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Confirmed best mother in all of Gensokyo.

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She cares for both of her daughters, but disciplines Reisen, the older one, more.

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I love that artist. He draws an awesome Kanako too.

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She's not too hard on her though. She's just over-protective of Tewi.

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It's not as if there are that many mother figures in Gensokyo.

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Indeed, but it's still a wonder why Tewi chooses that minuscule form.

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But the sisters usually get along just fine.

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Too right. She's a good mother too.

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I don't know, but I don't mind. Everyone gets sexualized all the time but Tewi works better than most in this childish form, I think.

Similarly, some characters work better as older women. Pic related.

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True enough.

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I like Kanako more, but she's still not the best mother.

Her choice of relationship with her family can be a little...questionable.

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I dunno, I can't really stand how Eirin treats Reisen in Inaba, Inaba. It's not so much discipline as it is needless abuse, which Reisen isn't deserving of in the first place. ;_;

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Well... hard to tell with Yukari and Kanako who aren't physical people, but Eirin certainly is an older woman.
Very old.

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The artist stated that they regarded Kanako as the father and Suwako as the mother in this case.

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But still motherly! In my fake scenario, anyway.

I wish Eirin was younger so I could write a Little Women style tale involving the three.

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Still not impossible. Just out of curiosity, who'd be who?

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real confirmed best mother in all of gensokyo

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It's long been established that Ran is the most loving mother of Gensokyo.

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Well I haven't thought that far ahead but...Tewi will be Amy, Reisein Jo, umm.. Suwako as Beth? I'm not sure who Meg should be. A youthful Eirin, perhaps!

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It's hard singling out the Beth.

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The other choices aren't so poor, at least. And I don't know why I spelt Reisen wrong.

The hard part would be finding a Laurie without using a lame Wriggle is a boy meme.

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Reisen as Jo and Tewi as Amy are spot on.
For some reason I can't explain in a satisfactory manner I imagined Mokou as Laurie and Keine as Fritz.