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In the thumbnail it looks like her left eye is falling off

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It is falling off.

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Thanks for the nightmares

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me on top

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Her breasts are not that big. Wishful thinking on the artist's part.

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Why must they draw penises that big?

It makes me feel bad. ;_;

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exaggerated proportions lol

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that's not that big, i feel sorry for you

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If they drew them normal-sized, you'd be too busy laughing to fap.

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>my penis is 12 inches thick and 40 inches long hurrhurr

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I'm with (>>2269586). I'd say that dick is average... how long is yours?

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its not that the penis is big, its a 5.1 inch 'nis.
everybody is just sooo goddamn small that the perspective is fucked.

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So 9-10 inches is average to you?

Quit bullshitting, nigger. I have a 7 inch penis and it's nowhere near as long as that, and i'm 1 inch above caucasian average.

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That's not nearly 10 inches.

My dicks 6...I had no idea I was average.

I suddenly feel rather good about myself.

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Because you know the exact measures of that dick in the drawing, right? By perspective, 6-7 inches sounds about right when considering the dick in that picture so either you don't know how to use a ruler or you're retarded.. oh wait.

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This thread is full of dicks.

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Oh god what the fuck.

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New here?

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look at her eyes, man


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>full of dicks

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Blowjobs are probably my most prominent fetish.

Right after loli.

Combine the two and I cum buckets.

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I was disturbed more by the deformed penis.

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Chronic masturbation.

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It must be freezing temperature.

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Well, if it makes you feel any better, your penis won't stop growing until you're atleast 30.

I was small up until I was around 23. I now have a raging, semi-huge 8" pole.

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man speaks the truth

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I prefer to suspend that concept in favor of the erotic factor a cirno blowjob can bring.

Forget that she freezes things, it's hotter that way...literally

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That's pretty awesome. My penis was already above average the last time I measured it, and that was years ago. But I guess penis size doesn't matter when you'll never have sex. ;_;

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protip: you produce fuckloads of semen if you freeze your balls and then wait an hour

cirno bukkake party, go

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So you're effectively forcing blue balls on yourself?

You get it? Blue balls? Cold?

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enjoy your necrosis

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No, I don't get it.

I don't get

Blue Balls

eh? eh? do YOU get it? heh, zing yeah.

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My lady!
You can't!
The charisma!

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Semen IS charisma.

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Just consider yourselves people who won't overpopulate the planet, or succumb to useless social pressures. You're doing some good to the world.

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I think you mean "misfortune".

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I have no idea what you're talking about but okay.

Its not like I intended to have a kid and just let it turn into a retard anyway.

Gotta raise those fuckers right or else they'll end up slitting your throat.
I should know, it's what I did!

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Don't worry, it's shopped.

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All these pictures are going into my Touhou folder for future use in threads and fapping marathons.

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I have active social and sex lives outside of my weeaboo tendencies.

Where is your god now?

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Compare thighs to waist. Looks painful.

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>doing some good to the world.

'tis the other way around, buddy.

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Testing how long a janitor will show up?

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The world is getting overpopulated. We are doing good by choosing not to bring another resource consuming mouth to feed into this world.

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Tell that to filthy hicks and sand niggers that have 20 kids per vagina.

I think i'm allowed to have atleast one child, thank you.

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Janitors busy fapping.

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Then adopt. What difference does it make other than fulfilling the biological urge to pass on your genes?

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Because my genes are better.

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janitor caught fapping again.

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Wait. Hold on. Yuri threads are banned but penises are okay to stay?

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oh wow.

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You're already on 4chan, the lowest of the low. Wouldn't want those genes passed around.

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>Yuri threads are banned

...that was a joke, right?

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I disagree.

>> No.2269921

Why not use your superior self now instead of leaving it to the next generation?

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They aren't banned, but they've been getting deleted in the last few days because there is this anti-yuri troll hanging around who keeps starting shitstorms and derailing the yuri threads.

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Because I don't want to take all the glory.

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Sounds more like a weak excuse to be a faggot and not try to achieve your full potential.

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They see me postin'....

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Heh, you'd know from experiance i'm sure, fag.

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I just love that matter-of-fact look. "I AM NOW GIVING YOU A BLOWJOB. ANY QUESTIONS?"

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Fact is, this world makes blind conformism the important thing.

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"how many cocks can your vagina hold?"

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Don't you mean how many CAN'T it hold?




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>How many gallons of semen can her womb hold?

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Can't believe this is still here!

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I can't believe how many blind people are here that can't determine the length of a penis by comparison to other visible body parts.
I sure don't want THOSE genes spreading around.

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Those were some pointless condoms

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