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皆伝 edition

https://programmedlife.org/en is open for registrations.

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i cant register

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Fuck Donald Drumpf, fuck the alt right nazis, and fuck anyone who doesn’t support trans rights.

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post heroic verse

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Devs of every major server except sows have heroic verse, vivid wave, and all other n-0 data already. You will never get any of it until someone competent releases it, or you learn to dump games yourself like everyone else.

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>tfw Honoka is better than me in IIDX

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i dont want to get sued

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If you let me poz you I'll give you some data

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Spoken like a true DJH boomer

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we moved onto selling bootlegs

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What are you talking about? sherl0k said he's responsible for 90% of the data we have over at 1cc, he's really important you know

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heroic verse OST when

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Oh my god, is that the arcade cracking legend himself?

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Yes it is! You can really see the extra chromosomes in action! I wonder where his insecurities came from in the face of people with actual skills like Tau

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Reflec final data when

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Bro gimme Vivid Wave, comon bro.

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nyannurs please get banned again

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sherl0k taught Tau everything.

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ask Enigma. they have it and it's easier to get in there than p life.

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Doesn't he play IIDX?

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lmao i love how folx act like plife is some bastion of forward thinking progressivism when in reality they allow wypipo & cismales as members and permit them to speak in chat

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im white and im banned from plife

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sorry your unbanned now

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>613 people currently registered!

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dozens of us. dozens!

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Can I get an invite if I stand for trans rights?

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i cant download heroic verse anymore

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you got b8ed

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how did the community come to this

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bring venny back

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Dios mio!

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not joking

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1 2s!

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Disabling BGAs is cheating

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every option is cheating. except random. if you have random off its cheating

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macaod's streams are so good, you can actually hear his buttons loud and clear and he's not constantly running his mouth like that one pro guy

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How to buff scratches out of polycarbonate?

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I hear semen works well

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i need a good stand for an fp7

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Learning how to dump games yourself won't give you access to n-0

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im lonely

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Me too how about you get some estrogen and be my gf

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im too old ill be a hon :(

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use this, not even joking

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considering 1cc still hasn't acquiring anything that hasn't dropped on sows or Chinese torrent sites first, I'd say he's still providing more than the dumbasses on 1cc who have failed how many times now? to actually dump a game themselves without corrupting the data

1cc is at the bottom of the food chain, do your own fucking homework for once lol

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hi sherl0k dont forget to wipe your diaper butt

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not him but nice namedropping on 4chan, what are you 12? fucking kids always acting like they have something to prove. pro tip: NOBODY FUCKING CARES. go do something productive, ya incel

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hi sherl0k dont forget to wipe your diaper butt

>> No.22482710

somebody needs his sippy cup of juice uwu

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how did they upload rootage weeks before your shitty team did? :)

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p sure sows was sitting on it for a while but maintain n-1 so at to not get sued but your childish brain can't comprehend that

rootage got leaked out from plife, proof once again they can't do anything themselves

thanks for proving points, you make this so easy

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lemme disperse some hot knowledge on the idiots here and the fuckwits at 1cc who have no fucking clue how any of this works:

literally everyone who has access to dump and crack the games sits in the same chat. the only people making these stupid fucking rivalries are you, the idiots in the peanut gallery. so shut the fuck up. each crew has their own rules and methods of doing shit.

and yeah, 1cc provides nothing tangible aside from harboring rejects from every other community and providing sub tier support because they too, are rejects

dude above is right, y'all are just bottom feeders ROFL

can we go back to talking about how the safari is literally gatekeeping now

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Dont care didnt ask also your trans

>> No.22482974

>everyone who has access to dump and crack the games sits in the same chat
LOL no

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what about sdvx and iidx 24 sinobuz months before any group (even plife) released? :)

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what's sows? another release group and server like plife?

>> No.22483935

Totally false, I dump data

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*spreads ass*

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welcome to plife

>> No.22484014

welcome to sows

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at first i thought you were joking but you're seriously this mad lmfao this has got to be a sows admin

>> No.22484883

Yeah but we don't have as many trannies so it's automatically better

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it's called plife because it's full of trannies peeing themselves

>> No.22485081

plife more like pplife LMFAO

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How comes sows has a thread for trannies, fags and other degenerates and plife has no such thing but plife is known as the tranny safezone?...

>> No.22486863

I second this, in fact throw away your iidx con and play a game that's actually fun

>> No.22486872

Another ruined thread because you people won't shut the fuck up about trannies and private servers.

>> No.22487096

Oh shut up you fucking baby. Every general on the site is mostly filled with infighting and drama, if you want actual discussion go somewhere else

>> No.22487213

they're bait posts anon

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if only museca had a core bemani staff member forcing it so it could get a third version like nostalgia

>> No.22487760

Museca was too good for this world.

>> No.22488542

nostalgia haters btfo

>> No.22488658

How do I become a part of this community?

>> No.22488670

by accepting an invite someone sent you

>> No.22488901

I forgot about ReRave's hubcap and how absolutely massive the original cabinet was. Actually, I had forgot about ReRave entirely until just now.

>> No.22489281

fuck i loved museca so much. why did it have to die?

>> No.22489288

Museca had an absolutely awful start and that killed any momentum the game could have had.

>> No.22490020

it honestly wasnt that bad. we are just in an era where Gamers(tm) love to dogpile on something if its even 5% bad

>> No.22490180

is there a difference between camellia songs that have "camellia" as the artist vs "かめりあ"?

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Kameri a

>> No.22490455

sdvx is 100% bad and look where that is right now

>> No.22490458

The core gameplay of Museca is fine even though it's weird at first. The curvy W-lane, and mission mode were probably enough of a deterrent to most people. They fixed the game by 1+1/2, but it was kinda too late at that point.
It's a shame, there's a lot of good music in its songlist.

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It feels nice to finally beat that track that's been giving me trouble. How have your challenges been going?

What's the track that's been pic related'ing you?

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how do i set an hdd rip up for iidx 16 on pc

>> No.22490979

run bm2dx_beatfree.exe

>> No.22491271

What a fucking secondary comment that could only be made by someone who hadn't played the original release. It was a fucking trashfire.

Even when they fixed it they didn't keep adding songs often enough to go anywhere, it was destined to die due to konami being a shit company

>> No.22491941

i played it when it came out. the only legitimate complaint from me is that the pedal mechanic was fucking stupid. it was not that hard to read and it was pretty fun. when they took out the staggered lines it lost some personality. nobody wanted to fucking learn how to read it. i also dont care about the cards aspect whatsoever, so i couldnt tell you if that was good or bad

>> No.22491947

thats because sdvx attracts the lowest common denominator of music gamers

>> No.22492889

>i wish uninformed people would get it into their thick skulls that we literally sit on data until we feel comfortable releasing it, n-1 overrules basically anything else. sorry we prefer to be safe instead of winning some stupid race of bragging rights that less than a dozen people really give a shit about
hi sherl0k

>> No.22493016

that's probably why you didn't care. on launch the graphicas affected what score you would get

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Where the hell is the new DJMax PC game?

>> No.22493891 [DELETED] 

I want to kill myself. I want to disappear. I have no wish to live anymore.

>> No.22494209

Eat hot chip

>> No.22494291 [DELETED] 

why is phuzion such a cocksucking sperglord

well i guess it's a prereq for being on sows staff

but like damn dude.

>> No.22494354

can I get an invite? I'll be a good boy

>> No.22494435 [DELETED] 

He lets people regularly fuck his wife and goes to leather bars man, he's also like 5'4" I can't stress enough how embarrassing he is to deal with

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>> No.22495134

The gameplay was also just completely different from any other bemani game. You have 5 buttons/spinners and shit like forced directional spins at higher level play. I remember when something as simple as charge notes were introduced to IIDX and seeing clear rates for those songs tank. Even freeze arrows in DDR used to be a problem for some people.
I think the only game that manages to have a good handle on having a clusterfuck of input variations is Groove Coaster. Having just the two boosters takes a lot of the complication away from the game.

>> No.22495281 [DELETED] 

ill hatefuck his wife

>> No.22495298 [DELETED] 

She's really ugly I think she's repulsive anytime I'm at GLM

>> No.22495305 [DELETED] 

send nudes

>> No.22495325

Also, people love to shit all over Museca but Beatstream was so much more worse in comparison.

>> No.22495492

Beatstream was awful, Museca at least got slightly better over time by virtue of not being a touchscreen game

>> No.22495622

i would kill sdvx to get new akira yamaoka songs in iidx

>> No.22495679

*orange lounge

>> No.22495811

Touchscreen games aren't necessarily absolutely awful. Reflec was okay until Konami fucked it up. crossbeats REV. was pretty fun and not a complete mess to read like Beatstream was.

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proper use of sdvx cabinet

>> No.22496032

sorry retard pic wont delete

>> No.22496162 [DELETED] 

are you the tranny who had a melty on sows

>> No.22496230

why is that man wearing a dress

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>> No.22497830 [DELETED] 

someone make a list of trannies

>> No.22497865

Everyone else in the bemani community

>> No.22498401

Did you at least have the balls to tell her to fuck off

>> No.22498510

no im being serious
?? no

>> No.22498515 [DELETED] 

i thought basically every tranny had a sows melty and thats why plife was formed

>> No.22498833 [DELETED] 

that's correct

>> No.22499746

nice cow bone

>> No.22500194

u wot

>> No.22500451

you are my lover

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Has anyone successfully made a plife account? I get this on every attempt, and I'm certain the card/PIN is correct.

You are meant to enter an e-AMUSEMENT pass, right?

>> No.22502325

i think u need to play a game on a plife eamu replacement

>> No.22502397

sows is pure cringe but i have no friends please help me

>> No.22502594

it only works if you have

>> No.22503421

You ARE competing in a tournament at RAJ, aren't you?

>> No.22503441

sorry i like having my penis

>> No.22503508

Imagine paying money to play outdated offline games.

>> No.22503560


>> No.22503621

raj is peak shit-tard "community" bullshit. I cant fucking stand to be around these people IRL. I'd have to be thoroughly fucked up to get anywhere near there, and there's no way I'm entering any fucking tourneys. Anthony is just another fuckin pedo

>> No.22503888

anthony is too busy banging cosplay chicks hes no pedo
be careful around the sdvx players that orbit the machines though

>> No.22503905
File: 360 KB, 2048x1536, 76996917_794100417696851_6349737224443002880_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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you need to have logged in with your card through a cab / data that was connected to plife

>> No.22504199

western rhythm game tournaments are more about cocksucking than competition, unless it's dance games where a good number of people are actually competitive

>> No.22504360

he had a pedo alarm little gf before he settled for some cosplay skank

>> No.22504367

you think this is bad but one time at a gameworks they replaced a popn screen with a widescreen stretched tv display with half of the screen cut off and the color totally washed out. they thought it was an upgrade because they were hdtvs

>> No.22504443

ITT: Ohio rhythm game players try to start shit for the 15th thread in a row

>> No.22504445

Do the gamo2 controllers have a CE marking sticker?

>> No.22505556

Lmao no

>> No.22505560

Hey friends, is groove coaster good or is it shit?
I'm eyeing the switch version, but it isn't a cheap investment, specially if the game is too casual and easy.
The dlc is expensive as fuck too. 15 dollars for a song pack.

>> No.22505566

more people hate you than you could possibly imagine

>> No.22505577

yeah no, some easymodo brainlet might insist that you play it but its pathetically easy. people only like it so much because of how small the skill ceiling is. its one of the most braindead music games ever. "but durr the visuals" yes i love to play music games for the graphics

>> No.22505600

Glad I asked, not gonna spend all that on a game that bores me to tears.

>> No.22505815


No shit, look at the state of the place.

>> No.22505830

Anyone know where I can download Stepmania simfile libraries for DDR Aces?

Even so much as just the Touhou or Vocaloid sections would be fine honestly.

>> No.22506002 [DELETED] 

Look at the first hit on Google when you type "ddr simfiles".

>> No.22506019

The game is called DDR A, in case you were lost looking for a game called Aces. Otherwise, try the first hit on Google when you type "ddr simfiles".

>> No.22506461

Are there any stepmania mods that add a mission mode to the game? The goal-oriented nature of the single player mode in Extreme 2 for the PS2 really helped to keep me focused on getting back into the game last time.

>> No.22508541

I have $20k to piss on, how do I get a sdvx cabinet for my apartment

>> No.22509414

svre9 + 40" tv

>> No.22509602

give me ur 20k

>> No.22509627

>Even so much as just the Touhou or Vocaloid sections would be fine honestly.

Aside from the official charts in A there are plenty of packs of just Touhou and Vocaloid stuff.

>> No.22509757

I wouldn’t go for it. The song selection is total ass. 150 total songs including the dlc and 125 of them are anime songs and touhou/game remixes. I don’t understand why they would do that when gc has enough good original music to fill a console port.

>> No.22509769

Which tv would you recommend? Is there a specific brand or type of monitor sdvx cabs use?

>> No.22509782

This has happened at my local round 1 at least 3 times in the past year.

>> No.22509784

you cant get one, just buy one of similar size.

>> No.22509864

the song selection is awful

>> No.22510032

Meh. The arcade version of GC is fun enough, but Id not bother with other versions. The skill ceiling is relatively low, too. Wouldnt say super casual but if youre already good at rhythm games youll probably have no challenge outside of memorizing the stupid ad-lib (invisible) notes and certain charts that are stronger on note/slider gimmicks and thus hard to sightread.

>> No.22510479

They used to have a bigger lcd in there the first time the CRT died. It wasn't ideal but definitely better than this. Then I think they took a monitor from one of their old Maximum Tune 3 cabs.
It's fantasia though, hardly anyone is going to be playing it.

>> No.22510668

neither is using stolen bt4 source code to actually create this in the first place but you know, plife and honor amongst thieves aren't exactly two things you see in the same room

>> No.22510784


do you think you're clever

>> No.22510917 [DELETED] 


>> No.22511150 [DELETED] 

Fuck off windyfairy

>> No.22511158 [DELETED] 


>> No.22511539

shut the fuck up sherl0k you fucking whiney bitch

WAAAA YOU STOLE THING on a fucking piracy site lmfao

>> No.22511716

please dont pirate these shitty white wannabe japanese artists music, or rerave data (because kyle ward is my friend) or these random overpriced indie steam rhythm games. help the locals, ya hear?

>> No.22512067

Are you high? Akira Yamaoka has never produced a good song in his life. Good riddance to that jank lord.

>> No.22512998

t. zoomer usaotard

>> No.22513102

ur so cool for liking shitty music faggot

>> No.22513113

lol cookie cutter retard

>> No.22513148

I guess you like eating shit too since most people don’t enjoy that.

>> No.22513151 [DELETED] 

seethe npc

>> No.22513165 [DELETED] 

Replying to me won’t make your hair grow back you 28 year old boomer faglord.

>> No.22514339

Sorry bro, it's fine to scam and scalp members of the website I run but if you """"""stole""""" source code of some program my friend made? That's honor among thieves bro you're not allowed to steal!!!

>> No.22515058

sdvx screens are 32"

>> No.22515121

man this is a pretty good troll because i cant tell if youre being serious or not

>> No.22515432

lmaoooo i dont know why he throws on this bullshit persona, sows admins are insufferable. short man syndrome at its worst. this is why plife needs an entry method like cindy fanart. its totally fucked up to leave people stuck in sows hell

>> No.22515447

idk the low effort fag replies lead me to believe we have a buttmad wacca fanboy on our hands

>> No.22515606

I’m actually serious. Can you even name one song he has that isn’t jank shit?

>> No.22515967

98% of his silent hill work
80% of his popn
60% of his iidx

>> No.22516023

Cool so you can’t name a single one. Listen bruh if you’re seriously telling me you’d rather listen to this https://youtu.be/sEBJx5kc98Y than an usao banger then there’s no helping you, that is irredeemable shit taste.

>> No.22516533

>usao banger
lmao u really are that retarded

>> No.22516668

usao songs are overhyped but most of akira yamaoka's iidx songs are garbage

250bpm is the closest comparison to an usao song and it's awful

>> No.22516687

>usao banger
top kek

>> No.22516723


>> No.22516737


>> No.22516772 [DELETED] 
File: 1.05 MB, 950x1333, 59073350_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i cant believe it took me almost 3 years on sows to notice how absolute fucking shit the userbase is there even on private tracker standards

its almost like every 3rd user is some absolute furry faggot or otherwise massive obnoxious degenerate faggot and dont even get me started on the hit n runners who literally hit pause as soon as they are 100%. Community wise the only redeeming thing is penguinman as he gets shit done and is not a faggot

>> No.22516849 [DELETED] 

hey man not to be a bitch but u shittalk furry fags with a picture upload like that??

>> No.22516887

I will admit this is kinda decent.
This is fucking garbage though wtf are you doing anon

>> No.22516911

is hybrid 1048 wrist/pinky boomer or zoomer

>> No.22516918

Any wristing whatsoever is insta-zoomer status.

>> No.22517148 [DELETED] 

there is absolutely nothing wrong with cranking it to cartoon children

>> No.22517318

Does anyone have links to updated packs of SDVX 1-5? The songs page on lasergame got deleted, and I lost all my shit from my drive randomly dying.

>> No.22517522
File: 21 KB, 274x217, dai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is there any way to get Mirror mode for pop'n arcade data?

>> No.22517557

would I need an eamusement pass for it? and is that possible to do at home somehow?

>> No.22517712 [DELETED] 

Those aren't even children they've got tiddies.

>> No.22517823 [DELETED] 

i knew it before i even had an account. i only started being a shitwipe on there because i went to a magfest and all the sows people were fucking mongoloids.

>> No.22517841 [DELETED] 

>This is fucking garbage though wtf are you doing anon
grow a brain cell tano*c zoomer

>> No.22518137 [DELETED] 

How about you grow a head of hair instead baldy?

>> No.22518223 [DELETED] 




>> No.22518235

When was the last time you actually FELT the rhythm?

>> No.22518246 [DELETED] 

cringe, seethe, dilate, etc

>> No.22518258

when i played dp yesterday

>> No.22518269

fuck you stacy!

>> No.22518282 [DELETED] 
File: 826 KB, 1440x1080, 1573020521830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t. furfag

>> No.22518492

you cant AAA anything without feeling the rhythm

>> No.22518661 [DELETED] 

The irony of sows users calling plife a tranny network is fucking hilarious when they have a tranny thread on their own forum and plife has no such thing

>> No.22519454 [DELETED] 

tranny network vs tranny thread
which is the greater one?

>> No.22519836 [DELETED] 

Mind pointing to the actual tranny stuff in plife?

>> No.22519929 [DELETED] 

dude didnt even mention tranny. u tranny haters are seriously permaseethed. its fucking exhausting

>> No.22519936 [DELETED] 

a couple trans ppl run it and really hate sows. thats about it. ppl hating on plife bc "tranny" only fuel the sows manlets

>> No.22520499 [DELETED] 

Me pre-hormones:
no selfies
No titties

Me now:
Fuck ton of selfies
Loves myself
“Who wants an inbox full of non-binary titties?”
PLife admin

>> No.22520535

the real problem with the plife clique is how fucking unbearable they are to be around in person. never make the mistake of being alone with them.

>> No.22520658

Sounds more like sows #adult-text-only actually

>> No.22520671 [DELETED] 
File: 1.69 MB, 1779x1000, 50108941_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i thought about going to that vega london event once but then i thought about how cancerous it would be with britbongs everywhere and the forementioned faggots

at least its fits bemani theme unlike 99% of furry avatars

>> No.22520752 [DELETED] 

The only people using that word are the plife retards who hide in anonimity here. They're too chickenshit to say these things to their faces or invite an alt account and do that using it, so they shit up this thread instead.

>> No.22520783 [DELETED] 

No one wants you to come anyway you boring fag

>> No.22520801 [DELETED] 

if you step out of line there you will be "warned" in DMs or removed, and they will stalk the inviter's invite tree + activity in other communities (they document it all)

>> No.22520907 [DELETED] 

t. corin

>> No.22521190 [DELETED] 

handrew is outside of your house

>> No.22521195 [DELETED] 

handrew be like


>> No.22521211

>real niggas install gentoo
why did handrew-sama say this

>> No.22521219

omg what the fuck handrew would never say that delete this now

>> No.22521231

Andrew Herbig. The one and only. In a sense he's an alpha because in spite of sucking massive transgender cock he still shows no signs of transitioning himself, but he's also a beta because he sucks tranny cock lol

>> No.22521522
File: 31 KB, 614x614, 4NcHwAV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What questions do you want answered by Bexter on the livestream on thursday?

>> No.22521553

Who the fuck is bexter

>> No.22521733

if you're on peace press 0 on the numpad when selecting options

>> No.22521857 [DELETED] 

If you come to q4 Ill give you a huggy wuggy :ooooo

>> No.22521870 [DELETED] 

tfw no kaiden trans gf with a small uncircumcised penis

>> No.22521956

how the fuck do i play dp

>> No.22522059
File: 333 KB, 600x600, 1564528294456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In SDVX, I'm finding Fox4Raize hard to clear now that I'm getting in LV18 charts. Friends say it's easy but it's driving me nuts.

>> No.22522202

1. Start off at a low difficulty
2. Play more
3. Play even more
4. Git gud

>> No.22522249

Buy another controller and swear off sp for good

>> No.22522308

who comes in here and seriously gets butthurt enough to flag dozens of posts

>> No.22522317

theres no shame in being on 5-8s for a while. take your time. it will pay off eventually. even 9s and 10s are immediately more fun than most sp charts

>> No.22522346

why would i play dp when i still suck ass at 12s

>> No.22522369

one of the /jp/ janitors is a otoge fag

>> No.22522456

Try doing some x0.5/x1.0 practice if you really want clear it. Don't feel bad though. I still struggle with the lasers in that chart even after getting Inf.

>> No.22522530

just started being able to play 9's and 10's recently and I can confirm this

>> No.22522541

unless you play sdvx, then you can AAA anything even if the game is muted

>> No.22522702

i just did maybe you are doing it wrong

>> No.22522987

muting sdvx is cheating, half the difficulty comes from the unbearable music + halfass effectors

>> No.22522995

cant imagine willingly being a janitor here. what a fucking joke lmao. durr sexy touhous

>> No.22523502

The DJMax producer.

>> No.22523733
File: 130 KB, 482x430, 1566693942460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last I played I was stuck at high tier 19s

>mfw derusting yet again

>> No.22524480

hi handrew
stop stalking me you fucking creep

>> No.22524535

arcade is fun for a bit if you have a local arcade with one, steam version is an absolute rinse (~$150 for the game with every dlc)

>> No.22524555


>> No.22524562
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1521336383451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

retarded newfag here, anyone know the diffrence in playstyle (not the actual game itself) between iidx and bms?
i always hear people complain iidx is turning into bms, but i wonder what they mean :/
(...cause im pretty sure they dont mean "yup konami is replacing the iidx engine with lr2")

>> No.22524580

IIDX charts are generally more technical while BMS charts have more straightforward patterns but more density. Most of the people who complain about IIDX "turning into" BMS don't know what they're talking about. They just say that because they release hard charts every once in a while.

>> No.22524590

ah, so basically everyone is salty, lol
thanks for letting me know :)

>> No.22524598
File: 40 KB, 858x205, 1474703483810.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this how you become sows staff?

>> No.22524599

no arcades near me run plife
anyone know the eamuse address so i can register a card???

>> No.22524620

You're not getting in unless you know someone willing to invite you. Even if you had the address, you'd need a pcbid to authenticate. If you want to get in a server, arcana and enigma are extremely easy to get into.

>> No.22524657

the skill ceiling on insane bms is way higher than 2dx at the cost of everything being ridiculously overcharted

>> No.22524759

what 13s should I play to get ready for 14s on heavenly haven?

>> No.22524798

Just go through all of them. Dont play the same songs over and over. Play random 14s in-between.

>> No.22525989

not without jerking off 51% of the sysops first

>> No.22526023

Just play the game you’ll be clearing 16s in a week.

>> No.22526142

Anon I wish. Im so bad at rhythm games

>> No.22526604

what is the best 11

>> No.22526768

What game?

>> No.22526772


>> No.22527294 [DELETED] 


>> No.22528221 [DELETED] 

there's only one game where 11s are relevant

>> No.22528622


>> No.22528831 [DELETED] 

And proud, faggot.

>> No.22529149 [DELETED] 

Guys am I supposed to bring condoms when I go to R1

>> No.22529681


>> No.22529811 [DELETED] 

How does one get rhythm gamer bussy?

>> No.22530379 [DELETED] 

tfw the trannies won

>> No.22530428

beatmania newbie here
how do i get better at timing and le rhythm

>> No.22530439

take spiro

>> No.22530451

wtf is spiro

>> No.22530753 [DELETED] 
File: 359 KB, 552x557, 1575493531636.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys. Admin of Programmed Life here. I would like to inform you all that we are going to be having an orgy in Raj of the Garage. Please send a private message to me on Discord. My username is toastie#0283!

Only transgender folk are allowed in the orgy, of course.

Pic related, it's a cute selfie I took this morning!

>> No.22530813 [DELETED] 
File: 417 KB, 644x743, 1569203877778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22530975 [DELETED] 
File: 91 KB, 1310x768, 21476596704357634.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22531145

the dragon

>> No.22531298

Don't hang around here

>> No.22531305

where should i hang around then

>> No.22531527

Anywhere else that talks about rhythm games. And to answer your previous question just play more.

>> No.22531859

its all the same shit. ignore community and play game. watch AAA handcams

>> No.22532055

if it isn't immediately obvious how to start getting better scores you'll never get it and will probably quit. here's a hint: pgreat is worth 2 points, great is worth 1 point, and good is 0

>> No.22532127

Anywhere that isn’t full of old style worshipping boomers like this thread. If you see people talking about how cool camellia, blacky, usao, or lapix are then you know you’ve found the right people.

>> No.22532179

god this fucking retard is still here
camelia, sure. lapix, definitely. usao is for fucking assfuckers

>> No.22532227

shut up nigger

>> No.22532234


>> No.22532271

Wow I thought I made the sarcasm in that post pretty obvious.

>> No.22532322

why did handrew's girlfriend (she/her transgender MtF lesbian) delete all posts on this thread with "iidx 11", "nigger" or "tranny" in it?

>> No.22532388

is handrew a tranny now?

>> No.22532397

lol camellia and lapix have like 2 good songs each

>> No.22532603


>> No.22533031

IIDX Dial 8

>> No.22533157

DJMax Respect V reveal stream in 1.5 hours!

>> No.22533424
File: 31 KB, 616x619, 1570043904148.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Respect V feat. Marshmello

>> No.22533666

If you’re only counting stuff that’s in iidx, yeah.

>> No.22534589

Did Raki get raped by Tau when he was a kid or some shit?

>> No.22534645

no corin/derpta, tau is a bootlegger

>> No.22535336


>> No.22537055

Thanks sera

>> No.22537284

your welcome nin

>> No.22537668

ur dum

>> No.22537675

how do you play music games that arent 1000 apm without getting braindead

>> No.22537749

wow all the new iidx songs suck

>> No.22537913

remain where you are, an agent will be dispatched shortly to remove your organs and give them to more worthy people

>> No.22537999

rave patroller kicks ass you stupid motherfucker

>> No.22539289

anyone at mff?

>> No.22539357

any hot tranny furrys?

>> No.22539798

You have more furries though, so it's automatically worse

>> No.22539817

Well shit. Can I find cabs only in US?

>> No.22539968

If serious, you need to get someone to ask for a Discord invite on your behalf.

>> No.22540356

tell the admin that you are inviting somebody from the Rhythm Game Thread on 4chan

>> No.22540448

no, there aren't any cabs running on plife (i dont know for sure, but i think not in public at least) its intended for data, you'll need to get an invite to their discord and idk how it goes after that because im not in plife

>> No.22540484

matt runs n-0 on his cab

>> No.22540544

matt gets goat privilege

>> No.22540670

matt is the only one who should have n-0 instead of every kaiden on plife

>> No.22540836

wrist scratching is a legitimate strategy

>> No.22540889

Despite having played ITG for a while now I still can't get past my perception of it from 10 years ago. Back then it was Dumpstream, Dragonforce, way too much baby powder, and people buying and selling used pairs of Puma Tapers.

>> No.22541069

cheating is also a strategy

>> No.22541707

why are so many rhythm gamers trans

>> No.22541779

It's your confirmation bias. If you're fixated on something that's all you're going to notice.

>> No.22541842

why do so many rhythm gamers have she/her in their nicknames/bios

>> No.22542023




>> No.22542030

why do u sit on 4ch otoge thread and whine about trans 24/7 who the fu c k cares

>> No.22542186

stfu bitch i dont care about your insurance not covering your hrt
thats not dragonforce

>> No.22542212

Twitter isn't the entire community. And there are people beyond the rhythm game community itself who play the games.
The vocal minority will skew perceptions with their drama. Drama isn't exclusive to this community. People can just be shitty in general.
Just play the games, they're not hurting you.

>> No.22542289

Love how everyone who doesn’t mercilessly shit on trannies is obviously a tranny. Because a normal person would never just treat others with respect, lmao.

>> No.22542350

Be careful. The trannies are obviously going to ambush you while you're trying to AAA Sweet Clapper and drag you into the bathroom to chop your dick off.

>> No.22542434

no, i know who posts here.

>> No.22542464

based handrew

>> No.22542537


Imagine playing on anything lower than a 25 on pop'n.

Such a massive waste of levels. Condense 1-25 to 1-10 and spread the rest of those 15 levels out from 44-50.

>> No.22542566

>I don't use these difficulties, so they're completely pointless

Despite being one of the most absolutely difficult bemani games, pop'n has historically had a pretty casual player base.
The lower levels exist for a reason. If they didn't need to be there then Konami would've changed it when they expanded the ratings in Sunny Park.

>> No.22542601

And before someone decides to shit on me, by most difficult I meant in terms of single play. IIDX and DDR doubles can be pretty absurd at the highest difficulty.

>> No.22542712


I guess, but I can't see anyone playing on those difficulties for more than a day, week tops.

The high end definitely could use a lot of separation though.

>> No.22544820

I have been playing pop’n for eight years and never cleared anything higher than a 31 on new scale.

>> No.22545414

hang it up bro
the LMAO irony of immediately assuming im trans because im not a pathetic lonely ragetard, while also correcting someone about what is or isnt dragonforce. u seriously need to drop your incel bullshit or go die in a ditch.
try me bro

>> No.22545424


lol calm down

>> No.22545455

oh fuck he wrote 2 sentences haha hes having a melty lmaoooo trolled so hard

>> No.22545560

is this what happens when you don't take your meds

>> No.22545868

discord trannies on suicide watch

>> No.22546104

I wanna play some DDR to lose weight. I don't feel like buying anything including a pad. Would ghosting to Stepmania autoplays be the way to go? Also, anyone have pack recs?

>> No.22546137

So I know I'm gonna get a "Git Gud" or a "Mad cause bad" as a response here, but I feel like Cannon Ballers as whole is more technically difficult in terms of timing.

I mean if you measure this by the percentage of songs that only contain 4th, 8th, or 16th notes, I would bet money Cannon Ballers is near the bottom of all mixes.

>> No.22546192

just buy a pad half of the fun of playing ddr as excercise is actually getting good at ddr

>> No.22546277

good, songs like that are solely for practice because they are fucking boring. shit needs to have real difficulty and variation in the time to be fun

>> No.22546549

Start with the beginner packs since those offer a full range of multiple difficulties.
There are also plenty of specific packs for things like Touhou, Vocaloid, and [email protected] if you're into those. You could also just download DDR packs off of zenius.
Be wary of some itg packs, they tend to be just a single hard difficulty.
Like >>22546192 said though, you should probably get a pad of some sort. Having real-time feedback is more encouraging.

>> No.22546814

How much better could I get at IIDX if I were to play on one of the old 5-Button installments?
I can barely handle 4's in the modern scale at the moment, and I found an old machine that about 3 times as cheaper than playing on HV at R1.

>> No.22546931

5-button plays differently from modern IIDX. There are a shitload of jackhammers and the like that you don't see in lower level IIDX charts.
Just keep playing. You shouldn't really hit any significant issues until harder 8s where the game will immediately begin to fuck you over if you aren't using your thumbs.

>> No.22547736

Just wanted to say even if you are hateful i still love you and want to meet u all

>> No.22547767

any qt girls going to raj?

>> No.22547867

Ghosting on the kitchen floor using tiles as panels and the countertop as a bar is halfway decent but doesn't give you the feedback (tactile or scorewise) of actually playing the game. Actually getting those scores and seeing your timing/hits live is much more engaging because otherwise you feel like you're just sliding around on the floor in your kitchen like a dumbass.

t. no pad

>> No.22547965


Nothing but trannies. Hope you like fucking those poop smelling dilation holes.

>> No.22547990

god damn dude get a life

>> No.22548004

depends on what your definition of qt is. if u dont care, yes. if u like at least 5/10 straight girls, no

>> No.22548083

it's more than one person retard

>> No.22548122

you continue to insist

>> No.22548125

you know dilation holes arent buttholes...right?

>> No.22548130

nyannurs never sleeps and posts about trannies on the otoge thread at 5 am

>> No.22548214

27th style is embarassingly cringe

>> No.22548221

its like a really shitty djmax song. americans should be banned from iidx contributions
idk who it is but it is very obviously 1 person with this thread constantly open. i mean i check it a lot too, but damn, the tranny vendetta has got to end

>> No.22548350
File: 377 KB, 1324x2048, EI2OnvLUYAE9lAv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22548404

>it is very obviously 1 person with this thread constantly open.
so somebody is awake 24 hours per day just posting about trans people here?

>> No.22548630


>> No.22549898

its more likely than you think

>> No.22550571

yeah dude trannies are liked by everybody in this community, theres only one person who hates them

>> No.22550643

we need more cuvelia

>> No.22550672
File: 114 KB, 800x640, CRpbL7qUAAA49Xr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More Cuvelia!

>> No.22551564

is vega london worth visiting? I need to fill my iidx fix

>> No.22551646

Where else can I discuss bemani games?
Any forums that are still up and active?

>> No.22552035

idk forums are kinda dead. its all about discord now. sows is "active", I dont really check anywhere else

there may be multiple trans aggro ppl but u are definitely the only one in here constantly whining about them and thinking dilation holes are buttholes

>> No.22552234

fun fact, neo vags smell like poop

>> No.22552390

I was expecting it to be upbeat and hype like Twelfth Style for some reason and instead I got whatever that shit is.

>> No.22552535


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