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Hi, /jp/ I have a couple of questions.

1. Is Eirin ever going to get married, or is she too old and busy looking after the princess to find a husband?
2. How does she shoot a bow without accidentally twanging her Q cups?

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1. She’s gotten married to me, her son.
2. She doesn’t.

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1. She's married to me, her job.
2. Magic.

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Her saggers are so huge, fat and heavy that they sag down below her navel.

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saggers gonna sag...

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I wanna shove my cock between Eirin’s Q-cup breasts and coat them with my cum! Then I’d continue humping and violating her semen dripping tits and empty my balls into them!

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Eirin bows to no one

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Your wife is my paizuri slave, dude.

Her tits are so heavy, she's never not bowing.

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They increased in size again..... this may be an incident.

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I want to help carry Eirin's breasts around so her back wouldn't hurt as much!

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The gravitational pull from her breasts are so big that it actively pulls in semen from the d*cks of young men.

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You take the left breast, i'll take the right. We'll be palanquin bearers but with tits.

That sounds more like a description of Sanae than Eirin.

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I hope she lets us suck on them as a reward!!!

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marked for milking (old)

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People who haven't read the P cup saga are worse than secondaries.

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They still have the luxury of newly experiencing it for the first time

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>That sounds more like a description of Sanae than Eirin.
Sanae is young boys, not men. Actually, Eirin is a magnet for young boys as well.

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She probably uses a chestplate beneath her clothes, which is what practicioners of archery in japan do.

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I don't think they make chest guards that can suppress a 120cm bust.

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Eirin is a slag

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Make Reisen and Tewi drink it afterwards

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i'm usually not a big fan of paizuri or excessive cum but i like this image

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His Tewi doujinshi and fairies are top tier

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I hope we get soon his Luna-chan doujinshi. It seems he is going to make a trilogy of the latest ones.

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>I'm usually not a big fan of paizuri
What on earth are you doing in an Eirin thread, then?

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I want to marry her tits!!

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I don't like paizuri much either, but I do like excessive cum. I want to prepare a semen bath for her.

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I like Eirin having big tits but I don't want to put it there.

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Bomber Grape looked into this once.
Shady drugs

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I thought Byakuren was the 2hu with the tits you're supposed to marry.

Why not?

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I want an harem of breasts.

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Because I'd rather put it somewhere else in Eirin's body. I'd gladly play with her breasts with my hands and face though.

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This is one incident Reimu can't shoot her way out of.

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how come this artist never draws eirin with a smile on? she always looks so sad

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You'd be miserable too if men ejaculated if they so much as looked at you.

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I want to sex with Eirin

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eirin's saggy sagging saggers sag saggily

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You don't "sex" with Eirin. Eirin sexes with you.

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kowai but also eroi

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eirin's saggy sagging saggers sag saggily

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The Doc's huge ass and giant tits.

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eirin's saggy sagging saggers sag saggily

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cut it out

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eirin's saggy sagging saggity saggest saggers saggin saggingly

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eirin's saggy sagging saggers sag saggily

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Local Apothecary Mauled; Domestic Cat Held Responsible

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Delete this or youre going to make Hiro cry.

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Is there a "hot glue" version of that new Takorin animation yet?

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eirin's saggy sagging saggers sag saggily

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I want to bend over for this doctor everyday.

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Cheeen, CHeeeeeen!

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I want to bend over that doctor everyday.

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She's already married to Kaguya.

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Does Eirin have to wipe Kaguya's parts after she goes to the toilet?

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Why the long glove, most prostates are at an adult's index reach.

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what the fuck is with those arms?

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That's how deep she's going.

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The artist just really sucks at perspective and hasn't improved in that area for at least 2 years.

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I would like to fuck Eirin's breasts while they're so saggy they dangle down past her navel like big long sacks of fat, without her using her hands.

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Of course. In fact, Kaguya never bathes, Eirin licks her clean.

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Kaguya wipes her ass with Reisen's ears.

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nigga thats gross

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No, Eirin licks her there too.

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A rare picture of Eirin actually doing something doctor-like as opposed to just looking sexy.

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Eirin would look sexy doing open heart surgery in a full set of bloodied scrubs. She's just naturally a very sexy lady.

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whatever do you mean?

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this is an authentically /jp/ post


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The staff's attire is very unprofessional. Look at the nurse, you can clearly see her panties!

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now those are saggers

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>The staff's attire is very unprofessional
Quite the contrary! Do you know patients are 90% more likely to be cooperative if you stimulate their desire to breed? This is totally a scientific study and I totally didn't just make that up!

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Eirin's off to the nursing home. Now Reisen is the doctor!

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But it's not the kind of 'nursing' home we're thinking of!

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Does the nursing home run a night checkup?

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Why it's always about her huge knockers but her equally huge ass never gets any love?

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Tuhus multiply asexually, the previous 2hu gives birth when she decides it's time to a younger but eventually growing up to be exactly like her (or him) and getting gangbanged by entire human village is a form of entertainment when there's no incidents.
In other news aparitions / youkai / ghosts whatever your flavor to call them can't get pregnant, unless you can make air and space pregnant.

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Imagine tearing her butthole wide open with rough doggy so you can make ramen inside it and then have Tewi or Kaguya drink it.

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This is /d/, pls take your terrible fetishes to /h/. thanks

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because titty>ass. You like ass you probably are black

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Preposterous! A thick derriere is just as much a sign of fertility as large mammaries! No men should ever brush off a woman who can bear children aplenty!
Provided of course it's not the "fat" kind of thick.