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OK someone explain SSiB 20

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It stopped making sense long time ago.

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She is about to depopulate the moon, one fricassee at a time.

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Yuyuko invited them for "dinner".

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It makes perfect sense

Yuyuko: "Hey Yukari I want to eat lunar peaches."
Yukari: "OK give me 5 minutes to pln it out.

5 days later Yuyuko got peaches

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Seems like the next issue would be the last, thank god.

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In before OM NOM NOM

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Yuyuko's gonna cook some rabbit stew.

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God dammit, if Yuyuko eats those fucking annoying rabbits this shitty series might actually be saved.

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God dammit, if Yuyuko eats those fucking annoying lunarians this shitty series might actually be saved.

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God dammit, if Yuyuko eats that fucking annoying namek this shitty series might actually be saved.

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How did a ghost manage to go to the moon while Reimu and co. had to build that ridiculous rocket to get there?

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God dammit, if Yuyuko eats that fucking annoying Moon this shitty series might actually be saved.

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It would be really messed up, but also really satisfying, if after all that "Lol can't touch me for I am the queen shit of the fuck mountain" nonsense we have suffered through for so many months, Yuyuko would just end the Moon Bitch's posturing with a simple use of her "enough of this bullshit, please die" power.

And then: rabbit season.

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She used Yukaris path of lolborders to go up there. Yukari even marked the way with her gloves.
Yukari and team jobber where just there to distract Yorihime and Toyohime.
Yuyuko is up there alone.

Looks like team gensokyo wins without even trying

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they need their propeller witch boots so they can fly and fight the nano ships.

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1. Aki Eda art
2. Aki eda is fucking lazy
3. wrong ears on one bunny
4. dunno lol
5. dunno lol

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Yuyuko has a nice rack, that's all I have to say.

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"excuse me Im here to kill your princess. can you tell me the way please?"

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if you were even remotely srs then: curly haired bunny is missing her nose, as is Reisen II can't see any others right now

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Reisen 2 is with Toyohime

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Really? I'm pretty sure thats Reisen II, i mean she looks just lik- OH YEAH AKI EDA SAME FACE SYNDROME HOW COULD I OF FORGOTTEN?

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It could be Reisen II

We dont know how much time has passed. Yukari could already be tied up and put into prison

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Did she have beer hidden between her breasts like before again?

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A chapter full of Aya...

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Aya's cute, so it's ok.

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spoiler for chapter 21

You know ZUN said nothing will be the same when SSiB is finished

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in b4 pictures of namek and goku dressed as Reimu

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the rets is up to you

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no one cares anymore

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one is no one

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Is it true that team Namek was losing badly on purpose to delay the moonbitch? Because Marisa got beat pretty bad and I rage'd

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Where is Youmo?

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No. She lost because she sucks.

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Marisa said the power gab is so huge a battle wont make any sense

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Marisa said the power gap is so huge a battle wont make any sense

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Wait, why are her tits erect?

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there is a little tenshi in all of us!

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She hides her entire lunchbox in it.

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There's a little of me in Tenshi every night... and day.

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you cant penetrate her peaches virginity

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Dear moonpeople.
In 3 days the earth will crash into the moon.
This will be the end

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That's what she said.

*unf* *unf*

*humps air, is 300 lbs*

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pic very related

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Cute gothic bitches please!

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Then who was moon?

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This kind of looks like she rolled right out of 3d custom girl.

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Yuyuko with a bottle of booze between her tits sounds suspiciously like a fantasy of mine.

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I want to hide between her tits!

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Nothing ever changes in the series beyond more and more characters getting added.

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Is Youmu sucking her tits or something?

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Wouldn't you?

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80% Deflowering.

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What does something that happened over a thousand years ago have to do with SSiB?

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Apparently this shit is going to end in the next chapter.

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Yuyuko gets hungry

everyone dies.

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Seriously, chapter 21 is supposed to be the final.

That leaves precious little room to wrap this all up after three tankoubons of wasting time.

Seems there's two options: either Bitch1 and Bitch2 remain undefeated (TROLL END) or there's a huge JUST AS PLANNED going on that explodes at the last minute.

Somehow I don't believe Zun is a talented enough writer for the latter.

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Yukari must get out of there somehow.

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This is correct.

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Maybe they just kill Yukari and send everybody else packing.

That's be something new.

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Not been keeping up with this, has moon bitch defeated Remilia or Reimu in a duel yet or has it just been wasting more time lately?

Last I read she ate Marisa's stars.

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whyd this stop getting translated

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Translated up to chapter 19. What are you talking about?

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Last I checked, touhou wiki only had it up to 15.

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Provide links for those who do not lurk voile.

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Strg+F silent

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>Translated up to chapter 19.

Edited only up to 15, it seems. Most people say a comic is "translated" only when it's all edited into one neat scanlation. Few people give a shit enough to read separate ascii notes and a raw.

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The last chapter will end in a Gensokyo rabbit BBQ party, courtesy of the nympho sisters.

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Personally, I prefer "ascii notes". It's faster to find out what's going on that way.

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