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Well, this has been a wild ride so far.

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Pls no more

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my schizoid rabbit princess wife made it to top 10 once! she had 7 whole votes!!

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Haha, look at that fall from grace from Sakuya and Sanae. Sluts gonna slut.

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I wonder if most secondary teens who foam over Flandre even know about the pool

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No shit they do. Do you think it doesn't get posted in the R-place and the T-places?

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I thought people only like Flan because of 2AM posting.

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What is this? Popularity contest results? I'm surprised Cirno isn't represented that much. What's with the Yuuka arc?

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Aside from 2019, Sakuya has always been on the top 5, and is one of the two characters who ever managed to beat Marisa and Reimu. I'd say that's very impressive.

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Flan has been popular since the release of EoSD.

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2020 will be Jinyou's turn! to the top 20!

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No one from DDC, of course.

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>one of the two characters who ever managed to beat Marisa and Reimu
Pretty much everyone who was playable in PoFV is a member of that club. Not that impressive.

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Not to mention every fighting game ever.

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>fighting game
The gameplay thread says those don’t count (clearing the game)

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Koishit mist die

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I think he meant beat in the pools.

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Koishi is this generation's Flandre.

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No one post-SA, and even when those characters appeared before they didn't stick, yet Flan who has been irrelevant since EoSD is constantly in top 5
Fuck reddit secondaries

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>No one post-SA
Byakuren, Kokoro, Sagume, Shion.

But in general I agree, Scarlets and Komeijis are a curse on this rating.

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all is right in the world

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Why do you blame the result of Jap popularity poll to Re****t?
You need to go back

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You should really hang yourself when you get the time.

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clearly that Dork blackmails virgin NEETS with threats of Rape

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It's like almost the opposite of Yuuka's poularity curve

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why does tenshi pop up 2015 all of a sudden

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Mokou drops off a bit after her first appearance but has been in the top 15 consistently ever since.
I'm fine with that.

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I'd complain about it's just a set of maybe twenty recurring characters that get switched around amongst the occasional outlier, but a handful of them are actually my favorites, so I guess I should be grateful for those.
Still, I really don't think the rest of the cyclical group deserve those spots. I can understand why some would be there (even if I don't find them particularly interesting or entertaining myself), but others just baffle me. Komeijis and Scarlets? Why on earth?
Also, those first few years look wild. What an interesting time that must have been.

7 votes? Oh, that explains everything. Still pretty neat, though.

I honestly think there could have been one if there was a poll in 2013. Sagume pops up in 2015 and just kind of disappears, and the same thing happens with Shion.

Fuck you.

Fuck yeah.

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DDC simply doesn’t have popular characters. The highest scoring one was Shimmy at 34 in 2014, not even close to Sagume or Shion results, even in their second year.

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Someone needs to poll the humans of Gensokyo for their favorite 2hus.

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Sanae, Alice, Keine and Akuu in top 5
Reimu not even in top 15

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Who are those greentwins 3rd from bottom on the far left?

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Mei and Mai from Seihou.

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I like that Koishi won and annoyed so many people with it.

Variety is the spice of life, and having Reimu win 8 years in a row is boring. When a new girl comes and snatches 1st place, everyone becomes mad about it, start getting serious, and things become fun again.

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If /jp/sies had their way, Okuu would win every year. and that's perfectly fine

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Everyone would be fine with it if it wasn’t Flandre 2.0 who won.

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koishi is better than flandre, for one thing koishi actually took top spot once

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It's still dumb if you think gaijin site like r/touhou has power over japanese poll compared to the entire japanese fanbase

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Whoever had won over Reimu and everyone else's favourite 2hu would have been vilified and turned into a caricature to discredit her and her fans.

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What happened to Yuyuko to drop off like that

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gained weight

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She's a good girl!

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why do you say this, when the very poll itself has a "share to twitter" link?

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Sanae will rise again

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It's really strange how patchouli fell off even though she seems to be a really popular touhou in doujin works.

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Patchy is popular

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I like the autismhu tho. I'm glad it was her in the end

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I don't know about koishi but Remilia in both official and fanworks is sometimes portrayed in a more serious way as an imposing, scary, charming and charismatic vampire with an aura Dracula would be jealous of and sometimes as goofy, whimsical and childish comic relief character. It's very easy to pick and choose what to like about her, and I can very much see how she consistently ranks high.

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Tell me about Koishi
Why do people like her so much?

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Nobody actually likes Koishi.
It was all an act of internal sabotage by smelly dumb Koishifag scum.

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Yuyuko's graceful decline

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ride me

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Easing out of the top ranks

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This is what happens when you take it too easy...

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SDM shitters sicken me. UFO had the best cast minus Byakushit.

Hi, Sanae.

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what's with this Koishi surge in 2015
is it because of that yet another tasofro game
also lol @ Youmu comeback
and the occasional addition of nu 2hu waifus like Satorin

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It coincides with ULiL release. Y'know, "hello it's Mary I'M RIGHT BEHIND YOU". People like that kinda stuff apparently.

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More like this is what happens when you let Youmu do everything.

If you want flavor of the month and forgotten waifus, you stay on /a/ and watch seasonal crap instead of waiting a year or two

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Yuyuko may have hit rock bottom, but I still love her!

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Nobody loves Lyrica or Merlin!

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Back when there weren't enough good touhous to compare against

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Prismrivers #3, but no Cirno. Nice.

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Blessed corner

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Fatasses deserve to be hanged.

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Rude. Yuyu is not fat