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Go away titty monster

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Shion is mai waifu

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totally ugly

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Why yes, I do.

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Thats a trick of her to find the pedos.

That she eats

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This is the way I saw women when I was 10. Giant sorceresses wielding a mysterious power called sex, held chiefly in their boobs.

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But she looks so innocent..

Not that I would mind getting eaten by loli Yukari.

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Is the sophistication too much for /jp/?

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Is that so? I had no idea what sex was when I was 10 and thought girls had cooties.

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This is /jp/
Basically yes
Why do you think they are on /jp/ the bord Moot thinks is scum

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When I was 10 I started wanking, then at 11 I was wanking to doujinshi.

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Boobs are fine. Booby monsters are not.

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Yukari has curves. Her breasts support and enhance her natural lines. She's not a silicone-injected monstrosity.

Your argument is fundamentally flawed.

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Prove it.

Your argument is fundamentally flawed.

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The proof is, as they say, in the pudding.

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They only look good in a dress, though. Naked and unsupported, breasts that large look disgusting. Smaller breasts are more versatile, however. They can be emphasized to look feminine, deemphasized to give a more youthful appearance, completely hidden to look male, and completely grasped in one hand each. Thus, they are generally more useful to a woman who has them, and to others who would use them. They are the very best size of breast.

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>breasts that large look disgusting

Perhaps to an unlearned, untrained viewer who cannot cope with the knowledge that breasts are nothing more than adipose fat deposits. A little sag is to be expected, and mature handlers should be well-acquainted with this sort of thing.

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She might look like an elegant slut, but she still looks like a slut.

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Point being? Aya Shameimaru also has a sizeable fanbase.

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>adipose fat deposits
I'd prefer my girls without them, thank you very much.

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Some of us prefer a bit more tactile and sensory feedback.

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Actually, finding out that breasts were mostly composed of fat made me loose interest in them entirely.

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Are we still talking about breasts or did we switch over to video game controllers?

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Well, to be fair, Aya doesn't look like a slut. She just has some unfavorable rumors running around about her relationship with ZUN. That's not really something that affects whether people find her attractive as much as if she looked like a slut.

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Both of which have no meaning when dealing with 2D images.

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Fair enough bro.

I like both anyway.

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I think you're biased just because you've only ever managed to score with fat women. You should have kept your virginity, like us. We still get to have our first times some day, if we ever find a way out of this blue prison in our heads.

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curves are cool

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You wake up one day and the first thing you see is this.

You decide to go back to sleep between her breasts, is this not the greatest thing in the world?

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Sucks. Really, what I want to be, is an explorer in Gensokyo. I'll travel from place to place, trade things, map out areas, learn the beautiful art of danmaku, attend festivals, run a stand, maybe even settle and help out in the human village, make friends with humans and youkai alike, both unpopular and the famous...

Sex is the last thing in my mind when it comes to Gensokyo.

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Not sure what this is supposed to mean. They're supposed to look like that, and it's to be expected, therefor it's not unpleasant? That doesn't make sense.

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Could have been better, but I sure as hell wouldn't reject it!

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So, I died and went to heaven, right?

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You're such a killjoy stay out of my fantasy!

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Looking kinda Folken Fanel there, Ran.

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I know they're supposed to be there, but those eyes in her gap combined with her pose...I lol'd.

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/jp/ sure is slow today.

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No ma'am.

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all the pedofags are mad

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In other news, Keine has won.

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The gods are mad.

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Patchy is all natural.

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I believe this video is relevant.


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as an amature, I still can't tell whos who

touhoua are just like those that drew them, all rook same

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