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Yukari is for deep love and endless hugs

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No Yukari is a bad person. She deserves the bullet.

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I apologize I made a grammatical mistake. I meant to say "No, Yukari is a bad person." She still deserves the bullet

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Anyone can change
I will make her good by giving her what nobody else would

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Enjoy getting thrown into her torture chamber along with her 50+ previous suitors.

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You fucking idiot, Yukari is one of the worst people I had the displeasure of meeting. You'll die if you don't shoot her first with your gun dude.

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Instructions unclear, wedding is in about a year

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save me yukari

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The Yukaris theme is my favorite soundtrack of Touhou 7

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Yukari is for saying "Today we'll actually make some headway on the proof of the main result", but then she spends all day showing off her legs and trying to catch you looking down her cleavage.

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Yukari's real theme is my favorite track of 7.5

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Gee, I wonder who could be writing this.

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Yukari’s theme is just a remixed ripoff of Ran’s theme.

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Who has the biggest braps in gensokyo? Yukari or Eirin?

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Kyouko after hearing Kasen

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Yuugi's massive oni braps are literally earth-shattering.

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I love Yukari!

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The correct answer is Yuyuko.

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I'm guessing you meant you body since no one would do that.

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>endless hugs

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Stripping naked with Yukari. Embracing each other. Lovemaking as sweetly as possible.

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Yukari is for deep thrusts and endless fuggs!

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Yes. But she does still have a rocking body though.

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this touhou is literally me

mostly the sleeping all day part but also the math part

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"Yukari, I don't even HAVE balls"
"Have you checked recently?"
"...Fuck You"

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Who are you quoting?

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Yukari is for deepthroats and endless fugs.

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Yukari and Reimu
Would you like a citation?

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Yukari? More like YUCKari, haha!

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yuyu and yuugi

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The softest hu

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Soft fuggs and hard thrusts

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Look at how soft her ass is.

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God I want to devour that beautiful pussy

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Yukari is for deep nakadashi and endless birthing

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Youkai genes keeping her pristene and fertile for eternity
She's probably tight as a vice

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File: 812 KB, 900x900, __alice_margatroid_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_faech__84c8afd7f76c41e2bdf4e6ca9eff388e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yukari being nice to the unloved magician.

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The penis goes between the thigh and the thigh-high. And cums there.

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thats wrong

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It goes inside her and cums deeply where it will do the most good

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Cumming inside of miss Yukari!
Snapping out of the daydream and being embarrassed that Yukari noticed your boner, being met with a puzzled expression!

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yukari is for sleeping

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In about a week's time, yes.

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ViChente the lazy Mexicat.

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More like sleeping with

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Is it weird I want my mom to give me headpats and fuck?

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Chasing your (day)dreams with Yukari!

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