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Marisa is the best protagonist and I like her shot types

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shes cool and boyish

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In addition to being the best protagonist and having the best gameplay, she's also very cute and cool!

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Eirin is the best hag and I like her shot types.

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The Kirisame magic shop has NEVER made a sale.

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But she isn’t a salesperson

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It’s in such a mess that any customer is turned away by the junkheap as they fail to find what they were looking for.

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Yes, and?

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Would you like to purchase a potion?

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Marisa has nothing to do with her dad's shop.

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marisa > reimu
i'll take lasers and missiles over cards and light balls any day

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I want a love potion.
And I want to drink it together Marisa.

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Junko mogs her in every department.

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technically the three fairies hired her to clear out the vines blocking their house in SaBND.
Sure, she failed, but it's the thought that counts.

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what happens if you steal her hat

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she playfully scolds you

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Stop making threads Alice.

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oh yay! im gonna steal her hat

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be sure to give it back when you're done with it!

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She is the best protag for ero doujins too!

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why do marisa shot types change so much from game to game? it always feels a bit confusing

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Because she loves experimenting, anon. You don't get to where she is by luck-tripping around, you gotta work hard for it.

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but for what purpose?

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Sure, I'll give it back after I'm done burying my face in and viciously sniffing it.

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Ever since her lasers stopped piercing she stopped being fun.

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I still like to play as her

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Marisa is comfy unlike Reimu

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Cute Cirno!
Cute Flan!
Cute Shanghai!

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to go mushroom collecting of course!

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I need only your strongest potions

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Let's kick the beat

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What kind of potions does Marisa brew?

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Potions that are too strong for you

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Why is Marisa such a bully?

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the scarlets deserve it

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Bullying Remi is the highest of high culture.

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I agree... Surprising!

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Breaking and entering is the ultimate form of bullying

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Breaking Remi's hymen and entering her cunny!

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D'y'all think GCMushroom browses /jp/?
I like his art a lot

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That's not bullying.

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It is if she doesn't want it.

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Always pic her in 07 and SA