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Guide and resources:

Previous thread: >>22059416

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>read more

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third for japping

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tfw no president gf

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do anime cards at animecards.site

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reminder that マット is the 一番強い外人 and the reason people in this topic obsessively hate him is out of jealousy.

dude's got fucking great taste is sweaters, too.

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why isn't that link in the op? this thread is already over

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i never hated matt and i'm this guy >>22044872

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why dont u post some clips of him having good japanese to counter all the ones weve posted of him having bad japanese

pro tip u cant

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Can someone translate these lyrics please?
It's a good song. https://youtu.be/vV5pGROOfoQ

特別な手紙 どこかに置いて行こう
旅立ちはいつだって 勇気がいるけど

広げた地図は 空に描き出してく

吹き抜ける風を 追いかけて走る
誰よりも先に ここで待ってる

心配しないで 涙の跡ならもう乾いてる

少しすまして 背伸びして
大人のふり 本当は 信じていたい

不安な横顔 笑い飛ばしたら
遠回りだと思うけど 見つめて

吹き抜ける風を 追いかけて走る
誰よりも先に ここで
流れ出す景色 この胸に響く
いつまでも続いてくストーリー このまま

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song lyrics are harder than kobun good luck finding someone that can do that for you

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>special letter
now you do the rest

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let's place it somewhere

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lets use our combined strength to translate one piece at a time
leave behind somewhere

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Actually been studying a good amount the last few days, and been on the upswing the last few months in general.
I'm gonna make it

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got u covered dude no worries

Let's put a special letter somewhere
I always have the courage to leave
Don't hesitate

I'll walk all the way
Draw the expanded map in the sky

Run following the wind that blows through
Waiting here before anyone else

Do n’t worry, if it ’s a tear, it ’s already dry.

Wait a moment and stretch out
Pretending to be an adult I really want to believe

Anxious side profile
Open your heart door
It ’s full
Your strength to catch
I think it ’s a detour, but stare

Run following the wind that blows through
Before anyone else here
The scenery flowing out echoes this chest
All of endless dreams
A story that will last forever

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no plagiarism

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i mena i cant put it any better than "anxious side profile" so if u cant beat him join em i always say

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damn jamal ruined this epic 'we moment'

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i guess u guys forgot this isnt the thread to ask for translations

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don't answer to namefag posts wtf are you doing.

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how long does it take to get good enough to where you automatically filter out all the stuff you don't know so you trick yourself into thinking you understand 95% of SoL anime?

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wow what a cutie, i want to hold her hand instead of making jav cards

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idk let me check my spreadsheet detailing all my known morphs

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That's not about getting good and more about learning to read the context, you can dekinai your way through most anime

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isnt a group effort from djt punishment enough for asking for a translation
instead u just help him use google thats exactly what he wanted

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i dont think google translate garble is hwat he wanted

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ive been wondering how this happens is it a low iq thing

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Dude literally said he "isn't a food guy" I can't get on board with that sort

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Anybody got a link to that video of Matt roasting George? I can't find it

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is a west coast american, that's all that needs to be said

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The video where he talks to his wife?

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you just need to get to the top of mount stupid where you live in a nihongo fantasyland

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How long a day should I be studying, and at what intensity, assuming I want to be functionally literate but not necessarily high-tier within like 2 years

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6 hours a day at maximum intensity

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Ajatt tells you to watch stuff and don't care if you don't understand, which trains your brain to ignore everything you don't know. This may lead to undesired results in the long run.

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Fucking this. You adapt to whatever so care of what you're adapting to

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i mean its not that far off cuz all in moderation : )
u should know ur gonna miss shit and not look up everything
but u should also care enough to look up some shit

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Studies have shown standing provides a net benefit while studying due to improved circulatory performance, increasing the bloodflow to the brain

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I took a two week vacation to Japan and now my vocab and kanji decks have 1000+ reviews that have built up. What should I do? For some reason restoring a backup doesn't change the reviews back to what they were before I left.

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what does this mean?????? 20 episodes a day????

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kill all uppercasers

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It was a series he started but only did two videos in and he just roasts you tubers. It's probably his best video but I haven't seen it in a while.

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do you not know how anki works bro

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do sentence cards

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what anime should i watch now that ive caught up with demon slayer. i feel like anything i watch now will just be disappointing in its poor quality.

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tf2 bro? u have to watch kyoto animation shows lol im telling u man

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im not that guy im just ripping off his posting style a bit cause i find it entertaining. he doesn't even like demon slayer whereas i thought it was really good

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the review time is based on the actual date so restoring a backup or w/e isn't going to change the dates on your cards. just do your reps or delete anki. 1000 reps is easy

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alright maybe ill watch haruhi since ive never seen it and ive heard the name so many times

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imagine watching haruhi in 2019

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make sure to watch every episode

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Special separate hand paper, placement going
Trip stand up courage spirit

Wide ground map, empty sketch exit

Blow slip out wind chase run
Who? Before wait

Heart distribute, tears track drought

Few stature expand
Large person

Book hit faith

Negative relax sideways face laugh fly
Heart front door open
Spirit hold

Accept stop old boy strong
Distant -times think see

Blow slip out wind chase run
Who? Before
Current exit scenery color bosom echo

Limit dream whole

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i consider it an absolute favorite still but for some reason i never felt the need to rewatch it

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Season two really takes the show to new extents. You're in for a treat and a bit of built in reps.

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I'm not worried about the reps, I'm worried that anything that I get wrong is going to be reset which basically means I'm resetting the deck anyway. I'm more worried about this for the kanji deck which is going to be a nightmare.

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rewatching it made it worse

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>I'm worried that anything that I get wrong is going to be reset which basically means I'm resetting the deck anyway.
you could just change your "new interval %" in the deck lapses tab to something like 50% then it won't reset your failed cards back to 1 day

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How do you say compelling content in Japanese, also to they have a term for using desu and masu? Like formal but not keigo

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Rtk in motion

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If you know what うぽつ means, you know Japanese.

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just did 90 sentence cards in 30 minutes

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just did 300 vocab cards in 18 minutes

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is there any way to put a play button on your cards so that audio from a particular field will only play when the button is clicked, rather than being played automatically every time on the card being flipped?

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quints dont lie

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isolated words arent real japanese immersion

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imagine this not being obvious

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check em

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how? can't find anything in the manual.

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dont respond to me if you do vocab cards, especially if you think doing a lot of cards in a short amount of times means anything when i am doing the readings for multiple words per card

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i do the readings for 'multiple words' in the hours i spend reading while you look at the same worn out sentences you already know kankernoob

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i do that too so i guess that means i win

>> No.22066888

no because you also waste your time doing sentence cards

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read more

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sentence cards are only good if you don't consume Japanese media at all.

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it's more reading faggot

>> No.22066899

reading random out of context sentences you've already read a million times isnt reading dude

>> No.22066901

do u also think struggling through a nipponese dictionary u cant read is more efficient cuz its more nihongo emersion

>> No.22066906

wtf do you think the point of srs is i dont read anything often that i dont actually need to see

>> No.22066908

Agreed. If you read every day sentence cards are pointless. Read more and just rep words so you CAN read more. Then watch raws till fluent.

>> No.22066911

doesnt matter you should try not to use a dictionary very often either way

also uh oh an uppercaser just agreed with you i guess that means i win again

>> No.22066917

>wtf do you think the point of srs is i dont read anything often that i dont actually need to see
you've just proved why vocab cards are better. your cards have multiple words on them, and it's likely only one of them you actually need to see to remember it at that moment. so basically you're just increasing the amount of time it takes to do anki for no reason because you have to read the sentences to get to the part that's actually worth repping (ie the individual word you want to remember).

>> No.22066923

prob to practice more than 3 words a minute lmfao u know they used to call em flash cards do u know why
>also uh oh an uppercaser just agreed with you
imagine caring about their opinions

>> No.22066934

wrong again you're just looking at things very black vs white

it's not as simple as knowing a word vs not knowing a word

a sentence card is made in the first place because there is one word on it i have never seen before but that doesnt mean there arent other words on the card that i only know to like 75% accuracy. if i have a word on multiple cards i start to understand the nuances better not just through reading every day but also much needed forced repetition

do sentence cards like matt says

>> No.22066938

u know matt is an uppercaser right

>> No.22066939

>if i have a word on multiple cards i start to understand the nuances better not just through reading every day but also much needed forced repetition
lol you're floundering bro. there's literally nothing different between this idea and just reading a lot. your 'repetition' is the exact same as the repetition you get from reading (ie you see all the words you know constantly), except you have the pointless time waste of having to read a whole sentence to rep the word. the point of using anki is to get some basic familiarity with a word so you dont have to use a dictionary next time you see it and you can start to get more familiar with it just by reading.

>> No.22066940

but the forced repeition of sentences is mostly good for outputting so if you dont care about outputting the words you see then i can see why you wouldnt want to do sentence cards

>> No.22066944

do u know japanese

>> No.22066945

didnt read you already got wreck't

i can tell you havent started outputting yet

>> No.22066946

ive lived in japan lol

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vocab cards are just anime cards without the fun

>> No.22066960

theres nothing fun about anime cards. they're just treated like vocab cards after the first time you see it so 90% of the time its no different

>> No.22066961

am i just retarded or is there no way to make this add-on do what i said?

i know i can prevent audio clips from playing automatically in anki's settings, then create a situation where the audio only plays when i click one of these buttons, but that's not what i'm trying to accomplish. i want the audio from field 1 to play automatically when i flip the card but not the audio in field 2 (i want the audio in field 2 to play only when i click the button).

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lets see you say this to qm face

>> No.22066969

im in discord and ive chatted shit about his cards many many times

>> No.22066973

theres nothing fun about anime cards
ur just fuckin whack

>> No.22066975

ok well i didn't get that exact meaning from what you said so maybe it's impossible after all

>> No.22066978

cant you do the same with sentence cards then like just bold the word

>> No.22066979

do my version of anime cards where instead of doing all kinds of busy work making the card u just run thru the process entirely in ur head and move on

>> No.22066984

kotoba hakkenshta
mined : )

>> No.22066987

i realised that it's actually jamal's almost-genius IQ that is biasing him towards thinking that this is possible. he simply can just memorise words upon hearing it a couple times

>> No.22066990

what if karbin made it far enough in his nihongo career to start sayin

>> No.22066991

i dont memorize

im just not afraid to enjoy it while its here and let it go and if it comes back someday it was meant to be

>> No.22066998

you wouldn't be able to understand japanese if your brain didn't remember words/their meanings, no matter how hard you try to make it into some spiritual process that 'just happens, man'. whether you like it not your genius level IQ has allowed you to not have to worry about the process

>> No.22067014

it works like this for everyone
you consume content and some words stick and some don't
it has nothing to do with jamal's iq, it's not like he's going to immediately remember every word he ever comes across

>> No.22067018

im not trying to make it spiritual ur brain very much does create the connections it needs to allow recollection its just i dont think u have to consciously force it on shit that is out of context

its the context that allows ur brain to do these things and eventually u gain enough grasp with the language in general to deal with new things and use what u know in doing so

if ur talking about remembering how to read kanji then yah if u wanna be super good at that u gotta i guess do gay memory shit cuz context only gets u so far and thats a very real part of it

depends on how much u care

>> No.22067019

i just use anki and the words stick like that though

>> No.22067022

do u need a genius level iq to know english too

>> No.22067023

think of it like this u card tards are filling in pixels in all random places of a image where som1 thats learning japanese starts in the middle with a few pixels and fills in more pixels connected to the pixels they already have filled in until the image starts to take shape

>> No.22067028

In a perfect world maybe, but in this world you supplement to get those gains.

>> No.22067034

basically all the card tards have more pixels filled in all over the place but u cant tell what the image is but the guy learning japanese has filled in less pixels but the image is able to be discerned

c o p e

>> No.22067037

hai doumo konnichiwa matto desu maa

>> No.22067038

>if ur talking about remembering how to read kanji then yah if u wanna be super good at that u gotta i guess do gay memory shit cuz context only gets u so far and thats a very real part of it
this is basically what people use anki for tho lol. do you think ppl would use anki if they were learning french or some shit and could just read every word they see without having to think about it?

>> No.22067040

performance enhancers are banned for a reason

>> No.22067045

>this is basically what people use anki for tho lol.
get out of this conversation if u dont watch the mia update vids

>> No.22067051


>> No.22067052

ok "this is basically what people in this thread use anki for" im not talking about spreadsheet guy

>> No.22067054

remember i said 10 mins of flashcards a day is the acceptable limit

and i meant it

>> No.22067059

ur underestimating how many hopeless idiots are in this thread

>> No.22067061

i wanna just nut tap this dude while hes rattlin off with all that bull shit

>> No.22067067

Just as it's possible to become unable to understand spoken language if one does not do listening practice, I believe it's possible for a person to not understand body language if one reads/listens too much without ever seeing a person's face or body.

>> No.22067068

i dont really disagree w/ although id say the total amount of time is probably however much time you have with nothing better to do but tap cards on your phone (ie when on the shitter). someone with constipation may be allowed 30 mins of anki

>> No.22067070

i forgot to watch this but its real important in the current conversation

>> No.22067076

10 mins of focused flashcard activity then 20 mins of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3RHcYcVxJw

>> No.22067094

darkness on my mind

its ok

it happens all the time

>> No.22067096

why didn't anyone tell me learning japanese was so fun and fulfilling?

>> No.22067097

all learning is fun and fulfilling

>> No.22067098

who tf are you

>> No.22067101

a guy who doesnt jack off to cartoon children

>> No.22067102

who who
who who

>> No.22067103

I wouldn't know this is my first time learning anything of value

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File: 291 KB, 552x1005, 1563873453480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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what value

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File: 101 KB, 500x750, POTYAJ-005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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this is a photoshop right

>> No.22067122

looks like shes got that condition where u get hella fluid in ur legs and they get real big they should take her to the doctor

>> No.22067125

nah, nips have pixelated faces irl.

>> No.22067126

w/e I just want her to smother me to death

>> No.22067131

is his face a coochie?

>> No.22067135

using offensive language, like, isn't funny

>> No.22067137


>> No.22067139

youre right and may i add that it is also not cool

>> No.22067143 [DELETED] 

says the nigger guy

>> No.22067168

just finished the first episode of haruhi. quite enjoyable show. will continue watching.

>> No.22067171

fuck i'm at the part in core that just throws about 900 different words that mean "production" or "industry" at you


>> No.22067173

guess you should start being productive about learning

>> No.22067177

lmfao owned

>> No.22067178

low blow

>> No.22067180

im kind of surprised u think that

though i watched it in release order so the first episode was some horseshit

>> No.22067186

time to drop it.

>> No.22067188

is ankidroid the app I want for android

>> No.22067193

>im kind of surprised u think that
why? it's pretty funny although it's obviously quite dated

>> No.22067201

going to finish k on today

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File: 1.47 MB, 1920x1440, 1558879459305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i keep thinking 強大 whenever i see or hear きょうだい for some reason so i was very confused but now i get it, the implication is disgusting desu

>> No.22067203

it's more of a show i loved over time not immediately but like i said i watched it in a different order

>> No.22067206

just drop it and start making your own shit at this point, and READ REAL SHIT

>> No.22067219

why jap need so many word for same thing

>> No.22067230

u got issues

>> No.22067231

>dude just let ur twin fuck ur wife cmon bro its normal what do uhave issues or something?

>> No.22067236

what he said

>> No.22067245

who said anything about twins or fucking

>> No.22067256

>100+ new replies
>no (you)s
i am disappoint

>> No.22067258



>> No.22067266

ive got 31 yous already

>> No.22067282

i have 24 and that was without trying btw

>> No.22067286

i wasnt trying either

>> No.22067287

this is what people do when they say they watch raw anime and comprehend it?

>> No.22067288

i got some yous but they dont really matter to me i just pretend like they do

>> No.22067289

here's one one me :^)

>> No.22067292

i sometimes read shousetsu while i walk around town or to the grocery store and i've noticed i can read a bit faster than usual

>> No.22067301

are you fluent

>> No.22067302

once i pass the N1 im gonna become a namefag so watch out

>> No.22067306

i got 7 yous in this whole thread cuz im busy emersing
whats ur excuse

>> No.22067313

n1 doesnt mean much though

>> No.22067340

350 jcat score incoming

>> No.22067343

post the matt clip acting perplexed at the 1 jcat question about the seasons as he somehow picks the right answer anyway

>> No.22067349

is there a clip of him sayin he thinks he got 100% cuz hes pretty sure he didnt miss anything

>> No.22067360

if you can criticize matt like that, it must be because you find jcat questions to be hella easy, and should therefore have no problem getting a 360 or more

>> No.22067366

btw fuck the jlpt and fuck jlpters

>> No.22067368

its just rng on what questions u get though matt said himself >>22067349

>> No.22067369

i mean i already got a perfect 400 what else do u want

>> No.22067374

pretty smart of him to be one as someone who needs to market his shit to uppercasers and as a result he doesnt have to work a regular job

>> No.22067376

idk makin 20k a year isnt really real job territory thats like side hustle shit

>> No.22067378

the only reason that he doesn't have to work a regular job is that garry and barry still put up with his shit

>> No.22067385

but he's like a buddhist monk he doesnt need anything except food and shelter

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File: 387 KB, 2082x983, kana sentence card.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on this card format?
(there is audio for the sentence taken from the audiobook on the back, btw)

Rationale for no kanji on the front:
1) Kanji provide clues as to the meanings of words. This lets you cheat when trying to understand the word/sentence (they also let you cheat in other ways, e.g. via their function as a sentence segmenter as described below).
2) Since there are no clear boundaries between words, it becomes more difficult to visually break down the sentence, forcing you to actually consciously read it in order to make sense of it. This will hopefully act to counter a commonly mentioned problem with sentence cards which is that, after a time, one glance at the sentence is all it takes for you to remember the word you're being tested on. If you can't visually break down the sentence at a glance (because there are no kanji), you have to actually read it.

The downside to this is that obviously you end up not actually being tested on kanji reading ability. To get around that, I was thinking of having a second set of cards in the deck which would be like QM's anime cards (my cards will contain all the necessary data on them to become anime cards anyway so I may as well make use of said data), but I would only test on the reading for these cards and probably just have vocab audio rather than sentence audio on the back.

>> No.22067390

both of those are quite expensive on their own

>> No.22067394

matt liked this

>> No.22067395
File: 370 KB, 2082x983, quizban.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>To get around that, I was thinking of having a second set of cards in the deck which would be like QM's anime cards
Here's a screenshot of my layout these too because why not.

>> No.22067398

Maybe if you live in a big city.

>> No.22067399

im not watchin that but if theres a nick tier story in it post the timestamp plz

>> No.22067400

yoga get checks from his estranged family to pay the bills

>> No.22067404

suck a dick retard ur never eeVVerr going to learn japanese

>> No.22067409

where did you get the audio book

>> No.22067412

isnt yoga married he prolly just leeches off his wife while telling her look this internet thing is gonna work out i promise

>> No.22067419

I was just looking through the Discord a few days ago out of curiosity and I found a link to some audiobooks posted there. I have a feeling it was a Google Docs link, but it might've just been a Mega link. I can't really remember.

I didn't save the link itself, but it shouldn't be too hard to find if you have a look.

>> No.22067435

i've never thought about doing that
i almost feel like kanji readability would sort iself out automatically through context if you know the words in kana

>> No.22067443

he spoke with him on an (unlisted?) yoga stream. he is a favorite disciple of matt, according to matt.

>> No.22067449

this is dumb just watch anime

>> No.22067489


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>> No.22067499

yes pls continue

>> No.22067503

cant believe matt admitted he didnt even read any of the manga on his walls. at least lie about it

>> No.22067512

>I don't remember how but the teachers realized how good I was at Japanese
yea ok sure buddy im imagining this dude talking with some japanese people and then raising his voice to a yell when he notices a teacher so they can hear him lol

>> No.22067523

*in lucas voice* honey i pROMise this internet thing is gonna work out ull see

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>The downside to this is that obviously you end up not actually being tested on kanji reading ability.
It just occurred to me that you could argue (and I have indeed seen it argued) that regular sentence cards don't test kanji reading ability either since you can use your memory of the sentence to cheat on reading the words. It might really be completely pointless to have kanji on the fronts of sentence cards, and even outright detrimental due to the reasons I mentioned before.

Does anyone here do sentence cards? How often do you find that you learn a word in Anki and then fail to recognise it in the wild because you couldn't read the kanji?

>> No.22067530

just tryin to imagine like a russian language learning community where people do shit like autistically compile stats on read characters and idolize guys who rip up dostoevsky books to wallpaper their rooms

>> No.22067533

imagine actually paying to watch unlisted videos of some dekinai cultists instead of listening to japanese.

>> No.22067536

u can watch them all for free ?

>> No.22067537

nice try but i'm not telling you how to pirate his streams

>> No.22067546

the maintainer should link it in the ln page matt links to lmfao

>> No.22067560

I think I can forgive you if you pirated them even though I don't see why. Just go watch some anime instead.

>> No.22067564

pause the thread im about to start an ero scene

>> No.22067565

just take your time facing your fears man

>> No.22067566

because matt is the greatest learner of the hardest language ever and my japanese improves just by listening to him speak in english? moron.

>> No.22067575

in general, nothing beats sentence cards. but if you find yourself forgetting some readings, make a second card. it doesn't happen very often though.

>> No.22067576

doesnt happen

>> No.22067586

fug, well there goes that theory

thanks for the responses

>> No.22067590


>> No.22067601

jcat doesn’t mean much though

>> No.22067602

ngl mattvsjapan has done some pretty cringeworthy things

>> No.22067603


>> No.22067608

where do you watch them?

>> No.22067613

fuck the jcat let's take the jdog

>> No.22067634

kinda disturbing he has now slapped his brand on this guy who has nothing to do with it

>> No.22067645

which discord

>> No.22067657

remember if u consume japanese media ur an mia success story lmfao

>> No.22067658

It's linked on the itazuraneko landing page. Just CTRL+F for "discord" and you'll find it.

>> No.22067659

don't use discord. https://stallman.org/discord.html
use this instead https://matrix.org/

>> No.22067667
File: 59 KB, 1617x537, キャプチャ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we all know who won tho

>> No.22067668

there is several discords and I checked them all but I can't find a link to audio books

>> No.22067675

Yeah, that's seriously not cool. Both downright misleading and trying to snatch the credit for someone else's success.

>> No.22067681

wheres the djt matrix

>> No.22067693

haven’t we all? just not on video

>> No.22067706

matrix huh maybe its time to make my patreon discord on that

>> No.22067707

uuuhhhh animecards.site says sentence cards are bad though

>> No.22067708

Go into the #feedback channel and look for a post by a guy called Yuki made on 2019/09/05. There should be 2 Google Docs links - you want the first one.

I won't post the link here in case he doesn't want it being shared outside of the Discord. You should be able to find it with the info I've given you above.

>> No.22067740
File: 95 KB, 1300x957, doctor-looking-ray-male-examining-image-34806225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't have the patience to read a grammar guide; am I going to make it?

>> No.22067759

Just look through the grammar cheatsheet and start reading.

>> No.22067766

they don't have the patience for it retard

>> No.22067790

we're in the process of getting enough people. I or you can create the group right now but it would have 3.5 members.

keep in mind that the site is made by a namefag. i wouldn't trust such a person.

>> No.22067798

if u dont have the patience to read a grammar guide cuz ur too busy havin fun then yes i think u will make it

>> No.22067800

someone else post it

>> No.22067818

i think what cripples a lot of people’s learning process is thinking of japanese as a school subject with tests you have to pass and shit
every time you forget something you get all mad because you wanted a 100 on your made up test
you don’t even realize you’re adding unnecessary stress and unpleasantness to the process

>> No.22067823

*forget something or see something you don’t know

>> No.22067836

I rage when this happens. Then I create a bunch of flashcards with the word and all the words that share the same kanji.

>> No.22067838

ty dude

>> No.22067848
File: 144 KB, 932x262, 1547550467478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

have you tried watching one instead?

>> No.22067859

nah its just that japanese is really hard and takes years to be good and most people dont last that long

>> No.22067862

don't read the grammar guide, just skim it
the only thing you should be reading is japanese

>> No.22067865

Just make sentence cards

>> No.22067866

Huh never caught that but idk if he's trying to be nefarious here man he probably just wants to keep the numbering consistent but he should probably separate the AJATT interviews from the MIA interviews anyway. nick, pat, ben, and brit all did ajatt.

>> No.22067895

Why are uppercase posters so much more intelligent than lowercase posters?

>> No.22067903

still takes years

>> No.22067905

I don't think anybody here does this?

>> No.22067922

i forgot to do that thing vlad recommended where i mine a bunch of grammar guide sentences. i usually do audio cards but i'd make exceptions for grammar.

>> No.22067935

if only i had the foresight of learning japanese early like when i was 12 yo i'd be actually glad to have done at least something right in my life

>> No.22067950

it feels a lot harder when you add unnecessary stress. what i’m getting at is that a lot of people quit because they made the process more painful for themselves than necessary due to their fucked mindset

>> No.22067961

if you'd learned japanese when u were 12 it probably would have led to you just jerking it to obscure hentai and posting in degenerate online communities all thru your adolescence and growing up a complete loser ah wait fuck

>> No.22067969

>ah wait fuck
yea why would you even hit the submit button after realizing this

>> No.22067974

i don’t mean literally writing out grades for yourselves and marking red x’s with a pen when you get something wrong. your attitudes towards the learning process show through your posts. the obsession with anki stats is one indicator

>> No.22068001

i only care about my anki stats because retention relates to how many cards i have to repeat, which takes up time. ofc im gonna be happy i have more time to read if i get 90%+

>> No.22068012

After studying for three years as a child day and night I had completed the N1 by the time I was sixteen. When I was eighteen I got my first translation job at a small company and moved to Japan where I met my first wife; although we married we never had children. Living in a small apartment complex in Tokyo, young and full of joy, we lived, laughed, and loved.

>> No.22068023

i feel sorry for your loss

>> No.22068024

imagine how much better ur life would be if u had at least learned japanese while doin this

>> No.22068031

why is tokyo so shit, and where should i go instead?

>> No.22068047

its population is bigger than a lot of countries, heck it's more than 3 times bigger than the population of my ethnicity

>> No.22068048

something more rural would be perfect but not so far away from the city so the language doesn't completely deform into a different one (like in that video where those two very old BBAs are talking to each in a very not japanese sounding dialect)

>> No.22068049

im definitely the only person in this thread who has lived in tokyo so my opinion is the only one that counts and tokyo is great

>> No.22068051

stay in your home town
nihonjin don't really feel that comfortable with gaijin's presence.

>> No.22068064

nah i'm just going to kms anyway, so don't worry about me ruining japan

>> No.22068082

smaller cities anywhere else in japan

>> No.22068085

i wish i lived in a place where i would at least feel comfortable raising my children

>> No.22068123
File: 8 KB, 201x251, 子猫.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what would you do if three of these crawled on your lap and started rubbing up against you for warmth

>> No.22068145

politely get up and go elsewhere.

>> No.22068156


>> No.22068192
File: 336 KB, 828x772, 1563876889004.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look like this

>> No.22068202

probably just shoot myself in the head right there.

>> No.22068228

You know I really feel like I am in the period of my life where my sexual energy is at its absolute peak and I could fuck for hours and no matter how great that is it is all going to waste and will become very scary when I start feeling my stamina and energy decrease as I get a bit older, is the time that happens what you call mid life crisis

>> No.22068247

you've never fucked though

>> No.22068254


>> No.22068256

not interested in sex

>> No.22068258

lmao i recommend the haruhi anime, the amount of words per episode must be crazy

>> No.22068259

you should castrate yourself and join a choir

>> No.22068262

new game has a lot of words per episode

>> No.22068263

i was about to say based but then i read the name

>> No.22068268

nah that happens way before ur midlife crisis lmfao

>> No.22068286

im on episode 8 now its definitely a lot more than average

>> No.22068323

what's the name of that song that starts with

>> No.22068353

no idea

>> No.22068410

so many words that are kouka

>> No.22068411

put them in anki

>> No.22068425


>> No.22068427

just google it ?

>> No.22068486


>> No.22068496

alrighty I can read hiragana and katakana. what do I do now?

>> No.22068504


>> No.22068507

Download hentai: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/
Go through this over about a month: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/

>> No.22068514
File: 44 KB, 500x500, yooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22068522

what's the hentai for then

>> No.22068528


>> No.22068532

think I was lied to japanese is most certainly not easy peasy japanesey

>> No.22068538

alright, after I jerk off to some anal hentai I'll go through that site, thanks!

>> No.22068540

but you poop from there

>> No.22068542

mine this 握力計

>> No.22068548

you're supposed to mine things you don't know.

>> No.22068557
File: 172 KB, 512x428, d9ue4ws-be537faf-fadc-4d86-8984-ca5596fb3728.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's either that or smegma, and let me tell you boy there ain't enough 2D girls eating smegma on the internet

>> No.22068562

mine these, は & が

>> No.22068568

if I try to roll my Rs it just comes out as an L sound, what do

>> No.22068583

I ain't got no smega they chopped off my dick hat

>> No.22068589

why are u trying to roll ur rs

>> No.22068594


>> No.22068598

>why are u trying to roll ur rs

>> No.22068626

how do you explain to your family you're learning japanese for porn slideshows

>> No.22068642

i feel bad for circumcised niggas

>> No.22068662

hey, the ma belives I'm learning because I watch chinese cartoons from time to time, not because of CG porn and old vusal novels

>> No.22068672

your ま is a ほ

>> No.22068677


>> No.22068732

just say ur learning nihongo for superior japanese media
u dont have to tell them superior japanese media has 3 nakadashi cg per heroine

>> No.22068750

nah don't worry about it. it's not a good thing but most of us don't know what it's like to have our foreskin so it's not important to us.

>> No.22068811

yeah until a girl says oh somethings missing

>> No.22068817

that doesn't happen in the US

>> No.22068841

yeah ur more likely to get complaints about it still bein there lol

>> No.22068878

your penis is intact eww gross

>> No.22068880

once I was gonna fugg this girl and she didn't know what circumcision was so she freaked out cause she thought I had a mutant dick

>> No.22068883
File: 30 KB, 640x333, jl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wait why is his name quizmaster again?

>> No.22068885

women are imbeciles

>> No.22068888

if there's something positive in my life, it's that at least the jews didn't steal my foreskin

>> No.22068894
File: 171 KB, 998x998, 1484632507368.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22068903

Freud did say that
Not in Japanese though

>> No.22068908

i actually found and recovered mine. it was in the possession of a 92 year old rabbi who had quite a few foreskins in his vegetable cellar. anyway it's now back in my possession though not attached to me.

>> No.22068915

what's it like to make the leap from ez vns to ez lns?

>> No.22068937

i see gto and dbz so it makes sense

dbz is too boring and gto is too hard to understand lol

>> No.22068964

nice have u shown it to anybody

>> No.22068969

no i keep it in my nightstand in a wedding ring box i bought for it

>> No.22068982

It's an extremely easy transition, the only difference being that lns have practically no illustrations in comparison to vns.

>> No.22068997

pissed me off when i found out lns only have 3 illustrations per book

>> No.22069002

what a fuckin proposal imagine sliding it on someones finger

>> No.22069019

ya im saving it for someone special

>> No.22069023

There's a reason why visual novels are called VISUAL novels.

>> No.22069059
File: 43 KB, 641x456, language.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22069069

im tired n have to wake up early tomorrow so i prob shouldn't get extremely into any dense philosophical texts or anything rn but my ero game is calling to me

>> No.22069075

vns are much more enjoyable imo
lns have so much gd buildup at the start andd don't have any music, va, or cute pics for you to look at while you plod through the SOL stuff to get to the plot

>> No.22069080


>> No.22069081

what is the equivalent of word / acronym "ost" in japanese

>> No.22069085


>> No.22069180

i wanna play this game so fuckin bad but i can't get a pirate copy to work it just keeps saying insert original disc, would a physical copy work just fine or am i just fucked

>> No.22069216

need a better disc mounting tool or a crack

>> No.22069246

why is reading so much easier than listening. i'm about to give up on listening entirely

>> No.22069258

that you tf2 guy

>> No.22069260

damn japs talk too fast

>> No.22069268

so shuld I read the grammar guide first, or study sum kanji

>> No.22069284

there is nothing more fun in this world than fucking kanji

>> No.22069429
File: 991 KB, 2486x1807, cheatsheet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Learn everything on this cheat sheet. Then go look for something to read.
it's gonna be painful regardless of when you start or how much you think you already know, so why not start as quickly as possible so that you don't feel like you're suffering that much later on?

>> No.22069433

Of course he didn't. Manga is not reading.

>> No.22069440
File: 106 KB, 243x252, Gi0hKnuB9U.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22069451

this chart is confusing

>> No.22069469

worst thing i've seen

>> No.22069475

ull remember that shit a lot faster if u just read

>> No.22069490

i'm retarded and i don't understand how i'm supposed to learn anything on this sheet

>> No.22069492

today i read 50k characters of compelling dialogue here are some quotes
>「ぁ、はぁ……、っ、はぁ、ぁ、……、っ、はぁ、ぁっ、 ぅぅ、はぁ、っ、ふぅ、はぁ、ぁ、ぁ……っ」
>「っ、っ、っ、ちゅぅぅっ、ちゅぱっ、ん、ちゅるっ、 んんん、じゅる、ちゅ、んちゅ、っ、んぁ、んっ、 ちゅぅっ、ちゅっ、ちゅるるっ、じゅるっ、ん、ちゅるっ」
>「……っ! んんっ! んぐっ、んっ、んっ、んんん! じゅる、っ、……っ、っ! ん、んっ!」
this language is so fuckin ez

>> No.22069497

read more

>> No.22069501

Ask ur friend Tae Kim or KougohvsJapan

>> No.22069517

what's djt's hihan on languagepepe?

>> No.22069527


>> No.22069538

he's actually an apu, not a pepe properly speaking, but it seems like he chose to be called differently.

>> No.22069560

how to get a (you) in the djt thread:

step 1.

>> No.22069568


>> No.22069570
File: 68 KB, 500x500, kabukiman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22069579

i'm the most unknown user who posts the most here.

>> No.22069582

Yomichan's anki integration hasn't been working.
Anyone else?
What usually fixes it, the add card button isn't there anymore

>> No.22069590
File: 97 KB, 1047x192, Variations_of_the_213th_Chinese_radical,_gui_'tortoise'.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf is wrong with this language?

>> No.22069591

did u try unplugging it and plugging it back in

>> No.22069598

can we call you jarvis?

>> No.22069601

I don't see the problem they're all backwards capital Js with a fork or two, some boxes, and a hat on top.

>> No.22069603

*unplugs my dick n plugs it back in* do u love me yet

>> No.22069610

some look a lot more turtle-y than others

>> No.22069611

I tried opening and reopening chrome and anki yes.

>> No.22069619

no not that, the other one

>> No.22069621

that's chinese

>> No.22069639
File: 27 KB, 629x347, Ryakuji.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same shit, at least when it comes to characters.

>> No.22069650

all look the same to me boss

>> No.22069659

that's still chinese

>> No.22069675

yo dic is chineez

>> No.22069681


anyone else learning japanese because of these two dudes?

>> No.22069700

i'm learning because some guy on /a/ told me i couldn't learn "moonrunes" to read sum good untranslated lns and vns, so i decided to prove him wrong.

>> No.22069704


>> No.22069717

i want to be mixed race in my next life

>> No.22069729

unironically yes, those two have had the most influence on me out of anyone by far

>> No.22069737

this tae kim grammar guide is big and scary and i don't like it!!!!

>> No.22069738

i figure i have a higher chance of being reincarnated as 2d if i know nihongo

>> No.22069748

how's that work

>> No.22069759

its like kind of like a gamer getting isekaid into an mmo world

>> No.22069767

don't think that's a real thing

>> No.22069768

it's more like you could be reborn in a world that resembles an anime but not a world that's literally 2d to be clear...

>> No.22069772

who here does reading only cards

>> No.22069779

well it's basically like if you were born in the egyptian days and got to witness all of their ancient technology and shit

>> No.22069797

itd be a shame if it was and u missed out though
why draw the line there

>> No.22069802

explain how consciousness can be 2d though?

>> No.22069807

explain how u can be reincarnated in another world first

>> No.22069823

could happen if your soul finds a new host body

souls can definitely be recycled but i have a feeling that would only happen to bad people whilst djt is full of good souls that will be rewarded with eternal bliss in the afterlife

>> No.22069839

what do you mean, thats easy
its not our consciousness thats 3d in the first place
its our sense organs that perceive the world in 3d. that perception is just within our consciousness
when you close your eyes for example you're still conscious

>> No.22069844

can you read this: 私利私欲

>> No.22069847
File: 93 KB, 772x525, en432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>had to look up what a homophone was cause I couldn't remember
>sensei was right
am I gonna make it?

>> No.22069851

consciousness is the direct result of 3d process but you can argue that a soul isn't 3d i think

>> No.22069854

Any word you don't hear often enough is a word you might forget

>> No.22069860

then why do I know what love is

>> No.22069874

the universe is a projection of a 2d shell anyway

>> No.22069878

Because you hear/read it even if you don't experience it

>> No.22069882

the same reason u know what a stegosaurus is
it made a deep impression in u and ull never forget

>> No.22069887


>> No.22069898

yep しりしろく i got it right that was easy

>> No.22069913

if its so easy then why did it take u 10 minutes

>> No.22069925

yomichan takes 1 second so what are u tryin to say

>> No.22069930

whatever that means

>> No.22069933

think u kno exactly wat im tryin 2 say

>> No.22069938

what i dont stay on this screen 24/7

>> No.22069954

& y is that?

>> No.22069959

you got somewhere to be??? huh??

>> No.22069960

sick eroge

>> No.22069966
File: 3 KB, 230x257, stroke.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is futari written like this?

>> No.22069980

why is hitori written like this 独り

>> No.22069983

wanted to read for 15 minutes
ended up reading for 90 minutes
not even mad

>> No.22069985

u did good

>> No.22069997

reading less than 2 hours on a day im not busy at all is a failure

>> No.22070014

its all good as long as u lose urself in the music the moment u own it u better never let it go

>> No.22070016

imagine thinking like this

>> No.22070023

hes right

>> No.22070033

wait i didnt know you read things tho?

what do you read moefriend

>> No.22070050

btw im not gonna reach 2 hours today

maybe 1 hour

but at least i exercised today and played some smash bros so that feels nice

>> No.22070061

i have dabbled in manga and vns

>> No.22070067

didn't know having fun was 強制的な宿題

>> No.22070092

sounds like ur the one lacking compelling/fun content if 2 hours is a struggle just saying...

>> No.22070120

the trex is more closely related to the chicken than to the stegosaurus and the time gap between chickens today and when trex roamed the earth is smaller than when stegosauruses roamed the earth and trex roamed the earth.

>> No.22070199

minna genki ?

>> No.22070235

why is this language so ez? i have mastered over 9000 kanji in just this month

>> No.22070238

what do i do about the voices in my head

>> No.22070259

how does what i said imply struggling? if anything the opposite
if you have tons of compelling content there's no need to say "if i don't do x it's a failure"
you'd just be doing it

>> No.22070262

key word i said *if* 2 hours is a struggle, didnt say you were struggling

>> No.22070271

be hella 仲良し w. them ?

>> No.22070361

your sentence started off with an assumption lol
anyway hopefully you get my point now
no need to hang concepts like failure and deadlines over your head just do the stuff you like and naturally you will want to do it more and more

>> No.22070407

maybe read the whole sentence then?
it's not like i check how long ive been reading and force myself to keep going to 2 hours it's more like i reflect on what i did that day before going to sleep

yeah i am doing the stuff i like, you;re p r o j e c t i n g

>> No.22070460

>maybe read the whole sentence then?
>sounds like ur the one lacking compelling/fun content if...
if you didn't put the assumption first it would've sounded less assume-y. just a tip for your future interactions
>yeah i am doing the stuff i like
never said you weren't man. sounds like you're projecting that i'm projecting haha

>> No.22070498

then what are you telling me to do the stuff i like for ? i love to read, no excuse to not read for a couple hours on a day i am inside for vast majority of the day. and if i dont i can tell you it is almost always caused by distractions rather than boredom (i live with a lot of people)

>> No.22070555

Noob here, what is the best way to go about doing Anki reviews? Do I spend just spend a few seconds on each word and if nothing immediately comes to mind just hit fail and move on to the next or should I be taking my time trying to remember each word? Also, what is are some good books and content you guys would recommend for a beginner (know some grammar and like a thousand words or so). Thanks bros

>> No.22070628

I see, jaypee is still trying to shitpost this general back to /a/
Godspeed (fuck off janny I am on topic, discussing quality of thread)

>> No.22070653

oh i thought you were >>22070092 and not >>22069997. maybe you're both
anyway saying its a failure if you don't read a certain amount just adds a weird vibe that makes compelling content seem more like homework than fun
if its just a matter of distraction you could just say i'm workin on strategies to lessen distractions so i can fit in more of my compelling content or somethin rather than hanging stuff over your head like a big red x on your homework sheet
you're free to think of it however you want though, just came off as an unhelpful mindset when i read that

>> No.22070666

they're not voices, they're you
they're parts of your consciousness that are operating on distorted information and are not properly connected to your main awareness
learn to live with them like the ghost in your room or the parasite in your left hand
just keep in mind that they're basically incapable of doing anything but responding to your current state of mind and that normally they should have close to zero presence

>> No.22070683

>just keep in mind that they're basically incapable of doing anything but responding to your current state of mind
what about the time they told me to put my head in the wall so i did and my head literally went thru the wall into another dimension

>> No.22070699

that just means you were in a temporary delusional state, as though you yourself became one of those voices
keep a level head and it won't happen so much

>> No.22070726

that makes sense and it definitely makes sense to call them a "parasite" bcus for example i dont think they could do something like talk to me in a language i dont know myself, BUT for some people they can show them some basically unexplainable things just wanted to clarify that

>> No.22070739

not sure why you're being rude to the janny there hasn't been one deleted post that I've seen

>> No.22070757

ok so watched 7 anime episodes mined 7 words

ive found that 1 card per episode has been doing me good

>> No.22070769

how do mine cards from anime

>> No.22070794

i wouldn't consider them parasites more like subconscious processes glitching out and behaving like independent minds of their own temporarily but without the set of connections to the parts of you that connect you to reality
just friendly faces popping in to say hi or ask you why you worded something a certain way

>> No.22070812

yomichan and video.fluentcards.com or daiweeb

>> No.22070819

ok so you are a materialist

when you say learn to live with them like the ghost in my room, u dont actually believe in ghosts?

>> No.22070820

Don't fool me Janny, but as long as you stick to your word then you have my respect

>> No.22070822

no idea where you're going with this I'm speaking in metaphors not actual descriptions

>> No.22070830

this sounds like a very good idea

>> No.22070831

ok but i do actually have a ghost friend in my house and me and him are cool now so for a sec it made sense to deal with the voices the same way

>> No.22070839

i mean yeah they're basically the same thing
but that ghost is part of you too

>> No.22070849

thats not true the ghost is its own being

>> No.22070861

Isn't that, like, when you hate gay people?

>> No.22070884

when i record using sharex the volume is really low help

>> No.22070895

dont trust advice from ppl who dont want u to learn japanese

>> No.22070908
File: 251 KB, 1125x786, 7C7336E3-AEE9-4982-A182-DF4395DC45C8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pretty simple really

>> No.22070913

dunno maybe the volume of your program is really low or your Anki either way as I don’t have that problem not sure how to help ask on the ShareX server

>> No.22070916

why are you up so early

like at least eat breakfast first before coming on here sheesh

>> No.22070919

word of the day 旨

>> No.22070922 [DELETED] 


>> No.22070939

fixed it the volume returned to normal when i disconnected my bluetooth speaker

>> No.22070943

wait this isnt the learn russian thread is it

>> No.22070947

>down to the last route of the first eroge I'm reading
>don't want to read it because if I do, it'll be over and I will feel like shit because I can't get more
Who knew learning japanese was so depressing
How to cope?

>> No.22070963




>> No.22071004

am I the only having troubles looking up stuff into weblio?

>> No.22071107

confession: i never push the again button when i only fail the rendaku

>> No.22071110



>> No.22071152

if you look at the language learning, or language "acquisition" process at a neuroscientific level, all it essentially involves is the creation, and repeated activation of, neural patterns that make up the contents of the language (words, grammar constructions, their meanings and accurate uses).

a new word encountered is a brand new connection, but without repeated and strong enough activation (strength of activation depends on things like clarity of understanding, emotional impact, and the variety of sensory neurons involved), that connection won't last.
so the argument about what methods are better than others boils down to this alone:

what method(s) will reliably create repeated and powerful activation of newly encountered language patterns, in a way that causes strong (and thus easily accessible) neural networks to form?

>> No.22071173





>> No.22071203

anime cards

>> No.22071252



>> No.22071343

how do I fix this? why is it only loading audio?
there is no picture, even though I uploaded a .mkv file.
on chrome btw.

>> No.22071344
File: 320 KB, 2876x1588, Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 11.35.55.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck forgot picture

>> No.22071346

He asked what you read.

>> No.22071358



>> No.22071371

it says on the guide you didn’t read it

>> No.22071388

your guide? or which one?

>> No.22071397

yes at animecards.site
anyway stop downloading x265

>> No.22071440


>> No.22071443

but that's not a rolled r, the japanese r is usually a tapped r

>> No.22071523


>> No.22071547
File: 38 KB, 134x344, Screenshot 2019-09-14 at 12.16.47.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is the first letter supposed to be a れ?
doesn't make sense to me though.

>> No.22071550


>> No.22071565

when do I stop mixing 深 and 探?

>> No.22071579

yes, that's what I thought, because it's the only thing that makes sense, but why does the ロ look so weird? handwriting?

>> No.22071594

After you finish rtk

>> No.22071598

I don't think it's gonna help.

>> No.22071603

i've never mixed them up because in actual media it's always clear which one is which

>> No.22071604

I did and I never mix similar kanji

>> No.22071613

I wonder if Japanese kids do RTK in school

>> No.22071619

but I already know what the left radical means

>> No.22071633

how can you mix up water and the hand?

>> No.22071651

They do much more.
Good. Can you write 深 and 探 from memory?

>> No.22071653

this >>22071603
in what situation would you even mix them up
are you memorizing isolated kanji?

>> No.22071654

>i've never mixed them up because in actual media it's always clear which one is which
i was going to say exactly this. if you know words and you understand the context that will tell you

this is actually why i feel like all the kanji study people do is unnecessary. theres no practical reason to focus on individual kanji when you'll always see them in words and sentences which make it obvious

there are only a few exceptions to this and studying those exceptions alone as you come across them (probably less than 100) makes way more sense than drudging through 2,000+ individual kanji study. makes no sense

>> No.22071661

RTK/writing fags never fail to entertain me

>> No.22071665

glancing over text

>> No.22071674


>> No.22071676

knowing how i mastered the japanese i'm glad i never fell for the rtk wana. if i'll ever learn a third language it'll be just 'read more' till i make it

>> No.22071692

lmao weblio doesn't know the word おふれ.

>> No.22071694

lmao what other language, aside from chinese, will have you do something like rtk exactly?

>> No.22071703

no i mean
reading > learning materials of any kind

>> No.22071714

im starting to doubt this. i think listening is primary to reading

>> No.22071716

this is a mt. stupid sentiment. you've seen through the hoax that is academics in language acquisition, but you still don't get the bigger picture.

>> No.22071723




>> No.22071725

these are prolly true but i'm doing just fine reading eroge with what i've acquired until now

>> No.22071832

yeah probably the font

>> No.22071843









>> No.22071913
File: 61 KB, 640x360, p05lvlhp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.22071978




>> No.22072013









>> No.22072110


>> No.22072129
File: 131 KB, 728x855, kanken training 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you, Quizmaster

>> No.22072141

b a s e d

>> No.22072247

lets see the 詳細

>> No.22072305

ihad a dream about shitposting here
am i not going to make it

>> No.22072321

not bad
see people really put the test on a pedestal for no good reason, only reasons natives fail it is because they don’t study for it

>> No.22072361

you obviously havent watched best girls video

>> No.22072405

sorry I thought that I excluded retards was implicated

>> No.22072416


>> No.22072488


>> No.22072504
File: 153 KB, 709x835, details.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22072613

aha that dude says he's better than you but you blew him the fuck out!

>> No.22072665

Dolly talking about "ruining your nihongo".

>> No.22072697

qm says sentence cards are good (better than vocab cards which he identifies as being the worst card type), he just thinks anime cards are better

>> No.22072732

clearly an aberration

>> No.22072774

I just worded it like that so cultists don’t look at it and have an emotional panic attack before reading it but after I give you 10 reasons for why those cards suck you should realize I don’t think much of them btw there are more reasons but I got lazy writing that section, I could never recommend anyone do sentence cards with a clean consciousness

>> No.22072780

let me be clear I don’t think there is even 1 (one) reason to do sentence cards over anime cards and for me the act of doing sentence cards looks like nothing but crippling yourself

>> No.22072817

i might switch to sentence cards i think i'll appreciate the context

>> No.22072858

>I just worded it like that so cultists don’t look at it and have an emotional panic attack before reading it
if you want to get through to matt's followers, you should let more of your cockness show in your writing on the site. speak as if you're an authority and go all out bragging about how great anime cards are and shit on everything else as hard as you can. throw in some pseudo-scientific bullshit that they don't understand for good measure.

ajatters/mia-ers(?) like to feel as if they're part of some sort of elite above all the gaijin "ants" learning japanese and that their method is the best of the best. if you want to get them to listen to you you need to appeal to their inferiority complex.

make sure you don't shit on them in the process of shitting on sentence cards btw. you have to let them feel like they're part of your crew and that by their simple associate to *the* quizmaster they are somehow awesome as well.

>> No.22072970

>make sure you don't shit on them
not possible for adolf quizler

>> No.22072972

i just noticed that the term "compelling input" sounds weird to me because i'd never heard the word "compelling" outside of something like "compelling argument". i know that compelling means to be something that causes people to spring into action, but i'm not sure how it would be better to use that to describe linguistic input (which also sounds weird to me, since i associate "input" with electrical input).
core-style cards/qm-style anime cards have context in the back
that might be able to capture a few people who are mostly attracted by strong personalities instead of by strong, solid arguments. that kind of people would probably never stop wanting to get qm's advice and would ask him all sorts of stupid shit all day long, instead of doing their own thing, watching anime, making cards, etc.

>> No.22072983

>core-style cards/qm-style anime cards have context in the back
yea but not on the front

>> No.22073003

just made an anime card

>> No.22073006

sentence cards take the "flash" out of "flashcards". the point of flashcards should be to quickly look at whatever's in the front and rememeber 1 or 2 elements in the back.

>> No.22073011

this is even better than quiz's traditional anime cards because the massive amount of context helps make the word more memorable. good shit.

>> No.22073016

Compelling post anon.

>> No.22073019

i'm not worried about that. it'd only take like 5-10 seconds per sentence.

>> No.22073026


>> No.22073067
File: 1.39 MB, 1202x902, vlc_CaywHHjY9N.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22073098

It's fine (for now) if my main studying is mostly KKLC and doing Anki right?
I listen to Japanese music, play games in Japanese, and watch anime as well, but they add up to maybe an hour of non intensive studying at most.

>> No.22073138

read more
that should be the "main" thing

>> No.22073158

>mostly attracted by strong personalities instead of by strong, solid arguments
that's most people btw. most people aren't rational, even the ones who like to think they are. those people really just go along with their emotional response like everyone else and then try to find a way of rationalising their behaviour after the fact to make it appear as if it was based on some sort of logic from the beginning when it wasn't. most likely they on some level realise this, but it's an inconvenient realisation which contradicts their image of themselves so they push it into corner of their minds and allow themselves to be fooled.

>that kind of people would probably never stop wanting to get qm's advice and would ask him all sorts of stupid shit all day long, instead of doing their own thing, watching anime, making cards, etc.
if you're an unscrupulous person who only cares about money you can just charge them for the privilege like a certain someone else :^)

>> No.22073185

this phrase is confusing me

>> No.22073197

amazing card

what the fuck

>> No.22073204

anybody who has time to post here doesn't know japanese

>> No.22073231

But how do I remember the words beyond mining them? I don't know enough to go more than a sentence before being bombarded with new words

>> No.22073232

why would knowing japanese make me busy?

>> No.22073235

congrats u don't know japanese ^

>> No.22073236
File: 643 KB, 1149x603, bul.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

he's provoking the oni sister with his human blood and by stabbing her. god this show is so amazing omg best anime ever fucking EPIC presentation and i hope she retains a semblance of sanity

>> No.22073238

>what the fuck
this is why people say logh isnt a masterpiece

>> No.22073241

why are you so mad all the time. demon slayer is great. how did i catch up before you anyway

>> No.22073262

well like i said before i was sold on it being a good show with great episodes but it was virtually all shallow dumb boring bullshit and it's genuinely one of the worst anime i've watched because i usually try to watch shows which are considered masterpieces and i thought to myself "well maybe you'll enjoy this just lower your expectations and enjoy it for what it is" but what it is is a bunch of nothing. and you caught up because you're entertained by this garbage and i absolutely loathe it. plus you can understand a lot more and i mostly have to read the jap subs.

>> No.22073280

the beginning when trying to break into reading will be painful, but the earlier you start the better
also when you see a word enough times or in context with something like an emotional scene it will stick regardless of anything else

>> No.22073299

new kanji for my home bois

>> No.22073300

what other anime do you like apart from hxh

>> No.22073305

looks old to me

>> No.22073308

how many kanji are on your grid?

>> No.22073320 [DELETED] 
File: 387 KB, 269x270, 1550705644387.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


that huge mega folder full of audiobooks is fucking gone. is there a mirror anywhere?

>> No.22073328

>wave of humanity
best translation in the history of translations

>> No.22073333


>> No.22073349

thats a a bit lower than my total but gz on knowing that one word.

>> No.22073363

oh well i probably know more than you anyway cause i dont bother adding shit i know. i only started mining when my vocab was around 20k

>> No.22073366


>> No.22073395 [DELETED] 

nvm just realized we have a page in the library for them

>> No.22073431

Just finished my first VN, are they all this emotional?

>> No.22073438

what did you finish?

>> No.22073442

yes stefan

>> No.22073446
File: 3.55 MB, 1100x3829, 1540871794357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Flyable Heart, I'm following this noob chart

>> No.22073449

many of them are.
if you've ever watched anime adaptations of vns (clannad, to heart, white album), you'd already know this.

>> No.22073462

how did u become this way
if u play nakige then probably

>> No.22073469

No, Stefan.

>> No.22073478

Hello Anonymous.

>> No.22073479

gonna make it

>> No.22073485

i'm currently reading subahibi, and even though i can easily understand this stuff, i can hardly understand early 20th century novels.

>> No.22073491

the good ones generally are

>> No.22073515

wtf 生臭い has rendaku? wtf reading isn't as good as people make it out to be!

>> No.22073541

Is Axanael really that easy? I never read it but I might now

>> No.22073546

you should keep reading to a minimum until you have 20k anime cards

>> No.22073556


>> No.22073557

berserk and logh would be my other two favorites but we've established that my assessment of both is tentative because i watched them with eng subs a couple years ago. i just had a revelation that demon slayer isn't actually worse than these shows, i've just been treated to some top notch english translations that improved their stories 10 fold whereas i'm being exposed to real anime with raw japanese for the first time. al anime must be this mediocre.

also at the end of the demon slayer episode i was hoping nezuko would rip into tanjiro after he talked about how he'll return her to normal, and that the series ended there. that'd have been pretty funny and an unexpected twist.

>> No.22073572

use a dictionary ?
the hardest part is installing
the hardest part to read is the menu

>> No.22073574

it's not very easy at all

>> No.22073577

you just sound like your brain doesn't work properly in all honesty

>> No.22073585

whoever presented demon slayer as anything but a shallow trope filled faggot mess should be shot. just kidding i'm sure they're good people but they have normie taste. same ones who love my hero academia and shit.

>> No.22073594

it sounds like you just don't like anime, especially shonen. 99% of it is trope based. if you don't like demon slayer you probably shouldn't be learning japanese as there's nothing better for you to watch. i personally dislike most shonen (only managed 5 episodes of hxh and 20 of dragonball) and even i thought demon slayer was good

>> No.22073662

You could watch the same movie as a kid 1000 times and now you can't even sit through 3 episodes of a new show without having a opinion you just have to state and argue over. There are alternatives you know, all those chinese cartoons made by tencent I bet you will go back to demon slayer within the day.

>> No.22073665

>look a unknown word
>let me press shift
>accidentally presses ctrl

>> No.22073684

based anons approving of demon slayer and dekinais bashing it to the ground while being bashed by nihongo

>> No.22073691

There's plenty of good stuff to enjoy in Japanese besides anime, like films or novels.

>> No.22073705

most anime is trash but most media is trash. as for shonen, i loved hxh and to be honest it's so good it probably doesn't count as shonen and it gets graphic so maybe it's seinen. attack on titan is good. the characters suck but the mystery and plot reveals are top notch. i liked mob psycho, it's short and sweet and the characters actually grow and change. my hero academia was merely OK as it suffered from the same issues as demon slayer which is that it's all basic bitch shit with some nice animation here and there. i liked dragon ball when i was younger but it's also just a straightforward shonen and i can't appreciate it anymore. i haven't watched one piece and might not ever since it's padded to hell and back but i've seen highlights and it looks like something i could enjoy if i got into it. i'll just be learning japanese for the hell of it and to occasionally enjoy rare shows like berserk, hxh, and logh.

>> No.22073715

shut the fuck up you boring cunt

>> No.22073721

forgot to mention jojo is just some good ol fun. so considering all of that, i don't have a problem with shonen per se.
chill man my dopamine receptors are just shot.

>> No.22073725

What happened to that anon who was in the middle of the Chimera Ant arc?

>> No.22073746

What happened to that anon who was in the middle of the Twilight princess?

>> No.22073751
File: 12 KB, 155x161, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What kanji is pic related? I can't find it anywhere. I've ended up with 度 a few times, is it just another way or writing it?

>> No.22073755

it's the thing you 鞣す

>> No.22073761


>> No.22073762

I unironically found it immediately after my post. Based DJT saves the day again. 皮

>> No.22073768


>> No.22073769

MattvsJapan is the greatest Japanese learner ever and is a very interesting guy and anime literally makes him cringe:

>> No.22073783

>Top 5 anime of all time? (Sorry, I was a dick in this one. Anime is fine; I'm just a little sick of people asking me about it)
ur link is basically bashing your own post lol

>> No.22073791
File: 63 KB, 1250x386, btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anime haters btfo

>> No.22073794

someone post the picture of matt cringing

>> No.22073795

not sure if these anime are good or not i used to have bad taste *lists all the most popular anime ever*

>> No.22073809

nge is a good mecha anime tho

>> No.22073836

Evangelions aren't robots, which is why NGE cannot be rightfully called a "mecha" anime. SF? Sure.

>> No.22073842

the robots in ttgl are actually made of spiral energy so ttgl isn't mecha either

>> No.22073847

its a fuckin robot get out of ur ass

>> No.22073850

manga isnt anime
and you dont read the manga on your wall

>> No.22073857

bro i love vagabond don't you see it right on my wall

>> No.22073883


>> No.22073884
File: 127 KB, 640x480, 2n17zyd6tnw21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t. Brainlet

>> No.22073886

i must be old because mecha is something we used to discuss nge back in the 00s

>> No.22073888

ok which one of you is brad vlad?

>> No.22073892

エロアニメこと is extremely easy to listen and understand, so I recommend it to other beginners.

>> No.22073894

if you enjoy the teletubbies then have at it my guy but don't get mad if someone else can't stand it.

>> No.22073897

attack on titan is basically the teletubbies dude. your taste is that of a childs masquerading as refined

>> No.22073904

>its organic so its not a robot
high iq

>> No.22073906

if you're going to be consistent you have to acknowledge demon slayer and my hero are even more shallow than aot.

>> No.22073914
File: 244 KB, 705x1572, 23_C300_npc_comp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22073915

anything that's got action is teletubbies-tier

>> No.22073916

>humans are just robots dude

>> No.22073917


>> No.22073919

i have never watched aot but i want to because akaza akari's voice is in it

>> No.22073923

>Implying you'd tear up manga you actually like for a wall.

>> No.22073926

never even seen attack on titan so i cant comment i just know that your opinions are extremely bland and you don't have any taste

>> No.22073930

the world is 決定論的 so that statement is correct

>> No.22073931

oh then idk why you compared aot to the teletubbies. posts dismissed.

>> No.22073937

if you enjoyed demon slayer even a tiny miniscule amount then you will love aot and praise it as the goat even though it's just "pretty good". but actually, most episodes of the show are bad and a few great moments somewhat salvage it like grisha's backstory.

>> No.22073951

just buy another copy
would u cover ur room with posters of shit u dont like ?

>> No.22073954

anon 1
anti matt brigade 0

>> No.22073963

i think u got it twisted

>> No.22073969

yo, moefriend, what's your mal account username?
i remember it being something like ksekef, kfeksev, or keksef7

>> No.22073973


>> No.22073974

it's the teletubbies because it's the most popular anime among weebs or has been in previous years which probably means it's incredibly bland of you to like it and implies you have boring taste

>> No.22073978

teletubbies was pretty badass

>> No.22073981

What would senpai say about a konosuba fag?

>> No.22073984

>the guy with a fucking manga wall
who hasn't read a single one of the manga on his wall...

>> No.22073987

oh you're just working off weak heuristics like "does someone enjoy any show that at any point has been popular?" instead of the shows themselves. yea i don't get why you bothered posting about it but have fun i guess.

>> No.22073994

>spend more money getting manga for background scenery
>use random manga you don't like anyways.

I think the wall is before he started getting dekinaibux from patreon, so he was a poor fuck.

>> No.22074016

>>use random manga you don't like anyways.
he didnt read any of it how would he know if he didnt like it
>so he was a poor fuck.
do u realize how much money his parents spend on him lmfao

>> No.22074056

i noticed that sakura trick is entirely absent from moefriend's mal list.
just sayin

>> No.22074137

how hard of a vn is himawari

>> No.22074156

What LNs are you guys reading?

>> No.22074201

>falling for the reading meme