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Let's all love Futo!

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Let's not.

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Way ahead of you

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Somehow, I simply cannot sexualize Futo

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Why not?

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absolutely king

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futo is not for sexual, futo is for banter

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Then tell Futo to stop being so damn lewd

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I can't forgive her for turning my wife into a goast

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do you have a problem with ghosts, anon?

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With an attitude like that, she might let you join your wife in the afterlife sooner rather than later!

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Im gonna sit on futo like a futon!

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yes I do indeed

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i love futa

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that's a big cock

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Futo more like Cuteo

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I love her too.

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futo sucks

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Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH mononobe no futo? Let alone defeat her. And I'm not talking about ten desires mononobe no futo. I'm not talking about Antinomy of Common Flowers where futo teams with Ichirin as a handicap to give her opponents a chance either. Hell, I'm not even talking about touhou 20 mononobe no futo with the blessings of Toyosatomimi no Miko and Soga no Tojiko (with the Feng Shui abilities and being capable of both control fire thunder and light), equipped with her plates, a boat, control of the dragon veins and desires of people, with reimu's DNA implanted in her so she has fantasy nature and can perform yin yang release spell cards while being an expert in fighting hand to hand and danmaku.I’m also not talking about touhou 32.4 final remix before the end/The Creature that hides in Fantasy monobe no futo with Eternal life (who is capable of both advanced control of fire and control of eternity after eating kaguya's and mokou's livers and stealing their powers), her original plate where wich is the manifestation of her soul (which grant her advanced versions of Heaven Sign, Blaze Sign, Saint Girl, Throwing Dishes and most importantly Plate Sign in, shinto style, Christianity style, and Taoism style) and a cute hat, capable of controling pure yang, yang ch'i, yin ch'i,Luan Tou Pai, Xing Xiang Pai, Xingfa Pai, Xuan Kong, Ba Zhai, and even fait, equipped with her skateboard(capable of using east and west branchs of feng shui) and a boat because she is a master in sailing, a perfect hakero (capable of ultimate spark), control of both the doors and gaps, with reimu DNA, her four Clones of her final smash each capable of a branch of feng shui guarding her and nine eyes floating behind her AFTER she absorbed the powers from satori, entered arsonist taoism Mode, manipulate dead on all buddhists and used satori's powers: so she can use their patterns while they are dead. I'm definitely NOT Talking about arsonist sage of the three paths secret god Wild and Horned Hermit Tensei ultra instinct GOLD 6 futo with the Eternal life and control over fire, death, thunder, light, desires and equipped with the Miracle Mallet casting while casting Super fantasy nature while riding her skateboard, controlling the nuclear reactor, having become the original vampire after remilia, able to tap into fait, wearing a cute hat while every one is hatless, with reimus DNA implanted in her so she has her spellcards and can perform yin yang release while being an expert in hand to hand combat and danmaku and having eaten yuyuko's lunch. im talking about happy futo

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>Christianity style
to be honest it would be really funny to do that in response to taoist, buddhist, and shinto styles

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Sorry, I'm not gay.

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Can't let Futo's thread die

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no you suck

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Look at what you did!!!
Apologize now

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Imagine fucking Tojiko while Futo is watching

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Imagine getting pegged by Tojiko while Futo is watching.

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How can you not like Futo

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I think the people that don't like Futo might be Buddhists

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I love her too.