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>> No.22799623

I think it'd be fun, but it depends on if other anons are getting the offer.
If not then probably not as I'm too attached to this world to truely start again.
If there are others though, I will attempt to find them, use fairy magic to set up a simple chan, and prepare for the greatest shitposting storm to ever exist. Maybe featuring raids on whatever youkai is active.

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If I become a smart version of Rumia. Heck yeah.
I'd fuck everyone's shit up. Lovecraft would have nothing on me.

>> No.22799836

I just want to bother Reimu

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Being a fairy wouldn't be my first choice, but I'd take it. It has to be better than my life here.

>> No.22801015

That's basically paradise, so why not?

>> No.22801941

That'd be dangerous, anon. The fat old men would start hating you, and if they managed to catch you, they'd lock you in a basement and use your prepubescent fairy body to release all of their pent up anger. You'd become their toy for the rest of your life.

>> No.22802008

I'd like to be a fairy of light and have fun teasing and pulling pranks on old, faceless NEETs!

>> No.22802172

I'd molest shotas mercilessly, because of how much it enrages fat balding middle-aged men!

>> No.22802328

And then, immediately pull a prank on Reimu, after the guard is rescued. And since we'll have "beaten" Reimu, who can beat the oji-sans, that'll mark us as the most powerful beings.

>> No.22802465

I'd certainly pee on Reimu! The scent of irresistible fairy pee will surely draw slavering horny NEETs to her!

>> No.22802554

I'd probably get myself mixed in as one of the fairy maids at the SDM and have more than a few giggles perpetuating the stereotype that fairies are endlessly ditzy and incompetent and using that to annoy Sakuya and Meiling in particular, personally.

>> No.22803800
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Cute fairies. Cute fairies. Cute Luna...CUTE LUNA, cute Sunny, YES CUTE SUNNY-CHAN, also I'm not forgetting you star-chan!


Cute shoes, cute skirts, CUTE! Cute dresses, CUTE! Haaaaaaah...
You are so CUTE, haaaaah... Cute pranksters... haaaaaaaaah... R-R-R-R-R-Reimu will get...haaaaa...she will mad at you again...heheheheheheh...cute pranksters...haaaah...

>> No.22805688

Run away fairyanons! That is a perverted old NEET disgui

>> No.22807653

I think it's disguised as mossy boulder.

>> No.22815298
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>> No.22817410

/jp/ fairy bros are not for lewd.

>> No.22817577

Does it even matter if they really don't? Fairies are physically weak, so it's not like a /jp/ fairy would be able to stop a horny /jp/ lolicon.

>> No.22819359

Nooo, the cunny...!

>> No.22819667

I must say, disregarding all other objections, the people in this thread certainly have the smarts of fairies.

>> No.22820111

I will rise from the ranks from a lowly converted /jp/sie fairy to become the strongest!

>> No.22820194

Who would say no...? Are you trying to fish people who would say no and their reasons? Because that question is along the lines of "hey, would you trade your house for 1 Million dollars?" Some rich fags would say no, but most people would say yes. I can only imagine the ye people would be successful people, and I wonder why they would be browsing /jp/

>> No.22821291
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question is though, which kind of youkai, god, or 2hu would people rather become if not fairy.

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Sold! These dumb fairies won't know what hit them!

At least, not before they're each reduced to a sloppy, trembling, mess!

>> No.22821574
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like this?

>> No.22821915
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what about powers?, which power of 2hu you want?
i kinda always wanted mokous or satoris powers, in real world though.

>> No.22822089
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I want to be the fairy of shitposting. Whenever I post in a chan, anons would be unable to resist giving me (You)s, no matter how banal the post.

Also being a cute girl with a cute cunny. That's great bonus.

>> No.22822119

Hard to say. Just directly saying "I want X's powers" sounds a bit unfair, as great as some of them (Sakuya's, Kaguya's, Satori's, or Yukari's in particular) would be.

The ability to control the weather, even in only a relatively small area, would be cool.

>> No.22822149
File: 2.09 MB, 4000x3500, 9382e285766016451b47940ecd7d42cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also question about how would you use those powers? i personally used satoris powers to expose corruption and made sure that politicians were actually there for people instead of their own greedy gains.

>> No.22824659

Can you also make people cut their shit out? If so, you might be the one prophesied to save /jp/

>> No.22829348
File: 601 KB, 1280x1816, Three_Fairiess_Vol2_13.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's why, just like lions, the fat lolicon NEETs would chase after the slowest and clumsiest fairy of the group. Once she trips and falls (some fairies manage in mid-air), she'll be instantly violated.

>> No.22830419

I wouldn't want to be that fairy, but if I were, I would fight off the lolicons and chase them away.

>> No.22831625

I wouldn't do that if I were a fairy. Fat, balding NEETs are known to be both cowardly and prideful. If you manage to scare a few away, initially, then the moment you are surrounded, those whose pride you've hurt will be extra violent and rape you much more aggressively!

>> No.22832912

Why bother? If there are NEETs in Gensokyo they aren't going to be there for long. Life there for a human requires working which is the bane of a NEET's existence.

>> No.22833054

What if they're magical/cursed NEETs, who are sustained by their self-loathing and molesting fairies?

They wouldn't even need to eat or sleep, so long as they could capture even 1 flying onahole. Imagine roving tribes of savage 200kg NEETs, scouring the forests for the succulent scent of fairy cunny. They could survive almost indefinitely sharing just 1 captive around until she dies and respawns.

>> No.22834195
File: 936 KB, 1023x873, 18a7263ba5f121bd87afb42d5fe1d1fa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But, I wouldn't want to hurt the poor /jp/sies.

>> No.22834390

Why do their weight keep increasing if they don't need to eat? And I don't think a mobility scooter is going to be faster than a fairy.

>> No.22834517

What a kind fairy. Surely, you will be treated to gentle, loving dickings from your 300kg NEET oji-sans!

>> No.22834743
File: 290 KB, 800x1132, 1537222444728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if the poor /jp/sies want a little fairy to hurt them?

>> No.22834942

It's too late for that, anon...

>> No.22836049

For what it's worth, this is pretty much the only way to make a fairycon out of me. Anything else would put me on the side of preferring to be one of the fairies and living the simple-minded, peaceful life.

>> No.22836223
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How can you not want to do lewd things to them? Were your reproductive organs surgically removed or something?

>> No.22836260
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When it comes to doing lewd things, my masochist side is the only part of me that doesn't mind underdeveloped girls, basically.

I'd choose femdom with a fairy over normal sexual things with a normal girl though, if that makes you feel better.

>> No.22836307
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I see, you're a homosexual.

>> No.22836519

True, but there's also the fact I wouldn't want to do the hugging and kissing bit either

>> No.22836624

>I wouldn't want to do the hugging and kissing bit
Sorry, but not wanting to hug and kiss a fairy is an alien concept to me, so I can't come up with a proper reply.

>> No.22837828
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Hugging your fairy daughter and giving her a kiss on the forehead as you tuck her into bed sounds wonderful to me.

>> No.22838025

This is the fairy being thread, not the fairy fucking thread.

>> No.22838051

Bearhugging my fairy sisterwife as I creampie her deep inside her cunny with my fairy futa penis!

>> No.22840900
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And mock Akyuu!

>> No.22840906

Teasing and pranking Miss Akyuu until she runs crying back to the Human Village!

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