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Which 2hu has the best belly and navel?

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My wife, Sakuya.
However, your answer may vary since you may well choose your own favorite girl in the series for any number of reasons.

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What is so good about Sakuya tummy?

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Nice, toned, firm and visually appealing

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No way its toned.

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The Remimimi's

Aah~ I want to french kiss her navel until its all slick and glittery with my saliva!

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Post the bellies.

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Byakuren is not my favorite but I love her tummy.

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Kisume probably does.
She's hiding something in the bucket, and I bet it's a cute tummy.

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The honorary fairy of tummies.

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Or a killing device.

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Reimu tummy

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Tanned Cirno is dangerous.

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post the cursed cirno tummy one

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Technically should fairies even have a navel?

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>this thread

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They evolved to achieve the most attractive body shape to lure humans to fuck them.
The navel is really important.

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Who are you specifically quoting here?

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the sound i make when i pppbtpbptpbptpbtpbptpbptpbtpbptbptpbptbptpbptb their tummy

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I wanna hug Kokoro

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4 hours is unacceptable

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Lewd thread

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How is this lewd. Tummies are far from lewd. Tummies (no fatter than a slight chub) are fun.

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He's motorboating the tummies instead of their nobies.

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I mean, boobies.

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There are too many great ones in this series honestly.

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lady Remilia's enchanting midsection

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One of the highest quality tummies available in Gensokyou.
Aah~ I want to use her tummy as a platter for all my meals for the rest of my life!
*Also as my pillow

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For me, it's the thick legs and that ZR-like space of skin between her cute and frilly white panties and her fancy, elegant stockings.
There's also that line that separates her torso from her legs (I don't know the exact name of it), but that is specifically reserved for licking her sweat in a hot night.

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Rabbit! Bunny!

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She’s a vampire so shw gets minus points for being cold in general. If anything, I’d probably get more satisfaction out of having Youmu let me use her tummy as my pillow and dealing with her lower than average body temperature as a side effect of her being a Half Phantom Human.

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Blessed artist
Ah, royal yummy tummy~

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Flan's is good also

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The pregnant ones

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cookie is cheating

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I'll go with the bunny tummy.

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As a connoisseur of cute tummies; Remilia has one of the most adorable stomachs of all time and its very soft yet slender to trace your fingertips around, although she might panic and let out many high-pitched squeals and giggles whilst trying to push you away - even so much as lightly touching her navel is too much for her to handle!

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I want to tonguefuck Patchy's bellybutton.

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Oh, and as I almost forgot, Seiran's belly is adorable and extremely ticklish~

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Don't post this uggo here please"

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I want to drink high-quality liquor out of Ojou-sama's navel!!!

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Tum tums

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Koa sure is stuck up for a literal semen demon. Seems like somebody forgot to pound her kunny and now she's acting like a bitch out of frustration.

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is it true you can make a tummyhu orgasm from licking their navel?

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Just placing your finger inside is enough for some~ I can't even imagine what would happen if you used your tongue.

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Sexy pose 5

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What's wrong with worshipping girl tummies!?

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The wetness along with saliva and the slippery sensations of a tongue constantly lashing and undulating within that shallow depression of her belly button sends tingles through a woman's body and even stimulates the nerve endings in her loins!

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I need B I G G E R

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Why is Flan speaking in third person.
Does she want to sound like a psychopath?

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She liekly doesn't even realize it. Flan is a goon

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Use proper English and grammar.

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Kokoro the Unsmiling