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Now that steam has some big sales to it, what are some of the best touhou fan games I can get there?

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I recommend buying Gensokyo Night Festival. It's pretty cool, unique, and definitely worth your money.

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Touhou Luna Nights if you like metroidvanias and Genso Wanderer if you like rougelikes.

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If you're actually crazy enough to spend money on Genso Wanderer it is on sale right now.

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Reminder that you should never pay more than 20 bucks for a computer game.

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Reminder that every doujin game was free over torrents several years before it got to Steam.

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Unless it's a really good game. I'd spend 50 dollars for a new game if I knew it was great.

You should support content creators

I do think that doujin type games should be nowhere near as expensive as AAA titles.

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>I do think that doujin type games should be nowhere near as expensive as AAA titles.
Nah. This is your brain on corporate brain juice.

I was about to write a lengthy explanation but this while tangent is off topic.

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not a roguelike

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Supporting Steam and possibly shitty translators isn't supporting content creators. If you want to support them, go to Japan and buy them directly from the conventions. And then share them.

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Consider hanging yourself

>support creators
Hang yourself.

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Not him but whether you like it or not Steam is literally is the best way to support doujin games short of buying them in person at Comiket/Reitaisai.

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Nah. That would be supporting Epic Games.

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Then what is the best? What other platform will allow just about anything (translated or not) and is as easily accessible?

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you can always order doujinshi on the internet and have it shipped

but given that not even 1% of people who consume doujin anything does this steam is probably fine

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also between the 30% cut that resellers take and the extra 20% you'll have to put in for overseas shipping, steam's 30% cut is unironically better if you're buying the same game

this is assuming for the moment that you're buying something directly from the creator and not a translation, in which case the creator probably gets something between like 10% or zero idk how it works

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When is zun gonna release the rest of the 2hus on steam!?

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>not just giving the creator money directly

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This. The revenue authors get is higher than steam's with Epic Games.

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Epic only cares about getting high profile indie games onto their platform. There is no chance in hell that doujin games are going to be getting onto the Epic Store. A higher revenue split doesnt mean anything when the store has less users, less features, and probably requires games to be translated. Plus I really doubt any Japanese people use the service to begin with.
Its also worth noting that (at least in terms of Touhou fangames) ZUN hasnt given his permission to sell on the the Epic store.

Lets also keep in mind that when it comes to doujin culture in general the people who create doujin works are not really that worried about making money off of their creation. Its more about the passion of the hobby and sharing what youve made with others. Hence the reason why a pretty large amount of doujin creators actually end up losing money overall when attending Comiket.

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>company only cares
That sounds like propaganda.
Authors get a better revenue from Epic Games than steam.

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how much cut the author gets doesn't matter in this particular instance because there are in fact no doujin games of any kind whatsoever on the epic games store, and a bigger cut of zero dollars is still zero dollars so it's honestly inexplicable why anyone is talking about it in this thread. the games you want people to buy on your super great better-than-steam storefront simply do not exist.

in the digital distribution of doujin games, steam is simply not competing with epic games. it's competing with shit like dlsite and toranoana and i'm pretty sure those places have even more shit rates than steam does.

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The fact that Epic has had a very consistently been poaching games off of Steam and the fact that the only indie's they've thrown sacks of cash at are highly anticipated ones paints a very clear picture. There is no chance Epic would start accepting doujin games, especially with how strict they are with whats allowed on their store and, again, I really doubt they would allow untranslated or super niche games on there.
Plus the general scummy behavior from them makes me never want to see doujin games on that store. Do you want to start seeing doujin games being "Epic Store Exclusive"? Yeah me neither. The way that store operates in general is very anti doujin.

As far as I remember DLsite takes a much higher cut than the standard 30%, not sure about others though. There could be some Japanese sites that have a much better split but when you consider the fact that ZUN and other doujin creators started putting their games on Steam specifically to make them more easily available to international fans it ends up not mattering.
Im not trying to shill Steam or anything here im just trying to make the point that its the overall best option whether we like it or not.

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>The fact that Epic has had a very consistently been poaching games off of Steam
Boy did I fuck that sentence up. Either way what I meant is pretty clear.

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That sounds like propaganda. Authors get better revenue from Epic Games. That means Authors benefit from choosing Epic Games over steam.

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Thank you for the input, Epic rep.

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I'm not the retard trying to paint something that directly benefits the author as some conspiracy.

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Not when their games wont be accepted and wont sell as much even if they did. You are assuming that Epic would even be interested in super niche games and that they would even allow something that is not translated (which Steam doesnt require). Not to mention doujin games are almost entirely amateur works that they wouldnt be interested in having on their store.
You also seem to have missed my point earlier, which is that doujin creators are not in it for the money (for the most part). Its about the passion and sharing that passion with others. When the goal is to share your work with as many people who would be interested as possible its kind of counterintuitive to start selling on a store that will try and make your shit exclusive to their platform. Just because someone makes more money per sale on the Epic store doesnt make it better for business or better for consumers (which the Epic store certainly is not).

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Imagine being such a peasant that you need a vendor when you can go buy the fucking game from the creators themselves instead of being the loser that uses garbage services with shit tier translations to get his games dumbed down for normalfags.

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>Not when
Your entire point is trying to paint authors getting more revenue as irrelevant. It's not irrelevant and it benefits them.

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Pennies are not profits.
Steam is a shit service and >>22518359.

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worst thread on the jay

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Yeah just go to Japan and buy it personally, its that easy. Or perhaps you could buy it digitally from the creators own store, which I really doubt like 99% of them have.
>shit tier translations
What part of Steam doesnt require translations dont you get? Notice how none of the official Touhou games have translations (except for AoCF sort of).
>games dumbed down for normalfags
Name one doujin game not just on Steam but even on Playstation or Switch that had to be "dumbed down" to "appeal to normalfags". You cant, because this is a non argument using a boogeyman that doesnt exist when it comes to doujin. Doujin creators like ZUN dont give a fuck what the audience thinks because doujin is ultimatley about making something you want first and foremost and sharing with others who might be interested second, profits be damned. Doujin creators arent going to start dumbing down their works or changing how they do things for "the normies" because thats just not how the culture works.

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Epic CEO said they don't want gross Jap games on their platform anyway so this whole discussion is moot.

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Epic Games CEO's actions let authors have more revenue for their games than steam.

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You’re mad.

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The revenue doujin creators get from Epic Games is literally zero out of zero fucking dollars and why you're pushing it in this thread is beyond me unless you think it's some form of new and epic shitposting designed to rule up steamfags when you yourself have never bought a single doujin game in your life.

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Luna Nights is pretty fucking __fun

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You don’t make money on either platform. Why the fuck are you arguing and why does this thread exist?
Are you fucking retarded or slmething OP?

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so a while back i picked up dissapearing of gensokyo for cheap? Would it be a terrible place for someone to start? I literally only know memes and catchy songs from old IOSYS videos.

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>The revenue
Is higher with Epic Games than with steam and semantics won't erase this fact.

>> No.22523944

You can start by smashing your hard drive and forgetting your password to such a terrible service.

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>go to Japan and buy it personally, its that easy.
Damn right it is. Discussion over.

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Okay Tim.

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Zero dollars, which is the total amount of all doujin game revenue on the Epic Game store, is not higher than literally any amount of dollars that exists. That's not "semantics." It's a fact.

The rate of return on buying shit directly from Japan is something like 95% overhead and 5% game. It is fucking awful.

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>That's not semantics
It is. You are goalshifting the discussion of how authors get a higher revenue with Epic Games than with steam.

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Higher revenue split means nothing when Fortnite kiddies have no interest and no money.

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Nobody cares. Nobody’s is going to buy fucking touhou of all things on a damn sale from that shart of a service.
You’re better off buying directly from the creators.

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Nobody cares. Nobody is going to buy fucking touhou of all things on a damn sale from that shart of a service.
You’re better off buying directly from the creators.

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Thet horted Jeebus a cause he spoked thug turth.

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Higher revenue split means authors benefit more with Epic Games than with steam.

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Remind me when he said the full version's coming, some time next year?

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Not sure if you're trolling or just extremely autistic.
Just tell me:
How do the doujin authors get the 'higher revenue split' while they aren't allowed to sell their game on Epic?

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Not a single fucking person was EVER participating in that discussion. The original topic of the discussion, which you hijacked, was "the best way to support doujin games." You forcibly goalshifted it to revenue-sharing, which literally fucking nobody was talking about except for you, because it's completely fucking irrelevant to a discussion of doujin games on any platforms anywhere.

It would be as if I started a derail of the topic onto a discussion of the Zelda series, and then accused everyone not talking about Zelda of "goalshifting."

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It was spring 2020. A lot earlier than I would've expected.

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What a garbage thread.

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Has anybody played Touhou Big Big Battle?

It recently went free to play and was wondering how the doujin police feel about chinese devs trying to make mad money on shitty microtransactions.


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What else did you expect from that OP.

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Fuck off

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Turn-based, 8-directional grid movement, exploring floors of dungeons, heavy focus on item usage, only keep anything if you make it out of the dungeon alive.

How is that not a roguelike?

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this is a steam thread you dingus.

>> No.22533252

God forbid people for wanting to discuss something that isn't a porn imagedump for once, right?

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Nobody gives a fuck.

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Anon, you should sit down and have some tea or something.

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There's a good chance none of the shitters in this thread crying about Steam have ever bought a doujin game in their lives.

>> No.22534131

he's probably one of those purists that thinks that a roguelike needs to run in a terminal

>> No.22534242

He's just a shill, ignore him

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Judging from the projection here>>22534242 and the falsehood here>>22527275 we can conclude you don't ever want to engage the fact that authors get a higher revenue with Epic Games than with steam.

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I'm baffled that someone actually bothers to post this shit on jay. Talk about inefficient marketing.

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Anime / doujin games will never be put on the epic gay store anyway because china doesn't want it on their platform.

anyway back on topic. I bought night festival during the sale, should I play through it now or just wait until it gets out of early access?

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Don't buy any of them. They are all singleplayer, which means you can pirate them.

>> No.22535397

please do not pirate from devs that take the time to bring the game to steam and make it easily available to overseas fans.

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No love for STGs? Ephemeral Unnatural Balance, Fantastic Danmaku Festival I and II, Barrage Musical, any of the ido games

Just not Azure Reflections. That game's trash.

>> No.22535577

I bought it and beat the available content in only about half an hour. I enjoyed what I played though. Can't wait to be able to play as other characters.

I'd say it's worth buying right now since the current price will of $12.99 will be increased by 150% to 200% after the game is finally completed.

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Azure Reflections is fine if you are looking for a casual time. The original ps4 release had coop so the steam release is kind of inferior in that regard.

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Whoops! I mean 50% to 100%.

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no thank you

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This is not a /jp/ thread.

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I had a lot of fun with it for an hour with what they had. There's a few iffy things/bugs but like, only if you know what you're doing and breaking the sequence. Like when you beat Rumia, go to the left as is natural. Do not head right, you'll fail to unlock a tutorial that gives you a few more powers. I had a lot of fun experimenting with what was in the game as is.

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I'll make it a /jp/ thread:

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SUPA Boobhu RPG!

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This is terrible and you should feel terrible

>> No.22536894

The game is actually pretty fun. Didn't expect to put almost 50 hours into that.

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Shit translation

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Says an anon who himself almost certainly knows entry-level Japanese at best. Bet you haven't even played the game or looked at the translation, you're just saying that as a reflex because "hurr Steam bad" correct?
As expected of the translation police, who themselves offer nothing and when they criticise those who do the most their critique ever amounts to is "it's shit". What scholars.
Also how dare doujin creators want to share their work with English speakers am I right?

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Uwa, how embarrassing

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No counterargument?

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Go back to /v/ you sperg.

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I want to french kiss Nue's little womb!

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There's clearly problems with it, even if you don't know any Japanese.

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That wasn't the point. Doujinshi is by its very nature amateur work so it doesnt need professional level translations. Would it be preferred? Sure, but you cant expect doujin creators to pay the cost of one. Hell im sure alot of these translations were done by the devs themselves (and for alot of them it shows). What im getting at is comments like >>22537525 are useless and offer nothing, not even an explanation as to why its bad. Alot of doujin creators know that there is an english speaking audience that wants to enjoy their work so the fact that an effort is being made to make that happen is still a good thing even if the translations often arent the best. Hell, id argue not hiring some big company or top level translator is more true to the doujin spirit.

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>What im getting at is comments like >>22537525 (You) # are useless and offer nothing
>dicklet literall was not considering translation until some amateur PAID to have his sub-par google translate tier translations added to the game
Quoting >>22539001.

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A bit of a disjointed reply there. This is what happens when you misuse the quote function.

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Who cares about supporting content creators lol. Just buy whatever you want from wherever you want, that's what a free market is.
Now then, the only Touhou fangame published in english I have played is Double Focus. It was terrible, but I liked the arstyle, it was fairly short and quite easy. Also, it was cheap and it came with the physical version of Genso Wanderer for the PS4.

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Don't care I just pirate

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I just want a PoFV 2.0 kind of game by ZUN released on steam and ''random oponent matching system'' as online mode to play or server list that is possible to join as a spectator. While level of danmaku would increase steadily as a player gained XP, decided by many factors, using hamachi to play PoFV with someone is for people with special needs and many times the latency between 2 players despite good connection is so out of synch that it's basically random on who wins.

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And you clearly don't want to engage the fact that bats are not birds. That's just about as irrelevant to the posts you're responding to as EGS's revenue split.
We were discussing doujin games and where you should buy them. Could you please post a guide on how to buy games on a market they're not even on?

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That Telegraph

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>doujin police
I don’t know, anon. If you did pay for it, maybe you should call a real police or a lawyer.
Quick rundown :
The game was a 6$ itself + around 16$ dlcs.
It went free (in game purchases) and cleared all the records recently.
It became times grinder. There are some refunds but you can’t even afford a quarter of what you had before.

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Have a hemorrhage

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The only sensible post in this thread.

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>Is higher with Epic Games than with steam
[citation needed]

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That analogy is invalid, due to the fact (FACT) that authors get definitely more revenue with Epic Games than steam.

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wow, Tim is such a great guy

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Luna Nights. Gensokyo Night Festival. Genso Wanderer.

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