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Either official or fan made

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SA or LoLK for the shooters
AoCF for the spinoffs

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Official: Mystic Square, followed by Imperishable Night.
Fangame: Fantasy Maiden Wars: Complete Box, with Puppet Dance Peformance being a close second.

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gensou maroku or genius of sappheiros, from official ones either IN or SA

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steam release of this game spawned too many autists

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Really? I've hardly seen anyone ever talk about it. Most of the people in here at least only ever talk about Shanghai.exe, and ocassionally about The Genius of Sappheiros (Since apparently no one cares about Devil of Decline and Nightmare of Rebellion) and the Fantasy Maiden Wars series. Though the discussion of these last two have died down quite a lot with the years.
As far as Steam goes, the only fangame I ever saw getting "big" attention was that chink 2hu fangame about Tenshi. And that's only because it was the very first one on Steam if I recall correctly.

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Luna Night pretty big too

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PoFV, then PCB, MS, WBaWC, SA, UFO.
Fangame: the older 2hu Mount and Blade mod.

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What kind of parallel universe are you from where Genso Wanderer had any impact on anything? Even Touhou Labyrinth 2 was talked about more often.

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Main: Imperishable Night
Fangame: Fantasy Maiden Wars is not only the best Touhou fangame, but probably one of the best SRPG games ever

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FMW. Though, gameplay-wise, I prefer the original SP system than the new one in the complete box.

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I like that one racing 2hu game

And my favorite canon is like MoF

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Official: PCB
Fanmade: FMW Scarlet

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The insides of girls thirteen and under make me cum so fast.

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I think on average, most men fucking a girl under 13 would cum faster then one with a geriatric girl over 18. The reason is, because it feels much better and preteens are inherently sexier than old 18+ women. Its a biologically programmed thing unless you are stricken with some degenerate fetish.

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Little girls are so much easier to position in the sack and they can bounce up and down on your dick flat footed on the bed like its nothing because they are small. Middle schoolers were built for sex.

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nice headcanon

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Official: AoCF and MS
Unofficial: Puppet Dance Performance and Remyadry

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Forgot Luna Nights as well

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What are the odds a 11yo white girl from the midwest is capable of pregnancy? I don't want to wear a condom if I dont have to come the vernal equinox.

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Still pretty low. Can't you just pull out and cum on her tummy or in her mouth? Even if you cum inside, just make her shower and the chances will be slim. Worth the fuck if you can get it though. Lucky!

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Bump to save anime touhou with child sex.

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I'd say IN is my favorite but I've played it over so many times it lost the charm. First playthroughs were magical though.
Dunno about fangames but EratohoTW, Puppet dance performance and that one shitty touhou diablo clone were cool, I wonder what happened to it

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Official: Imperishable Night
Fangame: Puppet Dance Performance

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Ive only played a few, but EOSD. It’s so pure.

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Still 12.3 after all of these years.

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To be fair, Nightmare of Rebellion is filled to the brim with DRM and in the original thread for the game people had to constantly wait for the chinese to find ways to get past the newest patches, which were coming out daily. Then the expansion eventually dropped and it required multiple wrong warps with cheat engine if you wanted to play it. It's no wonder barely anyone ever talked about it.

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imperishable night

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Poor sheep.

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Think it comes down to a tie between PoFV and DS for me.
I always did like the Gensou Wanderer/Fushigi no Gensokyo games and ミラ超パーティー was my favorite of the bunch, but Lotus Labyrinth will probably supercede if it allows for the ability to play as other partners as well.

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no one

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Scarlet Rhythm Carnival and Dynamarisa are my favorite fangames

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She was made to be bullied.

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The one with cirno

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Any of the PS4 fan games any good? The idea of a 2hu rougelike such as Gensou Wanderer sounds cool

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the GoS remake on PS4 is better than on vita

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new pico8 game

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The music and story is just perfect and I love youmu.

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based. PCB best 2hu.

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there was GoS (genius of sappheiros) remake on ps4? what the hell, i thought it was only vita, pc version when?!?!?

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babbys first 2hu game nowdays.

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Imposible Spell Card is definitely the most fun I've had playing a 2hu game.

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it was also on switch, no clue about that version though. The ps4 load times and performance in general is infinitely better than on vita

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It's funny how Strawberry Bose went from actually making new games to endlessly porting GoS and DoD.

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shame, gos and dod were great, and what you mean porting dod? is there dod port?

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It's on Vita too. They did the same thing they did with GoS.

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any new stuff in vita version? since GoS port to vita had quite lot new stuff if i recall correctly.

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Never played the Vita version.

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Official: Imperishable Night and Mystic Square
Unofficial: Concealed The Conclusion and Hollow Song of Birds

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Wen is this going to be translated?

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Anyone bought touhou spell bubble?
It actually looks fun but I don't think I can find any of my friends to play with me.

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