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Farewell, Q-cups. You will be missed.

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I love huge tits

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Why did mom's breasts go back to P-cups?

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Holy mating press on cleavage!

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They'll go back to Q-cups when she gets pregnant again at C98

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Diisuke said on twitter that it was because she gave birth.

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might aswell make them Z cups along with urumis

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But where are the U-cups?

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Thata's not how it works though

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That's retarded.
Pregnancy can trigger virginal breast hypertrophy making tits grow to infinity and beyond.

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maybe the baby was really thirsty and sucked em faster than they can replenish, and also sucked the fat straight out of em

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Women produce excess amounts of milk soon after pregnancy, though. Known as stage 2 of lactogenesis so I don't think the baby's appetite could surpass that.
Diisuke did his homework but I think he overestimated how quickly breast involution happens. It is true that breast size does decrease post-pregnancy. It's known as "Post-lactational involution", sometimes known as stage IV of Lactogenesis.

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I like his games more, I don't really care much for his doujins desu.

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I want a "nursing handjob" from eirin-sensei

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Mom has such an eroi body!

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I think the real reason Diisuke made her tits smaller is so that Ushizaki's nasty cow udders would stand out more.

I want a nursing paizuri and prostate inspection.

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The Urumi doujin is out but it's got "cheating".

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>I don't think the baby's appetite could surpass that.
Not unless that baby was me.

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Anyone have any ass pictures?

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I can't get off to massive boobs because I find them funny and laughing kills my boner

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man I love fat tit eirin

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>that one doujin with inaba fucking eirin's husband
>merciless hardcore plowing
>husband fucks eirin
>pure wholesome lovey-dovey "darling~" lovemaking
That shit was awesome.

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Here the color version

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Artists who refuse to give the Hime big tits are cowards who are too afraid of going against the fandom's default image of characters.

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Hime have a nice rack

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Who are you quoting?

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Eientei paizuri gauntlet.

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Mokou has no boobs

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Delete this immediately

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nah bunny cunny

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share the sauce then!

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her back must hurt a lot

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A gift from Eirin.

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Someone start one of those shitty online petitions to rally for Eirin's Q cups to return

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I'd rather a flat Eirin

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Spoiler that trash.

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