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It was cleaned up and updated.
The doll guide: https://pastebin.com/xSPsMNFw
Consolidated into a bin

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Nothing like having a good smoke with your onahole after doing the deed.

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any recommendations on a tenga flip zero alternative?

I don't like the 'sock' type cause it's a bitch to clean. I know the flip zero isn't the best, but the ease of cleaning is. Want to get a new one cause my current one is starting to break down, but it cost more now than when I brought it a year ago.

So looking to see if there is a cheaper alternative.

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>fats/oils aren't necessary bad
Not when my diet consists mainly of fried food. If Reese Monkey had my diet, it would die in 2 weeks. Also, if you ever seen that gif of the fat woman gagging when she smells a Brussel sprout, that's basically me around vegetables foods.
I've got a really poor diet and don't exercise. The real issue is no motivation either so I can't just go to /fit/ and get some pointers or stick to a program.

>If you get any negative symptoms, just reduce the dosage next time.
How would I know if I have negative symptoms? I tend live by of 'Oh I have a flat tire? Guess I'll learn how to drive with that.' Also due to the fact I get regular blood work, what should I tell my doctors if they notice the elevated levels?

>I was using is because the carrier for absorption changes how much of the substance can actually be consumed and used by the body. For example, zinc oxide is not as good as zinc picolinate or zinc orotate. So, I specify out of habit and preference.
The what?

>Fix your diet and sleep first,
>I'll touch on that in another, more concise post
I'll take that, as I said my diet is awful and my sleep pattern is, extremely random

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Any Anon from the board have some experience with this overengineered designer type stuff?

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How long until I can get the ultimate handjob from an AI sexbot?

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What are the chances I'll get vanned if I order the Puni Ana SPDX without any packaging to Canada?

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doll mfgs
good mid teir dolls, priced 1-3k or so($-low price,
higher end prices; all relative to size)
wmdollshop.com (1-3k)
dh168 www.dollhouse168.biz/index.php (1-2k)
http://www.hgdoll.net/ (also sells other mfg including catdoll, approved vendor 1-2k)
https://catdoll.club/ (800-1.5k)
piperdoll.com (1-2k)
d4e www.doll-forever.com/en/ (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k)
https://www.j-suntech.net/ (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
http://www.dollter.com/ (500-1.5k)
https://www.hidollshop.com/ (clones, 1-2k)

dsdoll dsdoll.us or exdoll.com (sister sites, all models available from both, also dsdolleurope.com) (2-4.5k)
sanhuidolls.com (2-4.5k)
gynoid? www.thecityofsexy.com (4-6k)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800)
4woods AI Doll: https://aidoll.4woods.jp/ (4k and up)
Another high-end silicone doll company. About as expensive as OI, but it has offered more variety of body types.

3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site)

CatDoll is highly recommended. They ship from the USA too. Anons say their pussy design is the best too.
The other vendor recommended is HGdoll, but I think those have to be imported. The nice thing about them is their selection.

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Put into a paste bin in the OP because that's extremely cluttered.

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Tell that to the guy that has the pastebin. It's pasta from /b/

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I don't see any problems.

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Probably fucked up formatting from this shit site and it's tiny ass reply box.


wmdollshop.com (1-3k)
dh168 www.dollhouse168.biz/index.php (1-2k)
http://www.hgdoll.net/ (also sells other mfg including catdoll, approved vendor 1-2k)
https://catdoll.club/ (800-1.5k)
piperdoll.com (1-2k)
d4e www.doll-forever.com/en/ (1.5-2.5k)
jydoll (can be seen on hgdoll 1-2k)
https://www.j-suntech.net/ (500-2k, reseller for silicone at markup)
http://www.dollter.com/ (500-1.5k)
https://www.hidollshop.com/ (clones, 1-2k)

dsdoll dsdoll.us or exdoll.com (sister sites, all models available from both, also dsdolleurope.com) (2-4.5k)
sanhuidolls.com (2-4.5k)
gynoid? www.thecityofsexy.com (4-6k)
aikodoll(US based, 60/80cm) (500-800)
4woods AI Doll: https://aidoll.4woods.jp/ (4k and up)
Another high-end silicone doll company. About as expensive as OI, but it has offered more variety of body types.

3rd parties(can be cheaper or more expensive, check with the mfg site)

CatDoll is highly recommended. They ship from the USA too. Anons say their pussy design is the best too.
The other vendor recommended is HGdoll, but I think those have to be imported. The nice thing about them is their selection.

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I cant fit into most of toys I bought. My girth is only 5.3in for fucks sake.
and the rest is okay but just okay reading you guys having god ascend orgasms made my expectation unreal

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You are using lub, right?

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The fuck? I'm about 5.5 and I don't have any problems, even with loli holes.
Are you trying to do it hands free?

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god i wish i had the funds to get one myself

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sorry. I used wrong term, whem I meant not fit I meant that its tight as hell and it jumps of my dick, need to hold it tight so it doesnt jump off

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Have you tried squeezing any air out? I always have a chokehold on the hole before inserting my cock, it helps a bit since you insert your cock into the "vacuum" created by pushing air out

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Not sure what vanned means but I think ordering this item without the packaging material will not put you in trouble, but I'm not responsible if you do get in trouble.

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An onahole or a doll? Onas aren't that expensive...

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After looking up the hole to see if it was that one I'm a bit doubtful, it looks a bit like a fucking baby if you think about it.

I'm not sure, but the Yawaraka Sozai masturbators are A-OK to import and then you can tell me how they feel :^) jk

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Dolls contain high amounts of intensely bad autism just stick with onaholes.

They're both cringe but one is a whole lot less cringe than the other.

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Wew, the Chichifueta Rockets are something else. They're not easy to use, but holy fuck if it isn't a special sort of satisfying to have your dick disappear between a pair of massive tits. A lot of it is definitely a mental sort of pleasure, but the pressure is really nice too given that you'll be completely smothered unless you're bigger than 8 inches. You just gotta find the right angle for your dick, but it's totally possible to comfortably pump into 'em once they're lubed up properly. They're also heavy as fuck, but that adds to the satisfaction too. On top of paizuri, they're also just really nice to fondle and bury your face between. I'm extremely tempted to outright use them as a pillow from here on out.

Now does oppai need to be powdered up after use or is it fine to leave 'em bare? I'm mainly wondering because it means I'd be grinding my dick through corn starch later on, and that doesn't sound right.

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I really fucked up my penis sensitivity by prone faping, as a kid I would prone on everything once even an stone floor and now in adulthood I added DGS so its baaaad. I can feel texture with fingers really well but dick doesnt at all.

I will need to stick to soft frenulum faps and onaholes for years to fix that shit wont I?

so I put lube after squeezing or just straight on penis? I did it reversed and when squeezing lube would logically pour out

>> No.22265514

My process is putting in some lube, getting it deeper in there with my finger, you can also squeeze before lubing to help getting it in deep. After that I use the fingers with lube to get some on my cock and then squeeze the hole and jam it in. It sounds autistic and complicated when I type it out like this but trust me it's not, just sounds like you used too much lube desu.

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If you want to fix your dick, don't masturbate. Go for 2 weeks and then fap with an onahole. if you're still desensitized to a point where you can't feel anything then do another 2 weeks.

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Is AirDrying necessary?
do I just leave it on table or even on the sun by window or can I just leave the bag open with ona in it?

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>Not sure what vanned means

>so I put lube after squeezing or just straight on penis?
How autistic are you? Put the lube in the ona, you know (which you don't), like how a real vagina is wet.

Use a fucking rag.

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So this is my zxy after a cleaning.
A couple threads ago some tard tried to claim that all this is my sperm, it isn't.

To be clear, this has happened to all my holes and yes, I do wash my hands...

It's like my oils or mild sweating from each session peel the material and it comes off as little black balls of surface silicone.

Anybody know what's really going on? This shit is the only thing keeping me back from buying the expensive stuff.

Also it clogs the fuck out of my drains.

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>chaffing or scar on head
>pimple on shaft

can the skin allergy from ona/lube pop up almost immediately (or day) after use or can it be the soft teeth on blowjob onahole that do this?

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i haven't used my onahole in a while and instead have opted to use my hand to fap and cum directly into my bedroom trash bin

thank you for reading

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Who makes that? Is it super soft?

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Alright, the sperg here from previous threads.
I decided to order a doll from SEXYE, due to their quality and prices. Although I can see that there are two shops on Aliexpress that sells the same dolls, with different names, and slightly different specifications. Anyone has any experience about these? I guess I can always do a charge back on my bank account, but still, are they honest or it's a scam?

>> No.22265848

Most of those “boutique” websites are usually mark up the prices of their dolls.

I suggest doing the Aliexpress option

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Is it normal for packages to show "shipped" on otonajp and not show up on tracking? I payed cor ems express and it has said "shipped" all day but nothing on the tracking code they gave me. When should I get worried and contact them?

>> No.22265883

>Is it normal for packages to show "shipped" on otonajp and not show up on tracking?
>When should I get worried and contact them?
Don't bother, they won't reply.

>> No.22265885

>I suggest doing the Aliexpress option
I'm talking about aliexpress the whole time. There's two sellers that sells the same dolls there. The seller I got in contact said it's the same dolls from the same factory. I guess it doesn't really matter, since I should be able to get back my money, but does that work in real life? I don't expect to be completely scammed out of my money but I'd like to know if anyone has any experience in this. The seller I asked was very helpful so far and seems to be legit, I'd like to add.

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Use soap. It's ok once in a while.

>> No.22265905

Do you powder your holes?

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fucked up seventeen anon here
I see same indents on motsu promo vid so maybe its factory thing but that yellow dirt inside material at entrance still scares me, tried to scrub this thing a lot today but I Think I would have to remove inner layer to get to it

>> No.22266314

what the fug, all my onaholes look like new

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This thing is amazing. I can't wait to dress it up. Might be able to stop using porn.

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you bought face too?

>> No.22266640

No, still looking.

>> No.22266646

I'm not sure about these things. You must have a good imagination.

>> No.22266941

Or just take it from behind.

>> No.22267006

Not sure what you mean and what the yellow substance is.

Yeah anon, I don't think this is a summit hole. I don't watch porn regardless. I'm going to jerk off to my own ecchi once I can draw well.

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dont listen to the ali shill, anything on aliexpress is basically just some rando selling a doll. sometimes they are the same doll, sometimes they just steal pics and claim thats the doll they are selling.

if you cheap out and buy one through ali, you can deal with the risk. Dont want the risk? actually look at the linked vendors near the top then.

>> No.22267130

It's like a soggy marshmallow

>> No.22267138

I use soap after every encounter. Did I not mention that?

>> No.22267149

I dont powder them, but I haven't really noticed anyone else doing it either.

The soft skin feel from when they are new seems to fall away after the first 2 exercises so while cleaning is important I cant imagine reapplying talc all over every other day.

Remember that this issue is what I'm reluctant to have a doll for :(

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change to alkaline diet, you are walking acid.

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I have some worries with my 17 onahole. indendaations inside the inner layer and some yellow dirt on it too

>> No.22267237

>The soft skin feel from when they are new
Isn't that powder spray supposed to maintain this

>> No.22267288

Got a message from Daimaoh saying shipping may take longer due to the typhoon, shit

>> No.22267622

I suggest you just replace it. Yellow substances or any unknown substances in your ona with some common sense usually means no good.

>> No.22267637

But what if it's the "official seller" on ali?

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yeah I guess I will bin that one. only tried it with condom but I quickly backed out of that idea after first thrust. shame its new like that

do you think these mini black dots are just as dangerous? I really dont want to throw out tomax out because it feels really good

>> No.22267704

I'm just unsure, black spots could just be lint if it's just a few. The picture isn't clear so it's hard to assess but if it's the same ona why bother to ask? You need to bin it anyway it sucks but I think it is the right decision.

>> No.22268050

>not powdering your holes
Do people actually not read the guide? How the fuck do you people even afford onaholes?

If you're not powdering your holes they're going to be sticky as fuck the majority of the time, which means picking up everything from dust in the air to lint off your bathroom towel. Rinse/wash hole -> pat dry with paper towels/dry inside -> powder and store. That's what keeps your hole feeling silky and new.

>> No.22268080

You lose that feeling and they become sticky again moment you clean it though.

>> No.22268120

Any one have a quickshot launch and know if it works with onas? https://www.fleshlight.ca/products/quickshot-launch
I saw a vid but I'm not sure if it would work.

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File: 2.76 MB, 1280x720, 1571343353187.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

no fucking shit, you just washed off the powder while cleaning, so powder it again dingus.

>but waaa i dont wanna powder cause corsturch is expensive
i regularly powder a two full dolls and have yet to go through a single container, it aint expensive. powder or stfu about lint dingleberries and crud sticking to the outside

>> No.22268146

>Do people actually not read the guide?
I actually read the guide and bought a bunch of shit based on the information in there

>> No.22268169

Anyone else powder daily but still have the problem of the outer material being eaten away? It usually occurs under the hole where my fingers are gripping it, so I'm guessing sweaty hands? Primarily a TOMAX problem. Doesn't really bother me since it doesn't affect performance but it'd be nice to avoid it if I can.

>> No.22268178

>I haven't really noticed anyone else doing it either
You have: holes that are regularly powdered don't get covered in shit. Every time someone posts an image of a hole that is not covered in shit, it is either brand new or they recently powdered it.

>> No.22268204

I pat the powder and then smooth it with hands, seems quicker but even with powder there are some small lints. nothing can be perfect

>> No.22268277

I had the exact same thing happen to 2 of my Tomax holes while the third lasted for 5 years until I finally poked a small hole through the back. I figured it was either shit QC or my DG had become so bad that I was strangling the fuck out the hole.

>> No.22268399

>Anyone else powder daily but still have the problem of the outer material being eaten away?
I never powder mine, and don't have that issue with any of them. Also don't have any Tomax stuff.

>You have: holes that are regularly powdered don't get covered in shit.
Mine are all clean. Just put them in a drawer after you wash them.

>> No.22268407

You actually powder it after every pump session?
That seems pretty excessive my guy.

Also it isn't lint. It's the actual silicone getting peeled away somehow.

Imagine, powdering down an entire 4'7" female every time you releave yourself. This is why I'm so resistant to the idea of owning a doll.

Also, I'm not asking for shit talking, I'm asking for solutions. I think that's a fair thing to ask

>> No.22268544

How realistic is onahole + vr? I really want to feel like I'm fucking a qt anime girl

>> No.22268581

Dolls are fucking autistic man.
You get me at least.

Like let's be real you're only penetrating the hole anyway, just put up a nice picture of some nice anime lady that sexually arousing and just take a small amount of (psychedelic) drugs to get that immersion.

Simply adding a body to the onahole (because that's essentially what a doll is anyway, a rubber body "attached" to an onahole) won't give you as much immersion as a cheap research chemical can give you. You should be cautious though about research chemicals and research the shit out of them for safety purposes.

Aye man, I'm trying some legal psychedelic that doesn't involve thought loops, if immersion and euphoria is your goal I think my approach is a little better.
I'll report back my results today.

However, I'll be masturbating to my own imagination however, on long term I plan to get better at drawing so I can draw the Ecchi I want to jerk off too.

I feel great, but a little naeseus but I expected that. :^() :^() :^() :^() :^() :^() :^()

>> No.22268601

Any suggestions for a good hip? Preferably something with some heft that I can set down and go to town on?

>> No.22268611

>use hole
>rinse out fluids and exterior
>hole is now bare of powder, and immediately becomes sticky once dry
>powder again so it doesn't start picking up lint and so on

I wouldn't know anything about dolls but the other anon at least mentions powdering regularly. There's really no reason not to always keep your onas properly powdered up, the same way they should always be rinsed and dried. If the exterior is getting damaged, then a constant coating might help if you're not regularly putting one on. The only reason I can think of the material peeling away is because it's getting regularly dirty if your hands are totally clean. Maybe it's related to storage?

>> No.22268614

Shequ Maki Pussy if you want a 'hard' Puni Ana DX, or the Soft Puni Ana DX (closest feeling to legit pussy).
I have the regular also, and a Maccos hip, and I hardly ever use them.

>> No.22268709

Yeah, I was looking forward to satiating my touch starved heart. But the more I learn about all this stuff the more jaded I become.

Those robots from last thread look great, now all I need is some low maintenance skin and I'll gladly have one less kidney for life. Sigh.

After washing and drying I put them in an unsealed box near my fap station. It is compartmentalized and cardboard.

I just don't get how some anons never have to powder their onas and desu the powder frequency being daily like most you guys are saying is something I didn't think to be as prevalent.

Why cant I just get a quality, worry-free fap and go to sleep :(
Brb I need tendies

>> No.22268726

>I just don't get how some anons never have to powder their onas
I've found that heat has more to do with the stickyness than anything else.

>and desu the powder frequency being daily like most you guys are saying is something I didn't think to be as prevalent.
It's not, it's just one or two guys that are saying to do that. That shit is retarded, especially if you heat up your ona in hot water.
The only reason I can see powdering an ona is if you live in a humid climate third world country with dirt roads.

>> No.22268746

Will an onahole satisfy that feeling to want to fuck an anime girl?

>> No.22268876
File: 399 KB, 680x675, 1570540085733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TOMAX soft or very soft? I can't decide ahhhhhhhh

>> No.22268903

From what I heard rich soft is very soft stimulation, you'll be needing to take like an hour with it

>> No.22269011

How messy is it to use a closed top onahole under blanket?
Will lube seep out the bottom? Or does it all stay in well? Worried about lube on sheets and the blanket on top

>> No.22269245

You know I've used a good amount of different onaholes, but I'd rank the order of plain lo mein from my local chinese restaurant among the top experiences.

>> No.22269420
File: 102 KB, 480x640, 0E6C35E7-0200-48FC-A94E-3C8BD1FBB923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>order a 4woods doll four years ago
>ashamed when it arrives, put it in storage for four years
>remove it from storage last month
>get literally the best sleep i've had in years just sleeping next to it/hugging it
>dont even use it as an onahole

its just nice

>> No.22269579

soft is already soft if you're unfamiliar with soft holes
only go very soft if you're certain that you like soft and would like to try softer

>> No.22269668

I'm thinking about getting a lolinco, I have 15cm to work with, should i go with the big virgo one?

>> No.22269750

Literally why I bought a body pillow.
If they offered dolls without sexual orifices, I'd probably buy one.

>> No.22270088

Why not just get a fabric doll?
Not exactly hard to maintain if you aren't fucking it.

>> No.22270163

if you don't powder them befpre storage you'll get those little black dirt balls that form on unpowdered TPE.

Also powder is kinda necessary if you intend to dry grope them titties, groping sticky titties isn't nearly as fun.

Powder for storage and dry groping/dressing them up (I-cup tits + meiki plush=fun for example) and wash off the cornstarch if you plan to stick your dick in them or do anything with them involving lube.

>> No.22270456

small p here ~4 inch what are best holes for me?

>> No.22270491

silicone has better feel under clothes. human skin is a semi soft outer layer covering generally rigid muscles most places, so with the weight and the contact feel it has a lot more realism than fabric, which makes falling asleep easier

>> No.22270523

Had my doll for about a month.

Absolutely not worth it, imo. fugged it maybe 3 times but for the most part it has stayed in my closet.

Heavy, pain to clean unless you use condoms, pain in the ass to pose/move around. And the guilt & shame never really go away.

For any anons who are actually getting dates and maybe even getting laid - you're better off staying away from dolls.

>> No.22270738

I am a no lube hand man, just got my first onahole and lube. Will it actually be a better masturbation experience?

>> No.22270820
File: 1.56 MB, 1966x3931, IMG_20180425_200154__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They make plush dolls with faces ya know and they are better for cuddles than the Meiki plushes and only cost about 2x as much if you get them on sale, even with forwarding costs.

>> No.22270835
File: 3.02 MB, 3459x2772, how to insert ona in plush2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since I forgot to mention who makes the plush I posted, its a Dekunoboo G2 and I paid about $450 usd for her and had JSS (jpshopping.jp) order and reship her for me via their 'onlineshop' service.

Also protip for anyone using their plush with an onahole, a sock and old pringles container make onahole insertion way easier and helps keep the plush clean of stray lube.
An old pringles can with the bottom removed and cut in half vertically makes it super easy to shove even big onas into the opening of more or less any plush.

>> No.22270839

I don't know what the fuck you guys are doing when washing your holes if powder comes off first wash, i can usually go like 5 washes before my holes become sticky

>> No.22270844

>Like let's be real you're only penetrating the hole anyway
Lol no you're not. Like what kind of a weird-ass position are you imagining where you aren't interacting with the doll? You're probably the autistic one.

>> No.22270859
File: 1.72 MB, 2205x4219, IMG_20180425_005101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plush dolls are best for sleep cuddles due to their light weight IMO, my plush only weighs like 3kg and she can still cause mild circulation issues if I pass out with her on top of an arm or something.

Also once clothed, a plush doll feels pretty damn good, not as good as silicone, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be willing to pay 10x as much money for a silicone doll just for slightly better feels while cuddling.

Now if they start making self heating silicone dolls that don't melt that also happen to be of similar detail level as Gynoid's dolls I'll start considering them as a possibility.
Though honestly by the time they get that tech to the point where it doesn't catch fire on its own, we will probably have actual sex droids walking around

>> No.22270928


Autists of /ona/ especially >>22270844 seriously dude hahahahahahahahahhhahaaa

Regarding the dolls I'm baffled you guys surprise me everytime with something that's even more autistic.

An onahole or, alright a hip for the people that prefer a more realistic position but I'm definitely crossing the line there.
Like, rubber pussies is understandable because in 2019 your average male can't get a girlfriend without getting financially cucked and or emotionally invested in a roastie, however a full rubber girlfriend... that's not it... that's not it....

Rubber girlfriend, what's the point? It's $2000 and you're investing your emotions in literal rubber, why not get a real fucking femoid? If you're that far down the nagging probably won't even bother you.

Like, I'm not trying to be mean, but this is how I feel deep down.

Alright I have to admit these are plush girlfriends, but just the disappointment 450 USD...

Well, as long as you're truly happy I guess it doesn't matter, but I highly doubt a rubber doll gives life fulfillment.

Again, not trying to be mean.

>> No.22270930

Possibly just normal wear and tear from applying stress on your hole, but I don't think I've ever seen it that bad.

>> No.22270987

Yeah Anon, if you're going down the doll road I think you're completely missing the point of simple sexual satisfaction. That's why I want to buy an ona. It's not worth it to get rejected one fucking thousand times and then get an unloyal whore whose clothes and bags I have to pay for and shit to keep her with me.

Going with a doll, you're going too deep in the rabbit hole, you're trying to find a substitute for an idealized relationship. The relationship you're searching for also is extremely hard to find as contemporary women are so high up in their own ass and they'll leave you for Chad in a second.

My philosophy is just to be get my sexual apetite fulfilled so I don't go batshit crazy. You're programmed as a male to have sex; now the hand doesn't really do a good enough job to get truly satisfied, you'll have to go a little further. That's why I want to buy an ona. If sex and masturbation wasn't such a taboo I think a lot of males would realize how deeply important sex is from an evolutional point of view. You're programmed to survive and thus programmed to have intercourse and grow your species; that's why sex drive is so strong with males at least. With women it's a different story; males are like a seed machine gun but women have to be picky because they'll basically become decapitated (whatever, I'm tired, maybe I got it right I'm ESL ) for 9 months so it is crucial for them the seed is of good genetics.

Sex drive in males is really powerful and in my opinion often overlooked. I hypothesize that not smashing can lead to depression and mental health problems. Just try and trick your brain into thinking you've smashed a sexually arousing anime girl.

>> No.22271041

How do I last longer? I last like 7 minutes with the tenga Egg, I want to last 12 with my Blue Frame Uminari when I finally buy it.

>> No.22271049


Press F for all the onas we lost.

>> No.22271071

>should i go with the big virgo one
I've got both, and I recommend the virgo. The extra material makes it feel a lot better, you can really feel the details inside.

>> No.22271075

Literally anything.

>> No.22271076

Try it out and see for yourself.

>> No.22271080

I guess in your mind people who own daikis for cuddles must be investing their emotions in a pillow as well.

Some of us just like having something to cuddle, the side effect of that thing not being a thieving skank is a bonus.

Also western society has devolved to the point that most women are brainwashed from childhood to assume all men are horrible rapists and that it is perfectly fine to abuse men due to muh patriarchy.

I probably wouldn't be so jaded on this if the last 3 women I've dated didn't turn out to be batshit insane.
last one ended up fucking my best friend, poked holes in a condom for xmas cause she wanted kids like 6 months into dating him and he had to take her to court over effectively raping him to have a baby since he didn't want kids with her.

This isn't to say I have no hope to find a somewhat sane woman, but I'm also not going to delude myself into thinking I'll just come across a decent GF candidate tomorrow as they are quite rare, especially in my age range (I wanna have kids and have fun raising them, so dating a 40+ year old sane woman is out of the question).

So instead of having a boring cuddle pillow and regular onas, I now have a plush doll that is way nicer to cuddle in bed than any daiki that can also take just about any onahole I have and it only cost about double what a quality daiki and some onaholes would cost on their own.

Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

>> No.22271098

Oh, my bad you're actually sane.

No, my bad. But I wouldn't emotionally invest in a plush doll, a daki is something else because you're emotionally invested in the non-existing anime girl, which is still autistic but it sounds a lot more sane than being invested in a literal rubber woman.

If I were you I would regard the plush doll as identityless and put up some picture of an anime girl and imagine having intercourse with her.

No, but you seem to be knowing what's going on. I personally would stick to onas.

>> No.22271120
File: 133 KB, 640x480, 16795300-CF48-4193-9387-35280FD1A42B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not any of you in this chain but I like my doll because its probably the best body pillow money can buy and I can do dumb stuff like this

i dont stick my dick in it, i dont get attached to it, and im calling it 'it', not she, because its an object. that doesnt mean i can't get a great night's sleep hugging it at night

>> No.22271126

I don't agree with your taste but you're sane as well don't worry.

>> No.22271176

lol, what does it say?

>> No.22271303

Pleasure of being typhooned inside.

>> No.22271327


>> No.22271417

>buy expensive doll
>dresses it up in flannel
Treat her nice man buy some sexy lingerie for her.

>> No.22271478

>shitty pseudo philosophical bait
>reddit spacing
Ok so this is what we deserve for posting dolls too many times here. Maybe we should have a separate thread for real.

>> No.22271515

>smoke blunt
>pass blunt back to you
Word mah nigga

>> No.22271539

You ain't lying.
All these over opinionated fags coming out and assuming I will put a ring on an inanimate object when that was never part of the discussion, can go get cucked... again

>> No.22271666
File: 174 KB, 482x577, kind of guy that gets depressed after ejaculating.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>want to buy more onaholes
>"why would I spend more money on plastic pussies, good that I didn't order anything"
>the cycle repeats

>> No.22271755

yeah just as dont shop when you are hungry

>> No.22271771

How anal are DHL when it comes to declaring goods and undervaluing? Got an order of 5 onaholes plus lotions to ship to UK

>> No.22271780

Drug user or autist?

>> No.22271974

All of them. just look at anything who's tunnel design tickles your fancy, and buy it, but don't do it while horny because you might regret it. If you fap and you still feel like you want it, then go for it!

>> No.22272117

Unless you're like me and eternally horny. Even with the post fap clarity I ended up ordering several

>> No.22272323

Is there a smaller hole that feels as good as Sujiman Kupa Cocolo?

I love the hip, but it's a pain to clean and dry sometimes.

>> No.22272344

I like g-project material. whats the best onahole they make? something on softer but not marshmallow side

>> No.22273222

stains the silicone

>> No.22273682

seriously considering getting these. Ive been happy with the I cups for a while but this just looks really good

>> No.22274190

Mouth of Truth normal or perorin?
I know magic eyes quality is shit overall but which one is more sturdy?

>> No.22274661

I've done it, I ordered the lolinco
time to nofap until wednesday, let's see if this is as good as people say.

I just hope it lasts a while, I heard a bunch of bad things about magic eyes qc, any reassurance anons?

>> No.22274682

I've got it and the virgo. It's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. I'm pretty brutal with the lolinco and it only has minimal tearing and seperation at the entrance.

>> No.22274750

is the virgo's durability better?

>> No.22274838

Haven't had it as long, but it's a good bit larger, and feels tighter due to the extra material. Not hard, just tighter.
Haven't been as rough with it either, so I don't know if it will be more prone to tearing/seperation, but it's the same material.

>> No.22274850

thank you anon, my mind is a bit calmer now.

>> No.22274933
File: 87 KB, 540x540, 1556559897115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sex is messy.

>> No.22274961

Don't smoke weed, just decarb and consume orally, 4x as strong and lasts longer.

Both, I have a little experience with 1P-LSD, yesterday I allergy tested 2C-E and I consume weed orally on a frequent basis. Psychedelics work really therapeutically for me. I reach like "outside" conclusions. It's sad the autism and the stress that comes with it does come back after the drug has worked out.

But I notice a decently strong rising trend in my mental wellbeing.

Sadly with my "mild" 2C-E trip I had to troubleshoot my computer. That fucking sucked and there's still no support person to fix the issues their software caused on my PC.

>> No.22274974

Install linux.

>> No.22274996

Yeah, but variation is nice though I think, but I'm not super experienced with onas.

Not bait, take a tabload of LSD (not literally, 200 micrograms should be a lot more than sufficient) and your life will be transformed for the better. These insights aren't fake but you'll have to try it out for yourself to reach this conclusion.

I know sadly that's not an option; I'm buying a new PC though with 64GB of RAM so maybe I can resolve my issue with using VMs. But I *have* to use windows sadly.

Look, if you're not treating your doll like an actual living person you're fine, but some of these autists really treat their rubber girlfriend as if it's a real one, at least that's what it looks like to me.

And with the price of a doll you can buy like 25 onas.

>> No.22275010

Goddamn druggies

>> No.22275022

>I *have* to use windows sadly.
If your hardware can't support esxi then use the overlay thing with VirtualBox. I do that on my laptop. Run Linux, but have other VMs integrated, it's seemless. No seperate windows for the machines, it's just a different launcher bar with that VM's apps on a different side of the screen. Makes it so easy to use there's no reason to use Windows as an OS and be crippled by their shit filesystem. Can travel with an encrypted LUKS setup with the reassurance of EXT4 checksummed disks.

>> No.22275038

Oh, they call it 'seamless'

>> No.22275044 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.19 MB, 3000x4496, 1571436762797.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuuuk m8, ive been eyeing them as of of my potential next ones for a while.
i know its been in storage for a while.
did they have the squishy face tech back then?
hows the build quality?
did it hold up pretty good?

>> No.22275053

Is that tongue detachable or is it built in?

>> No.22275055

fags, druggies, wizards.

welcome to /ona/, daijobu

>> No.22275060
File: 59 KB, 1000x800, 1562837321844.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22275067
File: 133 KB, 793x1154, 1520081798743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome to 4chan.

>> No.22275074 [SPOILER] 
File: 701 KB, 1920x1080, 1571437134259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its just a little silicone tongue, really should be a bit bigger than it is.

>> No.22275087
File: 79 KB, 600x684, 1555920630144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22275088

I'm over here having orgasms that last about a minute before riding the post-cum edge makes me break my ankles from tensing so hard, and you nerds are doing drugs and having boring sex with dolls.

>> No.22275135
File: 28 KB, 312x400, 1380686059640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there any dolls with a built in tongue?

I am having trouble finding a suitable doll.

>> No.22275150

I want ESXi so badly but sadly I can't have it for very personal reasons, in August of next year I'll probably go full ESXi. Man you're hitting sensitive shit. I need ESXi to be succesful at what I do. Guess I'll have to overpay for 64GB of DDR4 for now... It's better than nothing though.

Yes, please can you give me some books on this? Or some other form of information?

>> No.22275163

Tell me more, I couldn't orgasm on 2C-E sadly even though I wanted to, I needed to fucking troubleshoot.

How do I orgasm for a fucking minute? I only last 7 minutes with a fucking Tenga Egg and an EMS (this is weird but it works well kek).

>> No.22275174
File: 461 KB, 736x489, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whatever you do fellow autists, don't be like this guy. He's not happy. He fools himself into thinking he's happy but he's really not.

>> No.22275176

Don't buy "Aocoai オナホ リアル 非貫通 エロっぽい愛菜 2層構造 肉厚 680g アダルトグッズ 男性 透明 ペニスリング 洗浄繊維絹 オナホウォーマー付き" from Magichome. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07T42293W/ref=sr_1_2?m=A2EO1SP3PWRDP5&marketplaceID=A1VC38T7YXB528&qid=1571437789&s=merchant-items&sr=1-2
The reviews were faked or japs have shit standards for onaholes. It came with a defect in the inner tunnel that wasn't centered correctly and was mispositioned to the bottom right. The seller admitted this mistake and refunded me. The material isn't durable and it started flaking off immediately when I began to use and wash it. I do not experience this degree of flaking from other onaholes I've bought such as toysheart. It was heavy but instead of positively adding to the experience it felt cumbersome. Aocai エロっぽい愛菜 was advertised with a band surrounding the inner layer, but after testing it out I discovered that it barely gave any tightness, and I'm a westerner with an average sized dick with a reasonable girth. Due to the weak material the inner walls and their gimmick "ball spikes" made it feel like fucking a blob of mud. I honestly expected more from this brand, the only positive aspects I could name was that they gave me a warming rod that I already have and a nicely illustrated box and handkerchief of the girl.

1/5 rating, do not recommend ever. This was by far the worst onahole I've bought.

>> No.22275192

>Aocoai オナホ リアル 非貫通 エロっぽい愛菜 2層構造 肉厚 680g アダルトグッズ 男性 透明 ペニスリング 洗浄繊維絹 オナホウォーマー付き

Is that supposed to be Akane in Rikka's bikini regarding the illustration. An Akane ona would surely be unconventional I would think.

>> No.22275193

Just follow that link I gave you. Use a live version of ubuntu and do a quick install of VirtualBox and the ISO in the >>>/g/sqt OP.

>> No.22275200

I saved your posts as a picture to look at later.
Today I need to do something else first, but this should really help. Thanks a lot man!

But deep down I just want ESXi and tie up some machines together for insane amounts of RAM.

>> No.22275216

yeah but imagine getting high on weed or psychedelics and then going into vr.

>> No.22275225

>But deep down I just want ESXi and tie up some machines together for insane amounts of RAM.
Not worth it, because you are limited by interface speeds. If you need a huge resource of fast memory, get a few NVMe drives in RAID0, and mount that as a 'ramdisk' in linux and point everything to that. You can have faster than ram speeds for less than half the price.
ESXi is great if you have multiple enclaves dedicated to each application (like CUPS and firewall and app layer etc) in a portable box like what the tactical units in the military use.

>> No.22275235

Oh wait, you got the key, please tell me more this is *EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO ME*. Please can I keep contact with you? Discord anything is fine.

>> No.22275258

Key? For what?
The hardware and network implementation is what matters. The software is built around that.
If you have your own computer/laptop then VirtualBox will work no problem.
ESXi is for scalability of networked nodes, when you need multiple networks that are similar to seamlessly integrate with each other and utilize the 'pushed image update' to each enclave meme.

>> No.22275267

Please let me keep contact with you, I need a lot of CPU and RAM power in one single box. I want to get out of welfare and you know do non-NPC shit in life.

I don't want to become a basement dweller.

>> No.22275281

well there is the 4woods above and a few others with at least the tongue details, but i dont know if there are any where the it comes out at all or if its just permanently recessed in the mouth aside from something like the DS i have with the removeable one.

>> No.22275285

Ram speed is limited to distance (latency) and that's where NVMe in RAID0 beats out local ram vs. ESXi nodes on different machines over CAT5/6.
The cost for 10GBE is still too high so it's cheaper to use NVMe on the same board as your machine.
It's as simple as that.
You'll have faster than ram speeds this way, with the lowest latency you can get.

Just hit me up here. I don't maintain the >>>/g/sqt/ thread anymore since the shota faggot camped it. The threads on /jp/ are slow, so it's not a big deal if you post here. Just ask, I lurk here all the time.

>> No.22275289

get back on your meds

>> No.22275294

He's fine. I've made multiple generals across multiple boards (you're posting in one) and crossboard discussions happen. There's nothing wrong with it.

>> No.22275299

Cool man, I love the posts you sent to me this thread it does make a significant impact on my life.

Just know that this really matters to me.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge I really appreciate it.

Psychedelic drugs are my meds as of now, not really meds it works therapeutically. If my parents find out I'll have a big problem but it's my only way to truly relax and contemplate life.

It's weird because when I'm high off weed the world and the direction I should take in life is just so much more clear. I feel directionless without it, these psychedelics give me direction.

>> No.22275486

Doll owners how do you get your dolls in this pose without her ripping her armpits?


>> No.22275505

very carefully.
check that your dolls material has the stretch to do it and then dont keep it there for more than a few mins.

mine only gets to about 20/40 degrees above straight out before i start worrying about the material. if you have a good idea on how much tension you get with the joint alone, just pay attention to extra tension and stop there.

not all dolls can do that pose.

>> No.22275514


J&J apparently do corn starch version baby powder now as well

>> No.22275830
File: 61 KB, 705x1000, 1555188061890.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't bother with baby powder, pure corn starch is all you need.

>> No.22275855

Too late, I already have a bottle

>> No.22275890
File: 13 KB, 120x90, 1478768820789.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enjoy it, Anon.

>> No.22275907

I would if I had any onaholes. I'm waiting for the last one to arrive at my proxy before shipping

>> No.22275963

What should my salary be to buy a doll?

>> No.22275980

They aren't that expensive unless you're going for a top of the line model. $1-1.5k will get you a really solid doll. If you're fine with shopping around and maybe cutting some corners, you could get as low as $800 on a decent doll.

If you can afford a good computer, you could buy a doll instead. It's still just a toy, but not so expensive you need to take out loans to buy.

>> No.22276253

Big enough to move out of your parents house.

>> No.22276284

They're the same.
It's more of a matter of preference on how you want the tongue. Out or in.

The soft edition will probably fall apart if you're too rough, so just stick with the not-soft versions.

>> No.22276403

Don't do it anon, except if you really think you would benefit from it and you're already a seasoned onahole user with a lot of experience.

I just don't see the point, dolls are just autistic.

>> No.22276455

instead of contemplating living with only one liver you could spend half the amount a doll costs and get a vr setup going with koikatsu or honey select.

-you get a sick vr setup you can show to friends
-literally infinite girls
-owning a doll is kinda autistic and weird, vr doesn't have any social stigma.

-you don't have a doll to grip

>> No.22276474

>N-no! D-don't buy a doll!

>> No.22276567

>hurr durrr anything i dont like is autistic

>> No.22276604

it's not what I don't like, it's what society stigmatizes. i don't care what you buy, but others might look down on you.

>> No.22276685

its held up really well. cant tell its been in storage forever except for some joint stiffness, some of which is intended because its designed to stand for an extended period of time. build quality is very good

mine came with two tongues and the mouth has a small cavity you can jam the tongues in

>> No.22276801

And it's only and exlusively dolls that society looks down on. Watching porn, masturbating, using toys to get off is perfectly fine!

>> No.22277096

source where can i get this? everytime i search for plush the only one coming up is the meiki one

>> No.22277184

I didn't see your post until now. You or whoever else reads this can benefit from it, if you're still around.
>The real issue is no motivation either so I can't just go to /fit/ and get some pointers or stick to a program.
/fit/ is unironically the best board. Go to the /fph/ general if you want endless fat jokes or something like the /cbt/ general and before-after threads if you want to see people's transformations and progress. No better fuel to spark change for yourself than pure self hatred mixed with comedy.
>How would I know if I have negative symptoms?
It tends to be readily apparent. The most common would be nausea, headaches, or dry mouth. Assuming you dose according to the instructions on the container and maintain decent hydration/sleep, you should be fine.
>The what?
When I said oxide, picolinate, and orotate, those are referring to all the other substances that are used to help the body absorb the vitamins and nutrients that you're supplementing. Some things have a difficult time being utilized by the body without something to push it. It's kind of like a car for a group of people who, while can walk, will be able to get further with the car.
>I'll take that
Here is some advice:

>Reduce consumption of carbohydrates (think sugary foods and drinks, most breads).
Doing this will reduce how much you spike your insulin when eating, which leads to processes that make you hungrier afterwards. Eat the carbohydrates you do consume with fiber (so don't remove skin off of fruits/vegetables). Fiber basically cancels out net carbs gram for gram.
>Enter your height and weight into various "TDEE calculators" on the internet (at least three). Select any options for not doing any exercise or real movement. You'll get your TDEE number from that, which is the estimated number of calories you burn in a day. Subtract 300-500 calories from that number. It's usually not fully accurate, but the reduction should get you closer. Do this if only to get an idea of how many calories you should aim to eat daily. I never bothered doing hard counting and logging, but I did and still do perform quick mental math so I have a rough idea of where I'm at every day. If I gain weight, it will be easy to know what did it without stressing about the whole ordeal. Note, when you lose weight, the number goes down. Good to readjust every 5lb down or so.
>Start fasting regularly.
Go to /fit/ and look at the /fast/ general. It will lead you to understanding how to fast. You can do one meal a day, or eat within a window as big as eight hours, or as little as one.
>Track weight AND waistline on a regular basis.
I track my weight every day. You can do that as well, or just three times a week. Do it at the same time and under the same circumstances each time. For example, before weighing myself every time I wake up, I use the restroom and strip naked (or to my underwear). This allows me to be as consistent as possible. I don't bother with waistline because it doesn't shift much at my weight anymore, and I'm not gaining a lot of weight at any particular time. However, you will benefit from doing both because plateaus in weight loss can often be disregarded once you see hidden changes in your waistline.

The first and last points are more important in my opinion, despite what /fit/ may say. If you don't feel hungry and are consistently seeing and monitoring your progress, you'll feel more encouraged to continue.

>> No.22277186

>Maintain hydration. Keep a container of water next to you at all times and pour water periodically throughout the day.
If your urine is not coming out light straw-colored or clear, you're likely dehydrated and need to drink more.
>Establish reasonable sleep time you believe you can commit to.
For example, you may wish to sleep at 11PM, or 8PM, or 10PM. I wouldn't suggest going past 12PM, with 1AM being the max. You can go further, sure, but it's going to eventually lead to you going "oh, well, it's already pretty late, it won't matter if I stay up later now." Personally, I like thinking of my sleep time in ranges. So, you could say "some time between 10 and 11 PM."
>Stretch before bed and after waking.
This is for alleviating all the persistent aches and pains you deal with Look for Youtube videos on basic stretching and flexibility routines. Many people like yoga, though while it does offer some decent poses, I don't think it's as effective as many modern stretch exercises. Try it all, see what works for you
>Refrain from blue light before bed.
Assuming you own a smartphone and personal computer (monitor), they are emitting blue light. On Windows 10, there is an integrated "Night Light" mode you can set to turn on and off regularly at preferred intervals. Same for Samsung phones. You can also get apps for most major desktop operating systems and mobile devices too. Just look up "blue light filter" in whatever app store you have. Set it on a schedule to start an hour or two before you go to bed, and start around when you want to be awake. Watch out for TVs and other emissions of light at night.
If you had difficulty sleeping, you didn't exercise (or not enough) that day. If you are having trouble setting your sleep clock to a specific time or range, supplement melatonin for a very brief time. Only use it to set your clock, never use it habitually, and only use it 30m to 1h before you go to bed.
>Optional: Sleep mask
Helps with the light issue, though that can come off in your sleep too.
>Bathe regularly and maintain a clean bed and clothing.
By 'regularly', I mean bathe however often is necessary for you to not feel and smell terrible. For most people, that's about every other day. Due to my genetics and lifestyle, that's about every 3-4 days.
At least 10 minutes daily. Look for basic calisthenics routines on youtube. Copy the exercises you find the most effective. I recommend squats and push-ups. This will help you sleep because you'll feel some fatigue, which will make you tired enough to wish to sleep earlier.

>> No.22277419

I'm not gonna change my lifestyle just to masturbate LMAO

>> No.22277488
File: 3.10 MB, 3456x4608, IMG_20180211_1834123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dekunoboo . com/sexdoll-g2.php

They don't ship outside japan though so you will need to use a forwarding service like JSS (jpshopping . jp).

I used JSS' "Online Shopping Support service" where you tell them what you want ordered and pre-pay them the cost of the item.
Once they receive it and have it ready to re-ship to you they send you a bill for the rest of the shipping cost.

It took about 3 weeks total for everything to get taken care of and arrive from when I made the initial request and payment form JSS.

Dekunoboo currently has their autumn sale going on, but they separate out the bodies/heads/wigs when they put them on sale (they discount the individual parts but don't discount the bundle for some reason)

Sale price for the same doll that I have (G2 with natsune head) is around $400 usd.
Also when I ordered mine from JSS 2 years ago, shipping and handling from them was about $50.

>> No.22277549
File: 790 KB, 792x792, 1406822951550.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got experience with refunding opened toy at Motsu?

>> No.22277652

Those fingers though

>> No.22277662

they need to some 2.0 plush with better feet/hands. all these plush dolls look like they suffer from lymphedema

>> No.22277665
File: 33 KB, 640x640, e7077fd42195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Adventures in excess foreskin, part 2.

I recently tried out a strap-on harness with some O-rings for holding my foreskin back while using onaholes, and while it worked, there were some minor niggles. The straps were prone to pinching, and the whole belt setup got pretty messy with lube.

So I switched out the O-ring with one of these. It did a good job keeping my foreskin back, and eliminated the pinching. But it still got a bit messy, the side bits don't reach far enough to keep the straps from getting covered in lube still.

>> No.22277726

Anyone have experience with Crazy Bull products? I wanna buy something locally because of reasons, and those are the only japanese products I can see. I don't trust western stuff because it all feels so low quality.

>> No.22277735 [DELETED] 

i am new here, can we talk about dildos/butt stuff or just onaholes?

>> No.22277741

i am new here, can we talk about dildos/butt stuff or is there another thread for that?

>> No.22277744

yes. /lgbt/ board is better place

>> No.22277788

i like it here better

>> No.22277804

Its already spicy here with Dollfags vs. Onafags

>> No.22277818

Where's part 1

>> No.22278008
File: 3.63 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20191019_124459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quick update to the 17 Bordeaux thing where I complained it gobbled up lube like crazy and did not work because the vacuum was way too much and made the onahole fall in on itself after 2 minutes and made it unusable if you didn't pull out to let air it. I had enough and cut the top off, just at the point where it ends, so now it has a small hope at the top and fucking hell it fixed everything. I can use it as long as I like, it feels fantastic, needs minimal lube, makes cleaning a breeze and offers new play possibilites. Don't know the physics behind it all but it worked and I can recommend it if the succ is too strong with some onas.

>> No.22278103

this collecting aspect of onas is too dangerous. Now I want to buy even more even when I dont use the ones which I have that much

>> No.22278555

das rite

only if you're a female. men using toys (if they aren't using the toy on their partner) is still frowned upon, even though fleshlights are basically mainstream at this point.

>> No.22279015

I just found out about fapheroes and people are using the fleshlight launch to sync to videos. Can you jury rig onaholes into the thing or are you stuck with using fleshlights only.

>> No.22279126

It might be a stupid question, but on aliexpress there's this "seller's shipping method" which is free compared to the other ones, it has no tracking but has a delivery deadline for full refund. Is that a safe option? Did anyone try something like this?

>> No.22279395

>koikatsu or honey select.

both look like trash. They still havent made a proper VR hentai?

>> No.22279487

That micosomi game got an unofficial VR mod, but right now no one's going through the trouble of make a h-game from scratch for VR

>> No.22279501

Koikatsu nails the anime aesthetic, and with the character studio you can pose the girls around.
A lot of the graphics can be improved with good lighting, and the game is much more impressive in vr

>> No.22279511

If (good) VR set would cost like 200 there would be lot more porn. but that will take decades.

>> No.22279681
File: 216 KB, 918x597, ryan gosling face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Buy baby powder for onaholes
>Johnson and Johnson issues recall for baby powder because it has asbestos
>tfw I've been literally fucking asbestos for two months.

>> No.22279688

You don't powder the inside of the hole, it's not in all of their products, and it's only cancerous if you inhale asbestos.

>> No.22279707

we warned you bro.

particles are tiny so you can inhale while powdering. j&j should pay for this shit

>> No.22279753
File: 100 KB, 320x239, 1561261370345.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's the best way for a Cucknadian to get a good onahole

>> No.22279777

buy it? toydemon ships to cucknada, just pick adult cover.

>> No.22279819
File: 97 KB, 542x508, 1536693075510.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

onas made me even more lonely.
do they sell heated body pillows? or I need to buy pillow and electric blanket?

>> No.22279989
File: 790 KB, 1000x1500, 20181122120122_49655.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22280066


>> No.22280175

Go to Ukraine and fetch some uranium fuel. Put it into your pillow.

>> No.22280355

If you've got a 3D printer, or are willing to sacrifice and mod the fleshlight cases to fit your onahole, you can probably get something to work.

Honestly though, I found the sync stuff pretty mediocre. Everyone tries to be too fancy, I wind up using mine on manual 95% of the time because there's a definite sweet spot of constant stimulation, and without it I find it pretty hard to jizz without running the battery flat, or going soft when during break periods.

>> No.22280760

>Start new drug
>Can't get off even using Daisuki Hold's dick killing prowress
I didn't ask for this. Anyone else had this happen and did it go away over time as you got used to the meds?

>> No.22280769


>> No.22280795


>> No.22280802

Sounds like they're working.

>> No.22281472

seriously where do I go on 4chan to get info about pillows

>> No.22281536
File: 1.95 MB, 2104x3312, pure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, well, well... Look what finally showed up.

>> No.22281612 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.58 MB, 2280x3584, 1571523010371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can tell this powdery pink shit is gonna rub off in no time at all. Well, I tried taking a peek inside and holy hell this thing is tight. Guess I better buy a douche before I go about test driving her.

>> No.22281636 [DELETED] 


check this out

>> No.22281834

anyone tried european otonjp shop?
they say they ship from germany yet it says "Usually ships within 1-2 weeks" so it's like they don't have stock there and will order from japan only after you place an order

>> No.22281846

I'm from germany and it said it takes 1-3 days. However, people in this thread advice against otonajp, I don't know why, they just do.

>> No.22281867

Own any other larger torsos?
How are the tits?

>> No.22282171

Haters gonna hate.

>> No.22282179

Just people that have been scammed by them, left bad reviews that were later deleted by OtanaJP.
Stop shilling for them faggot.

>> No.22282503

I don't have an opinion on the site, as I have personally never used it. I just relayed what I've heard here in this thread.

>> No.22282888
File: 160 KB, 373x373, 1563066837591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Buy onahole
>Use it for a couple months
>2 or 3 times can't be bothered drying it properly after cleaning, so it gets a little stinky because it's wet and I don't use it every day
>Use it despite the slight stink
>Penis now stinks
>Penis doesn't stink
>2 hours later penis stinks like onahole
>Penis doesn't stink
>2 hours later penis stinks like onahole
I think I caught something.
My penis didn't used to stink at all, but now it smells quite pungent.

>> No.22282906

Use antibac dish soap. It's the mineral oil in the ona keeping your dick moist, which breeds bacteria.

>> No.22282927

That sounds reasonable.
I'll give it a shot, thanks.

>> No.22283124
File: 35 KB, 551x639, 1549408442521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get lolinco
>feels too soft and squishy

>> No.22283159

What the fuck happened to it?

>> No.22283290

No, and I don't plan to between the petite chest and the lack of an anal tunnel I don't actually care about which should make maintenance easier. Tits are kinda firm, I think mostly because of their modest size. At any rate, I'm not sure if I wanna try it out ASAP or wait till next weekend when I have more time plus the extra cleaning supplies.

FFS jannies people post their shit all the time and I even spoilered the image

>> No.22283309

Not a hand fetishist so I don't really care, plus most silicone/TPE dolls just have wires in the fingers leading to what I call "crushed hand syndrome" where the fingers always look half retarded.

It would be nice if someone made a plush with nicer hands/feet though.

>> No.22283333

depends on the drug, some antidepressants are worse than other in regards to killing sex drive/ability to orgasm.
You should probably bring up the fact that you can't cum on your meds to your doc so they can switch you to something that fits you better.

>> No.22283336

sell to me ;)

>> No.22283380
File: 92 KB, 518x604, stf,small,600x600-pad,750x1000,f8f8f8.u1__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>wanting to buy used sex toys
>wanting to buy used onaholes, which are porous and thus keep dick residue in them

>> No.22283576

>getting defective eyes product

>> No.22283864
File: 129 KB, 489x424, 1564513014245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got defective Toysheart.

>> No.22283994

Trying to decide on the Quattronade. Is it really as soft and as fragile as some people say?

>> No.22284042

Anyone happen to have plans so I can sew a full body one myself? Mainly to get proportions right and such.

>> No.22284412

Alright, so I obviously couldn't resist using it already. First impressions:

Tits are too small and firm for particularly exciting groping, although they're not bad to look at. It's probably the fault of the skeletal system, since the shoulder nubs and the neck are perfect... except they're not the tits. Anyway, fuck the tits (figuratively), dear God that ass is divine. So plump and juicy, firm enough to get a nice grip on but soft enough to slap and get a satisfying jiggle in return. Almost makes me wish it had an anal hole after all, just so I could pound the ass at a more direct angle.

It's certainly heavier and tougher to use than I expected. Knowing it's 13 pounds on paper versus actually experiencing it are two totally different things. The entrance is super tight, which feels good but makes it really hard to penetrate, but the tunnel design isn't terribly stimulating. Still, it's hard to judge after just one use. The nicest thing, precisely as I had hoped actually, is that with its size and weight I can hump it in a variety of positions instead of just missionary sandwiched between my couch pillows.

Sometimes in an upright position while holding the lower half, the top would arch back slightly and my dick would kinda catch and bulge out the middle of the belly instead of following the back end of the tunnel. However, holding the upper half to keep the top half straight or forward, instead of holding the bottom, made me prone to slipping out instead, which is a bigger annoyance since it's so tight you can't possibly slip back in without using your hand to guide yourself in. Anyway, I could avoid that by holding it against my body when upright or over my body when lying down, as opposed to straight up. Actually, sitting upright while holding it against my body and just shaking the ass cheeks up and down is my favorite way of using this thing so far. Did I mention the ass is amazing?

The flat belly and slightly forward vag makes doggy difficult without sitting the body on something raised, but it was nice to be able to spoon the toy, pump into it from below, etc. Hmm, I forgot to use it against the wall. Oh well. Also, lmao at the standard 15mL stick of jelly lube shit.

>> No.22284446

>excess foreskin
Time to get circumcised

>> No.22284457

And dull the head of my dick permanently? No thanks. I want to bully it for half an hour or so a day, not 24/7 until it loses its will to live.

>> No.22285868

big think advice for newcomers to ona
buy just (1) ona at first. dont go overboard, its really tempting.

>> No.22286059
File: 62 KB, 892x947, 1554792802561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've gotten this two times already, but I'm ready to upgrade to something a little better. Any recommendations?

>> No.22286094

what's the best option on regular amazon for under $35?
i'm pretty average size and would prefer a low maintenance ona

>> No.22286119

if youre going that cheap just use your hand at that point

>> No.22286135

how much should i spend on my first hole?

>> No.22286189

He's baiting, you can get good onas for under 35.

>> No.22286198

Check the prices for TOMAX or ToysHeart onas, and pick one. These companies have good consistant quality.

>> No.22286573

>doll i had bookmarked had a pricedrop
oh shit son

>> No.22286620

What doll is it?

>> No.22286879

>put doll in basket
>"Quick, buy it, only 5 days until the price drop ends!"
>price drop ends
>new price drop of the same amount starts instantly

>> No.22286941
File: 375 KB, 1916x2048, 1570623952842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How does Amazon.jp handle large orders? Like suppose I ordered a hip and some clothes for it and some lube. Would everything be shipped in one package or would it be shipped separately? Would the shipping be discreet? I'm trying to avoid any awkward encounters while picking up my package.

>> No.22287011

what doll so we can determine if its marketing BS or just an extended sale

>> No.22287136

skin on my dick became really soft is that some of that mineral oil leeched???

>> No.22287189

douga has reviews up for both of the new magic eyes torsos if you're interested in seeing his perspective.

there should be an option to have everything shipped together i believe and it should come in an amazon box. when i had onaholes and lube shipped they bundled them together and it was declared as ""health and personal care".

>> No.22287341 [SPOILER] 
File: 89 KB, 640x450, 1571609107361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, the mineral oil is going to slowly transform your penis into pic related.

>> No.22287458

Sexye, but I can tell you it's marketing bullshit.

>> No.22287465

Sexy image

>> No.22287946

Does lube expire if it’s sealed? I want to buy onatsuyu in bulk, not sure if I should get four or six bottles.

>> No.22287952

>Does lube expire if it’s sealed?

>> No.22288242
File: 102 KB, 640x480, C3C02E4C-8ABD-45A3-9110-35D6B6171585.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the wire hands are generally fine for posing

>> No.22288377

Is corn starch a better alternative to talcum powder? The guide doesn't really give a definitive answer.

>> No.22288384

They're both fine. The autistic anons here think you'll get dick cancer from talc because trace amounts of carcinogens were found in some J&J product.

>> No.22288469

Hey, fellow home-theater Anon

>> No.22288499

Not happening Anon.

Only if it arrived broken. They're not taking used onas for return.

>> No.22288505

How does this work?

>> No.22288717

You can eat corn starch. If that's not a good reason for you to use it, then you have your priorities messed up.

>> No.22288719

I don't plan on eating my ona hole.

>> No.22288742

>he doesn't make his own onaholes from corn starch in the microwave and eat them after use

>> No.22289217

What do you mean? It's a cock ring that you strap down to your body, so it doesn't get pulled up the shaft during use. Bear in mind that the one in the picture turned out to be shit, it snapped the second time I used it because it couldn't handle the stress.

>> No.22289242

Yes, I understand the concept of a cockring and how it works (and I lament I can't use it because I plan on masturbating while being heavily under influence and thus fall asleep with forgetting to take the ring off and thus forever ruining my dick) what I don't get however is that in your post you stated that you used this device for keeping your foreskin pulled back to leave your glans exposed at all times when penetrating the ona.

Did I understand this correctly?
Because I don't see how that would work.

>> No.22289251

What part of that don't you understand? You wear it like a belt, and it pulls the skin at the base of the shaft back toward the hips.

>> No.22289254

Now I understand. Thanks :^()

>> No.22289523

does anyone have the screencaps of the comments where a dude bought a sex doll he didn't like so he tried to get rid of it by cutting it up like a dead body only to find out that it had a steel frame inside of it

>> No.22289790

Has anyone bought any fake boobs? I have a massive breast fetish and am considering investing in pic related (Bakunyuu Infinity). This is the biggest I've been able to find. I felt it a bit in the display of a shop in Akihabara and it felt fucking amazing, but to be honest I want even bigger, like the size of my head. Are there any bigger ones than this in existence?

>> No.22289795
File: 219 KB, 1024x627, 61ec-wD6yjL._SL1024_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot pic like a tard

>> No.22289800

If you're willing to go all the way to a doll, there are plenty of dolls with absolutely ridiculous tits. Bigger than your head is a very achievable goal in that arena.

>> No.22289926
File: 52 KB, 645x623, 1463629372285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dont buy onas when you are heavily depressed.

>> No.22290019


>> No.22290027

it only makes it worse

>> No.22290033

Onaholes aren't real

>> No.22290035

Cute feet. Post moar?

>> No.22290038

well fuck me then

the only things that make my life somewhat liveable are the shows i watch and the dopamine release of fapping to vr 3d-2d girls, so i thought i'd augment that experience

welp, too late to go back now i guess

>> No.22290045

maybe your case will have happy end but for me the onas are not that groundbreaking thing after trying them

>> No.22290193
File: 133 KB, 849x1200, 1522425539117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should i go full doll mode or should i start with something like the Miracle DX?

I have reasonable space and privacy, but no knowledge of what i should get first.

>> No.22290196

yeah start smaller

>> No.22290496
File: 27 KB, 296x277, now that I think about it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm a new friend around these parts
I know the OP recommends against buying from otonajp but I haven't seen one like this anywhere else. Should I go for it?
please don't laugh it's not my fault I'm into guro

>> No.22290526
File: 126 KB, 800x800, puni-virgin-excite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how is this one? reminds me of BU-BU-BU

>> No.22290546

You probably won't find it in many non-JP stores yet since it only came out recently. If you want it so badly order it from Japan

>> No.22290558

Interesting, good to know. Got any particular examples I could look into to get an idea of pricing and how to order?

>> No.22290633
File: 26 KB, 400x400, 1571625607792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/aw/d/B07DP3VJWM/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_9?smid=A62VY4KBG0185&psc=1 this pair and https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07XTS4PY4/ref=jpm_rv_all_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07XTS4PY4&pd_rd_r=a3fe349e-32fb-4841-9dae-7f52a107881f&pd_rd_w=iHdCO&pd_rd_wg=HNe1T&pf_rd_p=a708e62d-f16f-4577-95df-30949d335ef9&pf_rd_r=BVR6V5Y6PFHRRKX32KHF&psc=1&refRID=5D4F6Z7D2DN5QC5AZ3VM this pair are even bigger

>> No.22290723

My nigger, many thanks. Bit of a scary price but that's what you can expect for quality I suppose.

>> No.22290887

Perhaps a retard question but is there any toy (or fap product) that is compatible with silicone based lube?
I just prefer the feeling and hate how water based dries out.

>> No.22290971

What's a good face? I just bought a cheap anime mask for mine.

>> No.22291179

maybe silicone toys but
>using silicone sex toys with silicone lube is a YMMV (your mileage may vary) situation— there are so many silicone toy/lube combinations in the world it’s difficult to tell you with certainty which is a good combo and which isn’t. You’re always taking a risk trying it out. One thing you can do is spot test a toy on the non-insertable portion to see if it gets gummy or discolors.

>> No.22291249

I tried to look up your problem and dust off my studies, but I got sidetracked and read some interesting articles. What I can tell you is that silicone based polymers are completely different to carbon based polymers, which most TPE are. What this means that the polymer chains do fuckall with each other, that's not a concern. The problem is that there's a wide range of additives in each plastic and that can cause a problem. The silicone pulls the plasticiser or stabilizer out of the TPE, which causes the latter to break much faster, for example. I'd say that if you are a quickshooter and your lube is in contact with your TPE onahole for 5 minutes, it shouldn't cause any issues, although over time, it can still degrade the TPE material. We are talking about months here. So if you want to edge for hours, or you want to use the same hole for a year or more, then I wouldn't recommend the silicone lube, although I can't base this on any real tests, maybe the lube is a lot more friendly to other plastics in general.

>> No.22291635

Until they break from getting mangled every time you try to sleep/cuddle with the doll 6 months into owning the thing.
Then you get stabbed by a protruding metal wire...

I guess they are fine if you make absolutely sure to minimize inadvertent finger bending, they just don't last long term if you actually bend them often due to metal fatigue.

Honestly I'm very surprised another company didn't do what Gynoid is doing with their fully jointed hands years ago.

>> No.22291759
File: 269 KB, 960x720, 1571550781236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are there any anons that can talk about their experiences with tpe and silicone?

How huge is the difference in texture, really? I'm trying to decide between getting a silicone and tpe hip and the main deciding factors are the price, staining, and texture. Silicone is cheaper and doesn't stain which is huge because I want to dress up my hip, but people always say that silicone is less soft than tpe and the texture inside the holes isn't as good. Are the advantages of tpe worth paying the extra money for?

Here are some of the hips I was looking at:

TPE: https://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/aw/d/B07YDMS53D/ref=ox_sc_act_image_4?smid=AN1VRQENFRJN5&psc=1

Silicone: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07YW9JPCV/ref=jpm_rv_all_2/355-9297748-5608656?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07YW9JPCV&pd_rd_r=56df33b8-2d80-4fa7-bdcc-40cf91109596&pd_rd_w=jyWDn&pd_rd_wg=EVzzq&pf_rd_p=a708e62d-f16f-4577-95df-30949d335ef9&pf_rd_r=HJZ9HD3AW247SBH8VJM6&psc=1&refRID=HJZ9HD3AW247SBH8VJM6


>> No.22291828

Any easy free ways to warm up my onahole? I was lazy and didn't buy the usb warmer and realize how much better it would be if my onahole wasn't cold

>> No.22291848

warm (not hot) water bath.

>> No.22291889

no other experience than i ordered items which said ships in 1-2 weeks from the eu store, and about after a week and a day they shipped it

so sure, not fastest one around but it shipped in the time they said it will, it's currently on the way so cant comment on anything else, we'll see if the content is even correct

>> No.22292198

My place has been flooded 4 hours ago, can I still save my onas I wash them now?

>> No.22292222

I chaffed my penis pretty bad on a hole. Any suggestions on what I can put on it while it heals?

>> No.22292266

Hot water bath. You can also sleep with it and wake up to a slightly below body temperature hole. If you have an electric blanket or heating pad around those will also work.

>> No.22292273
File: 303 KB, 790x514, 1357229835881.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok, boss.

>> No.22292305

no. I will burn incense at shrine and pray to kami-sama for them

>> No.22292310

bumping this. same shit happened to me

>> No.22292598

What are some Meiki/NPG holes that are close to the softness of the material in the ZXY? I bought the Aika hole, and was disappointed in how hard the material was.

>> No.22292638

Aloe ur dix up
Any sort of gentle soothing lotion should work fine

>> No.22292706

It really hurts though. I was going to have sex in a few weeks too, I hope it heals fast.

>> No.22292741

Get out of here you unvirgin

>> No.22292758

I'm still a virgin though.

>> No.22292921

Had the Amagake one. It pretty much sucked. Even though the hard parts are encased, it still hurt my dick during use. I'm not even that big.

Whilst cleaning it, soap and water somehow entered the encased areas, making it nearly impossible to dry. Threw it away after a single use. Don't recommend.

>> No.22293187

There's a $40 hip on amazon made of silicon if you want to try it out.

>> No.22293366

Wow people were not joking about the vacuum witch having a strong suction I thought my dick was going to come off if I ran low on lube.

>> No.22293663
File: 63 KB, 640x480, UTB8rrahr_zIXKJkSafVq6yWgXXap.jpg_640x640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You could get an oppai loli for around 500. Might not be your thing, but it costs less than a adult sized doll and it's not a severed torso. Otherwise ~1500. JY has some and lots of heads to choose from. I almost got the AS152, but didn't like the waist. SM has a popular elf face and a nice 150. Always email the manufacturer as well as several third party vendors to feel around for pricing.

>> No.22293670

I can see that but given the expense to fully articulate and skeletonize the hands I can live with the tradeoff.

I mean ideally the entire skeleton is replicated in aluminum or titanium for weight and all but I dunno if I can put out 10k for a doll

>> No.22293768
File: 913 KB, 1636x596, 1464959282357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anybody got more of these charts?

>> No.22293786

That shit is gay.

>> No.22293818

Big dick anon from a few threads back, here to report.
I bought the mucci plump real onahole, and the shit fits like a glove. Im 7" x 6.5" and i fill it up prrfectly, with no tearing since the toy has such large girth. And the suction is also insane. 10/10

>> No.22293907

i too would like to see more

>> No.22293944


Looks like the USA isn't safe anymore

>> No.22293958

He'll get off. 1st Amendment protects art.

>> No.22294029


Has anyone tried using Shea Butter for this?

>> No.22294065

Only if it protects conservatives, this case could go either way these days

>> No.22294071

Anon, it's a doll. By that logic you could say a small dildo is child porn because it's the size of a boy's dick.

>> No.22294088

I bought these exact ones back in March for the same reason you want them and I'm pretty happy with them. I bought them thinking I would fuck them a lot, but cleaning is a bit of a hassle so it's a once-in-a-while kind of thing for me. Don't let that discourage you though, squeezing/sucking on them is a treat all it's own.

If you want bigger, and absolutely don't care about the price, get Akari-chan Yareruko! Densha Ecchi Original Oppai.

>> No.22294089


>> No.22294102

At risk of getting to off topic. It's a doll and sex toy, but that doesn't stop conservatives from jamming the square peg into a round hole and declaring it's child porn. It wouldn't the first time a red state has attempted to prosecute this.
Also California is the only state to have a law in the book that specifically says loli is legal.

Regardless, just because we all know it's right, doesn't mean the courts will rule correctly.

>> No.22294110

>At risk of getting to off topic.
Thread's at bump limit, doesn't matter.
>Regardless, just because we all know it's right, doesn't mean the courts will rule correctly.
Supreme Court has already stated that it's fine so long as it doesn't depict a real child.

>> No.22294236

Quick question to my hentai senpais: I've seen it lots of times in doujins that a dude gets something tied around the base of his dick and by that can't cum until it is removed. Does that also work in real life or is it dangerous?

>> No.22294242

You still cum, just nothing comes out until you loosen it. I wouldn't do it though, too dangerous to tie something that tight on your dick.

>> No.22294331

Really? Oh man that's a huge bummer, luckily I haven't purchased it yet.

It seemed almost perfect to me. What should I get then? This is a bummer.

It's on infernalmonkeys top 10 though...

I still kinda want it...

>> No.22294368
File: 230 KB, 1288x554, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon I'm probably going to be hardheaded and buy the Uminari anyway but with these swabs to dry it.

The Uminari has a harder material so I hope the plastic structure thus becomes less intense.

But I kinda want to see what other starter ona options there are, because this one is kind of an ona that probably suits more seasoned ona users.

>> No.22294503

Have you seen the current supreme court? They've been flip flopping all over the place when it suits them.
I'm just saying, expecting him to go free isn't a given who's in charge.

>> No.22294523

It's already codified, it would require congress to pass a law and they can't get shit done. If anything it would likely spark a huge public discussion about them, and the Left would try to normalize actual pedophilia just like they did faggots and now trannys.

>> No.22294544

That doesn't matter, this SCOTUS has already shown they have no problem striking down previous rulings previous SCOTUS have made.
As I said, maybe the courts will protect free speech, I'm just saying be prepared to expect the worst.

>> No.22294785

Just don't believe that onaholes will magically fix your life and you'll be fine. They make your peepee feel good, not fulfill your aspirations.

>> No.22294844

That's just perfect because I'm really into oppai loli actually. Does that loli doll have a name? I tried some quick searching by height/price on JY but couldn't find it. Sorry if this seems like too much hand-holding, this is just a completely new area to me.

Thanks for the recommendation, friendo. Always nice to know all my options.

>> No.22295107


>> No.22295528
File: 247 KB, 776x1145, 1556530298744.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did it bros, 3 onaholes and a pen.
Decided to stick to the basics for a start so I know what I like and don't for next time. (Alraune and Amagake were really eyeing me)

>> No.22295893

im getting the fuck out of here as soon as i can. are there any countries that allow loli and doll stuff that aren't shitholes?

>> No.22296002


>> No.22296072

Nothing happens in Kentucky, they just needed SOMETHING to report on the news.

>> No.22296151

>No lube
You got a problem.

>> No.22296160

I want one more ona, which one should I get? I'm buying the Uminari almost no doubt about it I'm sold on the marketing.

>> No.22296165
File: 91 KB, 727x269, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, auto-delivery is on, is this what you wanted?

>> No.22296201

there are samples inside and he can get safe lube from anywhere else

>> No.22296588

I'm afraid to ask what is the pen for?

>> No.22296779
File: 1.72 MB, 2335x1380, 1571243090834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He gonna end up swimming in onaholes.

>> No.22296825

There are several dark spots near the entrance of my ona that I can't wash off. Is it mold? Do I cancel my fap session? Please respond asap

>> No.22296974

Kek no worries, I saw it and was going to cancel but they actually can't offer the service outside of japan.

Definitely the one I'm the most excited for though so wouldn't have complained.

Its just a really good pen

No worries I bought 2 bottles of onatsuyu and a hole warmer in japan last year as well as two mediocre onahole I grabbed at random since I was ultra short on time. One I could barely enter (puni puni virgin) and the other was nice but too short so it got pierced real quick (a g project transparent... sporty ona?)

>> No.22297802