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I miss him still.

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"don't forget
your hime

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Aniki made us all his princesses!

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Billy was too good for this place.

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He was such a great guy

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I'll never forget him

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I forgot all about him by now.

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I miss him

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don't cry because it's over
smile because we could live in the same times as him

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Got a question for the true homosexuals of /jp/

How good are Aniki's kino compared to other gay porn?

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Kuso post.

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There's that word again...

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>you're hime forever
You're the dummy.

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Although on second though, it wouldn't sound weird if it were about Kaguya.

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Have you started lifting, /jp/?

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Yes, since August of 2018, and I haven't stopped since then, and I love it.

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I'm going to start soon, kinda hard to find time for it in the middle of shitposting and working but i will try my best, for him

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I was going on a hiatus but I can lend some more news on GPW before continuing on with said hiatus.
Iguchi Hiromi is dead. That's right, the man that had the body that looked like it was pushed to its limit OD'd in his own house. He was 42 years old. There's 2 dead Knaked Knights actors now.
Kazuya turns 51 in 3 days.
Tortoise wants to come back to the porn industry and misses Aniki a lot.
TDN went to China for the Sky event.
That's it. The English wikis are pretty bare bones but commendable for actual Gachimuchi content that isn't tainted by outsiders.

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2 years now? When did he die?

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>Tortoise wants to come back to the porn industry and misses Aniki a lot.
We all do, fag boy.
We all do.

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6 hours of workout a week.
starting to lose my fat and feeling some muscles

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Aniki is honorary 2D

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>Iguchi Hiromi is dead
damn, he was my fav Knaked Knights dude

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March 2018

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Get out

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He’s a generalfag. He did it in purpose

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Aniki transcends dimensions except those in our hearts.

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Now we even the score. (ナウい息子)

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