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at least thats what I thought till I realized he ran on orphans slowly being melted to death

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you raise an interesting point.

But it really tarnishes my view of Gilgamesh to know he'd let himself exist that way.

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He's an egotistical fuck, does it really surprise you that he doesn't give a shit about women and children?

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Those orphans should have considered it an honor to be dissolved and fed on by the King of Heroes. Fucking mongrel ingrates.

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dude, the guy was showered with ALLTHE EVILS IN THE WORLD, and, lthough a bit distorted, still kept his sanity and self. I doubt he really cares about a few orphans, seeing how he views everything in the world as his own.

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he's also one of the greatest heroes in history, Supposedly of the good alignment, and he's supposed to pity women and children as that is what he says himself.

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Pity they didn't taste better.

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Why should he care, those orphans were his anyways and he had any right to treat them as he wanted.

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The grail juice fucked up his moral system.

And without enkidu around nothing was there to stop him from becoming a dick.

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The real reason for Gil being so evil is because of the Grail. When Saber was covered in it she lost all sense of freedom and self.

When this happened to Gil, his good personality traits became exceedingly twisted, which explains his personality of "owning the world."

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Put it this way. The holy grain summon heroes from all periods of time. So this Gilgamesh is summon from the time when he is still a youth, before he even met Enkidu and embark on a quest for immortality and full godhood. This Gilgamesh is a very uncaring and greedy person, very much unlike later in his life where he decided to become a just ruler and become immortal through deeds.

This is the same case of Saber summoned at the point where she just slain her daughter (son?) Mordred and was gravely injured herself. Or Shirou in his grimdark alternate future where he turned evil and destructive.

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No it didn't.
Stop with this denial, Gilg was the same before and after being showerd by the Grail's shit.
The only difference was that he could stay in the world for as much as he wanted and Kotomine didn't really mind him fucking around.

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Doesn't work that way. When a hero dies, they are added to the Throne, and summoned from there to any time when they are needed.

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>Powered by children
Must keep mind from wandering elsewhere.

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Considering the multiverse and the infinite possibilities, the holy grail contains pretty much all the humanity.

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Gilgamesh is actually from Nightmare of Druaga, not some legendary city 6000-10000 years ago.

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Nasu doesn't know a fuck about Sumerian mythologies. End of story.

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woops, I meant the Throne of Heroes

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>complete bullshit

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gilgamesh is just a dick because even though he owns all the pussy in existence. For some reason unknown to him he can never get any outside of yandere goddesses he wouldn't hit with EA.

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He has pretty much the usual legend as his backstory.
He just became slightly disgusted with modern humanity and a little eccentric after being showered by all evils in the world.

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The status screen of this guy ranked him "Chaotic Good"

Must be something wrong with that.

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rider got the same alignment and her trademark is bloodfort and eyekilling people.

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His own idea of good for the world is wiping out the cancerous weaklings.
So what?

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alignment is NOT subjective.

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It can be twisted surprisingly well.
Plus, it may refer to their lives and experiences till the point they were summoned, rather then current actions.

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It's not funny anymore, jesus christ.

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It was never funny.

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because you're going to sakura-con

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Saber is lawful good and she's got a sword that can kill 1000 people at a time.

your point is invalid.

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Kind of.

It's not like we're using the whole thing.

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He is the gilgamesh AFTER going on the jurney for immortality. Remember the in-joke? "Immortality? I gave that to the snake".

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The issue with alignment is it doesn't scale. What's horrible for a human being to do might not be particularly bad for a god to do, and Gilgamesh is 3/4 deity.

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