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The best time of the day is finally here!

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I love you Flan!

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someone post the run one.

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thanks you!!

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Flan-chan  sugoi!

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Destroy them Flan.
Destroy them.
Be rid lf them. Crush them so nothing remains. Begone. Be crushed and thrown to the wind.

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So there I was, walking down the hall, when all of the sudden I saw FlanFlying Towards Me!
And holy jeebers, she had a huge fucking cock! Proud and erect it stood as she sailed towards me.
So naturally I used my mighty powers of suck to glomp that rocking rod into my mouth, and sucked on it like a lolipop until she lolipopped.

Flan DIDN'T like this. She found it kind of embarrassingly that such an ugly piece of shit would dare to just go and suck her cock like that that. She tried bapping me up the side for some time, but then just settled to rapping her fingers on the top of my head as she waited for me to finish my business. She wasn't even getting ANY sexual pleasure from this transaction.
She came 4, maybe 5 times, and I deposited each payment into the fFirst National Bank of my Gut. With Interest!
Flan was so embarrassed and her cock beating me that she beat me up! It was all I colkd hope for!

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Yeah, like that!
Normally I'd pay for such an experience.

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Flan is in her 2AM. All's right with the world.