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Which would /jp/ choose?

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I can't choose, both are delightful.

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This... is a remarkably hard choice.

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Well, there's not alot you can do with breasts except touch them and put your penis between them.

I could use her tails as my bed.

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... this is hard. How do I solve this?

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Chen's DFC

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Who says you can't use boobs as pillows?

Enjoy being covered in nasty hair.

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Tails feel so good.

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You can do that with breasts too, bro.

But tails is just better, so stay with that.

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Her breasts aren't big enough to use as a bed. Sure, I could rest my head on them, but that'd be uncomfortable for her after a while.

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Well yeah, I don't mean as a fucking mattress or something.

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her tails must be covered in nasty shit, they're constantly dragging along the floor

i'll take her boobs, thank you

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I choose Ran's lap.
If that's not allowed then tails. Ran is meant for taking from behind.

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I choose Chen

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According to most pictures, most of them aren't even close to the ground actually.

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Breasts are fine and all, but those tails are unique. I'd go with that

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RAN TAILS, but that Chen look surprisingly sexy.

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You can have both.

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how does she poop? doesn't she get it all over her tails?

how does she even keep them clean? she's not able to lick them like her animal counterparts

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I'm pretty sure bodies don't work that way in Gensokyo.

I hope not, atleast.

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so you're saying she is possibly able to bend her body in ridiculous ways and lick her own butt?

atleast, you hope so?

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Fuck you human anatomy, you don't exist in Gensokyo. There is no nasty feces or any bacteria at all for that matter. Besides, girls don't shit anyway.

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Ran's tails are of variable length according to the needs of the artist from short and stubby to long and fluffy. From being gapped away to being enough to support several people at once.

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yukari gaps the shit out of her

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into the foxhole

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they're detachable

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Tails. Does that mean that I'm a furfag now?

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up and over

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She probably has control over her tails. What's stopping her from lifting them up before she takes a dump?

Also, Yukari baths her.

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She's pretty capable of having her tails maintain themselves. Years of practice and the right tools.

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Yes, and then Chen licks her clean.

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yukari would have to bathe ran outside with a garden hose

as much as ran works outside her tails are probably like a real dog's and they get dirt and leaves and bugs in them

ran might also get fleas

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Obviously tails. I'm a lot like a cat so I'd enjoy curling around in them before falling asleep under the sun.

People who say boobs are either trying to prove something unnecessary or they're still too attached to the biological system.

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Sakuya, definitely.

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Isn't ran a manifestation?

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I'll take the Yukari please.

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Of what?

Dick? Yeah probably.

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Ran v Yukari by chado

ran is a lesbian pimp in that doujin

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Or this?