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Sanae has two active gods at her shrine. Remiu has ZERO. This is a little unfair.

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Reimu has Mima.

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Reimu is a moneyslut and hence deserves none.

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Reimu has PITS

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Doesnt matter, Reimu is sexy.

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You idiot, there's already a god at Hakurei shrine

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It's not unfair if Reimu is a TERRIBLE shrine maiden. Which she is.

Yama agreed.
Don't bother her about it.

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Reimu don't need no stinkin' gods.

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Sanae is a bigger slut though

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mima is an evil spirit

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I dunno, she seems to be pretty good at her job.

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Play the fucking games, fucking idiot.

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Yeah, but how about asskickings delivered to gods, hrm?

Reimu: 2


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It all depends on which job you're talking about. As a youkai exterminator she's the best there is, due to hax. As a shrine maiden? She's terrible. This is one reason why no one comes to the shrine except youkai.

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wut is a shrine maiden's duties that Remiu is failing at?

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collecting faith.

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from... the faith tree?

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Nah bro, Mima is actually the Goddess of Gensokyo, she says so herself in Mystic Square. This is a lie.

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Mima, Suika, Orin, and Yukari's gaps.
They are goddesses.

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Come to think of it, Reimu would pretty much look like the OP pic by the events of UFO.

Our dear little shrine maiden is growing up. ;_;

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All of them vile demon/youkai.

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>Only Youkai come to her shrine because she's so good at exterminating Youkai
I never really picked up on this logic...

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She's just 20 something

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because the humans are creeped out by her

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Its just that noone (except for the youkai perhaps) really know what a delicious miko she is.

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Being sexy.

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But she is very good at that.

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Orin is my goddess.

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>20 something

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If you knew some person who had the 'Anti-Anonymous Painful Death 9000' gun, would you try to be on friendly terms, or be hostile?

I would try to bring that person something nice or try to be friendly and harmless just so he would not shoot me.

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For Reimu and the youkai the Hakurei Shrine is like neutral ground. So they'll hang out around the shrine and Reimu won't go out of her way to exterminate them as long as they behave. Don't start trouble, won't be trouble basically.

However, she will exterminate any youkai she comes across when traveling to and from the shrine.

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>Secondary touhoufan

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Okay, I chuckled, but still; you run the risk of annoying the guy with the 'Anti-Anonymous Painful Death 9000' gun to the point of having him use it on you anyways if you constantly hang around him.

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She already was in SA

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Sup /tg/.

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Reimu can kick.

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I doubt she'd really want a god there, anyway. More work to do when she could be sitting on the porch drinking tea.

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Reimu thinks that she has a shrine god (and she should know best), but never tells us his/her name. (MoF, I think).

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ITT: Nobody played MoF

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Seriously, what are you people going by?

iirc, Japan agrees on JUU NANA SAI

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>Sanae has two active gods at her shrine. Remiu has ZERO

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So can Alice.

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Trust me. I wish I could.

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...Uh, sure. I can do that.

Also, picture for you.

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be of good cheer

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Reimu is a goddess.

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Reimu has Sanae

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>Sanae has two gods
>Remiu has ZERO

First thing that came to my mind.

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Can't have good cheer eh?

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Reimu has armpits, that is enough.

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Remilia and the drunk oni visit the Hakurei shrine often, those two are goddesses. No one goes to that other shrine.

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If Reimu really was that good looking, my Touhou folder wouldn't be called "Shit"

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I believe Orin's true purpose is to judge how close to Touhou Zen you are. The closer you are to Zen, the more you can be of good cheer. Needless to say, the opposite also holds.

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I'd visit Reimu's shrine, if you know what I mean.

S..s..stupid Reimu, it's not like I came here to see you or anything!

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Reimu has Yukarin for that kind of stuff, so it's OK.

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That was pretty bad

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I'd probably visit too, but mostly because that way I get to chat with Marisa without getting irremediably lost in the Forest of Magic.

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what happens to shrine maidens if they lose their virginity anyway?

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They become Shrine women, used goods, etc.

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They lose their powers, as the divine nanomachines get messed up.

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Reimu looks more like "do not want".

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Easily more then that, there are several gods in Gensokyo, it's just some of them aren't particularly important. There are what, 4 in Mountain of Faith?

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Can't imagine that working for Reimu's shrine. Afterall she's part of a line of Shrine Maiden, a somewhat essential line. Hard to imagine they would lose their power to make sure the next in line is born.

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so, whose pits do you prefer?

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Why is Marisa's name written in Kanji?

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Reimu wins in this category too.

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see >>2228515

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Because she isn't a filthy foreigner.

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Only counts as one character ;_;

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Hakurei maidens are born from their Hakurei orbs once they are properly inseminated. Like eggs, maybe?

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I couldn't rememeber if Hina was a god or a Youkai.

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Whose t(p)its do you prefer?

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Can I write my name in Kanji?

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P1. I'd take both, though.

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Player 2's.

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Why was this deleted?

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Seems like the fan community has decided Sanae is considerably bustier then Reimu, how much you prefer that sort of thing is down to the individual.

Personally I prefer Reimu because she has more personality, even if it's often shown as a negative one. Hell, Reimu is being a complete bitch in UFO so far. Sanae seems like she's learning to be a bitch because her gods told her to.

Isn't it sad, Gensokyo? ;_;

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I play Marisa B beacuse she is least mean to Kogasa.

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Sanae having the bigger bust is fine. If she's depicted with Reimu she's usually the passive one, which is better imo.

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Reimu is the bold one most of the time, except with Yukarin and sometimes Marisa, though I prefer passive Marisa/dominant Reimu.

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Sanae has been pretty passive in the game so far. She follows orders well and is polite about it, even when threatening Reimu. She's basically nice Reimu with two gods constantly bothering her.

I imagine any god that personally tries to bug Reimu gets put in their place. Unless they word their problem as though its a incident, then maybe she'll get off her ass so not to look lazy. Either way, Reimu has always been rather aggressive in her problem solving, even if she does act laid back. About time we got some double miko action.

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That's my preference too, it's hard to imagine Reimu in a submissive role aside from maybe being overpowered by someone like Yukari.

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Here ya go

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Hehe yeah, i feel really sorry for poor Kogasa. She seems to be pretty depressive.

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Reimu is tsundere at heart.

I bet if someone told her that she was beautiful and stroked her hair she'd change immediately.

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Of course, no means yes.

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Probably because Red Reimu is showing a bit of nipple.

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Reimu is a horrible monster who only exists to destroy.

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Are there any more of these? I like the drawings.

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Great, great.

Now I can't beat the fucking crow.

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Needs more Reiblu

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Politely asking for source.

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Player 2, fapfapfap.

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[Youmusya] Kami-sama to Issho! Happy every day!.cbr

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Ah, so this got translated! Sweet.

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Can someone reupload? The mediafire links on /rs/ seem to be dead.

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I reuploaded it on MF


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I think my heart just exploded.

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Woah, you bumped the thread just to deliver? Thanks a lot!

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I had the thread in FF when i went to sleep, woke up and saw nobody had posted the translated one yet so why not.
Sanae is such a popular girl~