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I wish I could find translations for any of his images

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Post more Space Jin Kaguya

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protect my balls

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Bit tits Kagu is worth losing your boys for.

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I would gladly let Kaguya castrate me as long as she carries my child.

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Same. It's not lile I'd need my balls anyway after getting her pregnant.

Ah, I wish to get a castration paizuri...

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Where can I find images of Kaguya actually performing cbt? All I ever found was the needle one. Was that all he made?

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is that sabrina from pokemon?

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My balls are in danger when I am in this thread.

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Big tits Kaguya should be more common in general.

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This guy has drawn some horse sounding that I enjoy a lot.

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I hate how spacejin has been ruined because of the whole cock and ball torture meme. Its so forced for fucks sake

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What do you mean? He draws a lot of cock and ball torture.

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He's been drawing this stuff publicly since 2012

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yes I know. But the kiddies with their stupid youtube video have been finding this stuff en masse and laughing at it

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There aren't any 'videos' compiling space jin's art, the fuck are you talking about. At most you get Jojo and CBT or South Park like this thread because it's a normalfag meme at this point, just some couple of very based people referencing him in several places doesn't mean anything, most people that are fed a link or whatever or read the name and will become interested for a second will just think it's 'lol 2hu, weird' and not even check any of the actual drawings.

All space jin has to do is come to terms with testosterone or find some male that will agree to get chemically castrated in exchange of sucking xir titties forever to move on from it

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Is anyone else convinced spacejin significantly raised the popularity of this fetish

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In the Touhou fandom for sure.

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i think i know what's on the stick

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Nothing I'd want more

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Doesn't show much but its perfect all the same

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not by spacejin = not the same mysterious eroticism

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its on his blog

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File: 248 KB, 1000x750, __kisume_kurodani_yamame_and_spider_man_spider_man_series_and_etc_drawn_by_space_jin__e2bb84d17b7d3c6f08be733472161719.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know that, but this is what I dislike https://youtu.be/EbwRFcoEugQ. No i am not a crossie but its soured the taste

Also I prefer jin to draw the muscles since he really does put a lot of detail into them

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I want to give her the fucc if you know what I mean

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beneath that cold gaze is an extremely soft and warm erotic body

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That cold gaze is supremely erotic and would make me spontaneously ejaculate before even putting it in.

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How rude! Kaguya would never probe your anus. It's not painful enough.

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Kaguya's overrated, I wish he'd done more of Nitori considering she was so high on his chart

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Nitori seems like she would be very brutal in that she would invent machines and devices to test on and experiment with you. Would be very impersonal.

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It's odd, I like Kaguya, and I like spacejin (and ballbusting, though I guess that's kind of a given), but I don't really care for spacejin's Kaguya, at least compared to his reditions of other characters. I dunno why, maybe because I feel the bangs and eyes are too close? but, Kaguya's official art is like that too, and I do just like hime cuts in general, so, I'm not sure if it's that. Maybe it's that the eyes feel too thin/squinted? feels more like that.

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I feel the same. For me it's the lack of a defined nose beyond the bridge. It's a tiny detail but it seems to make a pretty noticeable difference to me. Her hair seems to be awkwardly perfect as well, these two things combined kinda makes her look like an alien, which may have been his intention

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Well she is technically alien if she's from the moon

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I agree, SJ-Kaguya is too weird-looking for me. I like her as an elegant beauty, not as a creepy alien.

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>Hey anon look at this cool branch I found, go find another one I wanna have a swordfight

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Thanks anon, I can finally cum

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urethral sounding with the JBoH

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I think there's some kind of CBT meme that's popular with normalfags now. Ironic memes about have probably increased unironic interest overall.

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