turnip

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This thread wont go to Frown Town in my watch!

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I want a little hopping Reimu on my desk.

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She wants it!

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Be careful chuu chuu, you're going to fall!!

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Not enough photos of the littlest Reimu in this thread.

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A yuu yuu Hakusho!

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Reimu a poo poo

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Reimu a choo choo

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No you you!

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Ah bloo bloo.

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Chuu chuu loves money!

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Chup chirup!

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choo choo

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She's happy!

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What did you donate?

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I hope you at least washed your hands before donating

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I do!

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snooze snooze

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how about you prove you aren't a complete noob and retard who has no clue what he is talking about
come on the discord and do a quiz
oh wait you can't right haha stfu

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its crazy to think that they went such a different direction with the overall tone in the remake that it really shouldnt even be called one

what happened to my cartoony mischief

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there's no filter on there lol

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? there was a really good balance between beign grim and serious and touching and goofy as shit

maybe u 4got about how goofy shin-ra corp is during midgar arc lol

i mean yah once aerith dies its past the point of no return but shit dude the remake is just constantly down in the dumps and gay as shit

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good luck

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also im gonna get aids now well it was worth it for final fanty 7

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i don't give a single a fuck about the gay corona joke that lasts for 1 day

yeah americans are pretty rich and their spending power is pretty tremendous, still that article is probably mainly talking about eastern europe

yeah sure theoretically you can but i'm saying it doesn't seem to be happening practically because all the success cases are core vocab users while the others have knowledge holes, you also have to ask yourself whether it's more sensible to learn the week-days at once so you just know them or actually delay it and spread out learning them over the time it takes for you to have seen them in your input
a core deck just makes sense because you work off what is most common in a way that is most efficient

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okay as a non-core deck user who only mined how about you come on the quiz and show me you know all the basic stuff
yeah yeah make an excuse i don't need to hear it but that is why you can't be trusted

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it's surprising how rich americans are and how much their unproductive brown people leech off their whites such that they surpass many europeans in income.

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what are you trying to say, that i don't know something basic
even though i have a vocab exceeding 20k, can write on the level of kanken level 4 (right now still advancing) and have no problem reading whatever i want? oh wait i mixed up 1 word inside a recording that one time over half a year ago what irrefutable truth that i don't know any jp

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black and hispanic americans are earning more than the average canadian, brit, swede, jap, etc. lmfao

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do you think quiz and i would get along irl

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i watched 15 episodes today dude i'm just shitposting during breaks

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you're still on kanken 4 how slow are you lmao

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i know i don't know japanese because i can barely output at all

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made 5 cards this week

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made 2 cards last week

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stop bullying qm, hes just a young boy trying to find himself in this crazy dopamine fucking world

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lol you "people" have mental problems fucking absolute psychotic freaks

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i mean you didnt need to tell me that i already knew it

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damn y'all's a bunch of lames if you really care that much about qm lol

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just hope our guy qm continues to achieve whatever he wants while djt stays poor and knowing no japanese spending their life making vapid diss posts

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didnt read

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qm you're never going to watch any good anime at this rate

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tobira guy wilin out today

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yea cuz qm doesn't constantly post about logh newfag

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just got my results, going to japan in september to be a dancing monkey.

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@vinny guy
what's your fav vn bro

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will find out next month. im about n2ish, have frequented here for over 2 years.

no, my eyes are brown.

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finally getting to the point where my listening is actually better than my reading

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why call it that? you should talk to the kids and actually try to teach them something.

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i put hokkaido as my number 1 preference since my pasty anglo self could not handle the heat. but i kinda want to go to the inaka because i will be able to use more japanese.

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leave him alone worry about your own reading you little shit

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if any of you become alts don’t listen to the bullshit about not using japanese with the kids. outside of basic english shit like hello how are you, have conversations with the kids in japanese as much as you can

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good for you now fuck off

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imagine being a gaijin teacher with shitty japanese trynna speak and gettin verbally smacked on a daily basis by 6 yo.s

>> No.23323230

you’re not a japanese person and you never will be

>> No.23323234

>be english teacher
>fail to teach students english by not actually speaking english most of the time and using a fucked up version of their native language

>> No.23323243

is it a surprise to you that people have to practice things to get better at them

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nobody is going to learn a language they do not want to learn. the best you can hope for is to encourage them to learn on there own. plus im in it to get into japan and get a real job later.

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sounds like you want to be japanese since you keep comparing yourself to japanese people

>> No.23323257

>im in it to get into japan and get a real job later.
nice april fools joke

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ur mom is misinformed

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>nobody is going to learn a language they do not want to learn
exactly, plus the most those students know is like 20 sentences worth of english if that. might as well get to know them in their native language and use the opportunity to learn more japanese yourself since you have a foundation of japanese that’s much bigger than the one they have in english.

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my road map is to do jet for 2 years and pass the n1 while im there then get a job in tech in a city and do that for a couple years then get a non job dependent visa and then transition to just day trading for a living.

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if you prove you can speak japanese and explain english shit in japanese then you can teach the whole class if you want. the problem is most alts go there knowing barely enough japanese to introduce themselves and then wonder why they’re only being used as english tape recorders.

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half u thod uv watchin rly easy stuff

>> No.23323314

>At least with anime I'm forced to do it in roughly 20 minutes.
you’re not “doing it” if you’re missing half the text as it passes by. don’t listen to these retards keep reading and watching by going at your own pace even if you have to pause the anime to do so. the amount you can do will increase as you practice more.

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for (read=0; read<infinity; read++)
get better at reading;}

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based c programmer

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>not using 1TBS

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cant bear to look at this thread cause theres so much fcking green

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it's kinda like u dont need to memorize the days of the week to start reading lol

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how did killua know that gon was coming back to the ship with leorio? wtf. what a bond that pair have.

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So... i was learning japanese in highschool but dropped it when I started uni
I want to get back to it again.
I still remember some grammar, hiragana, katakana and a couple kanji. What should I do? Read tae kim grammar guide and just consume?

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quit again

>> No.23323640

>not much reading to be distracted from
there are poems that are literally three lines of text and people enjoy them. what you just said makes it clear you’re not even having fun with the language all you care about is bragging online how sad.

>> No.23323656

Having a full time job and getting good grades was a bitch anon. Is not like I wanted to quit

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everyone here who’s still in the beginning stages, make sure you don’t end up like the guy who cares more about numbers and stats than having fun with stuff in japanese. all your effort will go to waste if you end up like that

>> No.23323670 [DELETED] 

don’t let them poison you with their bullshit.

>> No.23323676 [DELETED] 

>I can't read

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as long as you don't give up you are gonna be fine senpai

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you’re not enjoying shit if you’re thinking more about your numbers than what you’re reading.

>> No.23323699 [DELETED] 

imagine reading something in japanese that you like and thinking it’s cool and fun, then coming on some anonymous forum and letting some random retard online tell you your experience didn’t matter because you didn’t do as many characters as him. the most backwards shit ever.

>> No.23323706 [DELETED] 

lol p much

>> No.23323709 [DELETED] 

ikr djt users are toxic

>> No.23323717 [DELETED] 

> gotta feel bad for the guys who dumped x hundred hours into nip only to find out they hate anime and just ended up shit posting on djt instead lol
it’s just tragic

>> No.23323728 [DELETED] 

i knew i didn't like anime before i even started learning though.

>> No.23323749 [DELETED] 

>imagine how cool it'd be if you could have read a lot more
people who are actually having fun do not think about shit like that. they just keep doing the thing that was fun, without caring about how fast or slow they are going
this guy gets it

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how do i get the smiley emoji

>> No.23323813 [DELETED] 

you’re a fuckin neet your time isn’t more valuable than anyone else’s. and fun is not dependent on how fast you go anyways if anything the more ゆっくり you go with something enjoyable the more you get out of it. that’s why skillful masturbators practice edging

>> No.23323820 [DELETED] 

and that’s why skillful eaters eat good food slowly and savor it

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potd: もずのはやにえ

i'm 25 how long do i have before my mara just gives up?

>> No.23323869 [DELETED] 

i masturbate just to get that shit out of the way

>> No.23323880 [DELETED] 

just do squats to reactivate it

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having this thread open in your tabs: infinite

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"But be ye strong, and let not your hands be slack: for your work shall be rewarded."

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it's not porn tho. just H stuff that burns your receptors. this is why some anons here regularly post H pictures to ruin your brain for the day.

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lol wtf dude

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lol these guys are fucked

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this guy does not know how to enjoy things do not take advice from him

>> No.23324028 [DELETED] 

Good news is that when you get older you stop masturbating more and get better dopamines from cooler things

>> No.23324074 [DELETED] 

im 29 and it's a healthy 3 per week for me.

>> No.23324077 [DELETED] 

sounds beautiful

>> No.23324091 [DELETED] 

27 here and on decline. Used to be every day of the week and now it’s once every 3 days

>> No.23324094 [DELETED] 

i used to do it 6 times a day back when i was 13.
these days i do it once a day

>> No.23324102 [DELETED] 

I used to masturbate like 5 times a day as a teen now I think is just boring and im in my early 20s

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edging is great

>> No.23324146 [DELETED] 

wish a cute girl were edging me right now

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>moby DICK
why do people read bwd fetish novels?

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thinky thinky