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You know. The pain. Of you. Day in, day out, being there. With that face. Not knowing what to say. Not caring anymore. Not even knowing that you'll probably only care about her when it's finally too late. Forgetting about all those desperate, those desperate years you spent alone, your barren years when no woman would even consider resting her tired head on your shaky little shoulder. Stinking of belly semen. Why even wipe? And then when you finally get one of these-- bum-buh-da-daa!-- coveted pieces of tail that have been built up as the grand trophy in your nothing life, you try desperately to keep it. Not to protect it! But to horde it. To keep it away from the other wolves and jackals circling your territory! And you realize, all too soon, that you're not good enough. That maybe there was a jerk-off called Darwin after all. And that you never acknowledged his existance because you knew deep inside that you were really what you feared you were-- weak. And passive. And ultimately, broken by the ones who were made the fittest. And that through your weaknesses, you built up a poison that poisoned others around you. That you love. And the only true justice was to let those dominant jackals feed on you. Survive off you.

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Cool story. Bro.

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This is not how one should treat his imouto.

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what is that from, some DEEP MONOLOGUES series like Scrubs?

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Seems like a good way to treat her if you find her masturbating in your room.

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There's only 1 way to treat an imouto caught masturbating in your room.

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What's that?

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Sex ?

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The explanation that it's perfectly normal and there's nothing dirty or wrong about it but that she should consider masturbating in her own room and making sure the door is locked before she does it.

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Perish the thought, dear anon.

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Have a brief, frank discussion with her about boundaries and how she should really do that in her own room, with her door closed to prevent any misunderstandings?

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What the hell !?

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I think you mean teach her the proper way to do it, since you are her caring onii-chan

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Did you guys accidentally click /jp/ instead of /mu/ or something?

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Why doesnt he gently teach his sister about sex?

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With all the doujin I saw, you bet it will end like one of them

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Now if it was my older sister, maybe.

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What else would you do?

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Then your older sister would be the one teaching you

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Something like that >>2220587

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Is that meant to discourage me?

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No straight man would not go wincest for Nanaka.

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/r/ the CP version.

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I love /jp/.

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This guy is throwing away a fantasy held by most of /jp/s anons

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What is the source on this image? If not a series, an artist or something like that would be awesome.

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I love how instead of shortening it into a, "my sister keeps touching me and I don't like it, what do I do?" he practically writes it out as a sex story to taunt people without any twin sisters who'll do the same.

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He's bragging about it, obviously.

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>>You will blow your story on Youtube with pictures and voice recordings

Hands down this is the best agony aunt answer I will ever hear

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