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Let me in.

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your smelly feet are just gonna pollute everything.

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Of course if you also "let me in", if you know what I mean

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Okay, but you have to promise not to eat me. I will cook Chinese food from YouTube recipes instead.

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Have you tried using the door like a normal person?

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I need two extra layers of tempered glass... It’s Yuuka again. She blew something up and is trying to force her way in again.
What do you mean you can’t reach me right now? I need a new window! The last time I let her on, there was glass everywhere and she pinned me as we played punishment games! She made up rules as we fucking played! I’ll sue you for malpractice!

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Is she a fairy?

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Stop it!

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yuuka no!

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Wow Meilingfags are truly the most pathetic bunch on /jp/

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Don’t cry. Cirno. You’ll freeze your face to it!

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I love how that’s one of the first things that pops up when you search “Hong Meiling” on google

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Don't let her in dude!

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Why? We're all friends here at the human faction.

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I'm gonna let her in, she looks cold out there.

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I don't think Yuuka would ask to be let in. If she wants in, she's coming in and there's not a whole lot you can do to stop her.

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she might get bored and leave if you let her in, what's the worst that could happen?

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I think I'm just gonna open the window before she breaks it

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Meirin might just be the best paizurer in the land

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You wish. She's not even the best red-headed paizurer around, let alone the best in general.

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This is getting ridiculous.

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The power of GLASS Miss Kirisame!

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anyone here like hong meiling

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i like her biohazardous smelly feet

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Thanks, these make excellent phone backgrounds! Imagine having a soft 2hu girl living inside your phone.

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is yuuka spiderman?

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I do not believe in Chinese people.

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Let's settle things with double paizuri!

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Sure thing, just as long as you promise that you aren't secretly a Chinese spy who's been tasked with seducing me for state secrets
Just kidding, I know you'd never betray my trust like that, right Meiling?

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I don't think I'd want a crying Cirno living in my phone, I'd feel horrible!

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