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These are huge, she must be embarassed

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I want to leave them stinking to dick!

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>Lets make her body obscenely large and sexual
>And then put a micro bikini
>What about the hat?
>She keeps the hat otherwise how they're gonna know who are we drawing!

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What's the source of this conversation?

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too green

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Dr. Eirin-sensei takes really good care of you!

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I wish Eirin was my mom so I could get all of my nutrients from her saggers!!!

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Okay, but the hat stays on

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I wish Eirin was my mom who'd put my life back together.

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You will become a doctor and make Eirin proud!

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>Lets make her body obscenely large and sexual
>but she has no ass
Why live?

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"Inane ramblings of an imbecile", by Gay Anonymous. Page 156, line 4.

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to suffer

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Sagging breasts are disgusting.

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I want suffocate under Eirin's body very badly.

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God I wish Eirin would prescript me some of her breastmilk.

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Holy breastfeeding nursing handjob!!!!!

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The lust for Eirin's saggers knows no bounds

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That's the idea, yes.

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You'd probably mutate or outright die considering all the weird drugs she takes.

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God that sounds amazing. Death by breast milk is the way I want to go out

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I want to embarrass her by sucking on her nipples in the middle of the beach!

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Why would you want something disgusting?

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You're jealous that boobs are cooler than anything a man has.

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Of course she keeps the hat on. Who would even dare to contemplate removing a 2hu's hat?

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That nurse outfit is anachronical considering the way the men behind are dressed.

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It's Touhou. Eirin is from the moon society and Touhou guys are stuck in 1800s

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Are you also the type of person who thinks ugly, fat, old, black men are the best type of males for doujins?

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Japs don't become black just because they have dark skin.

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I wanna become Eirin's little baby boy.

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Okay, I'll impregnate her and you can be our son.

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Get in line

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After I die and go to Gensokyo, I want to arrive there by coming out of her vagina.

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Me too but I want her to breastfeed me indefinitely

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She's bound to have created a drug that she feeds you to keep you small indefinitely.

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she probably took that in account and you just turn to shota with massive dong

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Trading my size for being able to use Eirin's body and chest as substitutes for a bed and pillow respectively? Sounds like a good deal.

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I don't even see that as a deal. Both of those features are selling points for me.

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True, you wouldn't have to worry about food or anything. Being watched over by Eirin and Keine 24/7!

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How would Keine do her part of the watching? She doesn't run a daycare or a preschool, y'know.

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She'd do it after-school hours when Eirin's appointments and workload increase considerably

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As long as I'd get to spend my nights sleeping in the same bed as Eirin. Though I wouldn't if Keine decided to sleep over and join us.

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Crushed between Eirin's and Keine's saggers!!

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Eirin is fat

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Eirin taking you (her son) out on a date night!

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Being Eirin's son, you would definitely learn how to please a woman in the most intricate way possible

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Giving Eirin a bath after she had a long day at work!

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I bet you take your hat off when you masturbate too. weirdo

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Going to the beach with mom!

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I want to help apply some sunscreen on mom's back!

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Isnt this a leg character rather than bust?

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It's an every character

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Mom using her own body to teach you the pleasure of the flesh! Even though as a genius she should know what that'd do to your psyche!!

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That's okay, if Eirin thinks it's for the better, then I don't mind.

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Daily aphrodisiac shots

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My my.


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takorin is god

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Eirin smells bad

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you smell worse

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so big

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Ban this retard mods.

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Asses are for low IQ Americans, not Japanese patricians

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Eirin Udongein Inaba

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You are a fool.

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Disintegrate this imbecil, mods.

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File: 1.11 MB, 1084x1600, __reisen_udongein_inaba_and_yagokoro_eirin_touhou_drawn_by_kedamono_kangoku_tou__2f76b543f4b0b9253481b3a13fe334a8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shes trying her best to sneak around

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