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This is my first Visual novel. I just cleared the Aeka campain. I didn't cry, I don't cry to stuff that's not a real event. But I kinda' wanted to. Should I move on to another novel or should I continue with another character? If not, what should I move on to?

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Oh wow. Are you 5?

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No I'm 18, why?

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And campaign doesn't even make any fucking sense here.

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Anyway, why do you ask us? If you liked it, read more, if not, read True Remembrance, Tsukihime or Saya no Uta

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Fuck off, faggot. You're not welcome here.

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move on to

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Nekoko Nekoko Nekoko Nekoko


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Stop asking for people to hold your hand through everything.

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Nekoko is easily the best route, but overall its still a very tame and a little predictable story

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Drug Librarian not fun

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/v/ promised it was baw material. Guess they where wrong.

They cried, though.

Thanks for recommendations.

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I played Aeka's glorious route awhile ago and was completely satisfied and stopped playing.

A resurgence of YMK threads made me go back and start up Nekoko's route, which is pretty boring so far.

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Today is my first day in High School. I just cleared the math homework campaign. I didn't cry, I don't cry to stuff that's not a real event. But I kinda wanted to. Should I drop out of school or should I continue with another subject? physics or should? If not, what should I move on to?

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Just for saying that, I'm gonna cum in your butt!

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I thought Aeka's was better.

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How can Nekoko's route be boring?
Try to last 20min on that ugly, red-head's route

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>/v/ judging visual novels

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This is my first day in High School. I just cleared the math homework campain. I didn't cry, I don't cry to stuff that's not a real event. But I kinda' wanted to. Should I drop out or should I continue with another subject? If not, what should I move on to?

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lol so clever XD oroginal content right herer yo!!

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Nekoko's is certainly worth going through. The skip option is insanely fast so you can get there in a matter of minutes.

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Aeka panders to a different crowd than someone who's not interested in helping a girl in that way
She's practically the definition of moe-blob but whatever floats your boat

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Nekoko's route has two things going for it over Aeka's.

Better sex scenes. A lot easier to fap to hers than Aeka's.

An actual plot twist. It's doubtful you'll see it coming unless spoiled beforehand.

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It's not that hard to see coming. You see a random librarian and there's an extremely related book.

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>She's practically the definition of moe-blob

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It's not that hard to see coming. You see a random librarian and there's an extremely related book.


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But they look nothing alike!

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What? She is. She has no personality of her own. She's just there to be weak, vulnerable and rescued.

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Easy to see in hindsight, but it took me completely by surprise the first time I played it.

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It's the sixth sense, man. I felt it in my bones.

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It wasn't hindsight. I didn't get spoiled before playing it. I was just doing my midnight eroge run and the two just connected.

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Exactlly. If you didn't see it coming at least by the second meeting then you have more problems than you can handle
I think the main guy even noted it one time

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She has no personality? What are you talking about? She's clearly a yandere. She creeps people out by laughing at inappropriate times, she tells people to kill her, she loves Kouhei so much that him not being with her makes her want him to disappear.

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so then she's a psycho bitch that will eventually drown your kids in a bathtub and then try to cut your dick off when she loses her shit.
ok got it

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If he were to cheat on her then a nice boat ending could happen.

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By that line of thinking, Nekoko doesn't have a personality either, she's just there to be wacky and silly.

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You should always play all of the routes in a VN unless you don't like the game.

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The best route is the non route where you fail to meet the requirements for any of the girls and the game subtly breaks the 4th wall, saying you could've done things differently but you chose to ignore their pleas for help.

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sadly this was my first "route"

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until you realize that its because she's higher than motherfucker and she was just trying to escape a mudane life
its balences out
Aeka ...I'm not saying I don't not want to fuck her, but its a lot of work to get to that point and even then, I'm thinking 'wtf Im I doing?'

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You are raping a mentally unstable girl

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>I'm not saying I don't not want to fuck her

My head hurts

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And Aeka acts batshit insane and clingy to cope with her horrible life of bullying. I think you missed the point of YMK: all of the girls are fucked up and dealing with teenage problems and it's Kouhei's job to save them.

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Aeka's is the first person and the easiest to have sex with. All you have to do is go to roof on the day a page is ripped out of her text book. You can ignore her completely until then and she'll still fuck you.

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I liked the Mizuki route best. She is my waifu.
A woman who actually has a personality, and needs some reigns and not a rescue rope.

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which makes sense since she just wanted to experience sex before committing suicide.

She probably would have done it with anyone. A dead person needs no morales.

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Do it with Gaito to piss off chokebitch

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why i dont know suicidal girls... fuck..!

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Aeka is shit, right?

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You don't want to, trust me.

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What's with the recent surge of YMK threads?
Are people playing it because of that Rapelay article or something?

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they were always here

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There has definitely been an increase in the last week. It's always their first VN too.

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Probably from /v/.

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I don't get why people have so much difficulty with telling the librarian was actually nekoko.

I mean, it was foreshadowed pretty effectively. I wasn't a 100% certain but I certainly wasn't surprised.

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I dunno, it took me a while to realize. When Kouhei overheard her buying drugs I already thought it was the librarian, but I thought she was selling the stuff to Nekoko. It took me until the scene they were "arrested" for me to realize they were the same person. Hell, even Kouhei realized before me.
Thing is I really liked Nekoko's personality, and I didn't want to accept she was a druggie. Well, I did eventually but then it felt sad. Like Nekoko wasn't real, and all those moments were fake.

I created a thread about this already, let me just leave it at that.

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Need a hug, Yukito-san-chan?

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Thanks Kagami-kun... No, Kouhei!

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I knew Nekoko was the librarian, even though I controlled through most of her route

Why? Look at it this way. They introduce a random character in the middle of the story whom you never see before. Of course it's nekoko.

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Okay, but you realize the route was called "Drug" right? I actually watched the opening movie, and was fucking pissed afterwards at the spoilers in it. Fuck.

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I was pretty much 100% certain and I had suspicions very early on in the route.

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Mizuki's route is boring. I had to force myself to finish it.

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Aw, thanks.


No I did not, and I'm glad I wasn't spoiled. I fell sorry for you though, I hate this sort of stuff.

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I'd hardly call her being a druggie a spoiler. I mean it's pretty obvious. You should at least consider that a strong possibility after meeting her. If you've played through another route before then you'd know the game isn't fantasy.

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I felt that way about Aeka's route. Why exactly did /jp/ recommend this VN to me if at least two-thirds of it is dedicated to boring, unlikeable characters?

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>two-thirds of it is dedicated to boring, unlikeable characters?

That's just, like, your opinion, man.

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>two-thirds of it is dedicated to boring, unlikeable characters?

So is real life.

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That's the thing, I wasn't sure if it was fantasy or not. I know that Key games have this sort of stuff so I thought it was kinda normal in VNs (YMK was my first one btw).

Oh yeah, I did finished Aeka's route before Nekoko's but I still wasn't sure.

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But don't you think that 33% is worth it? Would you trade all of those precious memories away?

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That baffles me. I enjoyed every part of Aeka's route. So much emotion. It made me really sorry for her and really hate the girls bullying her. I'm not easy to be moved either. I'm normally indifferent to everything.

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Never played an eroge before and someone posted a link to one. I saved the link and several weeks later, I was bored and decided to try it out.

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I did feel sorry for her, but that feeling didn't get much stronger than a vague kind of pity. I don't know, her route just didn't do much for me.


Okay, well, I guess not. Still, there are plenty of VNs that manage to do better than one out of three. Just out of curiosity, did anyone at all like Mizuki's route?

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>did anyone at all like Mizuki's route?
Yes. It was my least favorite but it was still pretty good. I put it off until last because I wasn't interested in the character, but it ended up being surprisingly good.

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I'm seeing a lot of eroge recommendation threads, why can't /jp/ come up with a list of essential eroge to read/play like /a/ has several recommendation pics?

It's kind of tiring. YMK and TYPE-MOON shit would be on the list, what else?

Make it happen, /jp/.

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>did anyone at all like Mizuki's route?
She was my least favourite route, but to be fair, I was tired (early morning) and it was my last route.

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But Nekoko is supposed to be 10.

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Because that's a bad idea? Just lurk around and absorb the culture. Even if you make a list, those threads will still be made.

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Because that would require /jp/ to actually agree on something, which is clearly impossible.

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There are so few translated VNs that you hardly need a list.

>> No.2243198

Just the essentials. The must-read/play. It doesn't need to be elitist faggotry like some of the rec images from /a/. That's also for starters too.

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Like everyone on /a/ agrees on their several rec images.

/jp/ doesn't play untranslated games? Figures. There are untranslated games that are worth playing.

>> No.2243217

Still unnecessary. Any "official" list would be bad even if people had similar ideas. Just take it easy and come and go as you please.

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More like most of /jp/ can't read the language. I don't doubt that there are a lot of untranslated VNs worth reading, but my Japanese is pretty shit.

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I'm in the exact same boat as you, to be honest. I was pretty surprised that Aeka's route was so popular, because I didn't like it much at all. Though I'll admit the "choke the bitch" part was pretty satisfying.

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Can we at least maybe agree on Planetarian?

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Too true. I've always wanted an Akane Iro translation, and I found the anime to be not entirely terrible.

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Mizuki's route made me d'awwwww, and I like those kinds of routes.

Aeka's route induced forced rage. And the way she tried to get Kouhei was pathetic.

Nekoko's route was okay, and weird. I'm not into troubled drugged girls though.

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Most of /jp/ can't read moon and the people asking for VN recommendations almost certainly won't be able to.

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We can agree, but no list!

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>And the way she tried to get Kouhei was pathetic.
I bet a lot of people got the "normal end" first because they refused her. I refused to accept her invitation because it wasn't right. A relationship in any other context would be fine, but accepting it then would mean a fake one.

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They can:

Hard mode: Learn Japanese
NIGHTMARE MODE: Use translators and figure the story themselves.

You know, it all begins in that phrase.

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It's pretty easy to get kicked out her route.

If you said you'll think about it: fail
If you decide to go outside to kill time: fail
If you decide to give up (at least this is one is obvious): fail

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Yes, Mizuki's route was awesome.

The type of woman who will slip keep slipping you drugs so she can fuck you is awesome. She was the most attractive too, by far, even if you don't like her massive udders.
The only thing I didn't like was how she tamed out at the end, and the obvious Japanese worship of the cock.

Aeka's route made me feel sad, but it also made me feel angry at her. I had to rationalize my feelings because I knew it was emotional manipulation.
That said, if people can't overcome simple difficulties like that, they're probably not fit to survive and reproduce.

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That is what I don't like in Aeka's route. When Kouhei first saw her trying to jump off the roof and she asked him if he could be her lover or else is like getting yourself tied up to a rope with a boulder at its end. Though it may happen IRL, it's plain ridiculous. When I played her route I thought I'd get a 'lol I betrayed you' end, but then again...

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>>And the way she tried to get Kouhei was pathetic.

It was pathetic because she was THAT desperate. Women are manipulative. Using their body to obtain what they want is not uncommon.

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The absolute best part in the game was when Kouhei was choking Antoinette.
Maybe I'm just a sadist, but I felt very satisfied.

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I think people should play a few translated VNs and decide if they like them before they start learning a new language for them.

>> No.2243330

Good point, like /jp/ would provide a list of translated VNs for starters, then provide another list for those who liked VN to proceed to untranslated ones.

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Damn you and your list, man.

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>That said, if people can't overcome simple difficulties like that, they're probably not fit to survive and reproduce.

if you're playing VNs in the first place that won't be a problem

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I love Antoinette, at least more than Aeka.
At least she could have knocked some common sense into her, but no, you choose the futile runt.

>> No.2243354

I've evolved beyond the need for human social interaction. I just play VNs for the Lulz.

VN database, English search

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Yeah, that was awesome. Also is bullying in Japan really THAT bad?

I was, before playing YMK, always under the impression that everyone, even the bully, is actually a good person who was just mislead in life. But in YMK they are like... really evil.

>> No.2243380

The Japanese are closer to apes than most humans, and have been weakened by generations of inbreeding.
As a result, violent and aggressive behavior often comes out. This is probably why they started a war they couldn't win.

>> No.2243401

stun guns and attempted rape. That's beyond simple bullying.

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So uh...is Mizuki's route NOTHING BUT SEX? I just started it, and they went at it twice the night before, and now are titfucking...this is like, 5 minutes after I passed the first sex scene with her...

>> No.2243448

Just keep going and don't you dare fail the footjob of fate.

>> No.2243457

Footjob of fate, huh? Is that close by?

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Why are you still here? Shoo! Scram!

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Hey man, I can do three things at a time. I'm good like that.

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I thought I was the only one who tabbed between a /jp/ while playing a VN.

>> No.2243583

When the text is timed to the voices, I always read it and have to wait. So I usually have a few seconds free every page of text or so..

And no, the Mizuki route isn't just sex. Although the sex scenes with her are obviously the best.

>> No.2243597

I thought the Nekoko sex scenes were the best.

>> No.2243599

Japan doesn't have one of the highest suicide rates for nothing.
There were videos posted here a while back that had shown some very brutel shit. Some from like 9th/10th graders

>> No.2243652

I don't know, I thought Nekoko's were great, but my favorite was the blowjob with Aeka.

>> No.2243688

Dude...she's doing it IN THE CAKE SHOP. GOD DAMN.

>> No.2243712

Horny bitch is horny.

>> No.2243724

Honestly, I always wondered how he could fuck her, in the ass, on a trash can. Wasn't she eating shit out of it? How disgusting must she have smelled?
If it weren't for her complete lack of hygiene, I might have liked her.

>> No.2243756

>fuck her, in the ass, on a trash can

But... that's why it's so hot...

>> No.2243764

No, hot is when he was stoned on cocaine and fucking Mizuki on the balcony while choking her.
That made my dick pulse with the fury of God.

Trashcan bitch can go fuck a hobo for all I care.

>> No.2243778

I felt very uncomfortable during the choking part. Not only did I dislike the choking aspect of it, but I felt something bad was going to happen.

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If only...

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Why is Nekoko bullying Index?

>> No.2243822

Well, something bad DID happen.

I thought the pool scene was really wonderful, though. It was at that time that she became my waifu.

I don't really like how they transitioned to it, though. Didn't he fall asleep in his room then wake up on a plane? I didn't think it was explained very well.

>> No.2243825

I do this but I really need to stop because often I'll get distracted by /jp/ for like an hour at a time. I'm not good at multitasking it seems.

>> No.2243829

That would have made the game complete. After all, she's over 20.

But it's not rape if she's willing.

>> No.2243830

Eventually, when my parents kick me out of the house, I will become a hobo, but the thought that some druggie child will ask me to have anal sex with her on a trash can so she can get to the fairy kingdom fills me with hope.

>> No.2243833

Yeah he did, Apparently Mizuki drugged the cake when he was with her (after he woke up that morning? Don't know.) and caused him to fall asleep until he woke up on the plane. Yeah, that whole part was pretty unexpected, in my opinion.

>> No.2243843

Yeah, you could tell she really wanted it. Bad.

>> No.2243883

Wow, Aya just walked in on them doing it, shitfaced, in the student council room...

>> No.2244109

Fucking women-must-be-bitches media victim

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Friggin' bats.

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