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But beating it just one day after starting to train for it, looking backward it seems really easy to master.

Now Phantasm or hard mode after all?

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/jp/ = /touhou/

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You act like this is some startling revelation. Touhou was the whole reason that moot made /jp/.

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/jp/ - Japan/General

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From the replays I've watched, Phantasm is the same thing again with different characters. Go for it, you should beat it in less than a day.

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Back to GAY !bar you go.
Oh right, new shitty tripfags.

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> Now Phantasm or hard mode after all?
Go for Phantasm, Hard is harder.

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oh no u didnt

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sup, newfriend

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>ZUN !3GqYIJ3Obs

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excuze me wtf r u odin?

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Phantasm is actually easier than Extra. The stage is a bit harder, but once you get to Yukari, her cards are generally a lot less impressive. Some of them are harder, but only slightly so.

Go for Phantasm, then start practicing on Lunatic. Trust me, Hard gets old fast.

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>ZUN !3GqYIJ3Obs
Get out of here you /b/tard ZUN. I think you would prefer a board like /r9k/. All of your post are either a) non-2D or b) completely offtopic.

tl;dr Fuck off and die you third world piece of shit.

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Op's quest for acceptance continues...

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And I will continue doing so. Phantasm 80% so far.

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>ZUN !3GqYIJ3Obs

What happened to ZUN !bar anyways? He wasn't perfect, but he at least seems to belong here. I'm seeing too much of this fag.

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busy remixing MoF stage 1 songs ?

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Thanks for inspiration. I just beat Extra myself. Skin of teeth, but completed nevertheless.

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If you unlocked it, go ahead. Essentially, if you can make it to Yukari in relatively good shape, you should be able to beat her if you can beat Ran.


Pay attention to Alice, you might actually lose a life (if you do, I say start your run over). Watch out for the Prismrivers, as always. Youmu also beefs up in consistancy quite a bit. And Resurrection Butterfly on Hard isn't anywhere near as hard as it is on Lunatic, so you'll probably only need one life or a couple bombs left (unless you can remain calm and focused for a full minute and can capture it, then go right ahead).

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Fuck you forever.

I have been playing this stage 3 times a day after I wake up for 4 months now, and I still can't beat her.

Today however, I got to the third to last spellcard.

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Dunno, but he was here last night.

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Hard modo.

Sakuya A.


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Huh? Her bomb is pretty useless (the unfocused version would be okay if it lasted longer), you'll end up with a really shitty score that way.

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Score run =/= 1cc survival run

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> 1cc survival run
I'm not sure I can comprehend this concept, it is completely foreign to my superior Japanese mindset (which I have obtained from watching anime and reading manga).

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Bewitching Butterfly Living in the Zen Temple rapes me, I can capture Ultimate Buddhist without any problems, but the butterflies always rape me away, is the trick maybe to stand in front of the stream and not behind?

Also Shikigami "Ran Yakumo" is the wall I can't break right now, even when I arrive with 2 lives / 3 bombs, Ran will just smirk me away, but I think if I change sides every few seconds, it might work out. Need more attempts.

As for hard, it's really "hard" alright, but some spellcards got easier, while others went totally insane.
Yuyuko seems to be no problem on hard though. Goddamn Youmu, too soft!

That's the whole point of it. I don't post my achievement to stroke my epeen, but to encourage other people into playing more Touhou. Everyone thinks he sucks and just avoids an awesome game. I sucked too, I may still suck, but 4 days ago I wasn't even able to beat Youmu on normal. I did make improvements, and it's not because I'm superior or anything like that. Practice practice practice!

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Any tips. I got to 28% with SakuyaA on Extra.

Only could 1CC Normal with SakuyaA with 1live left.

Would be good if there is replay so I can know how to avoid dying to goddam Ran.

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Post a replay, broski. Or better, watch one.

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And for replays: http://replays.gensokyo.org/

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Yeah where can i find a replay to download?
Googling for replay only bring me to shitty youtube vid. Do I really have to crawl through shrinemaiden or poolshit to dl replay file?

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The two Nazi spellcards are essentially the same, you must tricking yourself into thinking it's particularly harder

Ran, the key is to never leave the bottom edge of the screen, that way the bullets Ran releases at the bottom will never hit you; just keep watching the bullets coming down diagonally then get out of the way when the target lands on you

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I noticed the stream multiplies into both directions. So far I always kept a medium distance from Ran to the border. Do I need to keep really close to her and then move out really quickly once I can hear the sound that the laser color is going to change ?

And thanks for the tip with Ran, if that works it'll make life a whole lot easier.

Replays are...well...it's like completing an old adventure game with a walkthrough.

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Fuck after watching the replay, I feel like I am the shittiest touhou player ever.

It look so effortless.

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Yeah, it's pretty relaxing to blaze through the extras.

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Totally not an elitist Anon.

Really, you can be good at them if you practice enough, but it's not instant. I doubt those uber replays came after a few days.

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Yeah, the first time it's not that easy, but after that it shouldn't be a problem.

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Gonna try to train and beat extra at least.
Gotta show those secondaryfags that you are not a True Touhou unless you can beat the game.

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You can't possibly be worse than me.

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Let's think, I can't get past the 3rd stage.

Anyone think they're worse?

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Maybe you should get the full version.

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Witty, are we?

Shut the fuck up, I'm serious.

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Rule 6: Be tolerant - This is 4chan, it's impossible to post here without being insulted at least once. We don't want this to become a forum, but we don't want this to become /b/ either; just try to be kind the most you can, excessive swearing and "rage" isn't cool.

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(differentfag) Come on, that was a brilliant line!

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PCB hard is barely any harder than normal.

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It was indeed, but still.


It's rare that I insult someone on /jp/. I do it on /a/ and /v/ all the time, but not on /jp/.

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protip: never use Sakuya A she blows dick, no power, no cherry, shit bomb

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But easy to use if you don't care about any of these (as in if you're just trying to 1cc the game).

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Not so fast, Anon. Her bombing window sucks.

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have you ever even played the game? Yes her cherry sucks, but her damage is good, her shots are homing, her unfocused shots are useful during stages, her focused bomb does tons of damage and she gets 4 bombs per life. She is by far the best character for a survival run.

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Never noticed that. Maybe it's because I haven't played PCB in ages or because I sucked at bombing.

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What the fuck are you talking about? I 1cced Hard on the first try. PCB's hard/lunatic modes aren't nearly as tough as their equivalents in other Touhous. At least Phantasm took me a while.

Although PCB has the easiest Extra stages too

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>She is by far the best character for a survival run.

Reimu's deathbombing begs to differ.

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Her damage is shit unfocused and mediocre when focused. With virtually zero cherry generation in focus you get almost no borders on bosses. If you're playing for survival, you use the borders as bombs. She has a much larger (25% larger, in fact) hitbox than the Reimus, and a shorter counterbomb window. Both Reimu types are superior in virtually every way except bomb supply which is only 1 less. Just use Reimu B. Homing shots are unimportant unless you're absolutely terrible, in which case use Reimu A. R-B blasts through health bars so fast it more than makes up for the lack of homing.

Never use Sakuya A. Shit sucks.

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But to get Reimu's deathbombing you have to play Reimu. ReimuA has the worst shot damage in the game, Reimu B has no homing shot. And it's not like you only bomb when you deathbomb, normally you'd bomb before you get hit.

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good thing ReimuB and SakuyaA do almost the same focused damage then.

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But ReimuB has killer damage when focused and up close! I use it a lot in my runs.

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good thing i pointed out 50 other things, too.

focusing is for terribads anyway

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But you don't have to bomb before you die if you're using Reimu. You can relax and wait until you get hit, at which point you have plenty of time to use a bomb. It lets you at least TRY to dodge shit rather than spamming bombs when you feel threatened.

Also, it's very easy to hit with ReimuB (you're under the boss most of the time anyway), and her damage is a hell of a lot better than SakuyaA's.

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>focusing is for terribads anyway

You're right, all good players completely ignore the boosted damage and more precise movement when fighting bosses.

Oh wait...

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in during my touhou is better than your touhou

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>You can relax and wait until you get hit, at which point you have plenty of time to use a bomb.
>focusing is for terribads anyway

So were you trolling the entire time or did you just realize your arguments are idiotic and you'd better make it look like you were trolling.

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The only thing I dislike about Reimu in PCB is her speed.

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You fail at detecting samefags. I'm not going to go through the IP argument again; suffice it to say you can't read numbers.

I only posted
>You can relax and wait until you get hit, at which point you have plenty of time to use a bomb

And I actually argued against the other one you posted. I'm >>2282063

And if you honestly don't think you can't use a bomb in time with Reimu after you get hit, your reflexes are fucking terrible.

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>I'm not going to go through the IP argument again; suffice it to say you can't read numbers.
Alright, where the hell are you seeing IPs here?

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I cant even tell if the people are trolling when they say this shit.

for fucks sake, someone post the goddamn add-on so I dont have to listen to this anymore.

PS: sage for danmaku e-penis thread

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Gold Membership, obviously.

>> No.2282153

I'd post it, but it doesn't exist.

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was same person (me)

whoever i was arguing against was about right with the sakuya A focus damage, it's pretty high (i just tested a little bit, seems just slightly lower than reimu b with all bullets hitting). and yes, having bad un-focused damage is bad even for survival due to the fact that you get virtually no borders with S-A's focused shot, and thus less bullet cancels via borders. On top of that, more borders and more unfocused damage makes it easier to collect more point items, resulting in more lives (unlike eosd/in/mof you're not guaranteed to get all the possible extends).

i dont even know why im arguing this because reimu's hitbox size alone is 10x better for survivability than any perk sakuya A can offer.

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It's just a troll I made in /b/ and this kid started to post it here.

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A troll "you" made? It's been around since 4chan opened.

You also admitted to browsing /b/. I think you need to go back there, faggot.

In before LOL I TROL U

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I made it when 4chan "opened".
In old /b/ (anime/random, not the one you visit)

Newbies like you should lurk more

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4chan didn't open a week ago.

>> No.2282231

I know it didn't open when you started posting

Also try to samefag less it's pretty obvious

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Cry more.

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ChanIP is a troll?

Fucking newfags.

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shikigame ran isnt too bad, just aim ran to the middle part and move へ over the diamond bullet when she shoots her butterfly swarm, go back to middle, shoot some yukari, repeat

>> No.2282259

i just searched for chanIP in ED and it didnt say anything about it.
go troll a board like /b/ with that newfag

sage for troll

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/jp/ - reaction images

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/jp/ - Dawson's Creek/General

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What the fuck happened to /jp/ lately? Not only are there reposts of this horrible emo band by Taiko everyday, it is flooded with japanese bird and shit like this.

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50, I think.

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And temporary increased density of /b/ idiots. Report, hide, be a good anon.

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Hey Faggots,

My name is BAWWW, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any pussy? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to pictures on facebook.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I'm pretty much perfect. I was captain of the football team, and starter on my basketball team. What sports do you play, other than "jack off to naked drawn Japanese people"? I also get straight A's, and have a banging hot girlfriend (She just blew me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my bitch

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It got popular.

>> No.2282377

OP here, everything has been said anyway. But rest assured, I'll be back, whether you like it or not.

>> No.2282379

See what I mean?
This anon posting this thinks he's cool for making others anons get annoyed, when in truth, nobody is and this whole thread has been hidden by most worthwhile bros.
Really sad indeed.

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>> No.2282382


>> No.2282383 [DELETED] 


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~Janitor for Mod~

>> No.2282386

This is nothing new, he'll always come around after a few minutes of fun.

>> No.2282392

Hey, Janitor.

Delete this *grabs dick*

>> No.2282393

At least he deleted that shitty femanon thread for once.

>> No.2282399

Thanks janitor, we really appreciate it.
But you still got lots left, like >>2282380
and various others on different threads.

>> No.2282400

Oh god I remember this shit.

In before newfriends don't get the reference.

>> No.2282404


>> No.2282409

I think it's some /a/ shit. I never figured it out, but I got banned twice for using the phrase.

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>> No.2282414

>In before newfriends
1. That was only forced last year.
2. Stop using /b/ lingo.

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>> No.2282422

You, sir, are a dumbass. /b/ lingo is 'in b4 newfagz rofl'

Also, I'd argue that 80% of /jp/ hasn't been around a year.

>> No.2282437

I just think it's a bit odd to see somebody feeling proud of himself due to his knowledge of a year-old forced meme from /a/. Beyond being strange, it doesn't really have a place on this board.

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>> No.2282448

When the fuck did I say that, faggot?

You mean /b/.

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>> No.2282464

Oh yeah?

Complain about this *grabs dick*

>> No.2282471

> You mean /b/.

>> No.2282475

Correct response.

Incorrect response.

>> No.2282481

A year? Seems like months ago. Jesus, I've been in this hell hole too long.

>> No.2282482

>I'm a newfag, rape my face

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>> No.2282524

But we inherited all pre-split /a/ knowledge, shitty memes included.

>> No.2282542

I feel bad for the OP. God dammit, /jp/.

>> No.2282550

Not /jp/, /a/ and /b/

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Rule 15: Tripcodes - Using a tripcode or name will instantly turn you into an attention whore. Don't use one without a good reason if you don't want to be hated by every anon.

>> No.2283123

Or you can just ignore the name instead of being an elitist fag.

>> No.2283340


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