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Oh ho,.what's this we have here?

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sameface sametits

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[x] Hug her soft, fluffy tails.

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[x] Jam it in.

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[x]BAG []RUN

[x]Poke Ball

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Hey look, it is that artist who draws the same thing and paints different clothing and hair over it.

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Look at those damn childbearing hips. Look at them motherfuckers.

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Critical miss (0)!

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DFC from early fanworks didn't do her justice anyway.

Visionnerz 2005

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Bump for best touhou artist

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/d/ is over there --->

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What? That picture doesn't look like something FLIPFLOPS would do at all.

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The hell are you talking about son?

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Or Aki Eda

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Too much clothing, not enough sexy toned body.

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I wanted to post this earlier saying that it's a wonder it's not the same face and body as always but then i compared the picture to the rest and it's quite similar. But yeah it's quite nice.

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Which would you pick?

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Ran is one of the few touhous that should have them.

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Since i like the motherly onee-san-ish aspect of ran i'll go with the left.

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But what if she didn't have them?
I mean ears and tails of course. Would you still love her?

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Which? Which!

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I lovew this pic.

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Shes 2d so yeah, but realistically i love her because of the nine fluffy tails and perfect ears.

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She's still cute, but part of her charm is gone.

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[Offer lunch]

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That's pretty furry, bro.

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I could show you furry, and then we both will agree that Ran is not furry.

Seriously, Monstergirls (Ran is one) are not furry.

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This, i dont know why i find monster girls so much more attractive then normal girls. Freud would probably say i'd like to fuck some cat or whatever.

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Suppa Tenko!

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Suwa Tanko.

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sup, suppa tenko?

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Because they are superior in every way (unless you have a (human) ear fetish).

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Hi, Tenko. How are you?
Hi, I'm Tenko thank you.
Ah, Tenko, what are you doing here?
Ah, I'm doing "Suppa Tenko."
Oh, Suppa Tenko.
Yeah, Suppa Tenko.

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This is Ran's true form.

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Ran isn't a monster! She's beautiful. And lewd.

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The one that has her mouth shut.

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Milf ergonomics with voice? Do want!

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I'm not saying Ran is furry either. I'm saying liking her purely (or mostly) for her animal parts is furry.

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Anyone have a link to this? /rs/ turns up nothing.

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I believe it is not out yet.

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Ran would have to be naked all the time since theres no use trying to wear clothes and look nice. Her tails would constantly shed and leave hair all over making her clothes look gross. She would also clod shower drains bathing. I would have to throw her outside, give her a bar of soap and spray her with a garden hose to bathe her.

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yaff yaff

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They are youkais, all right.

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