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oh wow theres a board for complete fuck fag weeaboos

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Aren't you going to link it?

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Tell me more about your subtle opinion, homosexual black man.

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/jp/ - Weeaboos

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Go back to /b/
That's the board for complete fuck fag idiots.

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Hi, 2chrunigger.

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Discovery of the Decade!

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But Anonymous, you are a weeaboo.

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lol slav

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oh wow there a website for complete fuck fag weeaboos.

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Just because he likes to wear bizarre things does not make him a homosexual. He's simply unique!

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Black Overlord is not pleased with your heresy DESUFAG.

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What's with all these people coming in here and posting without lurking for even two seconds?

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Here is the problem.

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Im the black guy in the OP

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